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daily archive: 06/30/2005
evariste in Discarded Lies:
“Direct Action" in the Culture Wars
Conservatives flex their new Velvet Terrorism savvy

I've also published this writing at Winds of Change.NET.

I want to put together a few disparate strands of the culture wars. Specifically, I want to focus on the attention-grabbing and point-making tactics of both sides. I've noticed a few things lately. I'm struck by the contrasts that come from putting the Red-state mindset up to against the Blue-state mindset, and I want to explain what I'm seeing. If I'm successful, and if you voted for Bush, you'll take heart. If your sympathies are closer to Blue America, you probably won't be very happy with what you're about to read.

Now, there are serious liberals and there are America-hating clowns. There are also serious conservatives and clowns. Unfortunately for liberals, their clowns get all the attention, and they make it seem like they're all there is. This is bad news. The actors that I'm about to criticize and praise in these for-public-consumption dramas generally come from the same demographic pool, but the conservatives come across a lot better.

The conclusion that I've come to, based on comparing the creative efforts of the two sides, is that conservatism's tactics reflect an intellectually young and thriving movement, and the future in US politics does not belong to liberalism. I'll take you through the contrasts I've spotted in the imagination and creativity of each side's direct-action/velvet terror agitprop tactics, and I hope by the end of this you'll agree that the conservatives have the edge.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The terrible secret of Scientology
I was exposed to Scientology very briefly, shortly after I came to the States. I had stopped to light a cigarette near a door to some office and this cute guy offered me a light and we started chatting. He asked me if I knew about Dianetics and invited me in and gave me a copy. He wanted to go over it with me - by that time I was getting very bored - and he emphasized how important it was that I understood the language. He pointed at a chair and asked me if I understood what a chair was. I said I thought so and he made me repeat "it's a chair." We did that several times and then we did the same thing with the table. I don't know if this was some esoteric procedure or if he wanted to make sure I understood English.

Anyway, my interest in Scientology was shortened from zero to none and I did try to read "Dianetics" but it was, as the following article describes, "fantastically dull." And the book doesn't include the good parts:
Scientologists say they withhold this information because learning it can drive the unprepared person insane and give you pneumonia, but it's all over the Web, and it strikes me as far less likely to cause suffering than Hubbard's prose.

Critics say the church hushes up this story -- it involves an evil demiurge who, 75 million years ago, blew up 178 billion souls with hydrogen bombs planted in Earth's volcanoes, trapped them on "electrical strips," brainwashed them and packaged them into clusters that now cling to every human being and mess with our bodies and heads -- for two reasons.
I'm not sure what's an evil demiurge, but... could it be?
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
I hate you, you hate me, we're a hating family...
Woo-hoo, big news! Anti-Europeanism flourishes on U.S. right. So what? They hate us, we can't hate them back? After all, us Americans are paranoiac, we're mondially-below-average spie and we're imposed-law-to-booked! We have to hate!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The word is on the Arab Street: getting into America is easy!
In a previous Winds of War briefing, I covered the exploding problem of OTMs, and the fact that a large proportion of Other Than Mexican illegal border-crossers are Middle Eastern.
The number of illegal immigrants who are "Other than Mexican" (OTMs) has risen explosively to 100,000 in the past eight months (compared with 60,000 total last year.) The rapid spread of the information that OTMs are usually released on their own recognizance with a court date, rather than being detained, is probably the reason why. Brazilians, Central Americans and Middle Easterners are making their way to Mexico and then paying smugglers to take them across the border. They then seek out Border Patrol agents to surrender to, knowing that the agents will simply drop them off at the bus station.
Now comes news that 2 Iraqis are being held in Mexico who have fake passports and were trying to cross to America.

If Bush continues dropping the ball on border security, the next 9/11 won't be a picnic. He can't seem to see beyond the fact that many of the Mexican immigrants are only after a better life for their families. Yes that's great, how can anyone disagree? Now close the damn border, and create a system where we know who's coming in and who's leaving! A law-enforcement official warned that it's now “common knowledge" on the Arab street that America's easy to get into. I'm sure lots of hostiles are taking note.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
AP adores IDF
Question: When does the Associated Press let stories onto the wire that speak glowingly of the prowess of the IDF, and laud its victories?

Answer: When they're fighting and defeating Jewish people.
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ev and zorkie in Discarded Lies:
'ayahuasca vine told me to come over here and say privyet to throbert and packen'
We welcome Jauhara and she welcomes us too: Live from Infidelphia
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
America and India: A Formidable Fighting Team Is Born
The Anglosphere circles the wagons…around China
Joe writes at Winds of Change.NET: The Alliance: U.S. & India Sign Major 10-Year Defense Pact.

The defence chiefs of the US and India have signed a monumental deal to help us keep Pakistan, Bangladesh, and most importantly, China contained. We're fighting and slowly winning a global war on terror, but its scale will soon be dwarfed by the coming cold war with an ascendant fascist China. The American defense establishment's alarm levels are rising with alacrity at a China that is feeling her oats, and rapidly acquiring a level of military might that threatens to become a peer of the American military. A China that intends to conquer Taiwan and may have designs on fossil-fuel-rich Russian and Japanese territory. China is teaching the People's Liberation Army officers that America the People's Enemy Number One.

America is arming India not only with fish, but a fishing pole, a radar fish school finder, satellite navigation, and training in how to fish, too.

The Bush administration is on the march to put America's affairs in order, and is putting in place the system of alliances that will allow us to credibly deter Chinese adventurism. Arming India, giving her the know-how to arm herself, and training her troops side-by-side with the most experienced and capable military in history marks a giant stride towards that. Our training techniques are second-to-none. Indian forces will be able to link to the network of networks, America's matchless networked warfighting platform, thanks to generous technology transfers.

As the old saw has it, giving a hungry man a fish feeds him that day, but teaching him to fish feeds him for a lifetime. America is arming India not only with fish, but a fishing pole, a radar fish school finder, satellite navigation, and training in how to fish, too.

Outsourcing for cheaper labor has hit both the manufacturing and the service sector, and with IT outsourcing, it's also reaching into the knowledge worker's domain. However, China has gained the predominant role as the goods outsourcer, while India has gained the upper hand as America's services farm. While China methodically steals designs for missiles, nuclear weapons, AEGIS systems and more, India is creating that know-how at home—and that's a far more lasting way to rise to power.

Read Joe's entire piece for the details and copious links. This is huge.
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sine in The People's Diner:
Light and Tasty for Summer
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Saving Africa
Awright, so the show's on for Saturday: Live 8: The Rock-and-Roll Saviors. Here's what I don't understand: all these stars support suffering children, they're worried about peace and alleviating hunger and so on. Well, they're also like the fucking richest people in the world! And here's the Brits, another bunch of rich people who are tsk-tsking about little hungry children. And then, there's the really-really rich. Now if aid to Africa falls short by $50 billion, as they say, and these people's combined wealth is three gazillion billion, I don't understand why innocent people have to be subjected to Madonna's singing when these guys could throw in a couple of million each and save Africa single-handedly.

By the way, here's a real celebrity. You'd never see him on television though.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Shariah For She, But Not For He
Imrana's innocent life is being destroyed

First Imrana Khan was ordered to leave her husband and marry his father, her rapist. Now they're declaring that it's illegal for her to marry her father in law, who should be stoned to death (but won't). But just because he faces no consequences doesn't mean she doesn't. They're still holding fast to the rule that she must separate from her husband, for life, and he must raise their children alone. She is no longer “pure" after a few months. You might think a woman would give her a fairer shake. Not necessarily[bugmenot] with these medieval fuckers.

"The fact that Imrana was raped by her father-in-law completely bars her reunion with her husband. There is no way she can be allowed to again live with her husband," ruled AIMPLB's sole women member Naseem Ikhtidar.

According to Ikhtidar: "The Deoband school has rightly said that the husband-wife relationship between Imrana and her husband automatically ceased no sooner than she was raped by her father-in-law. Under the Shariat, she becomes the mother of her husband."

Maulana Khalid Rasheed, Imam of Lucknow-based Firangi Mahal, a renowned Islamic institution dealing with personal law matters, endorsed Ikhtidar's views.

"The decision of the Deoband maulanas was strictly in accordance with the tenets of Islam so there was little that anyone can do about it," Rasheed maintained.

However, they were at loss to explain why the guilty father-in-law Mohammad Ali was not being dealt with in accordance with the Shariat, which clearly lays down that a rapist should be stoned to death.

"Mohammad Ali had already been arrested by the police under various provisions of the Indian Penal Code so how can we interfere?" asked Ikhtidar.

"Since he is to be tried under the criminal law of the land, we do not come into the picture," said Rasheed.
But you do come into the picture when it comes to using your medieval logic to ruin a woman's life, separate her from her husband and children, and make sure she suffers from the rape for the rest of her life. What's the big deal, right? I mean:
Followers of the Hanfi school (named after Imam Abu Hanifa) are firm that the rape victim’s marriage stands automatically annulled because father-son relations are “sacred", while followers of the Shafai school argue that she cannot be punished further.
The father-son relationship is more important than the man-wife relationship. You know why? Because one relationship has two men in it, and the other one has a woman in it. It's really as simple as that. Women are property, not human beings.

They should hang the entire "All India Muslim Personal Law Board" and the entire Deoband “school" of “theology". Even Marxists are more humane:

Taking serious note of the issue, the All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) as well as the newly-formed All India Muslim Women's Law Board have flayed both the Deoband seminary and the AIMPLB.

AIDWA president Subhashini Ali, the firebrand former Communist Party if India-Marxist MP, is all set to lead a demonstration to Imrana's home in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh on June 30 to protest the ruling of the clerics.

"The decision of the maulanas was highly questionable. Such an attitude is bound to dissuade women from raising their voice against such exploitation and violence in future because they would be scared of being ostracized," said Ali.

"By the same logic, if a child is raped by her grandfather, would be declared a grandmother?" she asked.

Said Muslim women's board chief Shaista Ambar: "The ruling speaks volumes of the discrimination of the maulanas. It further establishes what we have been contending - that the male-dominated AIMPLB was not the appropriate forum to decide matters dealing with personal law issues and that is why we had to set up an independent body for Muslim women."
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Sophia, fascists and immigrants
It's time for me to come clean about a few things. First of all, I do accept bribes by certain parties to post about certain subjects, it's true. For example, Dave Ray offered me a Bentley to do a post about hate groups in New Jersey, much to bigel's chagrin but that's okay because I'm now waiting for bigel's bribe which of course will have to be at least equal to Dave Ray's.

And okay, I admit it, I do have an agenda. I have a deal with a Greek sheepowner, I demonize Jews and he gives me free feta cheese in return. I also have a deal for free chicken casseroles from some anonymous Jewish lady, all I have to do is demonize Greeks and other people occasionally.

In addition, I'm a secret hater and I like nuking. Also, I'm a Sharon-fascist and I'm not really Greek.

Anyway, the reason I came clean is because I'm very encouraged by all these riches and demonizations and so, in an aggressive quest for internet domination under a fake ethnicity, I am expanding my agenda. To celebrate this ungodly decision and caught in a rare moment of generosity, I decided to forego my usual bribe requirement and I wrote this post completely pro bono for bloggie's favourite fascist. Here you go, mauro: Sophia Loren fights to ban National Alliance posters
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