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daily archive: 08/26/2005
floranista in The Secret Garden:
Baha'i Temple and Gardens

Are the stresses and strains of the dog days of summer weighing on you? Sit back, relax and take a virtual tour of the Baha'i Gardens in Haifa...

W4-3829_b1[1].jpg A corsage for annie.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A thread for Ed
Ed would like a thread where you can discuss how you feel about tropical cyclones in general, and drunken experiences you have had in New Orleans. Here it is, then.

Click on the images for a close-up.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
AQ#2 Zawahiri: KGB Agent!
The KGB never ceases to amaze me with their sheer capacity for evil. It's definitely cunning for them to boomerang the "coopt the muj" tactic we used successfully against them in Afghanistan back on us.
Al-Qaeda deputy trained with Russia's secret service: report WARSAW, July 16 (AFP) - Al-Qaeda's number two Aymanal-Zawahiri was trained by Russia's secret service and served as a KGB agent before becoming Osama Bin Laden's right-hand man, a former KGB secret agent told Poland's Rzeczpospolita newspaper on Saturday. "Ayman al-Zawahiri trained at a Federal Security Service (FSB, former KGB) base in Dagestan in 1998," claimed ex-FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko who fled Russia in 2000. "He was then transferred to Afghanistan where he became Osama bin Laden's deputy", Litvinenko told the newspaper. "I was working in that section at the time and I can confirm the fact Zawahiri was not the only link between the FSB and Al-Qaeda", he said.(Posted @ 18:20 PST)
The Soviet Union never went away, it's just taking a nap.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Break a leg, Binnie!
Islamist websites are buzzing that Binnie's been injured in the leg. Here's hoping it was a little higher-up than that. As they frequently do, they're making up a ferocious battle that never happened to explain Bin Laden's injury.
Kabul, 24 August (AKI) - Osama bin Laden has been wounded in Afghanistan, according to two different reports carried by various Islamic websites. Referring to the al-Qaeda leader as Abu Abdullah, the second message, which appeared on Wednesday, said: "Mullah Ahmadi, military leader of the Badr brigades, which form part of the al-Qaeda organisation in Afghanistan, has confirmed that Sheikh Abu Abdullah has been injured in his left leg."

It follows a previous message on several Islamic websites saying the fugitive terrorist leader was injured while taking part in an attack on a Spanish military base in Afghanistan.

The second message relaying the news is titled "Confirmation of the injury of Sheikh Abu Abdullah in the Al-Khulud expedition" and adds other details, specifying that the injury was to the left leg and claiming it was sustained "when the Sheikh went out onto the battlefield to lead the expedition during which the Spanish base was attacked and which was named the Al-Khulud expedition."

"The source has promised to broadcast soon a video of the expedition, which lasted four hours," the message continues, before concluding: "Therefore we ask Allah to heal the Sheikh and make him well again. Don't be miserly in praying for him."

Last week a Spanish helicopter crashed in Afghanistan, killing all 17 military personnel on board. Another helicopter taking part in the same training exercise made an emergency landing following the crash, injuring several other Spanish soldiers. Spain has dispatched additional troops to replace those killed and injured, but there has been no report of a subsequent attack on a Spanish base in Afghanistan.
Does anyone really believe bin Laden was personally leading an attack on a Spanish base in broad daylight? He probably got accidentally shot by some of his own incompetent goons.
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sine in The People's Diner:
Casual Entertaining

Having friends over? Don't feel like requiring formal evening wear?

Then these are just the recipes for you, because they are from the genre known as "Casual Entertaining," which I'm pretty sure means no tuxes or evening gowns.





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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The Return Of Big Stinky Mammals
Boffins want to reverse the Native American genocide.

Thirteen thousand years ago, the Native Americans mercilessly wiped out the entire North American population of gigantic smelly beasts, because they were in tune with Mother Nature. These brutal Muslims-or, according to some sources, brutal Chinese-brought ecological catastrophe while communing with the Earth Goddess. Must these primitive non-Whites destroy everything in sight?

Their depradations cut a painful wound into fragile Gaia's milky, supple, pointy breasts with their chipped-flint spearheads. Praise the Lord for creating White people, to restore His biodiversity and reverse the environmental catastrophe wrought by these savage peoples on His green earth. Hello, Native Americans, God told you in the Bible (King James Version) in plain English to be good stewards over the fish and the creeping things and the wild beasts!

Can't you people read English?

Although personally I wish he'd gave dominion over the creeping things to someone else, like cats.
LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists are proposing reintroducing large mammals such as elephants, lions, cheetahs and wild horses to North America to replace populations lost 13,000 years ago.
Waitaminnit. Just one minute. Lions and cheetahs? Maybe the Indians were on to something when they wiped those out. Let's not be too hasty here...elephants are okay, you can feed them peanuts, but I can barely deal with an angry housecat, let alone a cheetah. What are you crazy white folks thinking?! Kill Whitey!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Hitchens on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart
This is for Jefe and Travis, who missed Hitchens's Daily Show appearance (he was promoting his new book about Jefferson).

1. Jon Stewart always does this thing when he has pro-Bush guests where he says "explain to me why I'm wrong about Iraq", having just spent the first part of the show undermining the whole war effort. Hitchens said "well thanks for throwing me that softball", which took Stewart aback and put him in his place, because he probably thought he was about to stump Hitchens. He laughed that stupid donkey laugh of his and Hitchens proceeded to cut his belly open and poke at his innards with a spear.

2. He directly criticized Stewart for disingenuously pretending to be interested in what the President's thinking is on the war when he just spent the first part of the show making fun of clips of things the President says a lot, an increasingly stale and tired Daily Show cliché.

3. He gave Stewart an ass-handing-to about the fact that the Senate voted unanimously (98-0) to make the policy of the United States be regime change in Iraq in '98, including lots of the same Democrats who are whining about it now. All Stewart could reply was some weak shit about how "we didn't really think anyone would actually use that to change Iraq's regime", which is the stupidest thing I ever heard and the perfect illustration of the Democratic party's all-talk, no action modus operandi. Yeah, the United States would be a real credible country if we passed laws just to feel good about ourselves and never did anything about them.

4. He explained the four violations of international law that make a country's sovereignty null and void, and pointed out that Iraq had violated all four, repeatedly.

In general, Hitchens was substantial, well-spoken and interesting where Stewart was shallow, stupid, disingenuous and had little to offer beyond his own friendly audience's sympathy for him, which Hitchens handled masterfully. Hitchens even got the audience to applaud him immediately after booing him, I mean literally with one single sentence he got them right back on his side, and it was hilarious because it showed what a bunch of fickle nincompoops the Daily Show audience is, and how little their frequent applause and laughter at Jon Stewart's inanities actually means.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Chechens contemplate polygamy
For once, this is a cultural practice ruthlessly stamped out by the Russians that actually deserved to be stamped out. So basically, too many Chechen men have died fighting their futile jihad, so now women should have to settle for marrying 25% of a guy? That makes no sense at all. They can marry outside of the Chechen male population, can't they? If they introduce polygamy, they'll never be able to get rid of it. The social expectation will exist among men that they should be able to marry more than one woman, and soon there'll be a shortage of marriageable women, and a surplus of expendable men to fuel more conflict and war.

I'm not one of these people who believes polygamy is a valid lifestyle choice. It's not. A polygamous home is a broken home and no way to raise children of any sex. The sense of equal self-worth between a man and a woman is destroyed when there's one man, but two or more women competing for his attention. It's not idyllic, it's not pastoral, it's fucking evil. I have relatives in Jordan and Palestine who are in polygamous marriages. NONE have happy households.

William Tucker has even argued that polygamy causes terrorism and war. He won't get much argument from me.

Maybe the Chechen ladies can marry some of those doomed-to-loneliness Chinese men.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The Italians Lied
There may not have been a cash ransom, but the Italian Red Cross saved the lives of four terrorist scumbags and let them escape to kill Americans again, in exchange for the lives of two hostages.

I'm pretty fed up with the Italians. Really, at this point, the Italians should just fuck off and leave. Thanks for all the help (and for vilifying our soldiers who shot your speeding escape car), but no thanks. You're more trouble than you're worth.
Rome, 25 August (AKI) - The Italian Red cross gave medical treatment to four Iraqi insurgents as part of a deal to free two kidnapped Italian aid workers last year, the special commissioner of the Red Cross has revealed. Maurizio Scelli was quoted as saying by the Italian newspaper La Stampa on Thursday, that US officials were not told about the deal to secure the release of Simona Pari and Simon Torretta.

"The mediators asked us to treat and save the lives of four presumed terrorists sought by the Americans, wounded in combat. We hid them and brought them to the doctors with the Red Cross, who operated on them," Scelli said. He also revealed that they had treated four of their children for leukaemia.

The "two Simonas", as they became known, were working for the Italian aid organisation 'A Bridge to Baghdad' when they were kidnapped on 7 September. They were later freed on 28 September amid speculation that a ransom had been paid to secure their release. Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi denied that Italy had given in to any ransom demands.

However, Scelli - who was there to greet the 29-year-old aid workers in Iraq as they were handed over - said the decision to keep the deal secret from the Americans was approved by cabinet office undersecretary Gianni Letta. Letta was also involved in negotiations that led to the operation in March to release kidnapped Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena and the fatal shooting of intelligence agent Nicola Calipari by US soldiers.

"Keeping the Americans in the dark about our efforts to free the hostages was a non-negotiable condition to guarantee the safety of the hostages and ourselves," said Scelli, who is about to leave his post as special commissioner of the Italian Red Cross.
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guest author: Dan'd Rather be watching BOOL in Bloggies Of Our Lives:
An Interview With Portia of BOOL
Portia, the elusive actress of Bloggies Of Our Lives Fame, agreed to receive us in her penthouse suite at the Too Expensive For The Likes Of You hotel in downtown Internet Ville.

She opens the door wearing her stunning waist length auburn hair, a translucent peignoir, fishnet stockings and ten-inch-stilleto heel bedroom slippers with pink pompons. When she tosses her hair we get a bird’s eye view of what she modestly calls "My front mounted radar emplacements."

"I wasn’t always this glamorous, you know," she says, in a husky voice tinged by an accent she swears is European – while refusing to tell us where in Europe, exactly, she grew up. "I was very mousy before BOOL. In fact," she blushes. "My other public persona still is very mousy. And demure."

"We hear a lot about your public persona, Portia," I say. "There’s speculation you live in ... well, the White House."

She titters. "Oh, not live there. Although, of course, I go there a lot." She looks down. "The job, you know."

I am dutifully impressed. "You mean, you are..."

"Yes. And I still haven’t decided if I will run for president."

"But... you don’t look a thing like..."

She looks at us with her bottomless green eyes.

"Of course not, you silly. Zorkie gives me some magical olives which change my appearance to ... transform me into Portia."

"Um," I say. "Pardon me, but I have a hard time believing anyone in Bloggie could pursue this administration's recent policies towards Israel and–"

She laughs and covers her mouth with a hand ornamented with many, many rings. "Oh, my dear. It’s all a ruse you just haven’t got yet."

"So, Sec–"

She sighs. "Portia, please. It’s my name in this persona."

"So, Portia, what can you tell us about Evariste’s pregnancy?"

She purses her lips. "I always suspected Ayahuasca. Note how he disappeared, lest he be forced to pay support."


"Fired early. He couldn’t remember his lines."

"And your own, private life?"

"Oh, I have none. I live in absolute chastity."

Just at that moment, a crash sounds from her bedroom, the door to which opens from this living room. A handsome young man looks out. "Portia?" he says. "Are you coming back?"

I look back at her and she blushes delicately. "Oh, that’s just Dances With Typos. It’s not like that. I just suck him."

While we stare in horror, she says, "No, not that way. I suck his blood. He drinks coffee and alcohol."

Before we can find anything appropriate to answer, another man shoves DWT aside, "Portia? I’ll run down Europe for you. Just come on back. I’ll let you play nuke Germany!"

Portia looks distinctly flushed. "That’s just Bigel. We.... Play destroy Europe together."

From the bedroom, comes yet another male voice. "Portia, my pups are lonely."

"It’s Aridog," she says, in mounting desperation. "We go to obedience class together."

Two other male voices come from within. "Portia, Throbert is playing with your fishnet stockings!" And "Am not. I was just trying to show Frank..."

"Those are Throbert and Frank IBC. They’re gay, for heavens sake. You know that–"

"Portia, the Hurricane is coming!"

"That’s Ed. He’s just our weather person, he–"


"He’s Rugby," Portia said, and blushed. "He’s just a rat."

And thus we left Portia's suite. As you can tell, BOOL's influence is so corrupting, even SHE is not safe.
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Iranian Journalist Counter Sues Mullahs, Asks For Help
Roya Parsay is reporting that Mr. Saeed Behbahani, a Washington DC journalist who works for RangaRang TV was recently sued by Iranian government and is trying to counter sue the regime and needs support.

In the times of recent Iranian presidential elections, he took his camera inside a mullah-backed mosque in Manassess,Virginia and filmed mullahs merceneries coming to vote. Regime took him to the court for tresspassing but judge ordered against mullahs. Now he is trying to counter sue the regime and asks for help.

Mr. Saeed Behbahani
Rangarang TV
2221 Chain Bridge Road
Vienna, VA 22182

Tel:703-255-5500 & 703-917-0033

Also check "Counter sue agents of Iran" for latest news about this story.
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