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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Olympics are not Greek?!
And all this time I thought the Olympics originated in Greece?! I am so uninformed...

From the planet of Aidemydni

"The Olympics' culture isn't ours"

"That's the main slogan of the gig happening on Wednesday, Apr 28: against comercialization, environmental destruction, working accidents, repression and all other effects of the olympic games in Athens.

These days and while 30 years have passed since the Junta's overthrow and the "democracy restitution" in our country, Athens is police-, army-, americans' and NATO -ruled under the plea of safely conducted Olympic Games.

* The democratic rights and the civil freedoms are shrinked. A new terror legislation comes to complete the existing one. The streets are full of cameras supervising and following up the citizens.

* The working relations get worse and unpaid overtime and intensive work are established. There have been already 13 victims who died during the Olympic works' performance.

* The natural environment in Attiki is plundered.

Free, public,mountaineous and coastal areas are filled with buildings and they are given to individuals for their own benefit.

* The public debts have been inflated. For the irrational cost of Olympic Games the working class is called to pay, while the current, as well as the previous government, promotes new measures of frugality.

The previously developped resistances , at first locally, against the land boundaries, for some olympic plants and then, the olylmpic work sites have been expanded today to other social places, too : public servants, hospital medical doctors, hotels' staff, people working at transport means,have already expressed actually their opposition to the downgrading of their working conditions, in the name of Olympiad.

For us, these Olympic Games are undesirable. The Olympic Games' "civilization" is not ours.

Considering that it is of particular significance for us to express in public our opposition to some options, downgrading our living, disputing our intelligence and undermining our future, we call for a: Demonstration, on Tuesday, 22nd July, at 7.00 p.m. before the Propylaea and then , following a course towards the Parliament."

Well, guys, we don't have to attend if you don't want us there. I kinda thought Greeks would be proud to have the Olympics once again. Oops, what am I saying? The Olympics "civilization" is not theirs!

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Kill People, Get Your Debts Paid Off
I don't want to have to love the Saudis anymore. I tried to love them, I really did. I tried to understand why we need to have a "good" relationship with them - involving smelly, dirty noses on our part. I listened calmly when it was explained to me that we needed them as allies in this war.

But I don't want to love them anymore. And you can't make me.

Saudi Minister and Prince Pays Monthly Stipend and Debts of Surrendered Wanted Terrorist and Family

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