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daily archive: 09/22/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Pajamahadeen
A communique to the Pajamahadeen

To: The Pajamahadeen
From: Jim Geraghty
Re: The state of our struggle

The Pajamahadeen have accomplished much, but there is still much to be done before we complete the toppling of the Sauronic Big Eye of CBS.

Do not be swayed by the recent heady wave of blogger triumphalism. Dan Rather's "apology" was nothing. It was eleven days late and truly written in the evasive, illusory style of Grima Wormtongue. Killian's son and widow are merely two of many who deserve a specific apology. As we advance, remember that Rather and his minions like John Roberts contended for many days that there was "no concrete evidence" that the documents were fake — long after we had raised dozens of reasons to doubt the memos. He dismissed us — we, the outraged news consumers of the Left, Right, and center — as insignificant "partisan political operatives."


From his comments before and after his "apology" — a thin gruel of legalistic weasel words that stretches the definition of that word — Rather has made clear he believes that those clad in pajamas and typing on computers are in no position to judge him. Our role, in his vision, is to passively imbibe his disinformative propaganda the way geese receive cornmeal to make fois grae. He sits behind his anchor desk, confident that his status is impenetrable and that any attack made by the Pajamahadeen against his position would be a useless gesture, no matter what technical errors we may have proved. He steadfastly believes that CBS television stations remain the ultimate persuasive power in the news universe, and he intends to use it.

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Nuclear Mullahs
Let's wait a while and make sure Iran gets the bomb. From activistchat

It's worth asking Mr. ElBaradei and the Europeans pushing for more
negotiations exactly what more proof they need. The reason the IAEA is
even considering this issue, after all, is that the mullahs for years
failed to tell the atomic watchdog that it built an enormous underground centrifuge at Natanz, that it was conducting laser enrichment experiments at numerous other facilities, and that it had imported yellow cake uranium from China.

Why would one of the world's leading exporters of petroleum take such pains to hide a peaceful nuclear energy program from the rest of the world? Why is the IAEA bending over backward to ignore nearly two years of delays, false reports, and obstruction to see what's in front of its nose?

One reason is that under the consensus interpretation of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty a nation can develop the infrastructure to enrich uranium and remain in good standing with the international community right up until the moment it decides to turn that infrastructure toward building bombs. North Korea proved that in 2002 when it admitted to having an undeclared enrichment program for the purpose of building a nuclear weapon. Iran seems intent to go down that path as well.

But another reason is that Mr. ElBaradei and the Europeans seem intent on treating all nuclear proliferation the same. Witness the handwringing the IAEA has devoted this week to South Korea's voluntary admission of some minor enrichment tests. Indeed, some commentators have reasoned that if Israel, which is not a member of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, is allowed to build bombs in Dimona, why can't Iran build bombs in Natanz?

This is the logic of the Rosenbergs, who rationalized their espionage over 50 years ago by convincing themselves that slipping atomic secrets to the Soviets would create a balance of terror between the two superpowers that emerged after World War II.

Beside all that, there is an important difference. Israel and South Korea are not the world's leading sponsor of Islamic terror. Israel and South Korea do not torture their journalists, harbor members of Al Qaeda, or provide funding and arms to groups that praise and recruit suicide bombers. A nuclear weapon in the hands of the Iranian mullahs would provide a deterrent to any plans to end its chauvinistic theocracy.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A Medieval Mentality
Author and journalist Dr. Shaker Al-Nabulsi has some choice words for the state of the Arab world today.

The Arabs are Still Slaves to a Medieval Mentality

"Anyone who thinks and makes use of his intelligence in the Arab world is detestable, condemnable, and accursed; he is of the seed of serpents and the fruit of Satan, he is an agent of the new American colonialism, one who writes [in support] of the Marines, and a spy in the service of foreign intelligence agencies. The Islamists who hijacked Islam, stole it and counterfeited it … are now leading the flocks of Arabs towards the annihilation of human history … not through reason but through distorted emotions and promises of the hidden Hereafter, and through a lack of pure and simple faith in Allah. Indeed, the Arabs have lost their pure faith in Allah and have turned into slaves of blood-drenched religious totems, instead of being servants of Allah…

"The Arabs think in a medieval fashion regarding politics, society, the economy, and education, even if [they do this] by way of modern electronics. For their foods and their transportation they make use of the latest in Western science and technology in all of the various fields, but at the same time they think in a medieval fashion and behave in their lives as though they are still living in the Middle Ages, and indeed they are still slaves to a medieval mentality and to thinkers from the Middle Ages…

"Unfortunately the Arabs' stupidity has grown, as has their thirst for blood, and they have distanced themselves from reason. Their humanist political values have attenuated and they have begun speaking to the world with the sword, the axe, and armies of masked bandits, robbers, and murderers…"
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Muslim Brotherhood
From FronPage magazine, The Sharia's Band of Brothers

Over the last 40 years, small groups of devout Muslim men have gathered in homes in U.S. cities to pray, memorize the Koran and discuss events of the day.

But they also addressed their ultimate goal, one so controversial that it is a key reason they have operated in secrecy: to create Muslim states overseas and, they hope, someday in America as well.

These men are part of an underground U.S. chapter of the international Muslim Brotherhood, the world's most influential Islamic fundamentalist group and an organization with a violent past in the Middle East. But fearing persecution, they rarely identify themselves as Brotherhood members and have operated largely behind the scenes, unbeknown even to many Muslims.

Still, the U.S. Brotherhood has had a significant and ongoing impact on Islam in America, helping establish mosques, Islamic schools, summer youth camps and prominent Muslim organizations. It is a major factor, Islamic scholars say, in why many Muslim institutions in the nation have become more conservative in recent decades.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Fatah at work, doing what it does best: killing.

Gunmen belonging to the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah, Monday shot and killed two Palestinians suspected of collaboration with Israel.
Around noon Monday, the kidnappers brought Ajaj to the main square in the center of Tulkarm in a car.

"They threw the man out of the car, then opened fire at him, killing him immediately," said a shopkeeper. "The man had his hands tied behind his back."

He said one of the masked gunmen shouted towards the crowd, which included many schoolchildren returning home, that the victim was an Israeli agent.


Fatah gunmen in the West Bank have claimed responsibility for the killing of most alleged collaborators in the past four years. Last week Fatah gunmen in Ramallah kidnapped and executed another young man accused of working for Israel's security services.

The man, Rami Yaghmour, was kidnapped as he was being escorted to court by members of the PA's Special Forces security apparatus.

He was taken to the nearby Al-Am'ari refugee camp, where he was publicly executed.

Fatah executes 'collaborators'
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Baby Food
Read what Claudia Rosett has to say about Kofi Annan: What's 'Illegal'?

When U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan opined last week to the BBC that the U.S.-led overthrow of Saddam Hussein had been "illegal," two words came instantly to my mind: baby food.


It would be interesting for someone with full access to the contract details -- meaning, I suppose, the UN's own investigation into itself -- to total the scores of Oil-for-Food contracts for baby formula, weaning cereal, milk and so on (much of it bought from Security Council member nations Russia and France), and employ some pricing experts to fill in the rest of the numbers.

But what we know already is that Mr. Annan, whose Secretariat turned a blind eye to Saddam's food pricing scams, has never apologized for presiding over the biggest fraud in the history of relief. He has not used the word "illegal." The closest he's come has been to admit this past March, after much stonewalling, that there may have been quite a lot of "wrong-doing"--before turning over the whole mess over to a U.N. investigation that has since smothered all details with its own blanket of secrecy.

Mr. Annan is due to step down next year. If he wants to leave a legacy more auspicious than having presided over Oil-for-Fraud, he might want to devote his twilight time at the U.N. to mending a system in which a U.N. Secretary-General feels free to describe the overthrow of a murderous tyrant as "illegal," but no one at the top seems particularly bothered to have presided over that tyrant's theft of food from hungry children.

(Hat tip: Jim Russell)
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Good news from Iraq: Militant Spiritual Leader Killed

The spiritual leader of the most active insurgency group in Iraq, Tawhid and Jihad, has been killed in a U.S. airstrike and his Jordanian family is preparing a wake, a Jordanian newspaper and Islamic clerics said Wednesday.

Sheik Abu Anas al-Shami, 35, was killed when a missile hit the car he was traveling in on Friday in the west Baghdad suburb of Abu Ghraib, said the clerics, who have close ties to the family. They spoke on condition of anonymity.

Al-Shami was an aide to Tawhid and Jihad's leader, the Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The al-Qaida-linked group is blamed for some of the biggest attacks in Iraq, such as the bombing of the U.N. headquarters last year, and the beheadings of foreign hostages. Al-Zarqawi is believed to have personally decapitated the American hostage Eugene Armstrong on Monday.

One down, a few more to go. Al-Zarqawi, I sincerely hope you're next.
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