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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
One day in September
Given that the murder of 11 Israeli athletes is not an event worth commemoration at the Olympics, we'll have our own small memorial service. Let's take a look at the murderers:

"Yasser Arafat's PLO was directly responsible for the assault on Israel's athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, one of the men who oversaw the attack has confirmed 27 years later. Abu Daoud, currently a member of the Palestine National Council, made the admission in his French-language autobiography, "Palestine: From Jerusalem to Munich," which was launched in Paris on Monday. Daoud, whose real name is Mohammed Daoud Machmoud Auda, was a leader of Black September, a terrorist group which the PLO claimed it had no links with, but which experts have long said was a deniable, covert PLO unit. In his book, he says the gunmen had not intended to kill the 11 Israelis who died after being taken hostage at the Olympic Village. However he offered no apology, blaming German police and Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir for their deaths. Daoud writes that Arafat had been briefed on the planning for Munich by his PLO number two, Abu Iyad (Salah Khalaf), who was subsequently assassinated by another Palestinian group. He says Arafat and two other men saw him off on the mission with the words, "Allah protect you."

On September 5, 1972, eight heavily-armed Black September terrorists stormed the Israeli team's apartment, killing an athlete and a coach in the process. They took nine others hostage, and demanded that Meir release 234 Arab prisoners in Israeli jails and two German terrorist leaders imprisoned in Frankfurt in return for their safe release. They also wanted safe passage out of Germany. The 17-hour standoff ended when German police snipers tried to shoot the terrorists at a German air base where a jetliner was standing by, ostensibly to fly them to Cairo. In the ensuing gunbattle, all nine of the blindfolded Israeli hostages, five of the Arab gunmen, and a German policeman were killed. Daoud said the two Israelis killed early in the attack had to die because they had threatened their captors. The German police, he said, had broken their pledge to let the gunmen go by opening fire. He also sought to place blame on Meir for refusing to give in to the demands to free the Arab prisoners. Daoud cited press reports saying that eight of the nine Israelis were shot by the Germans. Other reports from the time say five of the Israelis died from a terrorist handgrenade detonated in their midst, and the other four were shot dead by the terrorists.

Although this is said to be the first public acknowledgment that the PLO was behind Munich, Daoud himself essentially admitted this when under interrogation by Jordanian police in 1972. The Al-Dustur newspaper quoted him at the time as telling them: "There is no such organization called Black September. Fatah announces its own operations under this name so that Fatah will not appear as the direct executor of the operation." Fatah is Arafat's faction of the PLO."

Munich Olympics

Hat tip: selpaw

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
How's the strike going?
Electronic Intifada EI-EI-O is reporting that "1,500 political prisoners began hunger strikes on 15 August 2004. The number of hunger-striking political prisoners reached 2,200 prisoners on 18 August 2004. The prisoners' strike is a protest against their poor daily living conditions in prison, their continuing maltreatment, and the denial of their most basic human rights. Significantly, the political prisoners now participating in the hunger strike are refusing only food, and not fluids."

Really? Huh. Let's see how the hunger strike is progressing:

"Many cases of strike breaking have been reported on the fourth day of the Palestinian security prisoner hunger strike, including imprisoned Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti and other strike leaders, who have been put together in separate cells.

The Prison Services released a film Wednesday filmed by a hidden camera that shows a man, apparently Barghouti, eating in his cell with the door and window covered by a cloth.

Marwan Barghouti, the highest ranking Palestinian in Israeli custody, is serving five consecutive life terms after being convicted of involvement in fatal attacks.

Barghouti, the West Bank leader of Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, was one of the organizers of the hunger strike.

The black and white film carries a date of Aug. 17 in the lower right corner. It shows a bare-chested man who looks exactly like Barghouti washing his hands and then eating.

Prison Services spokesman Ofer Lefler said Barghouti asked wardens for the food and ate without knowing that a camera was filming from a small hole in the wall. Israel wanted to show fasting prisoners how their leader was behaving, Lefler said.

"I want to show the world and the Palestinians that we are dealing with terrorists," Lefler said. "Barghouti is sitting on a pot of meat and he sends his friends to die."

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
International judo officials cleared Iran on Thursday over what many had viewed as a political boycott of Israel at the Athens Games, as Israeli athletes remembered the 1972 Munich massacre.

At a tearful memorial service for the 11 Israelis slain at the Munich Olympics, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge said: ~Sports is a universal language. Let us show the world we can live together.~

In a day of mixed signals, the International Judo Federation said it would take no action against Iran, who had said they stopped twice-world champion Arash Miresmaeili from fighting an Israeli as a gesture to the Palestinian cause.

A few hours later, Rogge and his predecessor Juan Antonio Samaranch attended the memorial service at the home of the Israeli ambassador to Greece to remember the Israelis killed in Munich by Palestinian militants.

Rogge, an athlete at the 1972 Games, made no mention of the Iranian incident but called the 11 Israelis ~our brothers~ and said he wanted the world to do as the ancient Olympians did and declare a political truce during the Athens Games.

Iran cleared of boycott

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
In the frontline
An Iranian military chief said yesterday that Israel and the US would not dare to attack his country since it could strike back anywhere in Israel with its latest missiles, a news agency reported.

"The entire Zionist territory, including its nuclear facilities and atomic arsenal, are currently within range of Iran's advanced missiles," the Isna students news agency quoted Yadollah Javani, the head of the Revolutionary Guards political bureau, as saying. "Therefore, neither the Zionist regime nor America will carry out its threats" against Iran, he said.

Officials have highlighted Iran's military capabilities in recent weeks in response to some media reports that Israel or the US could try to destroy its nuclear facilities.

Last week Iran said it had successfully tested an upgraded version of its Shahab-3 ballistic missile. Military experts said the unmodified Shahab-3 was capable of striking Israel or US bases in the Gulf.

America and Israel have accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons, a charge it denies. Defence experts say air strikes are unlikely to disable Tehran's nuclear capability.

Israel is in our range

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