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daily archive: 07/09/2005
evariste in Discarded Lies:
Suicide Bombers Shot Dead At Canary Wharf
They haven't stopped trying to kill.
A New Zealander working for Reuters in London says two colleagues witnessed the unconfirmed shooting by police of two apparent suicide bombers outside the HSBC tower at Canary Wharf in London.

The New Zealander, who did not want to be named, said the killing of the two men wearing bombs happened at 10.30am on Thursday (London time).

Following the shooting, the 8000 workers in the 44-storey tower were told to stay away from windows and remain in the building for at least six hours, the New Zealand man said.

He was not prepared to give the names of his two English colleagues, who he said witnessed the shooting from a building across the road from the tower.

Reports of attacks carried out by suicide bombers have been rife in London.

Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper reported an unconfirmed incident of police shooting a bomber outside the HSBC tower.

Canadian Brendan Spinks, who works on the 18th floor of the tower, said he saw a "massive rush of policemen" outside the building after London was rocked by the bombings.
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Either You Have A Job...Or A Blog
From Ivan Tribble
What is it with job seekers who also write blogs? Our recent faculty search at Quaint Old College resulted in a number of bloggers among our semifinalists. Those candidates looked good enough on paper to merit a phone interview, after which they were still being seriously considered for an on-campus interview.

That's when the committee took a look at their online activity.

In some cases, a Google search of the candidate's name turned up his or her blog. Other candidates told us about their Web site, even making sure we had the URL so we wouldn't fail to find it. In one case, a candidate had mentioned it in the cover letter. We felt compelled to follow up in each of those instances, and it turned out to be every bit as eye-opening as a train wreck.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Animal Kingdom
I always suspected that dogs love to laugh but I didn't know that rats did too. I also had read somewhere that crows can count to seven and then there's Alex, a parrot who understands the meaning of zero. And I didn't know that prairie dogs have words for humans, heck I didn't even know they had words. Another thing I didn't know: male monkeys pay to see female monkey bottoms. Hmm... I wonder if the female monkeys know that... Definite career opportunities there.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Christopher Hitchens hands Ron Reagan Jr his ass on a silver plate
'Do you know nothing about the subject at all?'
RR: Christopher, I'm not sure that I buy the idea that these attacks are a sign that we're actually winning the war on terror. I mean, how many more victories like this do we really want to endure?

CH: Well, it depends on how you think it started, sir. I mean, these movements had taken over Afghanistan, had very nearly taken over Algeria, in a extremely bloody war which actually was eventually won by Algerian society. They had sent death squads to try and kill my friend Salman Rushdie, for the offense of writing a novel in England. They had sent death squads to Austria and Germany, the Iranians had, for example, to try and kill Kurdish Muslim leaders there. If you make the mistake that I thought I heard you making just before we came on the air, of attributing rationality or a motive to this, and to say that it's about anything but itself, you make a great mistake, and you end up where you ended up, saying that the cause of terrorism is fighting against it, the root cause, I mean. Now, you even said, extraordinarily to me, that there was no terrorist problem in Iraq before 2003. Do you know nothing about the subject at all? Do you wonder how Mr. Zarqawi got there under the rule of Saddam Hussein? Have you ever heard of Abu Nidal?
Hitchens has perfectly demonstrated the circular reasoning that dominates the thinking of much of the world, not just Ron Reagan: "the cause of terrorism is fighting against it".

Read the whole thing at Radio Blogger: Ron Reagan just proved that brilliance is not hereditary.

(a thimbleful of cognac to RadioMattM)
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
'Islamic Reform is Misguided'
FALLS CHURCH The voice of the new imam at one of the largest mosques on the East Coast rang loud from the pulpit during Friday services: "The call to reform Islam is an alien call."

People who do not understand Islam are the ones seeking to change it, said Shaker Elsayed, the new spiritual leader at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque, in the Virginia suburbs of Washington.

"Ignorance comes from outside circles who know nothing about us," Elsayed said during noon services to more than 500 men and women, with women worshipping in a separate room. It was one of three services Dar al-Hijrah holds every Friday.

Elsayed, who assumed duties as imam of the mosque June 1, is well known in the Muslim community for his political activism. He has served as secretary general of the Muslim American Society, an advocacy group that some accuse of promoting a fundamentalist strain of Islam.
Imam of major mosque in DC's ' Wahhabi Corridor' - "We have a license to respond with all force necessary to answer our attackers ": Dar Al Hijrah mosque linked to 9/11 hijackers - Imam is secretary general of Al Qaeda linked Muslim American Society
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Who's afraid?
We're not afraid

(a thimbleful of cognac to militarybrat)

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guest author: Lady Redhawk in Discarded Lies:
Toyota's Ontario Plant
I ran across this article in my meanderings this morning, and it brought up so many interesting issues, I thought we might discuss it. What do you think?

Toyota to build 100,000 vehicles per year in Woodstock, Ont., starting 2008

As an ardent capitalist, I believe that any business should have the freedom to locate wherever they feel they will have the economic advantage over their competitors. However, for Toyota to essentially label Southerners as stupid and illiterate seems beyond the pale.

Of course, there are stupid and illiterate people living in the South, and it is shameful. BUT TOYOTA IS NOT REQUIRED TO HIRE THE STUPID OR ILLITERATE ONES. Are they intending on hiring Canadians who can't fill out a job application or pass a basic skills test? Of course not. This decision by Toyota, and the reasoning behind it, have some very ugly undertones.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Mitterrand Had Authorised Rainbow Warrior Attack
French pres ordered Greenpeace ship sabotaged
The sabotage of the Greenpeace flagship the Rainbow Warrior 20 years ago was carried out with the "personal authorization" of France's late president Francois Mitterrand, documents showed on Saturday. Le Monde newspaper published extracts in its Saturday edition of a 1986 account written by Pierre Lacoste, the former head of France's DGSE foreign intelligence service, giving the clearest demonstration yet of Mitterrand's direct involvement in the sinking of the campaign vessel.

Portuguese photographer Fernando Pereira died in the attack on the ship that was leading Greenpeace's campaign against French nuclear tests on the Mururoa Atoll in the Pacific.

"I asked the president if he gave me permission to put into action the neutralisation plan that I had studied on the request of Monsieur (Charles) Hernu," Lacoste wrote. Hernu was defense minister at the time.

"He gave me his agreement while stressing the importance he placed on the nuclear tests. I didn't go into greater detail on the plan as the authorization was explicit enough," he said.

Lacoste added that he "would not have launched such an operation without the personal authorization of the President of the Republic."

The scandal, which triggered Hernu's resignation and Lacoste's departure from the DGSE, shocked the world and tarnished France's image in the South Pacific.

Two French agents were later tried and imprisoned for blowing up the ship in Auckland harbor, New Zealand on July 10, 1985. They began their sentences in New Zealand but were later transferred to a military base in French Polynesia and were released within three years of the attack.

Lacoste's account, dated April 8, 1986, is contained in a 23-page handwritten document that has only now come to light.

Ordered by then defense minister Andre Giraud shortly after France's current President Jacques Chirac became prime minister in 1986, the document was kept quiet so as not to destabilize the power sharing agreement, or 'cohabitation', between the Socialist Mitterrand and Chirac's right-wing government.

The account is supported by documents in the secret service's archives and others likely to be in Lacoste's own possession, Le Monde said.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Being gay in Nigeria means death by stoning
Life under Sharia: a Nigerian man is facing death by stoning because he admitted to having had consensual gay sex.

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
France undermines African agriculture
Africa's farmers have been dealt a deadly blow by an instrument of French state power. Is there no depth to which France won't stoop in her effort to protect French farmers from competition?
PARIS (Reuters) - An Air France passenger jet with more than 190 people on board struck a cow shortly after landing at the coastal city of Port Harcourt, a spokeswoman for the airline said on Wednesday.

The jet hit the animal which had strayed onto the runway shortly after the regular flight landed with 196 passengers on board.

"The plane hit the cow after landing but there is absolutely no problem. Nobody was hurt," a spokeswoman said.

Port Harcourt is the centre of Nigeria's oil industry.
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