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daily archive: 07/28/2005
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
In The Name of National Liberation
If Arabs can live in Israel, why can't Jews live in Gaza? Why can't they live there as citizens, entitled to the same rights and protections as all the other citizens? Why does Gaza have to be Judenrein and why is the U.S. administration giving its blessing to ethnic cleansing?
Arabs live in Gaza; so do Jews. Gaza Jews live in towns and villages built on what was previously considered un-farmable land. Junk land. Before 1967, when Israel seized Gaza from Egypt, that land was inhabited by nobody. These are indisputable facts.

Arab leaders tell the world that their struggle is not against Jews per se, but against a supposedly expansionist Israel. All they want is a state for the Palestinians; so, national liberation.

As a recovering Hopeful Leftist, I remember believing this. I began recovering from my Hopeful condition when I began testing this belief against reality. For example, if Arab organizations were really for a state (and not against Jews) what would be their attitude towards Jews living in Gaza?

The answer is, they would welcome Jewish individuals to stay. The Palestinian Authority would publish official documents guaranteeing protection of the rights of what would be, upon the departure of Israeli forces, a Jewish minority. And they would guarantee that attacks on Jewish people, prior to the proposed pullout, were punished as sharply as possible, thus making an international statement. This would be a brilliant stroke, creating the impression that Arab leaders were anti-racist. It would weaken the opposition to turning Gaza over to full Arab control among Israeli Jews.
Read the rest here: Confessions of a Once-Hopeful Leftist
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Drinking in Greece
Bars and nightclubs in Greece have a reputation for serving fake booze; we pay €100 for a bottle of "good" whiskey at a fancy club and what we get is moonshine masqueraded as Johnny Walker. A spot inspection in bars and clubs in Athens found that 100 percent of the rum and tequila samples the inspectors tested were adulterated. So if you go to a club in Greece, do like I do and stick with beer.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Let's see what the polls say
Pew poll: One-third of Americans say Islam encourages violence. The other two thirds of Americans live under a rock.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
75 years for Binnie's Shaykh
Remember the guy who set himself on fire because the FBI wasn't paying him enough? He was an informant in the case of this bastard, who financed bin Laden to the tune of 20 million clams before 9/11, and was a major Hamas financier as well. He was stung by the US; we lured him to Germany and nailed his ass. Beautiful.

Encouragingly, a survivor of a Hamas bus bombing was allowed to testify in court and help send this barbaric douchebag to chokey. Yemeni cleric receives 75-year sentence
Al-Moayad appeared distressed at what his lawyer said amounted to a life sentence.

"Your honor, what have I done?" he said in Arabic as he was led away.
Ha ha.
Owned by Uncle Sam, you little bitch.

UPDATE: As usual, Patrick's (my brother from a Kafir mother) take on this one is hilarious:
Clarity & Resolve:
The good sheikh will now be occupied with a daily jihad against the carnal advances of a large man named Bubba.

O you who believe! This is called disincentive. You will pay if you're caught playing against us.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Catholics, Africa and Contraception
Keep in mind that I'm no Catholic, in fact I'm an atheist. One of the reasons people criticize the Catholic Church is that allowing contraception would

prevent the spread of AIDS

If Africans did what the Church wants them to (marry and have sex with only one person for life), there would be no AIDS. Another is that it would

lower the birth rate

Why? I think more people are a good thing. It's socialist economics that turns human beings into liabilities. Africa could easily support triple the population while becoming the planet's bread basket. All that's needed is some free market economics, good, clean government. Property rights and contract enforcement.

Attacking the symptoms of Africa's problem (famines, "overpopulation", AIDS) with band-aids (food aid, contraception, free antiretroviral drug cocktails) does nothing to cure Africa for good. The Catholic Church offers a Judeo-Christian understand of personal sexual conduct and family values that would instantly eradicate many of Africa's problems overnight if adopted wholesale. It's primitive African behavior like raping newborn babies and widows that's the problem, not the Pope's principled stand on abortion. Removing the consequences of Africans' bad behavior rather than curing the cause of it means that in 100 years we'll all be wondering why they're still holding concerts for Africa.

Sometimes you have to accept some ugly and uncomfortable truths, and here is an ugly, uncomfortable truth. Africa is in a mess because Africans behave worse than morons. Their behavior is destroying their children's future. Their superstitious and tribal worldview is totally destructive of everything a normal human being cares about-money, food, family, society, beauty, leisure, health. It is time to accept that Africans' behavior must change, or nothing will change, ever. What Africa needs is the solution that has been proven over and over: markets, Christian morality and families replacing nepotism and corruption, superstitious savagery, and the rule of the tribe.

The only problem with colonialism is that the diseases of the West took root (self-loathing political ideologies that glorified the savage man and collectivist ideologies that promise something for nothing) and the good stuff didn't-it withered and died in hostile soil. The deadly European collectivist ideologies are still colonising Africa.

And about overpopulation, no one ever complains that there are too many people in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, or New York City, those places are seen as miracles. Well, Africa has a vanishingly small percentage of the population density of these places, but because they're brown and poor, it's "overpopulation" (translation: too many of these worthless people). There is no such thing as overpopulation, there's only human beings who are being cheated of fulfilled lives because they were unlucky enough to be born in Bangladesh/Africa/whatever. If there were 3 billion Africans living like the poorest Eastern Europeans, the world's corporations would be in a race to capture market share and the business pages would be abuzz with the emerging African market. Instead we hear about overpopulation.

Are the people of China any different than those of Africa? A Chinese woman and an African woman are both human beings. But because the Chinese woman lives in increasing prosperity while the African woman's life seems doomed to eternal miserable squalor, people think the African woman is "overpopulation". No, she just suffers from lack of opportunity.

India and China's 2.x billion people no longer seem like "overpopulation" even though they did in the 60s and 70s; instead, both nations are feted as the future leaders of the world. The reason is that market reforms make the survival of these teeming masses conceivable.

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Mercs for jerks
Roy Bennett, a Zimbabwean farmer, calls Mugabe's "land reform" what it really is: a policy of racial hatred. 'I make no apologies for being white'
If Bob Geldof was casting around for an African hero, a true exemplar of courage in adversity in that troubled continent, he probably wouldn't spare Roy Bennett a second glance. White, middle-class, articulate and well-nourished, he hardly fits the bill as an embodiment of the starving, huddled masses.

And yet to his fellow Zimbabweans - black and white - the 48-year-old former coffee farmer is the sort of man who should have been soaking up the applause on the Live8 stage.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
PC Pope? Nope!
Wow! No relativism from this pontiff.

Pope Benedict XVI today refused to declare Islam a religion of peace.

Asked by journalists whether Islam could be considered a religion of peace shortly before entering the church of Introd for a meeting with priests and deacons of Valle d'Aosta, the region of northwest Italy where he is spending a brief holiday, the pontiff refused reply positively.

"I would not like to use big words to apply generic labels," he replied. "It certainly contains elements that can favor peace, it also has other elements: we must always seek the best elements."

On Sunday he asked God to stop the terrorists.

"Even these days of serenity and repose have been disrupted by the tragic news of the execrable terrorist attacks which have brought death, destruction and suffering to various countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and Great Britain," he said. "As we entrust to divine goodness the dead and injured and their loved ones, victims of gestures that offend both God and man, we call on the Almighty to block the murderous hand of those who, driven by fanaticism and hatred, committed these acts, and we ask that He convert their hearts to thoughts of reconciliation and peace."

He ordered on Muslims to embrace peace.

"Renounce the way of violence which causes so much suffering to civilian populations, and instead to embrace the way of peace," he said in a statement issued through Vatican Cardinal Secretary of State Angelo Sodano, in response the terrorists attacks at the popular Red Sea resort of Sharm al-Sheikh in Egypt.

But critics claim that during the Catholic terror campaign unleashed by the IRA on London for decades, the then Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger never condemned the atrocities.

They claim that the Pope's comments are meant at fuelling anti-Islamic sentiments around the world, and will also serve to shift focus away from the child sex scandal he is involved in.

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who is intolerant of all other religions, issued a document claiming that "only in the Catholic Church is there eternal salvation."

He is opposed to Turkey joining the EU because the Muslim-dominated secular state had always been "in permanent contrast to Europe", and he urged the Turks to seek an alliance with other Islamic nations.

In 1987, Cardinal Ratzinger had stated that Jewish history and scripture reach fulfillment only in Christ, a statement that greatly offended Jews.
In March 1997 Cardinal Ratzinger predicted that Buddhism would over the coming century replace Marxism as the main "enemy" of the Catholic Church.

Pope refuses to declare Islam a religion of peace
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kianb in Pahlaver:
The Loss of Common Sense In Qatar
The government of Qatar is paying millions of pounds a year to Al-Qaeda in return for an undertaking to spare it from further terrorist attacks, official sources in the wealthy Gulf state claimed last week.

The money, paid to spiritual leaders sympathetic to Al-Qaeda, is believed to be helping to fund its activities in Iraq. In a recent message broadcast via the internet, Osama Bin Laden told followers that operations in Iraq were costing Al-Qaeda more than £500,000 a month.
Qatar buys off Al-Qaeda attacks with oil millions
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guest author: cba in Discarded Lies:
Yad Vashem
I’m not going to write anything more about my trip this spring to Yad Vashem--or rather, the new museum there--other than what I wrote at the time, but I thought you might be interested in seeing a few pictures my daughter took.
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