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daily archive: 08/13/2005
floranista in The Secret Garden:
Crop circles - extraterrestrial or hoax?

Crop circles are a world-wide phenomena, highlighted in England, the Netherlands, the United States, and Australia. They have not as yet been sighted in China and South Africa.

The crop circle phenomenon was first reported during modern times in 1972 when two witnesses, Arthur Shuttlewood and Bryce Bond, sat on the slope of Star Hill near Warminster, England, hoping to catch a glimpse of the strange unidentifyed flying craft that had made this part of England a UFO Mecca for almost a decade. But what they witnessed on that moonlit night was something more extraordinary--a hundred feet away they saw an imprint take shape, a large circular area of plants that collapsed within twenty seconds.

Crop formations are often accompanied by sightings of unusual lights and structured craft beaming shafts of light onto the field the night before. Most crop circles are created at night between the hours of 11 pm - 4 am although there have been daylight formations also.

Here's one in Albertanator's neck of the woods...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Old is Gold!
TUCSON, Ariz. - An 83-year-old woman is recovering after being stung 400 times by bees, authorities said.

The woman, whose name was not released, was attacked Friday by bees coming from the wall of a storage building outside her home, said Fire Department Capt. Paul McDonough.

A handyman sprayed her with water from a hose until the bees turned on him. He ran and called 911.

Firefighters found the woman lying face down and unconscious in the street. They sprayed the bees with foam, then took her to the hospital, McDonough said.

She was out of intensive care and in fair condition Friday night.
"She was stung 400 times," said University Medical Center clinical supervisor Kim Hilty. "Everyone was surprised how well she's doing."
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Why Jamie Gorelick put up that wall
It was to protect Bill Clinton from the consequences of his crimes. airforceguy connected the dots in one direction, providing means and opportunity...now here's Neil Boortz with the motive:
You know that Jamie Gorelick is a member of the 9/11 Commission. You also probably know that she was an Assistant Attorney General in the Clinton Administration And .. you might know that she is the Clinton official who wrote that memo that pretty much eliminated any possibility that the CIA and the FBI would cooperate and share intelligence on terrorism. But .. do you know why Gorelick wrote this memo? Simple. To protect Clinton from an investigation into Chinese involvement in his campaign finance scandal.
Gorelick is a criminal. (Thimbleful of cognac to Bruce Tefft)
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Shia Coup In Baghdad
This happens when you leave it to the Canadian
The Canadian mayor of Baghdad is calling it quits and coming home after 15 frustrating months on the job, a wild ride that included everything from incessant complaints about trash collection and looters stealing key parts at the sewage plant to attempts on his life and an armed coup.

"I don't think I will return to office. I'm finished," Alaa al-Tamimi said yesterday.

It's not that Dr. al-Tamimi, who holds dual Iraqi-Canadian citizenship, has a lot of choice in the matter.

Under cover of a sandstorm, heavily armed Shia militia marched into Baghdad City Hall on Monday and announced a change in civic administration.

Dr. al-Tamimi, 53, was forced into hiding. He fled to safety across the border to Jordan on Thursday, where he was reunited with his wife and his son, a university student. They expect to be back in Canada this month.

Dr. al-Tamimi, a structural engineer with no particular political allegiance, was installed as mayor of Baghdad -- a city of seven million -- by Paul Bremer, the former U.S. occupation administrator, after the defeat of the Saddam Hussein regime to try to fix things such as bomb craters in the highways and water mains blown apart by saboteurs.

His appointment was confirmed by the interim central Iraqi government last year. He got a hint that things were starting to go sour for him a few weeks ago when he returned to Baghdad after a brief vacation outside the country. He was arrested at the airport and detained for a full day.

But Monday's coup was a surprise, occurring as it did in the middle of a fierce sandstorm. He hadn't made it in to the office yet when he got a call warning him away.

He was ousted by Shia militia forces with close ties to the radical Islamic regime in neighbouring Iran.

The weak central Iraqi government doesn't have enough clout to counter this challenge to its authority, Dr. al-Tamimi said in a telephone interview. "And I don't have a militia of my own."

Dr. al-Tamimi comes from a Shia background, so he doesn't want to blame all Shiites for his unceremonious removal from office. He says he's secular and his identity "is not Shiite or Kurdish or Sunni but national Iraqi."

That's one of the big problems in the country, he believes. People identify too much with a group or a clan. "Even Iraqi police don't believe they are Iraqi -- but they are part of an ethnic group or belong to a religion."

The way Canadians have been able to accommodate each other -- people from so many different races, religions and political beliefs -- is something most Iraqis wouldn't understand, he said.
Well Dr., maybe you should take your job more seriously and act firmer against the Shia militia, instead of blaming it on Iraqis.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Phillips 66: All alone, now
The only other remaining plaintiff in the disgusting corporate lawsuit that seeks to overturn a law passed by the representative of the people's will in defense of their Constitutional right to bear arms has bowed out, leaving ConocoPhillips all alone. I can't even begin to describe how distasteful I find this whole saga.
TULSA, Okla. (AP) -- Williams Cos. Inc. has backed out of a federal lawsuit that challenges a new Oklahoma law that allows employees to keep firearms in their cars at work. This leaves ConocoPhillips as the primary plaintiff.

Whirlpool Corp. and The State Chamber had earlier opted out of the litigation. The law has been blocked pending the lawsuit.

In a written statement it released Tuesday, Williams Cos., said that continuing to pursue "this isolated issue through the courts would require a disproportionately large dedication of company time and resources.

"We believe we can better serve our employees, shareholders and customers by directing those resources to more productive activities," the Tulsa-based natural gas company said in its release.

Williams Cos. spokesman Kelly Swan said the company's decision to drop out of the lawsuit was not in response to any public criticism.

Last week, the National Rifle Association called for a nationwide boycott of ConocoPhillips.
Yeah, right.
In its statement Tuesday, Williams Cos. said it "remains fully committed to fostering a safe workplace" and that the company has an "expansive workplace safety and security program."

It continued: "We have determined that the company can preserve the overall effectiveness of our workplace safety and security policy through additional safeguards, as necessary."

The statement concluded: "Williams' policies are designed to conform to the laws in effect in the locations where we conduct business. To the extent that compliance with any law introduces any risk to workplace safety and security, Williams intends to take measures to mitigate that risk."
I ran that through my corporate weasel translator: “We'll harass any employee who dares cross almighty Security™ by exercising their Constitutional rights until they quit, or we'll find some pretext to fire them."
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Put that in your Friday sermon and smoke it!
Terrorist kingpin Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsinjani was gobsmacked that the IAEA issued a unanimous resolution calling on Iran to stop enriching. I guess he thought he had those Euros in his little pocket...
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said on Friday he was astonished at the unanimity of a call by the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog for Iran to halt enrichment activities, calling it a cruel decision.

In a resolution on Thursday, the governing board of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) unanimously asked Iran to resume suspension of all nuclear fuel related activities and asked the agency to verify compliance by Tehran.

"It was astonishing and really strange...that eventually what Europeans and America wanted was approved with unanimity. How is it possible?" Rafsanjani told worshippers at Friday prayers at Tehran University.

"We didn't think that an international organization, before the eyes of the whole world, would sanction that Iran should stop everything," he added in a sermon broadcast live on state radio. "The decision was a cruel one."
and when they turned out not to be reliable dhimmis, he...
Rafsanjani, head of the Expediency Council which arbitrates on legislative disputes between parliament and a hardline watchdog body, said Iran's decision to resume uranium conversion was irreversible.

"I am telling you to know that you could not treat Iran like Iraq or Libya," Rafsanjani told worshippers who chanted "death to America."


About 1,000 Iranian worshippers rallied after the Friday prayer sermon, urging their leaders to press ahead with enrichment activities. They chanted "Down with Europe," a slogan heard for the first time after the 1979 Islamic revolution.
Yup. Marg Bar Europe, bitches. Iran can turn on you like that!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Why Steven Vincent Died
It was an honor killing.
AN American journalist who was shot dead in Basra last week was executed by Shiite extremists who knew he was intending to marry his Muslim interpreter, it has emerged.

Steven Vincent was shot a week before the planned wedding to Nouriya Itais and had already delivered a $2,500 dowry to her family.

The disclosure casts new light on the grip of Islamic religious sects in the British-run south- east of Iraq - raising concern that they will take control once troops start to withdraw. Mr Vincent was abducted from his hotel three days after writing a piece in the New York Times accusing British officials of allowing religious parties to infiltrate the Basra police.

In America, his death was taken as retribution for his article. But in London yesterday, British officials pointed out that the police in Basra believed it was retribution for his affair.

"We warned him to look after his security in a more professional manner than he was doing," said the official.

The couple were found by Iraqi police after being shot by their captors. Medics managed to save Ms Itais.
UPDATE: Throbert McGee nails it in the comments.

It was an honor killing.

Or, translated into historical Americanese, it was a lynching.

I'm suddenly reminded of a line I once read in a contemporary anthology of pulp sci-fi from the '30s and '40s. I can't remember a thing about the story itself, though I'm pretty sure it was in an anthology edited by Isaac Asimov, and that Asimov's foreword gave readers some context about the casual racism of that era. Anyway, the white hero is commenting on a mixed-race villain (whom he'd just recently shot), and remarks:

"He was a half-breed -- and crossed the wrong way."

Meaning that not only was the villain a product of unnatural race-mixing, but -- oh, the shame of it! -- his mom was a white woman who'd put out for a swarthy savage.

The point is that in American subcultures where white/non-white marriages were disparaged, a double standard generally applied: while not exactly encouraged, it was a white man's prerogative to have kids with a non-white woman if he wanted. But a white woman had no such freedom to choose a non-white husband.

An analogous double standard exists in Muslim cultures: a Muslim man is free to take a kaafir wife, but a Muslim woman may not wed an infidel.

I think it's important to recognize the parallel between this particular honor killings and American lynchings -- to remind certain folks on the right that barbarism was at times present in America, and to remind certain folks on the left that brown people can be "redneck trash," too.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
New beginnings
The healing power of good art and good people
Read this amazing meditation by SmugMonkey on his situation, and see if you're not touched.

He's going through a hard time (as many of you know from his comments), but he's moving forward. He's also discovering some of the amazing wells of human kindness and beauty that are everywhere. You know what they say-when life gives you a shit sandwich, make lemonade.
As some of you know, I’m dealing with a very unpleasant, sad and extremely unfortunate situation regarding someone I once cared about very much. I won’t go into details because there are legal issues pending but suffice to say it’s uncharted water for me and has affected me greatly, both mentally and physically. I hate the thought of going after someone I thought I knew and loved, but I am in a position where I really have no choice.

In times like this you fall back on the love and support of your family and friends, and sometimes you find out things about others that amaze and inspire you… my neighbors are the connsumate example.

F & J have been my neighbors for some time now, but I have to admit that, because I had been so wrapped up in trying to get a fledgling business going and dealing with the pressures of my own daily life, I never took the time to get to know them as well as I would have liked to.

Well, that has changed recently and F & J have been (literally, I believe) heaven sent. They have been there to listen, offer advice, nudge me to eat and drive me around when I’m certain it wasn’t exactly what they wanted to be doing. They have displayed a level of concern, empathy and selflessness that is truly humbling, especially in today’s “me! me! me!" culture.

Just when I thought they had pegged my amaze-o-meter, J decided to share some of her artwork with me and I was absolutely blown away. Now, I’ve always been awestruck by the innate talent it takes to translate the mind’s eye to canvas, but the timing of the unveiling of J’s talent really caught me off guard and moved me like I didn’t know was possible.

Here is the piece that really grabbed me and left me mumbling like mercury-infused mad hatter:

Ms. Mammy

This scanned image of a photograph does not begin to do justice to the detail and emotional power of “Ms. Mammy," but I hope you can extrapolate for yourself. I was struck by the combination of pain, warmth and dignified resolution in Ms. Mammy’s face… and staring into that face literally brought me to quiet tears - something that was completely unexpected and utterly unstoppable.

Her haunting face and calm, dignified pose coupled with the name - Mammy - hit me like an emotional sledgehammer. You see, “Mammy" is one of my favorite nicknames for my own Mother, probably the most lovely, funny, beautiful and selfless human beings I’ll ever have the pleasure to share air with.

And just for those few moments, when I felt as lost and vulnerable as I’ve ever felt, my Mammy was there with me, despite being a thousand miles away, beaming out strength, love, compassion and protection directly into my tattered heart.

I’ll never, ever forget that evening on your porch F & J, thank you so very much for your friendship and for sharing your amazing lives and talent with me.

And of course, thank you JAB for your seemingly limitless love and generousity - you’re a constant inspiration to me and I really don’t know where (or if) I’d be without your support, on every conceivable level.

Blogging will be extremely light until the legal situation is resolved, and no more pictures until I either fix my broken camera or get a new one.

Stay tuned folks, stay tuned and take some time to reflect on what’s really important in your lives and the amazing people you might not even know are around you.


Please email me if you’d like more information about J’s artwork

360 VRWC — Amazing people, amazing talent
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