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Religion of Civilian Murders
Cross posted from TQP

Smash has a good post on the attacks by Islamist nutjobs on the Iraqi Police Forces today.

There is more here. If you wade through the leftist bias, you find a story of incredible hate and sadness. Too bad the AP still refers to these assholes as "Guerrillas". Why not "terrorists" or the even more accurate "murderers"?

A small amount of truth sneaks through the minders at the AP:
The mounting attacks aim to wreck the centerpiece of the U.S. plan for defeating the militants: building a strong Iraqi security force able to bring some calm before elections slated for January. Doing so is also a key prerequisite for any withdrawal of American troops.

These attacks said to be a way to drive the US out of Iraq, but they only keep the US troops there because of the security issues raised for the new government. If the "Guerrillas'" only problem is the US presence, then they should be doing everything they can to insure that the elections go on without incident.

This verse is appearently not part of the "Guerrilla" training:
Never should a believer kill a believer; but (If it so happens) by mistake, (Compensation is due): If one (so) kills a believer, it is ordained that he should free a believing slave, and pay compensation to the deceased's family, unless they remit it freely. If the deceased belonged to a people at war with you, and he was a believer, the freeing of a believing slave (Is enough). If he belonged to a people with whom ye have treaty of Mutual alliance, compensation should be paid to his family, and a believing slave be freed. For those who find this beyond their means, (is prescribed) a fast for two months running: by way of repentance to Allah: for Allah hath all knowledge and all wisdom.[Qur'an 4:92]

Read your Qur'an assholes.

Over 150 people died in the last few days, the vast majority of them people that were going about the business of living, shopping, looking for work, providing for their children and trying to make their country a better place to live. That was their crime... that was their sin... for that they paid with their lives...
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Hamas Vote
In case you're hopeful that once Arafat goes things will get stable in the Middle East, rest assured they won't. Hamas calls for canceling Oslo

The Hamas on Monday called for abolishing the Oslo Accords and said the agreements had divided the Palestinians and exacerbated their suffering.

The call was made in a statement issued by the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip on the 11th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo Accords.

"On the 11th anniversary of the Oslo Accords, we urge the PLO to rescind the agreements since the other side [Israel] has practically revoked them," said the statement. "We also call on this leadership to seriously and comprehensively review the policy, which prompted the PLO to give up the rights of the Palestinian people. The resistance will continue until the occupation is gone."

Mahmoud Zahar, who succeeded Ahmed Yassin as leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, announced Monday that his group was seriously considering participating in legislative and presidential elections in the PA.

This is the first time that a senior Hamas official declares that his group is contemplating taking part in the elections. Last week Hamas said it would participate in the municipal elections that are scheduled to begin in October.

The PA has not set a date for holding elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council and the presidency of the PA, but top officials in Ramallah are hoping that the vote would take place in April or May next year.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
An Open Letter to Duke Administrators and Trustees
DUKE UNIVERSITY is set to host the Fourth Annual Palestine Solidarity Conference from Oct. 15-17th. This is a conference organized by activists who support Middle Eastern terror and whose attitudes are ferociously anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. In previous conferences at UC Berkeley and the University of Michigan, chants of “Kill the Jews? were uttered frequently by Solidarity Conference participants. At Michigan, the guest of honor was Sami al-Arian, the indicted head of Palestine Islamic Jihad in North America. Al-Arian’s organization has murdered over 100 people in the Middle East including some American citizens. He is currently in jail for his terrorist activities.

SAMI AL-ARIAN was an invited keynote speaker at Duke itself in 2002, when he addressed a conference sponsored by Duke faculty on “National Security and Civil Liberties.? Al-Arian was presented as an expert on civil liberties. Last year, Laura Whitehorn, a convicted American terrorist who had bombed the Pentagon was sponsored as a speaker by the Duke African and African American Studies Department which presented her as a “revolutionary anti-imperialist who spent over fourteen years in federal prison as a political prisoner.? Now Duke will host a conference dedicated to helping terrorists in the Middle East to thwart the efforts of Israeli security officials defending Israel’s citizens from terrorist attacks.

THE PALESTINE SOLIDARITY CONFERENCE bills itself as an educational event. However, it is anything but that. It is a strategy session for various cells of the International Solidarity Movement to plot strategy for law-breaking activities in Israel which are designed to obstruct Israeli security forces protecting civilians against terrorist attacks. At its past conferences Palestine Solidarity has held workshops on how to promote divestment from Israel, how to put a good face on terrorism, how to take over college newspapers and how to portray Israel as an apartheid state. The Solidarity conferences are also an occasion to assemble various Communist and anarchist groups in the U.S. who have allied with the "revolutionary cause" of the PLO. The Conference also formulates programs designed to convince American Jews to support the dismantling of the Jewish state in order to promote “peace and social justice.?

THE ORGANIZERS OF THE SOLIDARITY CONFERENCE plan to close its workshop sessions to the media in order to protect their unsavory agendas. What educational purpose is served when Duke hosts a conference dedicated to such destructive agendas, which refuses to open its proceedings to the light of day? In defending the conference organizers, the Duke Administration at first denied that chants of “Kill the Jews? took place at earlier conferences. When confronted with documentation to the contrary, Duke’s administration chose to argue that others only “claimed? such statements were made. Surely Duke has a responsibility to find out for itself who is telling the truth and who it is allowing to use its facilities.

THE DUKE ADMINISTRATION takes the position that the International Solidarity Movement is not the same as the Palestine Solidarity Movement and that the latter therefore is not involved in terrorist support activities. In fact, Adam Shapiro, one of the leaders the International Solidarity Movement told an auditorium full of people at the previous conference at Ohio State that Palestine Solidarity, Al-Awda, Sustain, and the other groups sponsoring this conference are all part of the International Solidarity Movement, the overall name the group uses to recruit students to aid the terrorists in the Middle East. If there was a distinction between the groups and their agendas it was certainly not apparent to anyone attending the previous three conferences. It should be noted that ISM activists have been arrested for sheltering terrorists who have murdered people on more than one occasion.

DUKE MAINTAINS the event is open to people of all points of view and that it will present educational discussions in a free atmosphere. Why then the closed workshops? At the Palestine Solidarity Conference held last year at Ohio State, airport-style metal detectors were set up by the organizers and the press was not allowed inside to the “workshops? but only permitted to attend a pre-Conference press event where journalists were told something considerably different from what went on inside. Recorders and cameras were confiscated at the door. While the press conference highlighted the peaceful intentions of the group, inside the event meetings were held on how to violently disrupt the business of the Caterpillar Corporation and how to put a good face on suicide bombings. Polite attempts to challenge these views during discussion periods were shouted down and those making the attempts were intimidated.

If the Duke Administration is determined to host this conference, we request that Duke take steps to ensure the conference proceeds in a manner that is appropriate to an academic setting by 1) ensuring that its proceedings are open to all; 2) seeing to it that the sessions are accessible to the press; 3) instructing organizers that they may not confiscate cameras and recorders; and 4) insisting that civil discourse will be the rule.


Sara Dogan, National Director, Students for Academic Freedom

David Horowitz, Chair, Students for Academic Freedom

(Hat tip: zulubaby)
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Racism Rising
Warning Issued on Rising Racism in Europe

Racism and religious intolerance are rising in Europe, with Muslims and Jews targeted in a misguided backlash against global terrorism and Middle East violence, delegates at an international conference on racism said.

Hostility toward Muslims has increased markedly over the past three years, a report by a human rights group said. Another found resurgent anti-Semitism has created a climate of intimidation.

Aside from prominent attacks on Jewish cemeteries, schools and synagogues, resurgent anti-Semitism has led to "hundreds of attacks on ordinary people that go largely unreported and a climate of intimidation and fear in which the possibility of attack terrorizes whole communities," said a report by the New York-based Human Rights First.

The group's executive director, Michael Posner, said violence against Jews was coming both from neo-Nazi groups and from Arab immigrant youths responding to Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

While attacks on Jews and Muslims have grabbed headlines, campaign groups said racism in Europe was much wider, from Gypsies facing discrimination in housing and jobs in Eastern Europe to asylum seekers beaten "for sport" in Scotland.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Jews of Istanbul
Melik Kaylan wrote a beautiful commentary in Wall Street Journal about the Jewish community in Turkey: A Light Fades in Istanbul

The symbiosis of Jews and Turks has a long pedigree. Ottoman Sultans traditionally chose Sephardim as personal physicians, as did Kemal Ataturk, founder of the secular Republic. Jews served as palace financiers, court composers, military pashas, and diplomats and ministers. Jews set up the first printing press in Ottoman times and printed the first book. In return, Turks effectively helped save an entire branch of Jewry from dissolution. Besides hosting the Sephardic diaspora, the sultans actively protected them over the centuries. Several fatwas remain extant in which the palace forbids and deplores "blood libels."

Many further waves of Semitic refugees found shelter in Turkey from Slavic pogroms and, famously, from the Nazis. My father, who got his medical degree in Istanbul just after WWII, always spoke in awed tones of his European Jewish émigré tutors. Turks also feature prominently as "Virtuous Gentiles" in Israel's Holocaust museum, having actively smuggled Jews into Turkey through various consulates.

Two postwar waves of immigration have sharply reduced Turkey's Jewish community. The first comprised poorer Jews who were drawn to the birth of Israel. They live in their own ghetto outside Tel Aviv, speak Turkish, celebrate Turkey's Republic Day, and often travel back. Then during the left-right street-fighting of the 1970s, wealthier Jews moved to the West, ultimately leaving a rump population to fill out a once-giant footprint of old synagogues, a hospital, an old folks home, and a dying language, derived from heraldic Spanish, called Ladino.

Jews still make a contribution to Turkish public life disproportionate to their numbers, but it has shrunk sharply from Ottoman times. According to Mario Levy -- a novelist whose recent 700-page saga in Turkish, entitled "Istanbul Was A Fable," critics hailed as Turkey's first Jewish identity novel -- "the Jews always had a modernizing effect on Turkish life. They always spoke and read in many languages so they supported Western ideas in politics, sexuality, literacy, medicine and so on."

(Hat tip: Jim Russell)
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
That Girl in Iran
From activistchat: Regime's Militia Officer in Charge of Vice in the city of Nekah, had a relationship with 16 year old Atefeh

After the public execution of a 16 year old girl by the name of Atefeh, in the city of Nekah in Mazandaran province, who was charged with ‘Activities Against Public Morality’, many other truths have been revealed about this cruel act that further enrage one.

Since Atefeh's family was very poor and she suffered from mental illness, she was very susceptible to sexual exploitation, although in the Islamic Republic this type of sexual exploitation is commonplace and routine. With prior knowledge of her vulnerable circumstances, several of the regime's militia were regularly taking advantage of her through friendly and immoral physical contacts.

2 Officers of the anti vice militia in Nekah were the most active in taking advantage of her, they were Sarvan Mola'i and Sarvan Zabihi. Atefeh had mentioned this on numerous occasions to a family member (who will remain anonymous). During her trial, Atefeh also mentioned her relationships with several of the regime's personnel.

Meanwhile the signature of both these officers as witnesses to her vice appear on the deposition. In another attempt at her discreditation, these 2 officers obtained additional signatures from their contacts and unknowing strangers around Rahe Ahan street, prior to her execution, that Atefeh had engaged in vice in the area while she had HIV Aids. In another ruse they started rumors around town that Atefeh had Aids, even though there are no medical records or actual evidence indicating that she did."

Atefeh's corpse was stolen right after her burial by the agents of the court and transferred to Tehran's Coroner, without the knowledge or consent of her family. This was only confirmed after Atefeh's aunt filed an official complaint. But there is still no news of a second burial.

Following her aunt's complaint, Atefeh’s father also wrote a letter to the government protesting the head of the Nekah court, Haji Rezai, the way her case was handled and the cruelty done to him and his family. He has also written another letter to international human rights organizations asking their assistance in seeking justice for the cruelty done to him and his family. This letter was typed up and translated by an organization in the city of Sari and sent out to Human Rights organizations.

It is interesting to note that the newspapers affiliated with the regime such as Etemad and Iran, have claimed in their reports that she was 22 years old, but they have never published the first page of her birth certificate as proof that she was. But her father, while sending his written complaint, included a Xerox copy of her birth certificate showing that she was only 16 years old. Her father also emphasized how she was denied legal counsel. But these news outlets, in an attempt to protect the regime's reputation are insisting that she was 22 years old.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Poll Watch
A shift in the polls

What a difference a couple of weeks make. Polling during and just after the Republican National Convention, Time and Newsweek have George W. Bush ahead of John Kerry 52 percent to 41 percent. Post-convention polls show Bush ahead 52 percent to 45 percent (CNN/USA Today/Gallup), 49 percent to 42 percent (CBS), 47 to 43 percent (Fox News), and 52 to 43 percent (ABC/Washington Post).

Post-convention polls in battleground states show similar results. Gallup shows Bush up 14 points in Missouri and 9 in Ohio, states he carried by 2 and 4 points, respectively, in 2000, and up 1 in Pennsylvania, which he lost by more than 4 points. Kerry is off the air in the battleground states of Missouri, Arizona, Arkansas and Louisiana. It's too soon to say that this is the last sharp shift in the two candidates' standings. But it is a bigger shift than we have seen since John Kerry clinched the Democratic nomination on March 2.

(Hat tip: Jim Russell)
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