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daily archive: 09/25/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Red Mercury
Four terror suspects held in London amid 'dirty bomb' report
The News of the World said it cooperated with police after it infiltrated a gang that claimed to be looking for radioactive material on behalf of a Saudi "described as sympathetic to 'the Muslim cause'."

The Saudi, whose name was not disclosed, was reportedly willing to pay 300,000 pounds (441,500 euros, 541,000 dollars) in cash for a kilogram of "highly powerful radioactive material" from Russia known as Red Mercury.

The News of the World said the material was developed by Soviet scientists during the Cold War "for making briefcase nuclear bombs" that could kill all people within a few city blocks.

"It is very, very radioactive," a member of the gang was quoted as telling Mazher Mahmood, the News of the World's star investigative reporter, who posed as a Muslim extremist.

"The guy (from Saudi Arabia) said it is used for making bombs. It'll either be for use here in the United Kingdom or in the United States," the gang member reportedly said.

The gang consisted of a banker originally from Goa, India, his "sidekick" from Mozambique, and a Somalian formerly resident in Saudi Arabia, while the Saudi was said to have successfully applied for a visa to enter Britain.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Islamic Inventions
Abul Kasem, in FaithFreedom, writes about Islamic cell phones, Islamic digital watches, Islamic soft drinks and the next Islamic Inventions.
  • Islamic Windows XP (computer boots with the sirens of Qur’an and Azan)
  • Islamic Pentium 4 (the processor is encoded with electronic Jihadists to automatically destroy anti-Islamic messages/articles)
  • Islamic Mouse (automatically retrieves Sahih Ahadith at a click)
  • Islamic Keyboard (keys are programmed to invoke Qur’anic verses)
  • Islamic Computer Monitor (moving display of Qur’anic verses at the task bar---intermittent high resolution images of Islamic barbarism reminds the user of his duty to join in the Jihad and to slaughter infidels)

  • Islamic CD and DVD (they are made from Lebanese bread ingredients---absolutely Halal stuff)
  • Islamic TV (only channels available are Islamic channels; no woman is shown, neither their voices are heard)
  • Islamic Radio (receives only Islamic broadcasts; automatically rejects female voices on the air)
  • Islamic Battery (no acid is used; made from Zam-Zam water---no Haram stuff is added)
  • Islamic Camera (takes pictures of trees and plants only---automatically disables shutter when photographing human or animals)
  • Islamic Electricity (don’t laugh! the Pakistani Islamists are sure of harnessing electricity from the Jinns!)

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Koran and the Koran
Stephen Schwartz on Rewriting the Koran
The Wahhabi Koran is notable in that, while Muslims believe that their sacred text was dictated by God and cannot be altered, the Saudi English version adds to the original so as to change its sense in a radical direction.

The Wahhabi Koran renders these lines: Guide us to the Straight Way. / The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who have earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians). The Wahhabi Koran prints this translation alongside the Arabic text, which contains no reference to either Jews or Christians.


There is nothing to indicate to the uninformed reader that these interpolations, printed in parentheses, are absent from the Arabic. The reader encountering Islam for the first time, as well as the Muslim already indoctrinated in Wahhabism, is led to believe that the Koran denounces all Jews and Christians, which it does not.

There are, of course, many individuals who are unprepared to read this translation with a critical eye. This is especially true wherever Wahhabis conduct the missionary outreach called dawa--above all in prisons in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere. Indeed, it is to just such readers that this edition is directed. The Wahhabi Koran is also a mainstay of Muslim student groups on campuses throughout the West.


The Wahhabi edition adds that, in addition to Jews' observing the Torah and Christians' the New Testament, both must accept the Koran--that is, become Muslims--which nowhere appears in the Arabic text and conflicts with traditional Islamic theology. Mainstream Islam treats the Torah, the New Testament, and the Koran as different books. Wahhabism, by contrast, treats the Jewish and Christian scriptures as primitive editions of the Islamic text.

And, inevitably, the Wahhabi Koran adds language aggravating Muslim-Jewish controversies. Verse 17:1 refers to the night journey, an out-of-body experience in which the Prophet Muhammad was taken on a magical steed to a site called in the standard text the farther Temple. The Wahhabi translation alters this to stake the Islamic claim to Jerusalem. It refers to Muhammad's journey by night from Al-Masjid-al-Haram (at Makkah) to the farthest mosque (in Jerusalem).

Contempt for non-Muslims suffuses Saudi translations of the Islamic holy book. It is a matter of some urgency, then, that federal and state correctional institutions stop allowing the use of the Wahhabi Koran in Islamic teaching. Every prison warden in America should examine his library and replace this volume with an accurate translation.

The same bigotry is integral to the creed taught at the Imam Mohammed Ibn-Saud Islamic University and spread around the world by preachers and missionaries funded by the Saudi royal family. The spotlight the administration has now fixed on Riyadh's policy of religious intolerance may have embarrassed our Saudi visitors this week. If so, their discomfort is only fitting, as long as their universities and their government continue to promote the extremist cult in which terrorism breeds.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Jewish Saudi Conspiracy
From The American Thinker: More conspiracy theories
The Media Fund, headed by Harold Ickes, and spawned and supported with the help of George Soros, is running two new commercials showing pictures of George Bush with members of the Saudi Royal Family, and alluding to nefarious implications of a cover-up of Saudi involvement in 9/11. Corrupt personal financial relationships between the Saudis and the Bush family, you see, have caused President Bush to suppress results of an investigation, and explain why Saudi Royals were allowed to leave America after the fall of the Twin Towers. These are some of the same theories, of course, propounded in Michael Moore’s cinematic screed, Fahrenheit 911.

Of course, the allegations of a conspiracy involving the President George W. Bush and the Saudis have never rested very easily with the other major conspiracy theory bandied about: that a “neo-con? (code word for Jewish) cabal is controlling American foreign policy, for Israeli ends. All the “chickenhawk? Jewish advisors are allegedly callously shedding the blood of American soldiers (as if Jews are not Americans, or soldiers, either) in the service of “foreign interests.?

But the Saudis hate Israel and Jews, even more than they hate the other infidels, so how the Bush family can simultaneous serve both “masters? remains a puzzle the conspiracists have not yet figured out. But they are working on it, and I am fairly certain the answer will involve supernatural levels of sophistication on the part of the Jews, including the ability to accurately predict the next seven moves of their opponents on the global chess board.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Young Palestinian Women
Israel Radio had an interview with David Hacham, Advisor for Arab Affairs, Ministry of Defense, regarding Female suicide bombers

The dominant characteristic of Palestinian female suicide bombers is that they are in their 20s; the vast majority are single, and some are divorced, David Hacham the Israel Defence Ministry's Arab Affairs Advisor told Israel Radio after Border Policemen Yonatan Tahio and Menashe Komemi were killed in Jerusalem on Wednesday when Zainab Abo Salem blew herself up. * 15 people were injured in the blast. * 7 Palestinian women have been used as suicide bombers.

Israel Radio interviewer: At first, we thought that the female suicide bombers were the poor and the ignorant, or ones who got into some sort of trouble. But now we see that they come from all sectors of Palestinian society.

Hacham: Yes, if you look at the statistical spread of the women who are involved in suicide terror attacks over the last four years, you see that the women come from both sides of the Palestinian society.

There are educated women, as you said, and those without education, without a profession. But you could say that the dominant characteristic is that these are women in their 20s; the vast majority are single, and some are divorced.

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Klingon Candidate
From Portland, Oregon, Willamette Week brings us breaking news: Klingons for Kerry

Even as John Kerry struggles to establish national-security credentials nationally, an exclusive WW straw poll shows his campaign dominating one skeptical, warlike demographic: Klingons.

The poll, conducted when the DVD release of the Star Trek fan documentary Trekkies 2 attracted Portland's Klingon community to Tower Records on Southeast 102nd Avenue, may spell trouble for President George W. Bush.

The incumbent has staked his campaign on the war on terror. But those who speak the language of the Trek warrior race--known to disdain dishonor, or quvHa'ghach--seem alienated by Iraq and other issues.

According to the poll of eight local Klingons, a whopping 75 percent support the Democratic nominee.

Two Klingons polled--or 25 percent--said they planned to write in Satan.

Bush scored an abysmal zero percent in the poll.

Well, if the Klingons say so... I guess I better study up on the Satan guy...

Via OpinionJournal

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