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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Dujail, Iraq
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Looting In North Pole!
A North Pole family grieving the death of a member was hit by a second blow after discovering a thief had been raiding the man's home and workshop.

Someone looted the home of Whitey Christman, making off with an estimated $100,000 in tools and art, after he died. The theft spurred survivors to auction off remaining items Saturday, earlier than planned.

"That people would do this ... It makes you speechless," said Alaska state trooper Kirsten Hansen, who is investigating the thefts.
Thief raids dead man's possessions in North Pole
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
China: Now that's what I call crushing dissent
How would you feel about it if the Bush administration was hiring roving gangs of thugs to crush the citizens' skulls when they protested? Well actually, some of these clowns, I wouldn't really mind too much. But this certainly puts all the whining about crushing dissent in sharp relief.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Mahalla means Neighbourhood
Mahalla is a word we all know in the Balkans, no matter what language we speak or what God we worship. You'd think by now we'd act like proper neighbours instead of killing each other every few decades.

From Global Politician, Kosovo Roma Crisis - Part I
There is no shortage of tragedies when speaking of the Balkans, and recent history. In fact the Balkan’s recent history is one based on a long string of concurrent tragedies. Out of convenience, the issues are often narrowly discussed, resulting in further polarization of each respective side, and exclusion of those left unmentioned. Conversations turn to “Belgrade and Pristina" or “ethnic Albanians and Serbs" when in actuality, a comprehensive discussion of the situation should include many other groups of people. The Roma are one such group, hugely impacted, but rarely considered nor consulted when planning the future of Kosovo.

The Roma are an ethnic group of people that have been living in the Balkans for hundreds of years. As a people they have always existed here as a minority, and have maintained their heritage and language through living in small communities. The Roma word for these “communities" is MAHALLA. In the former Yugoslavia, Kosovo’s Roma coexisted with both Serb and Albanian populations, but that all changed in years leading up to 1999.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
An American Cult
There are an estimated 30,000 - 50,000 people in the Western U.S. and Canada who are members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They're polygamists, some of them have 70 wives and 80 children, and they have high rates of incest, poverty, and fraud in their communities. Young women, some just 13-years-old, are treated as property, they're bartered and traded between communities, given to older men they've never met and joining households with several other wives. Children are indoctrinated into "perfect obedience" to God, to the "prophet," and to their elders. Babies are trained not to cry by slapping their faces or holding their heads under water.

Many of the children don't attend school past the eighth grade, they're taught that dinosaurs never existed, and man never walked on the moon. They're also taught that blacks are inferior and evil — the offspring of Cain and doomed to slavery. The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated FLDS as a hate group.

As all cults, it has a central leader, a prophet, "God's mouthpiece on earth". The current prophet is Warren Jeffs, who took over in 2002, after the death of his father.
According to former followers, the prophet is considered to be God's mouthpiece on earth. It is believed that God speaks directly to Warren Jeffs to reveal His will. And through the prophet, God directs which male members are worthy of entry into heaven (females are invited into heaven by satisfied husbands). Jeffs is also the only person who can perform marriages, and it is through him that wives are assigned to their husbands. Pleasing the prophet can result in loyal members being rewarded with one or more wives. Wives are considered to "belong" to their husbands for eternity.

In order to reach the highest degree of glory in heaven, members of the FLDS believe that each man must have at least three wives. A significant means of prophet power is derived from his ability to punish followers by reassigning their wives, children and homes to another man. Obedience is highly valued, and it is rare for wives to resist reassignment.
Warren Jeffs has 40 wives, at least a dozen of whom were formerly married to his father, and 56 children. He demands strict obedience from his followers, who are expelled from the community if they dare to cross him. Many young boys are expelled for other reasons, even more sinister:
Polygyny presents obvious problems for a religious group or community. Since roughly equal numbers of boy and girl babies are born, it takes extraordinary steps to provide men with multiple wives. Where do the excess males go? Where do the surplus females come from?

Benjamin Bistline spent part of his childhood among polygynists in the main FLDS group in what is now called Colorado City, AZ. He has written a book about his experiences. 8 He has observed that in order to maintain a culture in which most men have many wives, it is necessary to persuade most male youths to leave the community at a relatively young age. Teenaged women with restricted education are then matched up with older men, preferably before they develop an interest in boys their own age. After an unregistered marriage, the new wives financially support the family by applying for welfare as single mothers. FLDS beliefs and practices
Many of you probably knew about FLDS already. I didn't and I'm just amazed that this is happening in the 21st century in the U.S. and Canada.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Vatican's Rat Line
The Rat Line was an underground railroad that helped Nazis and their allies escape to Latin America, often with gold and jewelry taken from concentration camp prisoners. Did the Franciscan order and the Vatican assist war criminals? Lawsuit accuses Vatican Bank of role in World War II crimes
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ev and zorkie in Discarded Lies:
UPDATE - 6:30 pm zst: An updated version of FAQ! is now posted in the left sidebar under bloggie's vital statistics.

Good morning comrades! No quizzes today, we have a terribly serious and important matter to discuss. After much procrastination, we finally wrote all the bloggie questions and answers we could think of. Now it's up to you: please add what you think our present and future comrades should know.

How do I upload images?
Ask RIP Ford or aridog. And ask nicely!

Will you put my blog on your blogroll?
It depends. Do you have bloggie on your blogroll? And don't lie to us, 'cause we will check your ass! If you do, then probably yes. If you don't, we'll have to consult our horoscopes and if they coincide we'll consider it.

Sorry to go OT...
Don't apologize for going OT. Apologize for apologizing for going OT, or ideally, don't apologize in the first place.

The quick reply thingie is making me nervous. I can't post without easy access to emoticons! What if I only have one eye and I'm sticking my tongue out, or my face turned blue and I'm rolling my eyes, how can you tell? The people must know!
You don't have to use it! Click the post headline to use the regular comment box.

Where's my hat tip?
We don't give hat tips because usually we're not wearing a hat. We do give alcohol, usually thimblefuls of cognac, because we're usually drinking cognac.

What does "rubbing the lamp" mean?
That's how evil, malicious, graduate-student spirits are summoned, people whisper some terrible name on bloggie and Holy Google hears it and rubs the lamp and then bloggie goes all dark and then stinky, horrible entities appear! So... don't rub the friggin' lamp!

Gasp! I won't, I promise! Oh my goodness, what other terrible secrets does DL have?!
Titles. You can put titles in the emoticons and voilà, an instant secret message that only you and the rest of the world can read.

Er...okay... So how do I do that?
Pick an emoticon. See where it says title="your text here"? Put your text there, inside the quotes. There. Now you're one of us.

I have an emoticon I'd like to add to the smiley picker.
Ah, that's very cute, Calvin peeing on a Ford logo. Sure! Email it to us and we'll add it.

Why was my comment held for moderation?
You posted on an old thread. It'll be approved when we wake up, hold your horses.

There's a skull next to my comment! In the sidebar!
Okay, first of all don't panic! Take a deep breath... It's okay, see? You just posted on an old thread, that's all. You don't want a skull next to you, don't post on an old thread. Okay? Okay.

I posted on a new thread and my comment was still held for moderation!
Yeah? You said a bad word in your comment, didn't you?
No, I didn't!
Yes, you did!
No, I didn't!
Did you snigger?!
Er... well... cba did it first!
If cba jumped off a bridge, would you do that too? Quit sniggering!

Er... excuse me, my comment is held for moderation again...
Sigh... did you put too many links in there?
I said it'll be approved when we wake up! Good grief!

Your rotating titles make no sense!
Is this a question? 'Cause it doesn't sound like a question!

Why does bloggie look funny?
It's your resolution and your browser and your text size and your fault! There's nothing wrong with bloggie! Nothing!

Why don't you ban these totally obnoxious people?
Well see, we believe that - ah, screw it... We just don't, ok?

Who's Fred?
Good question!

Hey, you're publishing posts but you're not answering comments, what's up with that?
We schedule our posts and they publish automatically, bloggie's totally high tech. If we're not in the comments, we're not around.

Why didn't my link post to the hyper...potamusthingy?
You either switched the link and description, or you pasted a link that didn't start in http://. Or you gave the hyperlinkopotamus indigestion.

How do I say it, anyway?
What, cat got your tongue? Sheesh! It's so easy! Hyperlinkopotamus! You can say "the hippo" if you like.

Why does it say "unsigned" but everyone else's hippo link is signed with their nickname?
The hippo simply reads your comment name cookie. If you want your link to be credited to you, you need to load a thread and type your name into the Name: box. You don't need to actually post a comment; our code writes your cookie While-U-Type. So just type your nickname in, then scroll up to the hippo and feed him.

How can I feed the hippo anonymously? I'm too embarrassed to post this as myself.
Just load any thread and delete your name. It will post as "unsigned".

Does bloggie really love me? (Me, personally?)
Yes. It's a stage bloggie's going through, it loves everyone. We apologize for the leg-humping.

Can I have a soccer ball like ev & zorkie?


Pretty please?
Oh, all right...I mean NO!

Can I have anything?
One day when we get registration, we'll let you have your pick of several icons.

Yay! So whe-
But the soccer ball is for ev & zorkie only.

Next question.

Can I write a guest post?
Glad you asked! Yes! Read this then email your writing here.

You guys are so awesome. I want to give you money. Where is the tip jar?
Uh, zorkie? Have you seen the tip jar? No? Oh, I broke it? Hmm, my pockets are full. Uh...slip it in zorkie's bra. But don't cop a feel or you're dead!

Can you help me find this post you did...?
No! Use Google or the bloggie search box. We can never find anything in this place because of all the dirty socks, empty cognac bottles and crumpled-up typewriter pages.

You blog on a typewriter?
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