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daily archive: 08/08/2005
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Camp Plattling
If you've never heard of the Plattling concentration camp, you're not alone; it was a "secondary" camp in a small town in Germany and its horrors got overshadowed by those of Auschwitz and nearby Dachau. The story of Plattling is important because the town is a sample of something larger: a country living in "a gray zone of silence," until the silence broke.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Canada's Spicy Governator
Meet Canada's new Governor-General. Her job may be meaningless and she may be powerless, but that's all the more reason for them to give us someone pleasant to look at!
I think I can find it within myself to forgive the Frenchness. CBC News: Journalist Michaëlle Jean to be new Governor General
Prime Minister Paul Martin will officially name journalist Michaëlle Jean as Canada's next governor general on Thursday.

The official announcement is expected to come at 11 a.m. EDT in Ottawa.

Jean will be installed as Canada's 27th governor general Oct. 1.

At 48 years old, the award-winning journalist will become one of the youngest governors general ever, the third woman in the job and the first black person to call Rideau Hall home.

Jean's name surfaced after weeks of rumours about who would be replacing the current Gov. Gen. Adrienne Clarkson, who took up the post in 1999 and who is stepping down this fall.

Jean is probably best known to English-Canadians as the host of The Passionate Eye and Rough Cuts on CBC Newsworld.

She was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She left in 1968, her family fleeing the oppressive regime of François "Papa Doc" Duvalier, settling in Quebec with her family.

She has a six-year-old daughter whom she adopted from Haiti, and she is married to filmmaker Jean-Daniel Lafond. As well, she is fluent in five languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian and Haitian Creole.

Her television career began in Quebec, where she has worked as a journalist, producer and host for the CBC's French language services, SRC and RDI, since 1988.

She has worked as a correspondent for Le Point, hosted Le Monde ce soir, L'Edition quebecoise, Horizons francophones, le Journal RDI and RDI à l'écoute. Currently she is host of the French-language documentary series Grands Reportages.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
IRA Racketeering Must Stop
The new Cosa Nostra is the Irish terrorist group IRA. Their tentacles extend throughout the world, and their pervasive slimy influence bridges the worlds of global terrorism and global crime syndicates. Yet Blair and Irish premier Ahern refuse to look the problem in the eye and begin to clean up the IRA's lawless jungle. It wasn't terrorism that caused public opinion to turn on the IRA; it was thuggery. The Belfast robbery and the McCartney murder turned the world's sympathies against the IRA, and the IRA replied by announcing it was abandoning the violent struggle. How generous of them, who haven't fired a shot at the British since 1998. Meanwhile, their criminal enterprises continue to foster global instability. The IRA hanging on to its criminal underworld army is like Iran hanging on to every stage of nuclear technology one step short of a nuclear bomb. If and when the IRA chooses, its rich criminal infrastructure will allow it to return to its terrorist ways at a moment's notice.
The I.R.A.'s refusal to begin disbanding is one big reason instability still exists. The Belfast bank robbery illustrated the way such instability can be fostered.

While the I.R.A.'s war against Britain has diminished during the last eight years, the organization's drift into racketeering has accelerated. Ian Pearson, a former security minister in Northern Ireland, recently called the I.R.A. "perhaps the most sophisticated organized criminal grouping" anywhere in Europe. Few experts expect such activity will cease because of last week's statement.

The criminality linked to groups like the I.R.A. is staggering. One recent British government report estimated that there were 140 paramiltary-associated criminal gangs, many with international connections, operating in an area that in terms of population is about the size of the Bronx. In 2002, the police confiscated more counterfeit currency and goods - CD's, DVD's, watches, clothes, software - in Northern Ireland than in all of Britain. Cigarette and gasoline smuggling, protection rackets, armed robberies and hijackings are rife.

The I.R.A.'s involvement in this illegal activity has produced a leadership cadre that has combined ruthless paramilitary activism with lucrative criminal sidelines. Figures with no visible means of support have in the last few years suddenly become property moguls and business owners with luxury vacation houses in Ireland and in foreign resorts.

The Bush administration's attempts to press both London and Dublin to act against these criminals have met with limited success. Suspicion is widespread that Mr. Blair and his counterpart in Dublin, Bertie Ahern, would rather leave that problem alone because they fear moving against paramilitary crime would cause discontent in I.R.A. ranks with Mr. Adams's stewardship.

There are other signs that in Britain and Ireland the political will to tackle this crime is lacking. A proposal by Ronald Goldstock, former director of New York State's Organized Crime Task Force, to introduce laws similar to those spelled out in United States' Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act was rejected by Mr. Blair's government. The authorities in Dublin and London have the power to confiscate criminal assets but have yet to use it against major I.R.A. figures.

Rooting out the forces behind paramilitary racketeering is not only the right thing to do, it is the sensible course as well. Pouring the necessary resources into pursuing these criminals would help remove a potential source of future instability in the peace process and convince skeptics that the influence of groups like the I.R.A. is on the wane. But failure to do so will turn last week's announcement into just another in a long line of false beginnings.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Terrorism is Terrorism. Right?
When Natan Zada killed four innocent people before being lynched by a mob, his country rose up to condemn him. He was not called a "martyr," no one danced in the streets, and no sensitive souls tried to explain to us his reasons for committing an act of terror. Also, I don't think I read one headline that day that didn't start out with "Jewish terrorist..."
So how does Jewish terrorism measure against Arab terrorism?

Well, terrorism fans, it's a draw. Over the past generation, 40 years and more, there's been the killer of just this past week, then Baruch Goldstein, and then Ami Popper, and that's it, the extent of Israeli terrorism. Against this: over the past four-plus years, Arab terrorists have targeted Jewish Israeli civilians more than 25,000 times. They have "succeeded" in murdering more than a thousand Israelis and wounding or maiming more than 10,000.

But the world counts all that as an even score. Actually, no. Wrong. The Israelis have the edge on the terrorism scorecard. Murdered Israelis seldom make the news, even when entire families get wiped out and even after infants in their cribs are shot at point-blank range. They certainly do not merit front page, and when they do, it is in the passive voice - "Four Israelis Shot Dead". (By whom? See page 19, paragraph 16.)

The active voice is reserved for "Jewish Terrorist Kills Four Arabs In Shooting Spree!"
Jewish Rage
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throbert in Channel Ж:
OPEN HOSE!! TOUR of our dekluxe NEW house!
Greetigns primate friends and readers!! i, RUGBY, and my stupid brotgher Soccer (who is stupid) cordially inbite you to partake of the Syphillitic Sybaritic lubxuries of our NEW!! house.

PS. by the way, both of us are openly R*A*T*S so IF you have "ratphobia" THEN you shoudl (a) NOT COME IN!!! & (B) seek professional HLEP to stop beimg a total pansy. Here, while evreyone else is doing the VIRTUIAL e-TOUR of the house, you can stare at this specially designd therapeutic image for a half hour:

REMEMBWER, desenxsitization is the frist step to overcomin g your childish & pathetic fears?! (i'm 95% sure I read this on the Internt)

okay all NORMAL PEOPLE, lets's strat the tour!!

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Hillbilly Runs For The Hills
Bravely ran away, away/ when danger reared its ugly head/ bravely turned his tail & fled/ /he turned about/ he chickened out/ bravely taking to his feet/ he beat a very brave retreat!
A controversial Islamic cleric has left the UK for the Middle East amid speculation he would be investigated for treason, said his spokesman.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed - former head of radical group Al Muhajiroun - left on Saturday for Lebanon, his colleague Anjem Choudary told the BBC.

Tony Blair had warned Mr Mohammed's organisations faced a potential ban under new anti-terrorism measures.

Mr Choudary said the cleric believed "Britain had declared war on Muslims".

BBC NEWS | Politics | Treason threat cleric 'flees UK'
I hope his new hosts treat him a lot worse than the old, so he knows what he's missing. Did he remember to pack his hook, or is that a different bastard?
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Does this man deserve prison?
The harsh truth is that he knew he was doing something wrong. I doubt he'll get the full 20-year sentence, but he will get an appropriate prison term for helping Lynne Stewart and blind terrorist sheikh Omar Abdir Rahman flout the law and communicate with his supporters. The fact is, he couldn't have known what prearranged codes might have been hidden in apparently-innocuous messages between the terrorist bastard and his bastard followers. So, cry me a river, Mohammad Yousri. You did the crime, now do the time.
Mohamed Yousry, an Arabic-language translator, has been practicing for life in a prison cell. He closes himself into small spaces to meditate and combs through his library for nonpolitical books he supposes his keepers will allow him to read.

But he still cannot quite believe that prison is where he is going.

After working for nearly a decade as a translator for Lynne F. Stewart, a New York defense lawyer, Mr. Yousry, 49, was convicted along with her on Feb. 10 in Manhattan federal court of providing material aid to terrorism and conspiring to deceive the government. Now free on bail and awaiting sentencing, which is set for Sept. 30, he faces as much as 20 years behind bars.

Although months have passed since the verdict, Mr. Yousry remains shocked and baffled by it. Throughout the grueling nine-month trial, Mr. Yousry and his lawyers were convinced that he had a strong chance of acquittal.

The charges hinged on Ms. Stewart's provocative legal strategy on behalf of a convicted terrorist client, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, in which she defied a prison rule that restricted communications by releasing messages from him to the international press and to his militant followers in Egypt.

Mr. Yousry's lawyers, David Ruhnke and David Stern, showed in court that he took no actions on his own to help the sheik politically and did his translation work based on instructions he received from Ms. Stewart and other lawyers for Mr. Abdel Rahman, a blind Muslim cleric who is serving a life sentence in federal prison for conspiring to bomb landmarks in New York City.

Mr. Yousry's case seemed particularly solid, because unlike Ms. Stewart, he never signed documents pledging to abide by prison regulations. Mr. Yousry's lawyers specified that it was up to Ms. Stewart, as the lawyer, to see that her staff complied with the rules.

The prosecutors presented evidence that Mr. Yousry knew that Ms. Stewart was at least bending the prison rules when she took messages from the sheik, which had been translated by Mr. Yousry, out of jail. They argued that he knew full well of the dangers of any communication between the virulently anti-American sheik and his Egyptian followers.

Andrew Dember, an assistant United States attorney, assailed the defense arguments as "nonsense!" in his closing summation. "He knew the restrictions, what they consisted of, and he was aware of the fact that he was doing wrong because of those restrictions. He knew full well that he was bound by the restrictions himself."

He added later, "Clearly, obviously, Ms. Stewart and Mr. Yousry know what they're doing is improper, illegal, criminal."

The jury agreed with the government, convicting Mr. Yousry on all three counts he was facing. On Friday, the Justice Department gave its highest award to the four prosecutors who tried the case.

"I still don't know what it is that I did that was even wrong, much less illegal," said Mr. Yousry, alternately indignant and mournful, in an interview in the Manhattan office of one of his lawyers, Mr. Stern. "I followed a process that was designed by the lawyers. They said this is what we're going to do, and I followed that. That's what lawyers do: They tell you what's right and what's wrong legally.

"The fact that I now know that these lawyers were following a strategy that the government didn't like, that makes me a criminal?" he asked.

What Mr. Yousry finds most confounding is that he was convicted of aiding Mr. Abdel Rahman's fundamentalist Islamic cause even though the prosecutors acknowledged that he was nonviolent, did not support the sheik's politics and was not a practicing Muslim.

In the courtroom Mr. Yousry was the quiet defendant, the one who attracted the least public attention. Ms. Stewart, who is also out on bail, has remained in the public eye as debate rages about her legal approach and as she travels and speaks to raise support for her appeals.

A third defendant, Ahmed Abdel Sattar, a Staten Island postal worker and paralegal aide for the sheik, faced the gravest terror charges and the most startling government evidence: wiretaps of his home telephone that showed him talking extensively with known terrorists in Egypt. He remains in prison awaiting sentencing.

Convicted of Aiding Terrorist, Translator Prepares for Prison Cell, Still in Disbelief - New York Times
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kianb in Discarded Lies:
British Company Would Like To Help Mullahs Censor Internet In Iran
It looks so innocent after all, SurfControl.com a british webfiltering multinational with slogans like "Protecting Companies by Stopping Internet Threats" is targeting Iran to showcase their email- and webfiltering machines to mullahs, using a Dubai-based distribution company as decoy.
Regional value-added distributor Fusion is off to Tehran later this month to showcase SurfControl’s e-mail and web content filtering solutions to Iranian resellers. The Fusion team is planning a one-day seminar on August 22nd that will take resellers through the sales opportunity that exists for SurfControl solutions.

The event, which will be held at the Etseghlal hotel in Tehran, will feature a range of presentations from Fusion and SurfControl representatives. Alireza Bozorgmir from Fusion will talk through the range of value-added services that the distributor offers to resellers ranging from pre-sales consultancy through to technical support. Kevin Reade of SurfControl will also be on hand to talk through the technical aspects of the solutions.

“Fusion is a value-added distributor that now serves more than 200 value-added resellers across the region," said Tim Martin, managing director at Fusion Distribution. “SurfControl is a British company and is therefore not subject to trade restrictions for Iran that apply to US software vendors."

“We offer value-add to SurfControl by being the authorised Middle East licence centre, cutting down shipment time of product to the users. Locally, we produce the CDs, print the licence cards, configure the Jewel cases, tailoring them to each user with full licence key information," he added.

The American vendors claim that their software is used illegally in Iran, British vendors don't need to dodge like that, so they just showcase their materials. Via Arabs, of course.

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Asia, This Is Your Future
Communist China amps up the repression
He probably pissed off the wrong Communist apparatchik. Aren't you excited about the "peaceful rise" of China?
Reporter Accused of Spying in China

BEIJING — China announced today that it had formally arrested a veteran Hong Kong journalist on charges of spying for Taiwan in a case closely watched in Hong Kong.

The official New China News Agency said Ching Cheong, detained by mainland authorities since April, "followed the instructions of the Taiwan intelligence and set up a number of channels for espionage in both Hong Kong and the island" between 2000 and March 2005. It termed Ching's actions "detrimental to the national security."

His wife, Mary Lau, could not be reached for comment.

Ching, 55, a well-respected reporter for Singapore's Straits Times, had been seized by police in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. Supporters and his wife say he was on a reporting trip to obtain documents about former Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang. The late Zhao was discredited by Beijing for his support of students in the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising.

Beijing says Ching was on a spying mission. The news agency said he was recruited by Taiwan's National Security Bureau in 2000.

Under the name Chen Yuanchun, the agency added, Ching bought information about China's political, economic and "especially military affairs, including some classified as 'top-secret' or 'confidential,' and passed it to the Taiwan intelligence." It said he was paid "several million Hong Kong dollars" for his work.

China frequently levels spy and national security charges against critics or those who politically threaten or embarrass the regime. If indicted and convicted, Ching could face the death penalty.

Analysts said the charges and strong wording reflected Beijing's desire to save face given the criticism Ching's detention had engendered, even among ordinarily pro-Beijing residents of Hong Kong.

"Chinese authorities certainly feel the need to justify Ching's detention, arrest and prosecution," said Joseph Cheng, a professor with the City University of Hong Kong, who has known Ching for 25 years.

"They want to answer to the Hong Kong community and media that they made no mistakes."

The gravity of the charges suggest that Ching could receive a long prison sentence. Supporters are hoping, however, that he might be released and deported after the initial furor dies down, as Beijing has sometimes done in the past. The news agency did not say what the next step in the case would be.

International media watchdog groups said Friday's disclosure does not augur well for the future of democracy or more open debate in China.

"The pattern we're seeing is very disturbing," said Abi Wright, Asia coordinator for the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. "The use of these kinds of security charges is a change for the worse."

Ching left the pro-Beijing Hong Kong newspaper Wenwei Po after the Tiananmen uprising to protest his employer's stance and helped start a more critical magazine. But that periodical received little advertising support and ultimately closed. His views made it difficult to get a job in Hong Kong's close-knit community, supporters say, prompting him to join the Singapore newspaper covering Chinese issues.

Supporters say he had excellent sources and was quite patriotic toward China. There were reports that he was also trying to bridge strained relations between Taiwan and China, working with Chinese scholar Lu Jianhua, who has also been arrested.

"The feeling among average Hong Kong people is pretty bad right now," said Cheng, the university professor.

Ching was generally seen as someone who wanted China to become more open and a well-respected member of the global community, he added.

"There's a lot of cynicism in Hong Kong right now," Cheng said. "There's a feeling that genuine patriots, who want China to be strong and follow the rule of law, get into trouble.

"Meanwhile, phony patriots … engage in trade and make a lot of money."
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