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daily archive: 06/24/2005
evariste in Discarded Lies:
Degeneracy: Euros hit a new low
Watch this classy Flash flyer for a rave held by a couple of Dutch DJ's on May 4th. That's Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Housewitz"-Auschwitz, but House music (a dance genre).

“Tanzen Macht Frei"-Dance will make you free. A sneering echo of the macabre Nazi motto at Auschwitz, “Arbeit Macht Frei" (work will make you free).

They actually use Holocaust imagery to promote their fucking dance party. Pictures of victims of the Holocaust in Auschwitz. If anything could reflect so perfectly the nihilism of modern Europe, it's this. So some fucking retarded candy ravers could eat ecstacy, wave glowsticks, and dance all night, they befouled the memory of the Shoah. Whether it was a joke or not, whether they really held this rave or just did this as a joke to gain publicity, it's the same travesty, the same insult to the memory of the innocents. Europeans continue to show that they're all heart.

A URL is advertised in the top-right of the commercial. You can get to it yourself, I'm not linking and giving them our Google juice. That would be rewarding this pathetic fucking travesty. Here's what it says:

Bij deze willen wij ons diepste excuses maken voor ons smakeloze Flash filmpje. We hadden niet verwacht dat de impact zo groot zou zijn. Ook wij zijn 3 jaar geleden in een concentratiekamp geweest in Tjechie en we waren daar erg van geschrokken. De site was nooit bedoeld om aan te zetten tot jodenhaat of iets dergelijks (wij zijn daar nadrukkelijk op tegen), het was slecht zeer zeer zeer zwarte "humor", althans zo was het bedoeld. Op 4 mei houden ook wij 2 minuten stilte en hangen wij de vlag halfstok net als iedereen. Het geheel is enorm uit de klauwen gelopen en het was al te laat voordat het hersteld kon worden. Wij zullen er alles aan doen om om excuus te maken en om het geleden leed zo beperkt mogelijk te houden.


Onze oprechte excuses voor onze zieke 'grap'

I put this through the Babelfish and here's what came back:

“At these we want make our deepest excuses for our tastless Flash small film. We had not expected that the impact would be this way large. Also we have been suffered 3 years in a concentration camp are in Tjechie and we had a lot been scared there of. Incite the site it had been never meant to anti-Semitism or something such (we are then express), were badly very very very black "humour", at least it had been this way meant. On 4 May also we 2 keep minutes silence and hang we the flag halfstok just like everyone. Whole from the claws has run enormously and was already late before it could be repaired. We will do everything make excuus and the suffered suffering this way limits possible keep. Once again, Our sincere excuses for our patient ' joke ' I AM SORRY"

Sorry, pathetic excuses for human beings. The apology rings hollow considering how many fucking hours this must have taken to put together. And picturing a couple of Dutch pricks huddled over their computer giggling while they did this...this fucking stunt makes my blood boil.

UPDATE: Bloggie's Iranian Agitpropagandist kianb clarifies some of the translation. It's "sick joke", not "patient joke", and they said they visited a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia 3 years ago and were shocked.

Not shocked enough, apparently.

UPDATE 8/12/05 by zorkmidden: Translation provided by Dutchy
Our deepest apologies for making the tasteless Flash movie. We didn’t expect it to have the impact it did. We too visited a concentration camp in the Czech republic 3 years ago that left us shocked. The site was never intended to promote hatred towards Jews or anything like that (we are stringently opposed to that), it was merely very very very harsh “comedy", or at least it was meant to be. On the 4th of May we also pause for 2 minutes (translators note: commemoration date to think of all people that died during WWII) and have the flag half pole. The situation has spiralled out of control and quickly too much damage had been done to correct. We will do everything in our power to show our regret and minimize the hurt we caused.

Our sincerest apologies for our sick “joke"

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The New President of Iran
This is not good: Hardline Mayor Wins Iran Presidential Race
TEHRAN, Iran - The ultraconservative Tehran mayor rolled to a landslide victory in Iran's presidential runoff, the Interior Ministry said Saturday, in a stunning upset by a man reformers fear will take Iran back to the restrictions of the Islamic Revolution a quarter-century ago.

Ministry figures gave Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 61.8 percent of the vote over his more moderate rival, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, who had 35.7 percent. The ministry posted a notice declaring Ahmadinejad the winner.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Lost Greeks
I had seen a documentary on Greek television about the Kalasha, a tribe in the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, who, legend has it, are descendants of Greek soldiers from the time of Alexander the Great. There's only about 4,000 Kalash left and between Muslims who are pressuring for conversions to Islam and NGOs who are doing more harm than good sometimes, the lost tribe is struggling for survival.

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kianb in Pahlaver:
'Parenthetical Parent'
Forget those statistics showing that fathers are playing an ever-increasing role in the lives of their small children. Daddies who change diapers, cart the little one to the pediatrician or help cook for Baby Dearest rate barely a mention in the typical child-care book, Fleming and Tobin of Gannon University in Pennsylvania claim in an article for the journal Psychology of Men & Masculinity.

Instead, they found that recently published guides to raising babies, when they mentioned dads at all, typically perpetuated outdated stereotypes that portray fathers as being little more than what these researchers termed the "parenthetical parent."
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
WWII Parisian police collaboration files revealed
The truly base and despicable levels of zeal with which the French police carried out the deportations of Jews to die in the Holocaust are now available, as their documents have been released to Paris's Holocaust memorial museum. Theirs was collectively one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history; the only useful outcome of this is that survivors can try to trace the calamity that befell their relatives and honor them by remembering.

Thanks a lot for nothing, France. Generations after the crime, you finally let us glimpse the skeletons in your cellar.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Petition To Stop It With The Petitioning, Already!
In a fit of pique after yet another pointless and whiny petition which will be ignored, RIP Ford brings you the Online Petition to End Online Petitions Petition
To: Online Petitions

I'm Shocked, Appalled, and Dismayed that all these useless petitions waste my valuable time and eat valuable internet space. I could be looking at porn right now!

They should be removed from the internet and their creators taken out back behind the barn and shot.


The Undersigned
I signed!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Behind the Guantanamo ruckus
This important piece in FrontPage by Rocco DiPippo exposes who's behind the endless war on America's terrorist detainment an interrogation facility at Guantanamo Bay. To nobody's surprise, it's an America-hater named Michael Ratner with funding by George Soros and the Tides Foundation. Ratner has actually said that he's on the side of the terrorists against America:
Obviously, there are many ethical lawyers and law firms that represent violent criminals and defend those with whom they may have deep moral and ideological disagreements – but Ratner is not one of them. “I don't usually take cases where I disagree with the politics of the people involved," he said in a 2002 interview, clarifying where he stands on anti-American terrorism.
The fifth column is alive and thriving.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
China's vast Canadian and Australian espionage revealed by defectors
Two Chinese men defected in Australia recently, telling tales of a vast Chinese espionage network. China has penetrated Australia and Canada to a stunning degree. One Falun Gong member in Canada found out that Chinese intelligence was aware of private conversations she had about starting a company; China is exporting its repression to the entire world and Falun Gong members can't even feel safe in the West. Worse, China is buying stakes in sensitive industries in order to steal intellectual property. An uproar in Canada over the latest revelations led to a law being passed allowing the government to block China from buying stakes in national security-critical industries.

We've been asleep to the threat for too long.
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guest author: militarybrat in Discarded Lies:
Lip Service
There is a dead horse to beat. I’ve tried to avoid getting on the bandwagon,but all that keeping myself quiet has done is aggravate the ulcer I got when my hubby was in Iraq.

So I’ve decided to let it out.

I don’t believe Dick Durbin’s apology. The main part of the reason I don’t believe it is that he never apologized for what he said, he apologized that we misunderstood him. Which is no apology whatsoever.

It has become the en vogue thing to do to say one supports the troops. Even Barbra Streisand says so, and Al Franken tours with the USO constantly. Lip service to the fighting men and women of this nation is de riguer in most speeches, political and otherwise.

The problem is that lip service is quite often all that it is - and Dick Durbin’s speeches would fall into that category.

You cannot accuse an administration of war crimes (and the Nazis, Stalinists, and Khmer Rouge used war crimes as a matter of everyday course) without also including in the penumbra of the accused those who carry out the orders. After all, if no one listened to Hitler, he would have just been some middle aged, anti-semitic crazy.

But people did listen. And I hold the soldiers who fought for Hitler’s Germany responsible for the crimes that the Nazis committed, too. I’m revolted by their uniform. A few weekends ago we visited a friend who had photos from part of her family that had recently been discovered upon the death of her mother. Included in those photos were pictures of a man in a Nazi military uniform (not SS). The pictures of this man I had never met and knew nothing about made my blood run cold. They made me physically ill. In the ensuing discussion, my friend and her husband said that they had experienced the same reaction.

It was a gut level thing - a visceral denial of the banality of evil. The photos showed this man with his family, smiling and celebrating. Playing with children. Obviously quite the family man.

But he was supporting a government that was systematically murdering Jews by the millions. And he had to know it.

So when I hear someone referring to the Nazi like behavior of the United States, I have more than once broken into their diatribe with this, “So, you are saying that my husband is a war criminal.�?

Inevitably there is sputtering and denial. But I keep repeating it. “My husband has interrogated people. My friends do the same. Dick Cheney is not patrolling in Baghdad, and George Bush is not taking care of the day to day at Gitmo. It is one thing to disagree with their policies, but when you accuse them of war crimes when others are carrying the rifles, your blanket condemnation applies to those in the uniform, too. You just called my husband a war criminal.�?

And that’s the truth of it.
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