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daily archive: 08/22/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
List of hate
I'm trying to get used to the idea that I'm a hater. Some people here say I'm a hater and a bigot, so it may be true. I was thinking about this all day yesterday and came to the conclusion that I must re-examine my belief system.

So I made a list of everything I hate. Everyone on the list is a hatee and I'm the hater.

One of the hatees in the list is queues. I'm a total hater when it comes to waiting in line. I want to nuke that line. I want to elbow my way through the old ladies.

Speaking of old ladies, there's another hatee. They're everywhere and they walk very slowly. I'm not even gonna mention their driving. Nuke them.

Screaming babies. Total hatees. Nuke that child! Twice!

More hatees: Snooty, foreign-language-speaking waiters. Hmph. Nuke them and leave a very small tip.

Donald Trump's hair. Definitely a hatee, definitely worth a nuke.

Oh, yeah, another hatee. Taco Bell. It smells funny. Maybe it already has been nuked, I don't know.

Ok, who else do I hate? Oh, bill collectors! Number one hatees. All bill collectors should be nuked. Nuke bill collectors now!

I also never got over my hatred for that boy who kicked me when we were in sixth grade. I hate that little bastard and he deserves a good nuking.

I hate fancy bedrooms. You sleep at someone's house and they have ten hundred little pillows and fancy covers and stuff and you're supposed to make the bed the way you found it. Nuke the damn bed!

Perfectionists. I hate perfectionists and they are among my top hatees. Nobody's perfect, guys! A nuke to you, perfectionists.

Cowards I hate but I also feel sorry for them so I don't know if I should really nuke them or not.

Madonna. I hate Madonna. Nuke Madonna and all her CDs.

Finally, the most hated hatees of all. People named Dwayne. Nuke the Dwaynes.

After looking at this list I decided that people are right. I am a hater. So I will embrace my hate and build a hatred wall around my house to keep all the hatees out. I'm holing up in my bedroom and I'll be throwing nukes at any hatee that approaches. Be warned, all of you.

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Egyptian funk
In Cairo's entertainment world these days, it's hard to escape a wave of anti-Americanism. Often, a sure way to fill a theater is to lambaste U.S. foreign policy, cultural habits or military activity. One recent comedy lampooning the United States featured an exploding Statue of Liberty outside the lobby. Another stage production included a randy caricature of an American general and played to packed houses for four months.

The sentiment driving such works is widespread across the Arab world, a recent poll showed. Ninety-three percent of people surveyed in Jordan in March had a somewhat or very unfavorable view of the United States, according to the study by the Pew Research Center. In Morocco, the figure was 68 percent.

The invasion of Iraq and U.S. support for Israel in the conflict with the Palestinians are the prime causes of this trend, many political analysts say. A majority of the Arabs in the Pew poll said the United States attacked Iraq for oil, to protect Israel or to weaken the Muslim world.

In Egypt, the sentiments color popular music as well as film. Shaaban Abdel Rehim, one of the country's most popular purveyors of shaabi music, a kind of Egyptian funk, is turning out hit after hit critical of President Bush, his policies in Iraq, his allies in the Arab world and Israel.

Abdel Rehim's first bestseller was a thumping, danceable number called "I Hate Israel." His latest is called "Attack on Iraq." The music can be heard all over Cairo -- in cabs, in cafes and on the little cruise boats that take tourists on jaunts on the Nile River.

Anti-Americanism a Hit with Egyptian Audiences

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