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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Iran's next stage
From activistchat:

"The Iranian clerical leadership has been at war with the US, and the West, since the beginning of 1979; that is, for a quarter-century. The clerics knew this all along, but only lately is the West discovering the level of ambition and hostility emanating from Tehran. Iran has been the principal sponsor of radical Islamist terrorism worldwide, and, essentially, was the source of the phenomenon, working with a range of Sunni as well as Shi’a leaders to create what is essentially, today, a new approach to Islam.

The Iranian population — which is essentially more Persian in orientation than Muslim in the Arab sense — was ready to revolt against the Khomeini Administration in 1982, when the clerics launched the attack on Iraq. This stopped all domestic opposition to the then-new Government, and people united against a perceived foreign threat. That cost Iran a million dead and wounded, and set back the economy and society by decades, but for the clerics it was a small price: they retained power.

Today, the Iranian clerics find themselves surrounded by hostile forces: Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Gulf states. And in all of this they see the hand of the US, against which Khomeini had declared war in 1979. The Iranian Government had been proselytizing for a quarter century in the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and in Africa. It took the lead rôle in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103, an operation in which Libya took a very secondary function to Iran and Syria. It took an active rôle in the first World Trade Center bombing in New York in 1993, working with Sunni terrorists. And it has worked closely with the Wahabbist al-Qaida group for many years.

Today — as a result of extensive preparations over the past few months — Iran is ready to move to the next stage: it is willing to let some of the mask slip from its war preparations. Until now, it has fought the US and the West through proxies and alliances. Now it is preparing to provide open military support for its surrogate in Iraq, Moqtada al-Sadr and his “Mehdi Army?.

The clerics believe that if they do not remove US Pres. George W. Bush in 2004, and if he is re-elected, he will ensure that they, the clerics, are removed in Iran. They see his re-election as an inspiration to domestic Iranian opposition elements which have, in the past year, been only barely contained.

To assist in this process, the clerics have encouraged the break-up of Iraq, and have persuaded the Iraqi Kurdish leaders Barzani and Talabani to pursue this line. This momentum is now underway. As well, they sent al-Sadr to build a local power base in Iraq, and in this, to a large extent, he has failed; there is no widespread popular support for his insurrection, even from among the Shi’a population of Iraq which does not necessarily appreciate the intervention of Iranian Shi’a clerics.

So Iran is now preparing to provide open military support to al-Sadr, using, particularly, Iranian Revolutionary Guards — Pasdaran — to attack US forces around Najaf. This is intended to provoke a US strike against Iranian forces, preferably inside Iran. Through this gesture, the clerics hope to repeat the 1982 lesson: namely, that the Iranian people would unite around their national leaders and against the external aggressors."

Strategic Analysis Regarding Iran

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Give the girl a smoke!
We do need some humour, don't we? Even at the expense of a poor sexually frustrated chimp who smokes?

Sexual frustration has turned a Chinese chimpanzee from a mild-mannered simian into a problem primate who smokes cigarettes and spits at visitors, the Xinhua news agency says.

Feili, a female chimp in the city of Zhengzhou in the central province of Henan, picked up her nasty habits by imitating visitors who behaved "improperly" around her, Xinhua quoted zoo director Liu Bing as saying on Sunday.

But, Liu said, the root cause of Feili's transformation from a "gentle girl" into a "shrew" lay with the inability to find her a satisfactory mate.

A male chimpanzee at the zoo has failed to live up to Feili's sexual demands, and she has snubbed other potential suitors.

Zoo officials said Feili was not addicted to nicotine, but the chimp has also demonstrated clever -- if not desperate -- behavior to score a smoke.

"The chimp is spitting at tourists and smoking," Xinhua quoted a boy visiting the zoo. "Just now a tourist threw a cigarette butt to just outside the cage, she tried to get the butt with a stick."

But even if she did have sex, wouldn't she still want a cigarette afterwards?

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The women from Chechnya
They lived in the same apartment in Chechnya, worked in the same market and may have died within moments of each other on separate airliners that crashed in Russia last week.

New details emerged Monday about the two Chechen women who are the focus of suspicion that the planes were blown up by terrorists.


How the explosive may have been brought on board the planes that took off from Moscow is still unclear, and investigators were scraping for clues about Amanta Nagayeva and S. Dzhebirkhanova, two Chechen women whose names were listed on tickets for the flights.


Nagayeva, 30, and Dzhebirkhanova, 37, aroused accident investigators' suspicions because they purchased tickets at the last minute — and because they were the only victims about whom no relatives inquired after news of the crashes.

At the same time, the women's bodies have not yet been identified. Officials were considering two scenarios: Either Nagayeva and Dzhebirkhanova were indeed suicide bombers, or their passports were used by other women, the newspaper Izvestia reported, citing Chechen law enforcement officials.

Links Between Two Chechen Women Grow

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Who you gonna call?
I've never voted for the Republican party. I thought of Republicans as being old and wrinkly and mean and why would I want to associate myself with mean people?


"Ed Koch identifies himself with pride as a lifelong Democrat. The former New York City councilman, congressman, and three-term mayor says his values have always been those of the broad Democratic center -- the values of FDR and Harry Truman, of Hubert Humphrey and Daniel Patrick Moynihan. He disdains the Republican worldview as cold and unfeeling -- "I made it on my own, and you should too." The Democratic philosophy, by contrast, he sums up as: "If you need a helping hand, we'll provide it." No surprise, then, that Koch disagrees with George W. Bush on just about every domestic issue, from taxes to marriage to prescription drugs.

But he's voting for him in November.

"I've never before supported a Republican for president," Koch told me last week. "But I'm doing so this time because of the one issue that trumps everything else: international terrorism. In my judgment, the Democratic Party just doesn't have the stomach to stand up to the terrorists. But Bush is a fighter."

I like fighters. It's cowards I can't stand.

Why Koch is on Bush's Bandwagon

(Hat tip: Jim Russell)

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Sing for Palestine
I'm sad to say Hassan lost. You remember Hassan, he was participating in the "Superstar 2" competition. He lost to the Libyan contester. The Palestinians who, according to the AP article, were "hoping for a morale boost after four years of bloody conflict with Israel" were disappointed.

"As with practically everything in Palestinian society, the song contest became a symbolic element in the campaign for a state and against Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, territories the Palestinians claim.

About 5,000 people crowded into the park in the center of Salfit to watch the TV broadcast from Beirut by satellite. They stood stunned and silent when it was announced that Libyan singer Eyman Al-Atar outpolled Hassan by a wide margin.

Gracious in defeat, Hassan and the winner took the stage together, holding each other's national flags in a sign of unity.

Back home, however, some in Salfit called the vote unfair because of its unstructured nature: Under the contest rules, people could cast multiple ballots by cellular phone text messages and over the Internet.

Bitterly disappointed, Mahmoud Yassin, 20, lashed out at fellow Arabs who did not vote for the Palestinian singer. "They sold Jerusalem," he said, referring to a perceived lack of Arab support for the Palestinian cause. "It's no surprise they now sold out Ammar."

Voting became a frenzy in Salfit on the final day. The town of about 12,000 people in the central West Bank dropped everything to vote for Ammar again and again, and Palestinians from nearby villages helped out.

Bashar Sabra, 25, from the village of Brukhin, said he and seven friends spent a total of $650 to cast multiple ballots over their cell phones.

At a community center, a happy furor erupted when Ahmed Fulpan, 16, discovered a shortcut that would allow quick, easy multiple voting for Hassan over the Internet.

"There is more than one way to fight for your country," observed the young computer whiz.

Despite the sad ending, the song contest provided a welcome three-month diversion. Salfit is across the road from Ariel, the second-largest Israeli settlement in the West Bank with 18,000 residents, and clashes between Palestinians and Israelis are common, leading to curfews and Israeli army sweeps.

Greeting a stream of visitors to his house on Sunday, the singer's father, Hassan Daqrouq, 63, said his son had become a symbol of his people's struggle for independence. The small house was decorated with posters of Hassan alongside piles of videotapes of his performances.

Islamic groups and some political operatives, however, were critical of the frivolity at a time when Palestinian prisoners are on a hunger strike against their Israeli captors. Even the preacher at the Salfit mosque had unkind words during his Friday Sabbath sermon.

During last week's televised final round, gunmen linked to Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement in some West Bank towns forced cinema operators to shut down their large screens of the TV broadcast.

Daqrouq, loading his video cassette recorder with a tape of his son's "Superstar" rendition of "Al Quds," or "Jerusalem," rejected the criticism.

"We've had problems here for years. We've had fighting and bloodshed. If we were to stop everything every time something happens, we would never accomplish a thing," he said. "To each his own. Some fight for Palestine. My son sings for Palestine."

I wish more people were singing instead of fighting, Mr. Daqrouq. And not jihadi songs, either.

Hassan, all the best to you. And please don't give in to pop music!

Palestinians Bemoan 'Superstar' Loss

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Enraged? Who, me?
I used to be an innocent. I thought people were reasonable and logical and sane for the most part. I supported the Palestinian people back then, when they sought peace, I did my fair share of criticising Israel back then, before the second intifada, and I thought anti-semitism was practically extinct. Back then.

Featured at Liberty Forum, an article so vile and disgusting that back then I would never believed such hatred ever saw the light of day. But that was back then. Now, people debate this stuff. I'm ashamed to have this post on this blog. But hatred thrives in dark rooms, behind closed doors and when its excess finally spills into the light it's usually too late.

The title of the article?

"Jews seek to legalize sex with children"

The North American Man-Boy Love Association, NAMBLA, is top heavy with Jews. This "organization" boasts of its "holy crusade" (quote) to legalize sexual relations (translate: oral and anal sodomy) with children as young as three-years old.


In Canada Jews have successfully lowered the legal age of consent for sex to AGE FOURTEEN... I REPEAT, AGE 14. We have to do something about these sick demented Jews who are determined to destroy the political power of European Americans by destroying the moral values of our children and turning our children against our tradtional values.


Read the rest or don't, it doesn't really matter. You get the idea.

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