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guest author: papijoe in Discarded Lies:
USMC Birthday
"Everybody get on line! NOW!" We scrambled to line up on both sides of the aisle of the squadbay, and locked it up.


Oh Lord, now what. It was a holiday, like Sunday with church service, and the Drill Instructors were supposed to leave us in relative peace...unless someone screwed up. Screwing up had become a daily drama, and thanks to one recruit or another. Drill Instructor Staff Sargeant Sh**ts, our second hat aka "Stress Monster" had been digging us every day in the Pit. Then he'd send us to chow still coated with sand and the third phase recruits would taunt us. "You must be some nasty recruits, gettin' dug this early, hah-hah..."


Someone must have screwed up and we would all pay and our dream of one Pit-less day was gone.


"Who knows what day it is?" DI SSgt Sh**ts bellowed.


One of the forgettable recruits from south of the Mason Dixon line yodelled, "It's the Fourth of July, sir!"




Terror dimpled my skin and the very hairs on my arm stood at attention. I had learned the efficacity of prayer on Parris Island, I think that was one of the goals, so as not to render the old saw about atheists and foxholes untrue. Please G-d, let July 4th also be some famous day in Marine Corps history. 


"Someone knows and they're not saying. We got an integrity violator here." I abandoned all hope. One of the few honest things my recruiter told me was not to reveal my birthdate on Parris Island. DI SSgt Sh**ts must have noted the notorious date in my record. I waited for the inevitable, unwilling to be the agent of my own doom. 


"Oh yeah someone knows...WHAT DAY IS IT, RECRUIT FRANKENSTEIN?" The nickname referred to my height and how the lack of hair actuated my lantern jaw and elongated skull.  


"It's this recruits birthday, sir"




"Sir, no sir. That's not necessary, sir..."




Push ups. Sit ups. Sidestraddle hops (slightly less goofy USMC nomenclature for jumping jacks). Ferocious muscular pain, to the point of collapse and beyond. Delirium.

The whole time DI SSgt Sh**Ts was talking. Not to me of course, a Drill Instructor would never address a recruit in the same way they would another human being. So it was sort of a soliloquy in his raspy buzzsaw of a voice, holding forth on his philosophy of life and whatever else came to mind during my torment. It's not like I was taking notes, so I remember little else but one lucid realization that it was all an act and that althought he was in all other ways terrifying the large man barking commands between the monologue was not a psychopath.


After I broke my leg I was in a rehab platoon briefly before being declared FUBAR by the Navy. I was eating chow when I heard a familiar voice bellowing in my ear.




The others at the table froze in terror, I locked up and yelled, "Outstanding, sir!"


He stomped off, finally I explained casually, "My old second hat", and added with an arrogance I now reserve for discussions of what some consider torture at Abu Graib and Gitmo, "I was in Third Battalion..."

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Causing Turbulence
If you can ignore the patronizing tone of the article (I couldn't), you might enjoy this: Muslim female pilot creates major "turbulence". Let the clerics whine, I hope they choke on their hummus; Capt. Hindi kicks ass.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Christians in India
In Rajasthan, Christians attending a prayer meeting were attacked by Hindu extremists.
Most of the activists who attacked the gathering – more than 60 of them – belong to Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), both extremist Hindu paramilitary groups. They flooded the hall where the meeting was under way and forced all the participants out. According to local police, one person was seriously wounded. Ravi Mehada, superintendent of public security for Jodhpur district, said: “We are investigating the matter. I cannot say more."

Mgr Ignatius Menezes, bishop of the Ajemr-Jodhpur diocese, told AsiaNews: “We have lived with these fanatics for many years now. The government, led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) [a party which backs a fundamentalist Hindu vision ndr] does not have any control over them and it supports them indirectly. The VHP, RSS and similar groups are now here to stay."

The prelate said these groups “have gained a high level of popularity precisely thanks to these attacks against Christians, because they portray themselves as champions of Hindu purity, defenders of Indian culture and traditions".
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Greek Volunteer Brigade
A few weeks ago I had said I'd like to know more about Greek involvement in Serbian paramilitary units during the war in Bosnia and apparently I'm not the only one. Greek prosecutors are planning to investigate what role Greek volunteers played in the massacre of Srebrenica.
There were numerous rumors dating back to 1992 of “Orthodox volunteers" serving with Serb paramilitaries– Orthodox as in the “foreign" volunteer claimed to be a member of one of the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches. The rumors Jim Dunnigan (of StrategyPage) and I heard in the early Nineties suggested a few dozen “non-Serb" volunteers might be participating. Here’s the scenario I envisaged: A Greek “ultra-nationalist" who “hates Turks" decides to head north to Bosnia because he see “the Serbs are doing something about the Turks." (In his mind “Bosnian Muslim" means “Turk.") All this not-so-imaginary character has to do is take a bus from Athens to Belgrade and then ask for an automatic rifle. An investigation may reveal there were far more than a “few dozen" who took the bus to Belgrade (perhaps several hundred?).
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Short Multiple Choice Question - Extra Credit
Why did Hamas ban the annual Palestinian International Festival this year?
  1. Because people would trample the grass.
  2. Because there would be mixing of the sexes and many other things in violation of religious teachings and traditions.
  3. Because such an event is immoral and corrupt.
  4. Because of the suffering under Israeli occupation.
  5. All of the above.
  6. None of the above.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Hamza's Army of Liberation
Serbianna.com is a Serb partisan site and not exactly an unbiased source, but they have video of this one. It's a brutal video of a Serb soldier's murder by Bosnian Islamist fanatics. The transcript and video are chilling and reveal the inhumanity and senselessness of that war:
A young mujahedin, or at least someone introduced as such, with a green band around his forehead, is questioning him. He speaks excellent Serbian.

"Do you know me?" he asks Rogic.

"I don't!" says Rogic.

"Where do you think I'm from?" he continues, practically growling through
his teeth.

About ten young soldiers are standing over Rogic and laughing. They say he is a mujahedin. Rogic remains calm to the extent that is possible. He tries to reason with them, to find at least something human in his executioners. He raises his hand, as if to say, what is happening to you, and to find himself awaking in some other film.

But blows return him to reality.

"Why am I here?" the obviously "domestic" mujahedin continues his questioning.

He strikes him with his fists, grabs him by the hair, apparently cannot decide in his fury what to do with him.

"I guess you came to fight, f*ck it!" answers Rogic.

Another blow.

"How old are you?" a new voice interjects.

"I'm thirty-two," the Serbian prisoner replies calmly.

"So what are you doing here?" the "mujahedin" asks him.

The volley of blows continues. Rogic raises his hand. He defends himself reflexively. "Why?" he says. As soon as the blows stop, he lowers his arm.

"Where have you been?" continues the man with a green band around his forehead.

"In the forest, f*ck it."

"So what are you doing in the forest?" he continues with the questions and blows.

"Let's go, let's go," shouts someone from the crowd.

Rogic is still speaking: "Well, if anyone had bothered to ask you and me we probably wouldn't be here..."
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Suspended animation will soon be a feather in doctors' quiver
You've read about the frogs that have a form of antifreeze in their blood and simply turn to stone for the winter, then revive in the summer. Well, as mysterious as all that is, doctors have figured out how to suspend the life of, and then reanimate a mammal. Dogs! And they're doing it with nothing but saline solution! This has huge implications for battlefield medicine and for those awaiting lifesaving organ transplants as well.
Zombies rising from the dead sound like the stuff of horror films and nightmares - but it could soon be reality.

Scientists have discovered a way to bring dead dogs back to life.

Using a so-called suspended animation technique, they emptied the dead animals' veins of blood and filled them with ice-cold saline solution to preserve the tissues and organs.

The animals had no heartbeat or brain activity and were classed as being clinically dead.

The saline solution was then replaced with fresh blood and electric shocks were used to restart the heart. The dogs appeared unharmed by their suspension and had suffered no brain damage

Scientists at the Safar Centre in Pittsburgh hope to use the technique on humans within a year and are in talks with hospitals about trials on trauma patients.

They believe it could save the lives of people who have suffered massive blood loss, such as battlefield casualties or stabbings victims.

'The results are stunning. They have these dogs with complete cardiac standstill for three hours and they recover to normality,' said trauma surgeon Dr Howard Champion.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Massive sex-slavers' ring smashed!
A massive human trafficking operation was smashed in the Bay Area and Southern California on Thursday as the feds and local officers staged a more than 400-man raid, netting 45 scumbags and 146 20-25 year old women who'd been smuggled into this country illegally to be sex slaves.

America takes this problem seriously. Why won't Europe? When are we going to start hearing about European law enforcement swooping in on these vultures?

They were charging these girls 10,000-15,000 dollars, promising them jobs as hostesses and waitresses in America. Then they forced them to work as sex slaves, stripping away their dignity and trading them like Pokemon. The exact same thing happens on a shamefully epic scale in Europe, but nothing is done.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Happy Fourth of July, America!
Best wishes to everyone and a big, heartfelt thank you to our troops.

Enjoy yourself with some fireworks over your city. More fireworks here, courtesy of Lewis.

And last but not least, keep in mind what this holiday is really about.
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