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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Yom Kippur
From here in Hawaii, we'd like to wish you a happy Yom Kippur! Gmar hatima tova to everyone.

Ok, so we're not really in Hawaii, we're just running late.

And a happy Yom Kippur for Lizards too
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The Terrorist Plugin
Both Charles at LGF, and we here at LGF Watch Watch have been wondering how long Reuters can continue to insult our intelligence with their Orwellian newspeak. In Reuters-land, there are no terrorists, only innocuous-sounding militants, activists and the noble "resistance".
Well, thanks to Live from Brussels, we don't have to wait around for Reuters to catch up to reality! In Blog It Like It Is!, he introduces us to his new Movable Type text-formatting plugin, "CanWest", which emulates the Canadian newspaper chain's practice of automatically changing the sickening euphemisms that come across the wire from Reuters, AP and AFP to the plain English "terrorist". Isn't that delightful? So naturally we immediately installed it. Let's pull the top down and drive this thing around the block!

How Reuters Tells It:
Three Palestinians, including a militant and a teenager, died in Jabalya on Friday from tankfire. Military sources said troops targeted gunmen launching anti-tank rockets at forces.
What the truth is, as Live From Brussels' plugin reveals:
Three Palestinians, including a militant and a teenager, died in Jabalya on Friday from tankfire. Military sources said troops targeted gunmen launching anti-tank rockets at forces.

Hey! I like the truth!
I don't feel dirty reading a bunch of disgusting lies!
A tip for Movable Type users who are new to this: you install it by uploading the file Live From Brussels provides, terrorfilter.pl, to your plugins directory. Now, when you compose a post that includes Reuters/AP/AFP doublespeak, notice that in the entry composition page, you now have a new option in the Text Formatting dropdown called "CanWest". Choose it and save your entry.
By the way, you may be wondering how we got the words militants, activists and resistance to appear, unmunged by the CanWest filter. The trick is that the CanWest filter uses a regular expression that searches for the strings militant, activist, resistance, gunman, gunmen, and fighter. So you can bypass it when you don't want the conversion to happen by inserting meaningless html in the middle of the word so that the regular expression doesn't recognize it. To get
militant, activist, resistance, gunman, gunmen, and fighter
to appear, what I actually entered was
mili<i></i>tant, acti<i></i>vist, resis<i></i>tance, gun<i></i>man, gun<i></i>men, and figh<i></i>ter
Easy as pie! If you're worried about having to manually enter p and br tags since "convert line breaks" is no longer the selected text formatting filter, don't. CanWest includes the Movable Type command that creates break and paragraph tags from your line breaks.
Confidential to Live From Brussels: you've got it changing "gunmen" (plural) to "terrorist" (singular). I fixed it in my copy of terrorfilter.pl but you might like to fix it in the one you're distributing!
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Rescuing Jerusalem
MEMRI is featuring an excerpt from an interview with an Al-Zarqawi associate. Al-Zarqawi Unconnected To Al-Qa'ida, Seeks To Expand Fighting To Entire Region
According to the source, Al-Zarqawisaid: "We are fighting in Iraq but our eyes are raised not only to Iraq but also to other places, such as Jerusalem." He added, "[Al-Zarqawi] has a strategy and an aspiration to expand the fighting to the entire region."

The source reported that Al-Zarqawi "came to this arena only to expel the Americans from the Muslims' country and to establish an Islamic government. This is part of the goal, because if this is not done, how will we be able to bring about coups d'etat in neighboring countries? How can we rescue Jerusalem when we have no base from which to set out? Rescuing Jerusalem and the neighboring countries will come only after the rise of an Islamic state from which the youth will set out to liberate the neighboring areas."

Responding to "condemnation for the abhorrent murder of hostages by Al-Zarqawi's Al-Tawhid Wa'Al Jihad organization, " the source said that Al-Zarqawi is convinced that his operations are permitted by Shari'a [Islamic law], and that the hostages "are not truly hostages. There is a difference between a hostage and a spy or a captive. The sentence for spies is death. But there is some dispute about how it is to be carried out – by the sword or by shooting."
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
So Be It
From Jerusalem Post, an interview with a Palestinian "collaborator" If saving lives means I'm a traitor, so be it [bugmenot]
Yunis Owaidah is probably the only Palestinian who's not afraid to admit that he is a "collaborator" with Israel. On the contrary, the 63-year-old father of 12 even boasts of the fact that he has been collaborating with Israel since 1967.

"I've saved the lives of many innocent people," Owaidah said in an interview at his home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras el-Amud. "If saving the lives of innocent civilians means that I'm a traitor, so be it."

Thousands of Palestinians who have made similar confessions over the past three decades have been either killed or ostracized by their families and communities. The last killings occurred in Tulkarm on Monday, when two suspected collaborators in their mid-20s were executed by Fatah gunmen.

Asked if he was afraid nevertheless, in the wake of the continued killing of suspected collaborators, Owaidah retorted: "First of all, most of these people who are being killed are innocent and were never working for the Shin Bet. Secondly, I'm not afraid because I know that Israel is protecting me. If I call the police, they will be here in less than three minutes."

Owaidah explained that he decided to work with Israel "because of the injustice we saw when we were under Jordanian rule before the 1967 war."

"When the Jews came to Jerusalem, I saw how they were treating the people in a humane way," he said. "By comparison, we had been oppressed by the Jordanians when they were here. Look how the Jews have built a modern and democratic state, and look where the Arabs still are."

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Children of the Jihad
A few days ago, a Palestinian girl blew herself up at a bus stop in Jerusalem. She killed two people and wounded another seventeen. She was 19 years old.

Palestinian kids raised for war
Palestinian children are taught to hate Jews, to glorify "jihad" (holy war), violence, death and child martyrdom almost from birth, as an essential part of their culture and destiny.

As captured on an Israeli video documentary produced in 1998, a "Sesame Street"-like children's program called the "Children's Club" -- complete with puppet shows, songs, Mickey Mouse and other characters -- focused on inculcating intense hatred of Jews and a passion for engaging in and celebrating violence against them in a perpetual "jihad" until the day the Israeli flags come down from above "Palestinian land" and the Palestinian flag is raised.

In one song on the "Children's Club," very young children are shown singing songs about wanting to become "suicide warriors" and to take up "a machine gun" to direct "violence, anger, anger, anger" against Israelis.

During the show, which features children aged 4-10, one young boy sings, "When I wander into Jerusalem, I will become a suicide bomber." Afterward, other children stand to call for "Jihad! Holy war to the end against the Zionist enemy."

In another segment, a boy who appears to be no more than 8 or 9 years old chants: "My patience has run out. All Arab existence cries for revenge" against the Jews in Israel.

The documentary also juxtaposes the children's programming with television news reporting, in which the news anchor - reflecting the same message the children are receiving -describes Palestinians as "noble, courageous" fighters, while describing Israel as "mean, fascist, racist, genocidal" and "Nazis."
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
An Ungrateful World
Kerry would win the Mr. World crown [bugmenot]

An average of six national opinion polls taken since September 10 gives the incumbent a five-point advantage over his challenger, the most durable lead outside the margin of error any candidate has had since the beginning of the year.

All the more bewildering for the rest of the world, and for Europeans in particular, is that Mr Bush’s gains seem to be solidifying even as the war in Iraq turns uglier. Car bombings, kidnappings, beheadings — and all the time Mr Bush’s appeal to Americans edges up. How can this be?

There are a couple of comforting explanations the world likes to reach for in these circumstances. The first is that Americans are, of course, stupid. A people who famously cannot find China on a map of the world just is not clever enough to see that the intellectually challenged Mr Bush has failed and that his policies are leading them to ruin.

There is not much one can say to this old prejudice except that, for a remarkably stupid people, the Americans have done some remarkably clever things over the years. Little ones such as devising the separation of powers and defeating communism and Nazism. Big ones such as becoming the most successful economy in the history of the planet.

A second, only slightly less implausible, explanation, is that it is all the fault of complaisant, patriotic American media too intimidated or too fawning to challenge the hated Mr Bush. If only the Americans had the benefits of the clear-eyed perspicacity and guts of, say, the famously independent-minded French, German or Russian press, they would not be bamboozled into supporting the President.

This argument from false consciousness takes only a moment to measure against the objective facts of history: whatever else Dan Rather and CBS were doing this month when they used forged documents to accuse Mr Bush of lying about his days in the National Guard, it was not offering him fealty.

Many US voters are certainly angry at the conduct of the war, and dismayed at the errors of the Bush Administration. But above all, Americans understand, because they have been here before in the face of global derision and hatred, that their cause is a just one, and that, in the end, an uncomprehending and ungrateful world will be a better place for their sacrifice.
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