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It debones your anchovies
daily archive: 08/25/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Dinner Party
We're a month old today and we're inviting everyone to a dinner party to celebrate. Our counter is over 18,000 and Israel won her first gold medal. So we're very happy and excited. In the continued spirit of the Olympics we'll put enmity aside and invite the LGF Watch Kids to join us. We'll have Greek food, of course. Greeks love Americans and we love them too.

Plato never ate a potato. Socrates drank his fatal cup of hemlock without ever tasting spaghetti, while his peers went without tomatoes, sugar, oranges and those modern Greek essentials, coffee and cigarettes.

Ancient Tastes, a restaurant in Athens, is reviving menus from thousands of years ago when the Parthenon was still new and fast food meant chasing a pig.

With harp and recorder music softly playing, servers in traditional tunics ferry plates of goat meat casseroles with chickpea puree, sweet-and-sour shrimp, salads with arugula, raisins and pomegranate, and sweets made with dried fruits, yogurt and honey.

Many of the recipes at Ancient Tastes were gleaned from the writings of the scholar Athineos, who devoted his life to the study of gastronomy some 1,800 years ago.

Not surprisingly, ancient Greeks were big drinkers, starting off with a morning tipple with breakfast. They worked it off in the heat of the day by laying on reclining sofas so their stomachs would tilt to the left to help digestion.

Dimitris Kechris, the restaurant's head chef, said many of the old recipes took months to perfect before they were offered up in a taste test to gauge diners' appetites.

Some dishes, though, never had a chance. The dressing made from fermented fish and garnished with rose petals? Never even made it past the kitchen.

"Some dishes were a bit extreme — the ancient Greeks ate crickets — and we couldn't imagine eating them now. So we chose dishes which appeal to people today."

An ancient feast

It all sounds great except the goat. I'm not eating any goat. And just in case the chef decides to give crickets another chance, I already know where the local McDonald's is. :-)

(Hat Tip: Fundamental Theorem)

Mazel Tov, Gal Fridman!

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A warm welcome
Greek anti-globalization groups urged the government Wednesday to call off a planned visit by Secretary of State Colin Powell, saying he would try to exploit the Olympics for President Bush's re-election campaign.

"He is a hawk, a war criminal and an arch murderer. .. We do not want him here," said Yiannis Sifakakis, who is organizing a protest march to the U.S. Embassy on Friday. "Colin Powell is coming here while the Americans are killing people in Iraq."

Sifakakis said Greek protesters have coordinated their actions with anti-globalization groups in the United States, who are planning a weekend march in New York in advance of the Republican National Convention.

Greece Urged to Call Off Powell Visit

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Did anyone say co-existence?
From the Salafi Society of North America:

Indeed, the only solution, which the Jews will understand, is Jihaad – done with its proper conditions – to raise high the Word of Allaah. The Jews do not want peace, rather they only want that this ummah surrender and submit itself to them, and that it bow and debase itself to them. And they want that it wipe out the word Jihaad from its vocabulary! They want them to become slaves, employees and laborers for them, having the right to beat them with their shoes and lash them with their whips whenever they feel like it!

Our real struggle with the Jews will not end by setting up a withered state that doesn’t raise the banner of Islaam nor establishes the Laws of Allaah.

Our struggle against the Jews

(Hat tip: ploome hineni)

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
No mas!
The issue here, as I have heard it raised, is was he present and active on duty in Alabama at the times he was supposed to be. . . . Just because you get an honorable discharge does not in fact answer that question. -- John Kerry, questioning President Bush's military-service record, February 8, 2004.

"A good rule in politics is that anyone who picks a fight ought to be prepared to finish it. But having first questioned Mr. Bush's war service, and then made Vietnam the core of his own campaign for President, Mr. Kerry now cries No mas! because other Vietnam vets are assailing his behavior before and after that war. And, by the way, Mr. Bush is supposedly honor bound to repudiate them."

Vietnam Boomerang

(Hat tip: Jim Russell)

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Confessions of an ex-anti-Semite
Fellow blogger Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus, from The Baby Seal Club, writes:

"See, I used to be an anti-Semite. I used to be everything I hate now. Back when I was an undergraduate, I was a messed up kid, thinking I was a Christian when I was no such thing. Well, I met up with a guy in one of my classes when I was a freshman who belonged to a cult called "Christian" Identity (of course, they don't use the scare quotes). What this group essentially believes is that the "true" Israelites are the white, northern-European peoples, and the point to their religion is to "wake up" the "true" Israelites to their "real" identity, and that Jesus (who was, of course, a blond haired, blue-eyed white man) came to call "true Israel" back to their "birthright". As a natural consequence of this sort of theology, the Identity people absolutely hate Jews. They believe Jews are "usurpers" trying to steal "true Israel's" heritage, which of course is the land of Israel. This cult is essentially another group of whacked out fanatics trying to take away from the Jewish people God's promise to the land of Israel, just like the Palestinians.

Well, for a while there, this guy had me proselytised to his cult pretty good. I had a thorough indoctrination in all the ins-and-outs of Jew-hatred. I had read all the literature, seen all the websites, and listened to all the tapes. I supported Pat Buchanan, knew all about the "Amen Corner" in the US government, and of course thought that Congress was "Israeli occupied territory". I knew all about the dastardly Jewish bankers conniving to rob the good, sturdy, hard-working, honest Anglo-Saxon yoeman of his hard-earned bread through their evil fractional-banking system. I believed all the conspiracy theories about the Jews running things behind the scenes through the Bilderbergers and Trilats and CFR and all that. I knew that the Jews were trying to subvert America by taking us off the gold standard (yes, they actually teach that sort of thing). I "questioned" the Holocaust, and believed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were the real deal (which shows that I was as stupid and misinformed as the Egyptian government!). I hated Israel, and openly sided with the Palestinians. I used to dream about the Israeli soldiers getting their comeuppance, and I used to believe that the Jews "secretly" admitted that Israel was illegitimate because the news media (Jewish controlled, of course) occasionally referred to "the STATE of Israel" instead of the NATION of Israel (to which the Identity people attach a lot of significance)."

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Radical Islamists have launched a new magazine publication on the internet especially for women.

The main objective of the magazine seems to be to teach women married to radical Islamists how to support their husbands in their conflict with the authorities.

It also gives them specific advice on how to bring up their children in the path of jihad, how to provide first aid and what kind of physical training women need to prepare themselves for fighting.

Most of the articles are written as if by women, although it is not clear if they actually were.

Some take a somewhat patronising attitude, dwelling on supposed female weaknesses that must be overcome in the cause of jihad - such as over-dependence on home comforts like TV and air conditioning.

Jihad Magazine for Women

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