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evariste in Discarded Lies:
RIP, Chief Justice Rehnquist
Bush gets two Supreme Court picks

Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies at Home

This very likely means the end of the filibuster, too.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
You're Fired!
I've been fired twice in my life: the first time was in Greece when I refused to clean the bathrooms in the car dealership where I worked - the boss thought since I was the only girl there, it should be my job - and the second time was in the States, apparently because I made a lousy busboy. Nothing special and nothing funny about these events and they don't even qualify for the contest held by Simply Fired. Here's the winner: Man Fired for Eating Pizza
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
MT 3.2: Not Recommended
Some of you were around during the disastrous attempt I made last night to upgrade Bloggie's Movable Type blogging engine. Here's my forum post to Six Apart explaining what was so bad about it.

3.2 = Junkware, snazzy but insufficiently thoughtful

I know that they can do better, and I hope they do.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Football is not a constructive activity. Jihad on the other hand...
Saudi clerics declare football un-Islamic
LAHORE: Ulema in Saudia Arabia have issued a fatwa (religious decree) declaring football an un-Islamic sport, and have urged the youth to quit it immediately, BBC radio reported on Saturday.

According to the report, the clerics urged the youth to indulge in jihad and other constructive activities that could help the Muslim ummah, the radio reported. The ulema argued that football wastes a lot of time and the participants wear shorts, which they said was an un-Islamic dress, the radio reported.

Following the decree, some players of the famous Taif Football Club have quit the game, the report added.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
'Not just the bad girls'
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Stolen Fuel Tanker On The Loose
I guess we'll find it when they slam it into something. I've just been waiting for the first fuel truck suicide attack in the US, because terrorists repeat successful tactics until they stop working, and driving fuel trucks into queues of people or crowded buildings has been very successful indeed in Iraq.
Authorities in Greenville (KY) are on alert following the theft of a fuel truck containing between 1,400 and 2,000 gallons of highly flammable Jet-A from the Muhlenberg County Airport (M21) sometime Thursday night.

No one noticed the truck was missing until airport workers arrived Friday morning.

FBI Special Agent Pat Bashore says that the truck is a white 1969 Ford F-800, with a stainless steel tank with the Shell Oil Company logo on it. Anyone with information is asked to call the FBI or local law enforcement.
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ev and zorkie in Discarded Lies:
In Case of Emergency
Reading Joey deVilla's "Pop quiz, Hotshot...", I realise that I am prepared for some emergencies and unprepared for others. After the moussaka incident, I now keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and I have canned food and water supplies for a week, and I have flashlights (but I can't find any extra batteries). My smoke detectors' batteries work (but I have no candles), my car has a spare tire (but no jumper cables), I'm insured (but I don't have my important papers in any place conveniently close to an exit in case of fire) and I know some first aid - I don't think I could "staunch serious bleeding" since I tend to faint at the sight of blood but I can do some mean CPR. In other words, I can handle a small emergency but if something major happens, I'd be in a pretty bad spot. How prepared are you?

Update: evariste is clearly better prepared than me, being the man of the blog, so listen to him brag about why he should be the one wearing the pants around here. Me, I'm going to shop for some petticoats for him.

Let's see, what kind of resources can I bring to bear in an emergency?

I have that liquid skin stuff. It's waaay better than bandaids. So anyone having an emergency can have all my bandaids because I hate them, but they better not touch my liquid skin or I'll cut them. Then they'll really need the liquid skin, and where would we be? I ask you. I mean really, I ask you. This is one of those chicken and egg things and I just confused myself.

And I have a styptic stick for when I cut myself shaving, it's real neat how it stops the bleeding.

And if anyone runs out of cheesecloth, I have plenty of t-shirts, but zorkie claims that wouldn't work. What does she know?! I guess you might be having a hard time imagining when not having cheesecloth would be an emergency, but that's because you haven't been part of the fast-paced action-packed world of cheesemaking, where literally every single second counts. Every. Single. Second. You cheese consumers have no idea, do you? You make me sick.

Oh! Oh! And I also have suntan lotion on my keychain just in case! You never know when the sun might come out near a pale goth kid!

Plus, lots of vitamins, because I buy them and neglect to take them. If someone is having an emergency where they need a multivitamin right now, I can ride gallantly to the rescue.

Well, I don't have a horse, but I could drive gallantly to the rescue, and then hoof it.

Well, I'd "hoof it" figuratively speaking, since I don't have actually have hooves either. Hoofs? Hooves? He hoofs it on his hooves? In a spelling emergency I might lose my nerve and misspell something. I'm getting jittery just thinking about it.

Oh, and I don't just bring stuff to the table. I also have skills!

For one thing, I've seen people do CPR on TV. Well, not people. Cartoons, some of them people but most animals, but they're people animals, with personalities and talking and everything! If Daffy Duck ever needs resuscitation and I'm around, I'm the man.

I can also scream really shrill, for a guy. So if something bad is happening to one of you ladies and your voice is hoarse because of a problem, you can count on me to do a man's chivalrous duty to a woman, and scream everyone's ears off.

I can also catch most cats, especially the slower ones. I swoop my arms in on them like an owl when they don't expect it, and suddenly they're in my arms! You should see it, it's great.But if the cat scratches me I'll drop it and scream, so I only do declawed cats. I prefer toothless, too, but in an emergency, ordinary comforts go out the window, so you can really depend on me to probably do it.

So, in summary, I can be really helpful in a diverse array of emergencies, and have other qualities as well. Many of them are positive qualities!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Russia's Decrepit Military Thinking
This fascinating article at MOSNEWS points out that rather than a revolution in military affairs, Russia is undergoing a devolution in military affairs. Their final answer to any unwinnable conflict (which, given the sad state of their military, is all of them) is nuking it.
The Russian Army has been fighting all summer. From the North Caucasus to the Kamchatka, from the Barents Sea to the Shandong peninsula, thousands of troops and dozens of ships and planes are involved in a series of war games. Of course, these aren’t Soviet times, when on the command of the Chief of Staff hundreds of thousands of soldiers would pick up their rifles and start moving west. But it’s still impressive. Even the president was so impressed that after flying on the TU-160 strategic bomber and taking part in launching winged missiles that he announced the army was experiencing nothing less than a renaissance and then said that the Kremlin, not prepared to stop there, is intent on further increasing the military budget — up to 688 billion rubles (over $24 billion) in 2006.

It’s probably nice for the president and the ordinary layperson to know that things are finally going as they should in our army. That the new winged X-555, in whose launchings Putin took part, demonstrated an extraordinary precision as it hits the window of an abandoned club now used as a target. That a strategic missile launched from a submarine in the Barents Sea successfully destroyed its target on Kamchatka. That the nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great�? brilliantly completed a shooting session. That Russian and Chinese paratroopers are rehearsing a peacekeeping operation together. After all, that’s what armed forces are for: to perfect their military skill and to demonstrate their might before their friends and foes.

It’s left to determine, however, to what extent these war games prepare the army to counter real threats. Describing all these maneuvers, military officials insist that their aims are to teach troops to battle terrorists. After all, three years ago, just after Nord-Ost, Vladimir Putin ordered the Armed Forces to include anti-terrorist training in their program.

However, judging from the maneuvers now taking place, these aims have been left unrealized. What the Russian army is preparing for today fits the scenario of a major traditional military conflict with a traditional foe, when military action is conducted by traditional armed forces. Most likely, this stage was conducted in July-August during troop maneuvers in the Far East and North Caucasus military districts. But the state of Russia’s common-purpose forces leaves us with doubt that they can stand up to the forces of a powerful nation. The next stage is when aggression against Russia continues. And that’s when strategic bombers get involved, demonstrating nuclear strikes using winged missiles on low-populated areas of the aggressor-state. That was the stage that Putin took part in. At the same time, during the strategic aviation stage, paratroopers land as a distraction. That is what is happening right now in China. And if that doesn’t work, then the forces of the entire nuclear triad are implemented (this year, it was symbolized by the launching of a missile from the nuclear submarine missile launcher “Yekaterinburg"). Since the General Staff doesn’t plan anything farther that that, all this means the end of the world.

Maneuvers like these have been conducted by the Russian Armed Forces since 1999, ever since the NATO operation in Yugoslavia. These war games are a warning to the West, and first and foremost to the United States. Their “anti-terrorist" aims are merely a pretext. Take, for example, the winged missiles that were launched in Putin’s presence. These weapons were created not just for precision strikes, but primarily to get past the enemy’s anti-ballistic missile system. You’ll have to agree that it’s unlikely that an international terrorist organization would have such a system. And, after getting confused trying to explain the use of the strategic bomber “solely for peacekeeping aims" in the Russian-Chinese maneuvers, Russian generals began hinting at the necessity of fighting a certain nation that supports terrorists. Such hints are telling.

It’s hard to believe, of course, that Russia’s Defense Ministry is seriously planning to fight the United States. There is another problem, and that’s the fact that the nation’s strategists know no other military scenario. And they don’t want to develop any other scenario for the simple reason that any maneuvers different from the current ones, if they were conducted, would inevitably show neglected military preparation and ineffectively spent funds. For example, the 76th paratrooper division became fully professional a year ago, thus becoming the first full-fledged standing formation. In the event of a crisis it would be the first formation to be deployed. In light of this, it would have been important to see how exactly the command is planning to deploy this division — both of its regiments, and not just a single company. It’s clear that right now there are not enough military planes for such a task. Are military officials planning to “mobilize" civilian aviation or is there another means of getting the paratroopers to the necessary region? In a scenario like this, the president would have to play another role besides that of a high-placed passenger aboard a strategic bomber. After all, he would be the one who would have to decide to use military force, taking into account all the possible consequences. Would Putin have been just as impressed had he learned that the Armed Forces could not carry out his command?

Indeed, the only way for the country’s leadership to learn whether its military spending is worthwhile is to start getting the military to solve real problems, instead of artificially constructed games. But President Putin is hiding from this challenge. He leaves it up to certain “specialists" from the General Staff to choose priorities in developing the nation’s Armed Forces. And we can be sure that in the coming years these specialists will do the only thing they know how to do: preparing the army for a world war.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Islamic Sniper Squad Seeking Tancredo?
Jihad Watch has this bizarre and disturbing report, although the source is considered unreliable.
A particular worrisome development for USA based warmongers is a CIA intelligence report that says that a superbly trained Islamic sniper squad is on its way to the USA. According to the report, the Al-Ikhwan Al-Moslemoon (Muslim Brotherhood)is preparing to send a highly trained sniper squad to the USA that will target, at first, the lower and middle level leadership of the Islamophobic organizations that cater to the Zionists. This, we presume, includes the lackeys of the Zionists on radio and television. A few weeks ago, these puppets of Israel added insult to injury when they went on a vile tirade in support of the "toilet flushers" of the Holy Koran at Guantanamo. Many of these radio talk jockeys are not Jews but they act as mouthpieces for their employers who are. One of these virulent pundits for the Zionists said over the airwaves, "US soldiers at Guantanamo should have used the pages of the Koran to wipe their asses!"

La Voz de Aztlan received an e-mail from one of our subscribers in Saudi Arabia concerning the CIA report. Ali bin Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Fulani wrote that the Islamic sniper squad should include Congressman Tom Tancredo of the Colorado 6th Congressional District as one of its first targets. Tancredo recently made a public statement proposing that the USA "nuke" Mecca. "Nuke" means blasting a city with a nuclear bomb as was done to Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Mecca is Islam's holiest cities where millions of Muslims make a yearly religious pilgrimage. Ali added, "Instead of nuking the entire 6th congressional district and killing hundreds of thousands innocent civilians, a sniper should "nuke' Tancredo's ass with one 7.62mm Kalashnikov bullet hardened with depleted uranium!"...
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