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daily archive: 09/02/2005
evariste in Discarded Lies:
Convenient Omission at CNN
Check out this CNN story [Google archive]:
Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco said that President Bush had called and urged the state to order the evacuation.
Louisiana's governor and the mayor of New Orleans are so worthless, Bush had to tell them to evacuate. Wow.

Now, compare that to the present version-President Bush's initiative is missing, interestingly enough. I wonder what would make them cut that part out. Hmm...
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Erosion of Religious Tolerance in Indonesia
An Indonesian court sentenced three Christian Sunday school teachers to three years in prison after finding the women guilty of violating the Child Protection Act, which forbids "deception, lies or enticement" causing a child to convert to another religion. The women had allowed Muslim children to attend a Sunday school program, with their parents' permission, and none of the children were converted. As the defense attorney pointed out, several of the Muslim parents had been photographed with their children during the Sunday school activities, proof that they had permitted their children to attend. But when Muslim leaders lodged a complaint none of the parents testified in support of the women and Islamists brought a coffin into the trial to bury the women in case they were found innocent.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Not An Ounce of Compassion
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Powerful Interview with Mayor Ray Nagin
You have to hear this radio interview with Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans. Towards the end him and the radio host are crying.

He's a very good politician, and he knows how to deflect blame well. He rails on Bush, the Iraq war, and the governor of Louisiana but never acknowledges that he himself shares much of the blame for dealing inadequately with the crisis and the disastrous present outcome. He's also urging people who've already gotten moving to get off their asses, as if they hadn't.

All in all, a very powerful interview, but one that leaves me unsatisfied with his version of events, and with more questions than answers. Transcript after the jump.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Hamas: Now Hiring The Ladies
Jerusalem Post says Hamas is now hiring chicas to do their dirty work.
Boy, I'm quaking in my boots. Anyway, these girls will be waiting for you stupid bints. Especially Tova:
Hamas revealed over the weekend that dozens of women in the Gaza Strip have joined its armed wing, Izzaddin Kassam, and were preparing to carry out attacks on Israel.

Pictures posted on the Hamas-affiliated Palestine Information Center Web site showed masked women, dressed in military fatigues and armed with Kalashnikov rifles and pistols, receiving training at a secret location in the Gaza Strip.

According to Hamas, the women were being trained in planting roadside bombs, firing rockets and mortars and infiltrating Jewish settlements.

"Jihad has been imposed on all Muslims, males and females alike," one of the women explained. "This is particularly true in Palestine, and here we are obeying the call for jihad. We have the honor to compete with men in the jihad."

Some of the women said they were married and had children. "Our husbands know that we are members of Izzaddin Kassam," said one.

"As for those who are not married, their brothers and fathers know about their activities. The husbands and brothers of most of the women are also members of the armed wing of Hamas."
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
African Anglicans Clean House
A very wayward Anglican bishop is being tried in Zimbabwe for myriad crimes, including inciting the murder of other Anglicans, stealing money, and worst of all to his black flock, preaching support for Mugabe's bloodthirsty Marxist policies. I wish the Anglican church had a death penalty. I'd hang the bastard.
HARARE, Zimbabwe -- An Anglican bishop who is a vocal supporter of President Robert Mugabe is being tried by an ecclesiastical court in Harare after an investigation into a range of charges, including incitement to murder.

The Anglican Church of Central Africa took the unprecedented step of convening a trial under canon law, at which Bishop Nolbert Kunonga became the first Anglican priest on the continent in more than 100 years to face prosecution by his peers.

As well as the most serious charge of incitement to murder, he is accused of sinning against the church, its officials and its flock. He rejects the charges.

If found guilty, the priest could be expelled from the church, and may even face civil charges if reports of missing church funds are proved.

The 55-year-old clergyman arrived for the beginning of his trial on Tuesday wearing a jeweled cross over his dark suit and crimson shirt at the Royal Harare Golf Club, in the shadow of Mr. Mugabe's official residence.

The first of 11 charges against Bishop Kunonga is that he sought the assistance of Zimbabwe's Central Intelligence Organization and information from militant "war veterans" to "incite or seek to incite" the murder of 10 prominent Anglicans, including priests and church wardens.

But that charge was temporarily withdrawn after Bishop Kunonga said he would not accept evidence by telephone from London where an Anglican priest, the Rev. James Mukonga, who fled Zimbabwe last year, was waiting to give evidence by video link to support his affidavit.

Jeremy Lewis, for the prosecution, told the court: "We withdraw without prejudice, but are free to lay a future complaint in another jurisdiction."

The proceedings were adjourned until today. Mr. Lewis said that Mr. Mukonga could give evidence in person in Malawi.

Other charges faced by Bishop Kunonga are that he tore up the infrastructure of the Harare Diocese by sacking 19 priests or church officials, dismissed heads of most of the church's institutions and banned the choir from singing in Harare's Anglican cathedral.

He is also accused of banning a predecessor, Bishop Peter Hatendi, from participating in church services; of abusing the use of church property, including vehicles and funds; falsifying minutes of church meetings; and of having removed and "disposed of memorabilia, plaques, tablets from the cathedral," some of historical interest.

Bishop Kunonga's appointment five years ago was accompanied by accusations that he bent canon law to become Zimbabwe's senior Anglican.

He went on to enrage his flock by preaching support for the Mugabe regime, and he endorsed the seizure of white-owned farms.

He also preached "racial hatred," according to a group of parishioners, mostly black, who have gathered in Harare to give evidence against him.

Bishop Kunonga, unlike most senior Zimbabwean churchmen, has refused to criticize Mr Mugabe's human rights abuses. He also received from Mr. Mugabe's government two of Zimbabwe's seized white-owned farms.

The Anglican Church in Zimbabwe, now desperately short of funds, sought donations from around the world to pay for the landmark trial, which is being heard by Judge James Kalaile, a leading Anglican and justice of Malawi's Supreme Court, and two Zambian bishops.

Bishop Kunonga has always maintained that his detractors are racists. If convicted, he can appeal within the church.

VirtueOnline-News - News - HARARE: Anglican court tries bishop in Zimbabwe
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Are we ready for the flu?
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Pssst...Aussie...wanna hear a secret?
Thanks to a new directive by President Bush, Australia now shares a unique honor with the UK: they have the keys to the bank. Australia now has direct access to US intelligence systems, like realtime battlespace imagery.
The new relationship occurs at many levels.

Canberra now has a permanent senior officer stationed at the US Strategic Command in Nebraska.

US Strategic Command is responsible for integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, space and global strike operations, information operations, integrated missile defence and command and control.

It is the most sensitive intelligence hub in the US military network and to have Australians stationed there at high levels of seniority is a sign of the depth of the intelligence relationship.

Australia gains access at all levels - to US raw intelligence, to US assessments of the intelligence and to real-time operational information and planning.

This has meant Australia further upgrading its own security because the US is extremely sensitive about who shares such information.

Australia's new status is a sign of the growing trust the US has in the Australian military and intelligence community. Co-operation between Canberra and Washington in these fields has grown exponentially as a result of both the war on terror and the joint operations in Iraq.
One thing they don't mention is that STRATCOM is in charge of two extremely important missions: America's nuclear arsenal, and Global Strike. The Australian mentions "global strike" in passing but doesn't explain what exactly it means.

Welcome to the clubhouse, Australia. You've richly earned it.
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