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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Jewish Reality Television Programs
Forwarded with love from our ploome hineni :-)

New Jewish Reality Shows WJEW-Channel 18, "TV for your inner Jew," has announced its new season lineup of reality shows. They include:

"Joe Minyanaire." A good-looking young man goes to an Orthodox singles event and tells girls he meets there that he davens every day. Watch their reaction when they find out that he hasn't been inside a shul since his bar mitzvah in 1986 and spends every morning and afternoon at Starbucks!

"American Sheitel." Viewers vote for the woman wearing the best-looking head-covering.

"Schmeer Factor." Contestants vie to see who is the bravest by trying new bagel-and-cream-cheese combinations, such as shiitake mushroom bagels with lemon-sunchoke cream cheese or tortellini bagels with cilantro-pesto cream cheese. Filmed entirely in Lincoln Park and Lakeview.

"The Rhea-Al World." Rhea and Al Goldberg, married 55 years, are thrown together in a house in Miami Beach for a week with no TV. If both survive, they move on to the next installment: an hour-long trip in a Cadillac with no air conditioning. The excitement never ends!

"Don't Meet My Folks." Three Jewish men take their girlfriends home to meet their parents. But watch out-one of the girlfriends is a shiksa! Parents try to guess which son is in an interfaith dating situation so they can throw him out of the house and threaten to sit Shiva for him.

"Jewish Survivor." Participants attend a round of Jewish organizational fundraising dinners. Each week, one person is voted off for falling asleep during the guest speaker, complaining about the chicken being overcooked, eating three extra desserts, changing seats so he/she doesn't have to sit with Mr./Mrs. Schwartz, snapping his/her fingers at the rabbi, who looks just like one of the waiters, etc. The final "Survivor" wins $1 million-to be donated to his or her favorite Jewish charity!
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Who Tells It Straight?
In a slightly sneering article titled True or false: Blogs always tell it straight, the Chicago Tribune discovers the blogosphere and Charles:

One of the most stinging challenges came from Charles Johnson, a Los Angeles Web designer and musician who hosts a conservative-leaning blog with the name littlegreenfootballs.com.

As questions about the documents ricocheted across the Internet, Johnson set out to perform a simple experiment: He retyped one of the documents on his computer using the default settings in Microsoft Word, then superimposed it atop the image of the document released by CBS. The result was a near-perfect match.

"I downloaded them and opened them up, and I instantly knew this was not anything that had ever been typewritten," Johnson said. "Then I had the idea to type in my own version. The line spacing, the character spacing, the line breaks, the word wraps--every single thing was an exact duplicate from Microsoft Word in every respect."

Even some Democrats expressed grudging admiration for the tenacity and ingenuity of the conservative blogs in doggedly pursuing the issue.

Interesting though, what they left out. Charles Johnson explains:

I had a telephone conversation with the author of the LA Times hit piece (Peter Wallsten) last week, and he asked me several times if I knew who “Buckhead? was (no), or if I had been in contact with anyone from the RNC (no), or if I knew of any other bloggers who had been in contact with the RNC (no). His agenda was clear even then.

Here’s another interesting fact. I’ve now spoken to at least a dozen newspapers, and had my words quoted many times. In every conversation I’ve made sure to point out that I’ve voted Democratic my whole life, but that I now support President Bush. Not one of these papers thought this was noteworthy enough to print, and with the publication of this LA Times smear job we see why: it doesn’t fit their program.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Anti-Semitism in Sweden
Anti-Semitism in Sweden

By now we've come to accept that, as Germany was once the hotbed of anti-Semitism, it is the Middle East — from Egypt to Damascus to Saudi Arabia to the PLO — which today is a seething cauldron of racism. What, however, is even more alarming is that anti-Semitism is spreading to what would hitherto be considered the most unlikely places.

I have before me a study published Oct. 20 in a leading Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter, which reports that "Arab and Muslim attacks on Jews are rising sharply in Swedish society [while] silence surrounds Muslim Jew-hatred." The study, inadequately translated from Swedish, was prepared by two Swedish social scientists, Sverker Oredssom, a professor of history, and Mikael Tossavainen, his research assistant.

The situation has become so bad, they report, that "Jews in Sweden today often feel compelled to hide their religious identity in public: necklaces with stars of David are carefully hidden under sweaters, and orthodox Jewish men change their kippot [skullcaps] to more discreet caps or hats when they are outdoors. Jews in Sweden nowadays get secret telephone numbers to avoid harassment. In Sweden. Today."

In a Swedish population of some 9 million, there are about 20,000 Jews, mostly in Stockholm, Sweden's capital. The social scientists blame the Muslim migrants, now 3.9 percent of the Swedish population, for the growth of anti-Semitism. (Sweden has the second-largest percentage Muslim population in Western Europe. France has the highest Muslim population percentage, 7 percent.)

"Most Swedes believe that anti-Semitism is an extinct problem in our country," they write. "Most Swedes believe that our society has evolved and that we are more enlightened today. ... Unfortunately, they are wrong. During the last year, the security police registered 131 anti-Semitic crimes. Nobody knows how many incidents go unreported. but the security police expect the number to be large.

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Land for Terror
Dennis Ross, informal foreign-policy adviser to John Kerry and architect of peace plans in the Middle East, has written a book, "The Missing Peace" which tells the inside story of the failed peace process. From israelinsider, A Monument to Failure

In retrospect, Ross admits the cardinal sin of the Clinton administration's attitude toward the accords. He acknowledges that the White House and the State Department did nothing to hold Yasser Arafat and the rest of his merry band of Palestinian Authority henchmen accountable as they used their newfound power.

Ross, the supposed arbiter of peace, sanctioned official whitewashes of the P.A. as it built a corrupt dictatorship intent on fomenting hatred of Israel and carrying on a terror war against its existence, rather than fostering peace.

And with the passage of time and the complete collapse of his carefully orchestrated negotiations into the horror of Arafat's blood-spattered intifada, Ross now sees Arafat as the prime obstacle to peace. In interviews and speeches conducted to promote the book, Ross is prepared to concede that Arafat will have to go before peace can arrive.

On this point, Ross' book advances the debate on the demise of Oslo. He refutes the claims put forward by Arafat and his apologists that the offer laid on the table by Israel during the July 2000 Camp David summit was of no value. Ross sets forward the extraordinary concessions made by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak that would have given the Palestinians a viable state with a capital in Jerusalem.

You know who can fix this mess? Kerry, Carter, Clinton, ah hell...
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