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daily archive: 08/02/2005
guest author: Thousand Sons in Discarded Lies:

"You must live with your knowledge.

Way back, beyond, outside of you are others,

In moonless absences you never heard of,

Who have certainly heard of you,

Beings of unknown number and gender:

And they do not like you."

"Hey, faggot!"
You pretend not to hear.
Keep looking forward, maybe they'll torment someone else today.
"I'm talking to you, faggot!"
Damn it. Not today.
You hold your books closer.
You walk faster.
You pretend it doesn't hurt when your head smashes into a locker.

Bullies are everywhere. It seems there is no escaping them.
You learn to be invisible. You learn how to fly under the radar.
You learn that if you dont stand out, then no one will notice you.
If you never speak...then you wont say the wrong thing.
Maybe they'll leave you alone.

"You dont deserve to be in here with normal people, scumbag!
Get outside, dog! Thats where you belong!"
They push you out into the storm.
They hold the door closed, laughing, as you try to get back in.
You stand outside in the rain, counting every rain drop on your head.
Maybe its better this way.
Out there you can pretend the tears streaming down your face are just rain drops.
If you're lucky the rain will dissolve you...and you'll flow away to the ocean.
And then... maybe... they'll leave you alone.

"Though mild clear weather
Smile again on the shire of your esteem
And its colors come back, the storm has changed you:
You will not forget, ever,
The darkness blotting out hope, the gale
Prophesying your downfall."

What did you do to deserve this, you ask yourself?
What crime is so terrible to merit such torment?
Is it because you're smarter?
Or smaller?
Or because you're the wrong color?
Maybe...there is no reason at all.
You cry yourself to sleep at night, torturing yourself with these questions.
And the hardest question...why won't they leave me alone?!

"What have you done to them?
Nothing? Nothing is not an answer;
You will come to believe - how can you help it? -
That you did, you did do something;
You will find yourself wishing you could make them laugh,
You will long for their friendship."

We are told time and time again to empathize with the bully.
Its not their fault, after all there must be reasons for their behavior?
Maybe they come from an abusive background.
Maybe they are just acting out to get attention.
Maybe they themselves...are bullied.

These reasons become meaningless when you are the one who is bleeding.
These motivations are nothing when you are the one who is laying on the ground.

"There will be no peace.
Fight back, then, with such courage as you have
And every unchivalrous dodge you know of,
Clear in your conscience on this:
Their cause, if they had one, is nothing to them now;
They hate for hate's sake."

There comes a time when you must say "Enough."
You must rise up...and fight back.
The lessons of the tiny school yard can be applied to the macrocosm of the world.
For terrorism is just bullying taken to its ultimate degree.
"Do what we want or we'll hurt you" becomes "Do what we want or we'll kill you."
Violence is not always the answer...but sometimes non-violence can be deadly.
So you fight back, asking no quarter and giving none.
You see the horror on their face, as they realize that they have underestimated you.
You were strong in the face of their weakness.
You stood up for what was right.
You made the price of bullying higher than they were willing to pay.

And then...then they leave you alone.

*Excerpts taken from "There Will Be No Peace", WH Auden, 1956.

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Would you let him baby-sit your kids?
Michael Kane, under the influence of LSD as he claimed, stabbed a friend to death one evening. At his murder trial he was described as a schizophrenic who would require long-term medication and supervision. The jury found him not guilty by reason of insanity and he was acquitted and sent to a psychiatric hospital. Ten months later Michael Kane is supposedly cured and ready to re-enter society.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A Man-Made Disaster
Even though Niger is the second poorest country in the world, there's no reason that people should be dying of starvation. Except of course that their government is allowing them to die. Famine in Niger: The Chronicle of a Catastrophe Foretold
Faced with this catastrophe, which everybody saw coming, the government of Niger has failed completely. They didn't deem it necessary to support the aid organizations' calls for food supplies, nor did they manage to store enough supplies for an emergency that was imminent. President Mamadou Tandja's government allowed the country to slide into the famine. The opposite happened in neighboring Mali, also hard hit by the plague of locusts, where the government has managed to avert mass starvation.

"In the beginning $7 million would have enough to prevent a catastrophe," says Gian Carlo Cirri, the national commissioner for the World Food Program. "In May we could have made do with maybe $16 million. Now we would need more than $30 million." Aid organizations are also worried that the dying will spread to Mauritania and Burkina Faso.
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ev and zorkie in Discarded Lies:
papijoe + ProLifeBlogs = Awesome
papijoe has joined the ProLifeBlogs team at Tim's invitation and will be writing posts for them on the topic of euthanasia. Congratulations, ProLifeBlogs! papijoe, our condolences.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Who Won
Is anyone surprised that Hamas and Fatah would call the withdrawal "the victory of the intifada?" They're right, too. Jews are making a part of the land Jew-free, because it's too expensive to defend it from terrorists. Isn't the intifada winning?
After the projected withdrawal of the police and the IDF, the Palestinian Authority (PA) plans to hang 60,000 flags it has ordered throughout the empty Jewish towns. One-third of them will bear the likeness of dead PLO chairman Yasser Arafat and 35,000 will bear the seal of the ruling Fatah party.

Hamas terrorists have also ordered thousands of flags to celebrate the "victory of the intifada," which they say forced Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to order the IDF to retreat and expel Jewish residents from Gaza.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Don't tell me all that hand-holding was for nothing!
Will King Adbullah try to distance Saudi Arabia from the U.S.?
Saudi Arabia's new king, the former Crown Prince Abdullah, will try to distance his country from the United States, but not from Iran, Dominique Thomas, a French expert on radical Islam, told Adnkronos International (AKI). Internally, he will aim to open up to moderates and the Shiite minority, and 'focused appointments' at the heart of the security services, and these will be pivotal to the kingdom of the new Saudi king Abdullah, who will be officially confirmed as monarch at a ceremony on Wednesday.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
This Is Not A Hoax
If you hear a kitten crying outside... DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Berlusconi disses the Euro
Whether there's truth in the allegation that the Euro is stunting growth or not (I think there is), it will continue to receive blame for poor performance until the first country makes a break for it and takes back control over its own monetary policy. It seems like a daunting step to take, but the more it's discussed, the less unthinkable it will become. Last time I blogged a €skeptic Italian politician, it was a barely-relevant one (the Labor Minister, who is from the separatist Northern League). This time it's the Prime Minister. Italy may well be the first nation to jump off this impending trainwreck.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said the euro has been a ``ripoff'' for consumers, sharpening his criticism of European policymakers after his economy fell into recession.

``With this euro it's a disaster,'' he said today at a national conference of his Forza Italia party in Rome. Berlusconi has also called on the European Central Bank to cut interest rates, saying on May 7 ``the ECB needs to wake up.''

Berlusconi, facing national elections next year, took a swipe at opposition leader Romano Prodi. As prime minister before serving as European Commission president, Prodi took the steps to cut the deficit and tame inflation that earned Italy a place in the single currency. ``Prodi's euro has been a ripoff,'' he said.

Italy's $1.7 trillion economy slipped into its second recession in as many years in the first quarter and members of Berlusconi's government have blamed the euro for the country's economic woes. Labor Minister Roberto Maroni has called for Italy to abandon the euro and his Northern League party is seeking a referendum so Italians can choose to return to the lira.

Blaming the Euro

``Given Italy has an election next year, and given the poor state of the economy, the government may well blame the euro for economic weakness,'' said Carsten Fritsch, a currency strategist at Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt.

``Nobody's seriously expecting Italy to leave the euro zone anytime soon. We've seen a muted reaction, and seen euro pushed down a little, but I wouldn't expect to see much more.''

The euro erased early gains against the dollar after the remark and was little changed at $1.205 at 12:30 p.m. in Rome. The European currency has fallen more than 11 percent against the dollar this year.

ECB spokesman Andrea Zizola declined to comment on Berlusconi's remarks.

``Hundreds of economic studies clearly demonstrate that the introduction of the euro has been clearly beneficial for the economy,'' spokesman Gregor Kreuzhuber said. ``The euro is here to stay and will stay.''

Prodi, would win elections if they were held today, according to a survey of 1,200 Italian voters conducted by Lorien Consulting from June 17 to June 19. The opposition would gain 50.6 percent of the vote, leaving the Berlusconi's forces with 44.9 percent, according to a poll published on July 1 in Corriere della Sera newspaper. No margin of error was given.

Italian elections will be held sometime before June of next year. Prodi is leading the coalition of center-left parties that will challenge Berlusconi and his House of Freedoms coalition.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Hot Canadian Mama
You know what's sexy? A 115-lb mama who fights off a cougar trying to eat her daughter. Don't argue with me about this. It's sexy.
VANCOUVER -- At first, Monique Bazille didn't see the cougar but she knew by the screams of her daughter Hayley that something was desperately wrong.

"First thing I saw was Hayley between rocks. I didn't see the cougar because it blended well into the rocks. And I saw my little girl -- my little Hayley, my little trooper -- she was fighting him off," Bazille said Friday.

On Wednesday, the cat was clawing at the face and neck of Bazille's four-year-old daughter, preparing to crush her head. Frantic, Bazille used the only weapon she could find, a cooler, weighted with four cans of beer and a bottle of water.

She clubbed the cat with it twice. "It was unfazed, it kept its ground. It snarled and growled at me -- blood on its face from my little girl."

The petite, 115-pound woman was relentless in her attempt to remove the cat from on top of her daughter.

"I saw that cougar on her. I wasn't the least bit afraid." she said. "[It was] instinctual, I'm sure anyone would have done the same thing, any parent."

She screamed at the cat, "you get off of her."

"I was screaming the whole time. I went to do it again, I went to kick him and he shied and jumped into the bush."

The attack was a terrifying end to what should have been a fun-filled, four-day vacation for the family from Coquitlam.


Her mother said Hayley is slowly returning to her old, feisty self.

"She said that she'd like to take the kitty to the deep end of the pool and drown her. And she'd like to scratch her, too. So, she's showing a little bit of anger towards it, which I think is good."
I have just one question. Where the fuck was dad?
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