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daily archive: 08/10/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Vive la Tolerance
Vandals scrawled anti-Semitic graffiti on dozens of tombstones in Lyon overnight, authorities said Tuesday, the third time a Jewish cemetery has been desecrated this year.

In France in May, swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti were scrawled on 127 headstones at a Jewish cemetery in the Alsatian town of Herrlisheim. And last month, vandals painted swastikas and Satanic symbols on 32 tombstones at a Jewish cemetery in Saverne, also in Alsace. Muslim and Christian cemeteries have also been vandalized.

Despite a series of government measures, anti-Semitic violence has increased in recent years in France, coinciding with rising tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. Authorities have blamed young French Muslims for some of the violence.

A recent report by the French Interior Ministry found 510 anti-Jewish acts or threats in the first six months of the year, compared with 593 for all of 2003.

Jewish Graves Desecrated in France (again)

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Monkerat is your friend
Attacks by the conservatives-controlled Islamic militias (Monkerat) on women and young girls, on the pretext of fighting un-Islamic social behaviours, mainly so-called “provocative dresses� have increased in Tehran and all major cities.

Restaurants, coffee shops and cyber coffees across the nation have been ordered no to let in un-accompanied women, or female clients not wearing proper Islamic dresses, generally a chador or baggy, large manteaux in black, gray or brown colours covering the whole of the body, or face closure.

The ban of satellite antennas and dishes is enforced with more intensity than ever before, with raids on houses and building displaying such equipments increased and providers and owners fined and jailed

At the same time crackdown on the press, intellectuals and political dissidents has also increased.

According to Mr. Mohammad Basteh Negar, a spokesman for the banned Nationalist-Religious movement, “the massive, mass crackdown on the Iranian press is unprecedented in the nation’s history�, he said, pointing to the closure of more than 200 publications in the past three years.

Hundreds of weblogs and internet sites had been closed or filtered and internet service providers put under more control. Attacks on libraries and bookshops have also multiplied recently.

Repression Increased in Iran

I wonder what the mullahs are afraid of. Maybe another revolution? Heh. :-)

Hat tip: Winds of Change

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
What do we want? Jihad. When do we want it? Now.
One of the Palestinian splinter groups to gain new prominence in recent days has been the Ahmed Abu Rish Brigades, a Fatah offshoot largely confined to the central and southern Gaza Strip.

It was the Abu Rish Brigades that spurred the wave of internal kidnappings and clashes when they abducted the Gaza police chief, Ghazi al-Jabali, on July 16 in protest, they said, at Palestinian Authority corruption.

They gained international notoriety later that day when they briefly abducted and held four French aid workers in breach of a Palestinian taboo against harming or harassing foreign humanitarian workers and journalists.

"We didn't kidnap them; we only held them as our guests," said a group spokesman, using the nom de guerre Abu Haron, this week. "We didn't even know at first that they were French. We were shocked then, because the French are a friendly nation."

Although it professes personal loyalty to Mr Arafat, the aims of the Abu Rish Brigades are much closer to those of the Islamic group Hamas than they are to those of the Fatah leadership, which recognises Israel and professes a desire for peace with it.

"Our banner is jihad everywhere, even Chechnya," Abu Haron said. "Our aim is to liberate every piece of land in Palestine, including what is now called Israel. Though we are part of Fatah, Amar Sitta never listened to Fatah. He only listened to what God told him to do. We only hear from Fatah when they tell us to do the right thing. When we hear them say the wrong thing we ignore it."

So why stay in Fatah at all? Palestinian factions are more like extended Arab clans than political parties: you might disagree with your family, you may even fight with it, but you never leave it.

Faction listens to Arafat only when he says what it wants to hear

My favourite part of the Abu Rish Brigades logic is "we wouldn't have kidnapped them if we'd known they were French but we didn't kidnap them anyway."

They can definitely govern Palestine, these guys.

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
What is Hell?
I think it's righteous of people (like our friends at Electronic Intifada EI-EI-O and the LGF Watch kids) to worry about prison conditions in Israel, heck even in Guantanamo. We've heard about guys leaving Gitmo, all of them saying the exact same phrase "We emerged from hell."

Since they are righteous people I believe they should run an article about the prison conditions in Russia, if only to maintain a balanced view of what constitutes hell.

The unbending and inhumane regime in Petak island prison crushes even the toughest inmates. Each prisoner is kept in a small two-man cell for 22.5 hours a day, every day. For an hour and a half they stand, or pace like predatory animals, in a small cage outside. The pens are very small and only the most determined stay in good physical condition.

For the first 10 years of a man's sentence he is allowed two visits a year, of two hours each. After that he can have two long visits and two short visits. But by the time a decade has passed most men have lost contact with their families, who often live many days' travel away. Parcels are allowed twice a year.

Half the prisoners have tuberculosis. At least two are clinically insane. When men die, their bodies are taken to a small graveyard nearby and buried in the presence of one or two of the guards. No prisoners can attend.

Misbehaving prisoners are sent to punishment cells to be locked in a small, dark room with only a metal bucket and a fold-down bed for 15 days. No books are allowed. In the daytime the bed is stowed and they must stand, or sit on a tiny wooden perch a few inches wide.

Waiting for Death in Russia's Alcatraz

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
You can't make this stuff up
You may be getting tired with posts about the Olympics but come on, you gotta love the Greeks.

Greece's Orthodox Church said it was praying for athletes competing in the Athens Olympics not to be lazy.

"Athletes and sports fans should spend the days of the Olympic Games abhorring evil, clinging to good led by brotherly love and should not be slothful," the church said in a statement.

The church's leaders, keen to showcase Greece's Orthodox heritage during the Olympics, have sent out a circular to their black-robed priests to dress properly, tidy up churches and ring church bells sparingly so as not to disturb athletes and fans.

This last part has me worried a little. The Greek priests don't normally dress properly? How do they dress? Do they dress? And why aren't the churches tidy?

God said do not be lazy!

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