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A Politburo of Two
daily archive: 09/06/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Best-Seller
The hottest selling item at Baghdad's video CD market is not a movie or a music video: It's a video of an Egyptian hostage whose beheading was filmed by his captors and distributed as a warning to anyone who cooperates with U.S. troops.

The video shows a terrified Muhammad Abdel Aal kneeling in front of masked militants with AK-47 assault rifles as he confesses to planting electronic devices in houses that guided bombs dropped from U.S. warplanes.

One of the militants pulls out a knife, knocks down Mr. Abdel Aal, then severs his head and places it on the body over a pool of blood. Such acts have been posted on radical Islamic Web sites carrying footage of several executions since militant groups and guerrillas began a wave of kidnappings of foreigners in April.

Called "The Spy," the CD appears on store shelves beside productions that have captivated Arab audiences for years, from popular Egyptian comedians to belly dancers to pirated Western action movies.

The video has already generated conspiracy theories in a country where people kept quiet for decades to avoid the iron fist of toppled leader Saddam Hussein.

"A Muslim could not do something so barbaric. This was the work of Israeli intelligence trying to give Muslims a bad image in the world," said video shop owner Abu Safwat. "Besides, Islam does not permit beheadings from the side of the neck like in the video. It must be done from the back of the neck."

Beheading video tops charts in Baghdad
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Thus Spake Zarathustra
By Guest Contributor, KianB

A respected Iranian ex-patriot, Dr. Ahura Pirouz Khaleghi Yazdi who hosts a news program on a southern California based Iranian satellite broadcasting station, has recently announced he is returning to Iran to serve as a catalyst for a regime change in Iran.

He claims to have connections with an ancient Iranian god and support of the leaders inside the Iranian government and military institutions and has booked several chartered aircraft for his return to Iran with his supporters on or before that date.

Dr. Yazdi is a highly respected Iranian Zoroastrian, but a return to Iran without massive public support and protection would surely end in his immediate arrest. This move on his part is one of the boldest of any Iranian ex-patriot in recent memory.

Very little has been published on his efforts in the media and while it is hard to believe that he has sufficient support inside of Iran to protect him, still he is the first such Iranian to make such a bold challenge to the regime.

We need to watch for the reaction of Iranians inside Iran to this ongoing story.

Background information:

He recently held a press conference at the National Press Club, August 24, 2004.



You can view the press conference at: http://www.rang-a-rang.com/YazdiNPC08 24 2004.asx

Dr Yazdi hosts a news program on the Iranian satellite broadcasting station, http://www.rang-a-rang.com

His organization's website is: http://www.ahura.info/about/yazdi.html

His personal website is: http://yazdi.org/


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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
There's no other word for it
Photographed from above, the body bags look empty. They seem to lie flat on the ground, and it's only when you peer closer that you realise that that's because the bodies in them are too small to fill the length of the bags. They're children. Row upon row of dead children, more than a hundred of them, 150, more, many of them shot in the back as they tried to flee.

Flee from whom? Let's take three representative responses: "Guerillas", said The New York Times. "Chechen separatists", ventured the BBC, eventually settling for "hostage-takers". "Insurgents", said The Guardian's Isabel Hilton, hyper-rational to a fault: "Today's hostage-taking," she explained, "is more savage, born of the spread of asymmetrical warfare that pits small, weak and irregular forces against powerful military machines. No insurgent lives long if he fights such overwhelming force directly . . . If insurgent bullets cannot penetrate military armour, it makes little sense to shoot in that direction. Soft targets – the unprotected, the innocent, the uninvolved – become targets because they are available."


When your asymmetrical warfare strategy depends on gunning down schoolchildren, you're getting way more asymmetrical than you need to be. The reality is that the IRA and ETA and the ANC and any number of secessionist and nationalist movements all the way back to the American revolutionaries could have seized schoolhouses and shot all the children.

But they didn't. Because, if they had, there would have been widespread revulsion within the perpetrators' own communities. To put it at its most tactful, that doesn't seem to be an issue here.

So the particular character of this "insurgency" does not derive from the requirements of "asymmetrical warfare" but from . . . well, let's see, what was the word missing from those three analyses of the Beslan massacre? Here's a clue: half the dead "Chechen separatists" were not Chechens at all, but Arabs. And yet, tastefully tiptoeing round the subject, The New York Times couldn't bring itself to use the words Muslim or Islamist, for fear presumably of offending multicultural sensibilities.

In the 1990s, while the world's leaders slept – or in Bill Clinton's case slept around – thousands of volunteers from across the globe passed through terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and were then dispatched to Indonesia, Kosovo, Sudan . . . and Chechnya. Wealthy Saudis – including members of the royal family – invested millions in setting up mosques and madrassas in what were traditionally spheres of a more accommodationist Islam, from the Balkans to South Asia, and successfully radicalised a generation of young Muslim men. It's the jihadist component – not the asymmetrical one, not the secessionist one – that accounts for the mound of undersized corpses, for the scale of the depravity.

No other word for it but slaughter

(Hat tip: Jim Russell)
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Plan
Militants appear to have planned their seizure of a Russian school carefully, starting months earlier and sneaking weapons into the building in advance. Still, some of the raiders may not have known what they were getting into and were appalled to find they were holding children hostage.

Some of the objecting militants were killed by their own comrades, the lawyer for a captured militant told The Associated Press.

...Reports portray the raid as a fastidiously prepared operation — in which militants used renovation work as a cover to plant arms and explosives in the school — almost literally under authorities' noses.

School No. 1 in Beslan, which the militants seized Wednesday on the first day of the new school year, is only about 200 yards from the local police department headquarters.

That hypothesis appears to conform with other details of the seizure. The approximately 30 raiders arrived in a single military-style truck — believed to have been hijacked in neighboring Ingushetia — which, jammed with people, would have been too small to carry much equipment.

Hostages also spoke in news accounts of a huge quantity of explosives in the school — not only the suicide belts worn by some of the hostage-takers, but bombs hung from basketball hoops and a 2-foot-square bomb built in the center of the gym.

Russia school seizure was long planned
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Kuwaiti teenagers
In friendly Kuwait, the country that the U.S. liberated, Islamic fundamentalists are recruiting teens to fight in Iraq.

Every Friday, 17-year-old Dhari al-Zahameel's family would wait for him to come back from the mosque so they could have lunch together. Then one day the young al-Zahameel didn't come home, instead sending word he had gone to fight in the jihad, or holy war.

The teenager did not say where he was headed, but his father, Othman al-Zahameel, found out the boy had taken a flight to Syria that day — April 30 — with a friend of about the same age. The final destination was not difficult to figure out: Iraq.


One Kuwaiti security official said Muslim radicals are recruiting teens because they are too young to remember Saddam's 1990 occupation of Kuwait and so have no qualms about fighting their country's liberators in Iraq.

Osama al-Menawer, a lawyer who represents Islamic fundamentalists, said dozens of Kuwaitis seeking to join Iraq's insurgency have entered the country through Syria, Iran and Turkey, avoiding Kuwait's own tightly controlled frontier. Many have been killed in the fighting, which they view as a jihad, or Muslim holy war.

"Nobody is denying what the Americans did" for Kuwait, he said. But, he added, "is everything America does correct?"

Heh. Saddam should have annexed your asses.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Bnei Anusim
In the context of the research he did in the archives of the Inquisition in Majorca, Segura discovered that he is descended from a family of converts to Christianity who were tried by the Inquisition in the 17th century. In Majorca, unlike in the rest of Spain, most of the Jews had already converted to Christianity by the start of the 15th century.

"Descendants of 15th-century converts find it hard to discover their identity today," he says. "But among descendants of later converts, there are 15 family names that are known to be descendants of Anusim, and all received the derogatory nickname `Chuetas.'"

In 1994, Segura published the story of how he became a proud Chueta, in a book called "Memories of a Chueta." After the book was published, he said, the Catholic Church in Majorca began to harass him. The local priest issued a formal ban on his wife's store, and descendants of other Chuetas, who seek to hide their identity, also came out against him. The book helped other anusim to come out of the closet, he says, but out of some 20,000 descendants of this population in Majorca, only a few dozen have thus far begun searching for their true identity. Segura's children respect his decision to define himself as a Chueta, but he says that they have no desire to look into the matter themselves.
Crypto-Jews come out of the closet
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