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daily archive: 06/22/2005
throbert in Channel Ж:
Don't despair, the Root Cellar will be back in a few days with a more regular publishing schedule -- after Throbert has taken care of some other priorities.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Memory Wars
Jane Doe was videotaped by a psychiatrist when she was six years old saying that her mother had sexually and physically abused her. She was videotaped again, by the same psychiatrist, eleven years later when she was seventeen. During the second interview it appeared that she had forgotten and then remembered the sexual abuse. Her case has been hailed as "proof of repressed memory" because Jane Doe had suppressed a memory of a true event.

Elizabeth Loftus, scholar of memory and de-bunker of repressed memory, read about the Jane Doe case study and became suspicious. She was able to find out the real names of Jane Doe and her family. Using court records and interviews with family members, Professor Loftus was able to cast severe doubt on the accusations of abuse, showing that Jane Doe's so-called repressed memory may be entirely fabricated.

Although Professor Loftus never revealed Jane Doe's identity, she's being sued for defamation. She has already lost the case once and is appealing.

Here's the original article Professor Loftus submitted to the Skeptical Inquirer: Who Abused Jane Doe? The Hazards of the Single Case History: Part I. The LA Times article, Memory, Pain and the Truth, follows after the jump.
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guest author: Puppy Love in Discarded Lies:
North American Animal/Boy Love Association
I found your site searching for gorgeous pet pics and other interesting links. But when I saw this link by someone named IBC Frank, under the title "10 Rules for Dating my Dog" I felt compelled to comment as this is an area of special expertise for me, I hope you would allow me a guest post.

First let me say that speaking as the founder of the North American Animal/Boy Love Association, this is a terrible travesty of justice. The most glaringly unfair aspect of this story becomes apparent when we take a look at this "fetching" picture of the "victim":

Image hosted by Photobucket.com HELLLOOO! Princess is not a dainty little poodle, she is a PITBULL! Despite all of her charms, I can assure you from personal experience that NOBODY has his or her way with a pitbull without mutual consent! I mean think about it! So with that obvious fallacy out of the way, lets look at the real story here. This boy is the true victim of judgemental "morality" stormtroopers whose narrow view of what's right and wrong was taken from some brass ten commandments that should have been removed from their local courthouse decades ago. "Though shall not covet thy neighbor's property" indeed! If these weepy "owners" loved Princess so much, why did they consider her property in the first place instead of a passionate vibrant creature with desires of her own? I know it is a shock when these people realize that Fifi or Queenie isn't their little puppy anymore, but it is a fact of life! Deal with it people!

And as for this young man, he may have been a bit indiscreet, but whose fault is that? We as a society have really let him down and now he must pay the price. Certainly as the recent verdict in Michael Jackson's trial shows, we have made great strides in realizing that everyone has a right to their own morality. Relations between adults and consenting children with well compensated parents will soon be commonplace as long as everyone gets free passes to the theme park. In fact it probably won't be long until Disney World and Six Flags cottons on to this promising market. And our public schools have finally stopped the madness of telling our children that their hormones can in any way be controlled and have instead wisely focused on making sure everybody tolerates each other and has enough condoms to last through the week. The success of these programs has become evident to both teachers and the student body. So how hypocritical is it to tell this boy his feelings are wrong just because he is a little different? And who gets to decide that anyways? Greek mythology, which is the true basis of our society, is full of beautiful tales inter-species love. Are we to condemn this lad because some uptight puritans got here first and started making all the laws? My point is, if this boy had been properly educated in the school system as to the proper way to have a mutually satisfying relationship with Princess, this whole tragedy would have been averted.

Let's not make him the scapegoat for the failures of our society as a whole.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Some common sense about China's credibility
Investor's Business Daily doesn't think China's glitzy third-world Communist regime is being up-front about true economic performance either. China will implode if it doesn't continue to receive massive infusions of foreign direct investment (FDI). Its leaders do not wish to lose power, and have no scruples about lying. Do the math.
Washington and the media are quick to parrot Beijing's numbers showing "miracle" economic growth. But can we trust its numbers any more than the miracle growth once credited to the Soviet Union?

Market reforms or not, Beijing is still a police state running a command economy. Yet we accept Chinese GDP reports of 9% growth uncritically while casting doubt on their reports on defense spending. Go figure.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says Beijing is hiding military outlays, low-balling them so as not to draw suspicions about its territorial ambitions in the Taiwan Strait and elsewhere. (China's stated goal is hegemony in Asia; it's called the "Island Chain Strategy," and those islands include Taiwan and Japan.)

"Since no nation threatens China, one must wonder: Why this growing investment?" Rumsfeld said recently. "Why these continuing large and expanding arms purchases?"

So if Beijing's defense numbers are bogus, why do we have any confidence in its economic numbers? They come from the same dubious source: the Chinese Communist Party. How do we know its economic ministry isn't inflating growth numbers to attract more Western investment -- the lifeblood of China's economy? We don't. There's no transparency -- only a Great Wall of propaganda.

This is no small issue. American investors are pumping billions into the Chinese economy on the promise of huge returns, a promise slickly sold by the powerful pro-China lobby in Washington. Beijing needs that hard cash flow to finance its growth, because its state-run banks are virtually bankrupt. (Meanwhile, its central bank is artificially undervaluing its currency to make its exports artificially cheap.)

Many China watchers are starting to doubt China is growing as fast as it claims. "You can't trust their GDP numbers. They're at least 2% below what they advertise," said Roger Robinson, vice chairman of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. "So when they say 9% growth, it's really 7% or less."

Other estimates set the growth even lower -- 6.2%, according to the University of Chicago, and 3.0%, according to the University of Pittsburgh.

Robinson says that without the cushion of foreign capital, China would implode even with 5%-6% growth. And what would it do without our huge industrial subsidy? As a communist state with few incentives for innovators, China has to counterfeit goods and steal technology through economic espionage. Right now China pirates 90% of its technology.

"Miracle" economy? More like a mirage, kept alive by U.S. trade, investment and boosterism.

By naively buying into Chinese propaganda about miracle growth, we may be only propping up a corrupt communist regime while bankrolling its hegemonic military ambitions. We mustn't forget that any market reforms are merely a means to that end.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
We won't talk about that
Former undersecretary Gary Bauer criticizes the lack of media coverage about Wafa al-Biss, the Palestinian woman who was caught on her way to blow up a hospital:
"If you don't get the Fox News Channel then you didn't see any of the dramatic footage of the Israeli army's arrest yesterday of a 21-year old, female Palestinian homicide-bomber, strapped with 25 pounds of high-explosives, just moments before she was to commit mass-murder by detonating herself inside an Israeli hospital. No other television network featured the story.

"Utterly ignoring the extraordinary video of the homicide-bomber's arrest, both the BBC and CNN focused extensively on how much ‘damage’ Israel's early morning arrest - for which there was no video - of 55 Fatah and Islamic Jihad terrorists, described by CNN as ‘Palestinian activists,’ would cause to today's scheduled ‘summit meeting’ between Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

"That only one network would air incredible footage of the seizure of a ticking human-bomb, just moments before she tried to murder hospital patients, means this story was not simply ignored by the mainstream media - it was boycotted by the mainstream media. Since nearly every aspect of this remarkable story contradicts everything the mainstream media has been trying to tell us about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they just opted for the easiest way to handle it - denying it ever happened.
Bauer: Major TV Networks Boycotted 'Hospital Bomber' Story
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Japan and France to build Son of Concorde
I've always been a fan of supersonic travel. The entire fleet of Concordes was grounded and decommissioned over safety concerns after a deadly crash in 2000, and the world had no more passenger jets that flew faster than the speed of sound. and I'm very happy to find out that the dream's not dead: France and Japan plan to build a plane to go five times the speed of sound. It strikes me as an appropriate pair as the two have also been at the forefront of high-speed rail technology as well. 2015 is the target date.

Unlike the previous effort, this plane won't make an unwelcome sonic boom. Rival private efforts by US designers are also in the works, these designed more for the corporate small-jet market than the commercial passenger-jet market. A project at Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works is said, in simulations, to be quieter than a car going 100mph, and another being funded by a private billionaire has a wing design that makes it extremely fuel-efficient.
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sine in The People's Diner:
Ah, Summer!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Philly Muslims move to shun abusive spouses
This is a really good sign. The male leadership of the Muslim community of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley is adopting an initiative towards deterring and punishing, in the community, wife-beaters and men who abandon their families. Not only will they be banned from future marriages among the Muslim communities involved, their businesses will be targetted for boycotting as well. This is Amish-style shunning, and it will have a huge impact on tribally-oriented men, the kind most likely to abuse. If the tribe says it will kick you off the island for behaving a certain way, you probably won't behave that way—especially if you see other men getting the boot.
“This is setting a new precedent, globally."-Amina Wadud

The problem of abusive behavior by Muslim husbands is endemic and reinforced by flawed religious rulings that pander to misogynistic, patriarchal tribal customs. It's a problem that shouldn't persist in America, but it does, because the women aren't as independent as Western women, they're ashamed to come forward, and the community tolerates it.

That ends now for Philadelphia's Muslims. Psychopaths, bullies, deadbeats and abusers will no longer find their community a safe and forgiving refuge where they face no real consequences for their outrages.

I'm very happy that they've taken this concrete step to enforce mores that mainstream American society can relate to. Men who treat women worse than beasts of burden deserve no quarter; they're lower than ringworms. The fact that it was no feminist Islamic reformist with low credibility that took this initiative, but rather the male religious leadership (a clerical council), is heartening. Let's hope it sticks, and let's hope it spreads. This is the beginning of the end for those abusers who counted on tacit social acceptance of their misdeeds.

America's moderate muslims are vocally pushing for change, and as a result of their goading, their communities are starting to join the mainstream. Fantastic.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Rocky Mountain News earns reader respect
Now that is what investigative journalism is all about! The News did itself proud.
I go in for my share of media-bashing when they deserve it, which is often. This is not one of those entries. I come not to bury the Rocky Mountain News, but to praise it: their Ward Churchill reporting has been thorough, penetrating and outstanding. They've kept the heat on high, and made it impossible for CU officials to try and let Ward off the hook when public attention dies down.

Here's their Churchill series front page. The short of it is, “A News investigation finds problems in all four major areas before the CU panel." The four major areas are Fabrication, Plagiarism, Mischaracterization, and Misrepresentation.The verdict: guilty of all charges, and in detail.

They've shown their readers what real, tenacious, dedicated investigative journalism is, and the readers think they're doing a great job. When a media outlet does its job rather than lying to us, misleading us, promoting their blatant partisan agendas while pretending we're too dumb to notice and gambling, often successfully, that we won't punish them for it, and distorting reality through a prism of sensationalism and half-truths, it deserves rich praise. But praise isn't the only result they've achieved.

Colorado University had no choice but to add the revelations and findings of the Rocky Mountain News investigation to its deliberations, and extend the probe, which was to end this month, by sixty more days.

The Rocky Mountain News turned a good case into a slam-dunk, and Ward Churchill will lose his job because of their diligence. Well done. Well done.

The public aren't as stupid as they look; they appreciate it and will reward it, as the gushing letters the RMN received for its outstanding work make clear. Some samples of the praise they've received after the jump…
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guest author: cba in Discarded Lies:
The Loo-liness of the Long-Distance Runner
Some of you may remember The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner, the 1959 book by British author Alan Sillitoe, or the 1962 movie of the same name. Much more recently (in 2003) Russell Taylor published The Looniness of the Long-Distance Runner, a title that to my mind is far more accurate--I’ve found running to be a highly social activity and not the least bit lonely, whereas you certainly have to be at least a bit insane to run long distances.

Jefe commented that he didn’t realize the importance of bathroom facilities when you’re going to be running a long distance. So, with a nod to my British heritage, I’m going to discuss “The Loo-liness of the Long-Distance Runner.�?

Adult content warning!

OK, that’s not quite accurate. It’s more like 4-year-old content warning. But if you dislike discussions of pee and poo, please move promptly to the next post.

Now, as I was saying…
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