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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Quranic ringtones are haram!
Times of Oman
CAIRO — Egypt’s grand mufti, Ali Gomaa, has deemed the use of Quranic verses as ringing tones on mobile phones as insulting to Islam, Egyptian newspapers reported yesterday.

“Such a use is unacceptable because it trivialises the Holy Book," the cleric, the highest Egyptian authority on Islamic law, told students in Alexandria.

“Therefore it is haram," or prohibited by Islam, he added.

Egyptian newspapers carry scores of advertisements offering downloadable ringing tones ranging from Quranic verses to jokes and the latest Arab pop songs. — AFP
Yay! I guess.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Revolt of the Privileged, Islamic Version
David Ignatius thinks that the phenomenon of young men, educated and well-to-do, joining the jihad is similar to the revolt of rich American kids in the 60s. He said there was a counter-revolt of the poor kids in America; I'm not aware of such a revolt but I hope he's right: The poor cannot afford the Jihad of the privileged
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Islam in Indonesia
The Indonesian Ulema Council has issued fatwas asserting the supremacy of the Koran over all other religions legally recognised in Indonesia, branding moderate Islamic organisations illegal, and banning interfaith prayers and interfaith marriage.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Traveling through Greece, in rural areas and in the outskirts of cities and small towns, one sees the gypsy camps. Derelict trucks, faded canvas tents, and groups of children playing, half-dressed and barefoot. They're Roma, they're nomads and we try to keep them invisible: an ordinance requires that authorities block them from settling "near archaeological sites, beaches, landscapes of natural beauty, visible by main highway points or areas which could affect the public health (springs supplying drinking water, etc.)"

A lot of our Tsigani, as they're called in Greece, are migrant workers, they pick our potatoes, our olives, our wheat. We feed them and give them a small salary for the days the harvest lasts. Others roam the city neighbourhoods and the islands, selling plastic chairs, baskets, flashlights, rugs. They're easily recognisable, the women in long, full skirts of many colours and fabrics, their hair hidden under scarves, arms covered with thin, gold bracelets. They're exotic, beautiful to watch and they make you smile, as long as it's a romantic idea of gypsies that you have in your head.

The word "gypsy" is a very common put down in Greek culture and language - it means "dirty", "dishonest", "immoral", people you don't want to associate with - and the Roma, the largest minority in Greece, are treated as third class citizens. They live in shantytowns, segregated and subjected to ill treatment and abuse, have no access to public facilities such as running water and electricity and their children are less likely to attend school. The Roma in neighbouring Turkey don't have it much better either.

Here's Naish Balamo, sung by Eleni Vitali, a Greek Romani. The first two verses are in Greek and they say "I have no home, I have no hope, no country is going to miss me". The rest of the song is in Romany and Greek mixed together.

Previous posts on Roma: Living in the Gadjikano World, Gypsies. Also see Children of the Stoplights for additional information on the particular exploitation of Roma children from Albania.
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sine in The People's Diner:
Must Update Diner
Must...update...diner...get up...leave sunny pool-side chair...go inside...update...update...diner
...margarita good...make more margarita...

What? Whirr Whirr the blender says. Submit to my margarita filled power.


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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Birmingham's Muslim MP calls for banning Hizb ut Tahrir
This is a good sign.
In the wake of the terrorist attacks in London on 7 July and last week’s attempted attacks, some politicians in the UK are calling on the government to ban the organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir (‘Party of Liberation’).

Hizb ut-Tahrir was founded in 1953 by Taqiuddin al-Nabhani, and has a stated aim of establishing a Caliphate or Kilafah state in Muslim countries and removing what it sees as imperialist, non-Muslim control in those states.

It is considered a criminal organisation in a number of countries, including Russia and Germany. As Denmark considers a ban, there are increasing moves in the UK to outlaw the group. These calls are being led by Khalid Mahmood, a British Muslim MP for theLabour Party in the country’s second city, Birmingham. “ I think it’s about time this issue was tackled," he said.

“I asked the prime minister […] on Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Question Time, about whether he should now look to proscribe these organisations which incite hatred."

However, Qasim Khawaja, a member of Hizb ut-Tahir Britain, says his group - which describes itself as “a global, non-violent Islamic political party" - is being used as a scapegoat. He says that politicians like Mr Mahmood are deliberately trying to quash Muslim debate:

“These individuals [are] deeply unpopular within the Muslim community. [They] have called for the banning of Hizb ut-Tahir because they would find it very politically expedient not to have the feelings and sentiments of the Muslim community here in the UK vocalised [by us]. I think the events of the last few weeks in the UK are being used to try and actually silence legitimate, political dissent."

Constant methodology
He argues that his organisation, far from posing a threat to the public, is a peaceful body with an established history:

“Hizb ut-Tahir gives political expression to the feelings of Muslims in the UK. […] It is an organisation which spans a number of countries. Its thoughts and ideas are well-documented in [Taqiuddin al-Nabhani’s] books, which have been published since 1953; the work of the party has remained constant in its methodology since that time. Its methodology is non-violent, even under the most severe provocation."

Although his organisation aims to establish a Muslim Caliphate, “an Islamic government which implements Sharia law within the state […] independent of all western governments, so it’s a true representation of the people whop live within that state, whether they be Muslim or non-Muslim." According to Mr Khawaja, he nevertheless says Hizb ut-Tahir is an all-inclusive entity:

“We have engaged at community level with non-Muslim communities and with Muslims. We actually engage the wider community, to try and address some of the current misapprehensions and misunderstandings particularly in the current environment."

Hizb ut-Tahrir: Muslim MP leads call for ban in Britain
Pay no attention to the man exploding on your daily commute for the sake of the same khilafa we're advocating.
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Robert Mugabe Has The Ayatollahs
Iran has agreed to lend Zimbabwe's government $25m, and is willing to grant it further loans, Bloomberg reported on Sunday, quoting the state-owned Sunday Mail.

The Sunday Mail quoted Hamid Moayyer, Iran's ambassador to Zimbabwe, as saying that "the Republic of Iran continues to work with the Zimbabwean government to avail more lines of credit which are crucial for business growth".

Annual trade between the two countries is expected to rise to $1.5bn by 2010, from current levels of $25m, the Harare-based newspaper cited Moayyer as saying.
Iran lends Zim $25m
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Tiger Changes Stripes
Lion Lies Down With Lamb
Bush administration shuns terrorists, gets results! Now where else on earth might that be a useful tactic, a fresh change from the old routine of feting and arming terrorists? I'm thinking really hard here...help me out.
The Irish Republican Army renounced violence as a political weapon Thursday and said it will resume disarmament, taking a dramatic step designed to revive Northern Ireland peace efforts after a 35-year conflict that killed and maimed thousands.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair called the move "a step of unparalleled magnitude," while Prime Minister Bertie Ahern of Ireland said it heralded "the end of the IRA as a paramilitary organization." The White House also welcomed the announcement.

But local leaders in the British territory and some analysts warned that the IRA, which has previously fallen short on fulfilling its public promises, had left key questions unanswered and was not disbanding.

The IRA said all its clandestine units had been ordered to dump arms and cease all activities, as of 4 p.m. (11 a.m. EDT) Thursday.

"The leadership has formally ordered an end to the armed campaign," the IRA said in a major advance from its opened-ended truce in place since 1997.

"All volunteers have been instructed to assist the development of purely political and democratic programs through exclusively peaceful means. Volunteers must not engage in any other activities whatsoever," the IRA command said in remarks addressed to the group's approximately 500 to 1,000 members.

The IRA killed about 1,800 people and maimed thousands more in hopes of forcing Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom but never came close to achieving that goal. Its last major violence came during a 17-month stretch in the mid-1990s that included massive truck bombings in London, and Manchester, England. In all, some 3,650 people have died in more than three decades of sectarian violence.

The IRA statement said John de Chastelain, a retired Canadian general who since 1997 has been trying to persuade the IRA and other illegal groups to disarm, would be invited to decommission more hidden weapons bunkers soon. It said a Catholic priest and Protestant minister would be invited to witness the scrapping of weapons.

The IRA also appealed to Britain and Northern Ireland's Protestant majority to accept its new position as sufficient to renew negotiations on power-sharing, the core goal of the 1998 peace accord for this British territory.

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said that as far as he was concerned, the IRA had declared its war over.

"There is a time to resist, to stand up and to confront the enemy by arms if necessary. In other words, unfortunately, there is a time for war," said Adams, who was a reputed senior IRA commander from the mid-1970s until May, when he reportedly stepped down from the seven-man IRA command. "There is also a time to engage, to reach out and put war behind us. This is that time."

The leaders of Britain and the Republic of Ireland warmly praised the IRA's announcement.

"I welcome the recognition that the only route to political change lies in exclusively peaceful and democratic means," Blair said at his office in London. "This is a step of unparalleled magnitude in the recent history of Northern Ireland."

Ahern, who has closely worked with Blair since 1997 to broker compromise in the British territory, said the statement heralded "the end of the IRA as a paramilitary organization."

"If the IRA's words are borne out by verified actions, it will be a momentous and historic development," Ahern said.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan called the IRA pledge an "important and potentially historic" move toward peace.

He said the IRA's statement needs to be followed by actions that will demonstrate its commitment to giving up all paramilitary and criminal activities.

"We understand that many, especially victims and their families, will be skeptical," McClellan said. "They will want to be certain that this terrorism and criminality are indeed things of the past."

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., said he hoped the IRA's statement "means we're finally nearing the end of this very long process to take guns and criminality out of politics in Northern Ireland once and for all."

Protestant leaders, deeply suspicious of IRA motives, stressed they would wait several months to test whether the IRA's words proved true. They noted the IRA was supposed to have disarmed fully by mid-2000 as part of the Good Friday accord, but did not start the process until late 2001 and stopped in 2003.

Ian Paisley, whose hard-line Democratic Unionist Party represents most Protestants, said IRA commanders "have failed to explicitly declare an end to their multimillion-pound criminal activity, and they have failed to provide the level of transparency that will be necessary to truly build confidence that the guns have gone in their entirety."

Security experts say the IRA retains much of its arsenal hidden in underground bunkers in the neighboring Republic of Ireland. The IRA received more than 130 tons of armaments from Libya in the mid-1980s, and police say the group continues to smuggle modern weaponry into the country.

All sides say they remain committed to resurrecting a joint Catholic-Protestant administration that would replace Britain as the primary government authority in Northern Ireland. But Protestants insist they won't work again with Sinn Fein, the IRA-linked party, until the IRA disappears as a threat to stability.

A four-party coalition led by Protestant and Catholic moderates gained power in 1999, but it fell apart in 2002 amid chronic arguments about IRA activities and arms.

Resurrecting power-sharing became more difficult in 2003 once voters _ polarized by the diplomatic deadlock _ shifted support to the opposite extremes of opinion: Adams on the Irish Catholic side and Paisley's Democratic Unionists on the British Protestant side.

A potential power-sharing pact between this unlikely couple fell apart in December when the IRA refused Protestant demands for disarmament to be recorded for public consumption. The IRA also rejected demands, chiefly leveled by the Irish government and Catholic moderates, for the IRA to renounce crime and accept the legitimacy of Northern Ireland's police force.

But then the Sinn Fein-IRA movement was thrown on the defensive by two events with exceptional repercussions _ a mammoth robbery and an alcohol-fueled killing.

In December, police accused the IRA of robbing a Belfast bank of a world-record $50 million. The IRA denied involvement while restating its traditional position that its activities should never be described as "crime."

In January, IRA members knifed to death a Catholic civilian outside a Belfast bar, an action that highlighted the group's decades-old role as an intimidating power broker within its working-class Catholic bases. The IRA had killed others in similarly brutal circumstances in recent years, but this time the victim's family risked IRA retaliation by publicly campaigning for justice.

In March, President Bush greeted the victim's five sisters and fiancee on St. Patrick's Day, while Sinn Fein was barred from the White House for the first time in a decade.

The British, Irish and American governments united behind the position that power-sharing couldn't be restored unless the IRA fully disarmed and went out of business _ disbanding in practice if not in name.
I don't think they're really stopping what now matters to them, which is their organized crime syndicate ("don't call anything we do crime!"). The criminal IRA gang will be with us in one way or another for a long time yet.
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