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floranista in The Secret Garden:
New Zealand Phormiums
longwhitecloud is so lucky to live in temperate New Zealand, and can boast of such native beauties as phormiums and hebes!
Phormiums, also known as New Zealand flax, are tough and bold plants that have made a huge impact in gardens throughout the world. Their name is derived from the Greek word for mat. Some phormiums come through our NW winters intact, others don't - so it is wise to choose and site them with care. Here is a newly planted phormium display in Devon, England, planted September 1999...phbedsm[3].JPG
one year later...bed0900s[1].JPG
and in December 2002!b28s1202[1].jpg
These versatile perennials add great texture and tropical appeal to a garden in a "supporting" role as backdrop to lesser plants, while at the same time having enough stature to stand alone.
Here are the three cultivars in my garden.
Phormium tenax, which can reach 12 feet,phormium[1].jpg
P. cookianum 'Flamingo', 19PhormPinkFlamingo[1].jpg
and P. colensoi 'Jack Sprat', the smallest flax at 1 1/2'. flax[1].jpg
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
'Get Lost Rita'
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
An Uncomfortable Truth
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The most dangerous terrorists...
are the homegrown variety. Clearly, Western converts to Islam, at an alarming rate, are even more radicalised than their born-to-Islam counterparts. We can thank the Saudis for that.
Dutch military police last week arrested an intruder on a military training ground, who was found to be in possession of explosives, it was reported on Wednesday.

Police found a large quantity of munitions during a search of the man's home in the town of Oss, said the ANP news agency. The search turned up 45 training grenades in an ammunition box, smoke grenades and a heavier type of training grenade.

Police discovered a home-made bomb made out of one of the heavy training grenades on the balcony of the apartment, said ANP.

According to an investigation by the Explosives Clearance Unit of the army, this bomb could cause serious damage and have a lethal effect, reported De Volkskrant newspaper.

The Public Prosecution Department said it is still investigating what the suspect had been planning to do with the explosive.

The intruder, 29, claimed he had stolen the grenades on an earlier occasion from the training ground, police said.

He was arrested Tuesday last week after he was spotted by a sergeant on De Oirschotse Heide training ground in Brabant, which is closed to the public.

He is a native Dutchman who converted to Islam. His name is not disclosed.

The man was brought before the judge's chambers last Friday and sentenced to a two-week detention for the theft of military goods and the possession of explosives with terrorist intent, said De Volkskrant.

The man has been put in custody with maximum security, which means that he is not allowed to have any contact with the outside world, said the paper.

It is still unclear whether more suspects are involved in the case. Investigation is under way. But there is no connection between the arrest and the heightened state of alert on trains and trams that went into effect last Friday, said De Volkskrant.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Camp Katrina
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Dutch Railways Company Admits Helping Nazis in WWII
During the second world war approximately 100000 Jews were transported to death camps with collaboration of the Dutch Railways Company (NS).

NS has never offered an apology to the Jewish community for this contribution to the holocaust. But now they will start an anti-racism campaign in 66 train stations by the end of September.

The idea for this campaign belongs to The Central Jewish Consultation in Holland (CJO).

"They immediately said 'yes' when we knocked on their door for this campaign", said a spokesman of the CJO. "The attention in the previous decades were very little. Now the confrontation is much more concrete."

There will be posters hanging in 66 stations to remind the deportations of Jews by train. There are two different posters with the texts: "The trains were leaving to Auschwitz from this station in old days, when the world will be wiser?" And "The Jews had to leave then, Who now?..."

Frankly, I prefer a real and official apology to the Jewish community, rather than wasting money and yet admitting nothing. But this is a typical dutch situation when no one takes any responsibility.

Papijoe has been alerted.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Al Qaeda flying Chinese drones
China has found a way to test military technology against US forces without engaging in open war with us. Can anyone believe that terrorists would be able to buy Chinese-made high-tech armaments without the full knowledge and support of the Communist party? I sure as hell don't.
Peshawar: Pakistani forces recovered an unmanned drone aircraft in a raid on a suspected Al-Qaeda hideout in the tribal areas near Afghanistan, a top commander said Tuesday.

Militants used the Chinese-made vehicle to spy on security forces in the rugged area, where Pakistani soldiers have been battling Islamic militants for more than a year, Lieutenant General Safdar Hussain, told reporters.

Twenty-one people were arrested in Monday's raid on a compound and a religious school near Miranshah, capital of the North Waziristan tribal zone, added Hussain.

The buildings are owned by relatives of a former Taliban minister, he added.

The terrorists used the RPV (remotely-piloted vehicle) to check the position of security forces and attack them," the general said, adding that the drone was capable of carrying weapons.

A military officer from the army's Signal Corps said the vehicle had a sophisticated, wide-angle camera to take pictures of targets on the ground.

Security forces also seized a "suicide jacket" and Jordanian, Afghan and Pakistani passports along with Al-Qaeda training material from the compound, Hussain said.

"This madrassa (religious school) was an Al-Qaeda and Taliban stronghold and operational centre which we have secured now," he added.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Singling out Israel
Apparently, stun guns and leg cuffs are "weapons of torture" and as we all know, no other country in the world other than Israel uses leg cuffs or stun guns so of course it makes sense that an Israeli firm was tossed out of an international arms fair held in London.
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