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daily archive: 06/07/2005
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Saudis are big liars
Saudis Deny Persecuting Christians. So where are these people then?
A Saudi official denied allegations that the kingdom has arrested and tortured Christians, saying such actions run counter to Islamic tolerance.

The remarks to the official Saudi Press Agency came in response to reports in Iranian papers of recent arrests.

The official, who spoke to SPA on condition of anonymity, said the allegations "don't go with the principals and values of the kingdom and above all our tolerant Islamic belief which guarantees the rights of Muslims and residents of different religions and ethnicities alike."

Saudi officials rarely speak on the record.

Members of other religions in the conservative Islamic kingdom generally are allowed to practice their beliefs in private but are prohibited from seeking converts or holding organized religious gatherings.

The State Department listed Saudi Arabia as a "country of particular concern" in a report last September on the state of religious freedom in more than 190 countries. Countries so designated can be subject to sanctions. The report accused Saudi Arabia of "particularly severe violations" of religious freedom.

The Washington-based watchdog group International Christian Concern, a nonprofit organization, reported last week that Saudi security and religious police have engaged in a major crackdown against Christians, saying it had received reports of 46 confirmed arrests of Christians in the wake of reports of the desecration of the Quran at the military prison camp in Guantanamo, Cuba.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
All they have to do is say 'terrorism'
Amtrak forgets to serve a guy a meal he requests so he makes bomb threats forcing police to stop the train for six hours and search it. Some other idiot, upset that he was replaced in some project, sends an anonymous letter to the FBI accusing the person who replaced him of planning to carry out a biological attack in the U.S. And the biggest idiot of all had an argument with his wife and then called her on his way to Morocco saying he had been kidnapped by Arabs who were forcing him to fly to Casablanca. What happened to just egging people's cars when you got mad at them?

Screwy terror tales
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Backbone against Judenhass
Here's how antisemitism is faring in Europe:
Not much has changed in the picture of anti-Semitism in Europe since last year, according to an Anti-Defamation League survey of 6,000 European adults in 12 countries. Released on the eve of this week’s OSCE conference in Spain on anti-Semitism, 43 percent feel Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their home country; approximately 30 percent feel Jews have too much power in business and finance; and 42 percent said it’s “probably true" that Jews talk too much about the Holocaust.
And in this spirit of love and kindness, in Paris, a Hezbollah official refused to answer a question from a journalist because he was Israeli; several reporters left the conference in protest.
Several French journalists stalked out of a Paris news conference when a Hezbollah official refused to answer a question from an Israeli reporter.

Sety Hendler, who writes for Yediot Achronot, asked Ali Daamouch, Hezbollah’s head of exterior relations, about the status of prisoner-exchange talks with Israel. Daamouch asked Hendler his nationality, and upon hearing that he was Israeli, refused to respond to the question. Hendler left the room in protest, and several other reporters joined him in solidarity.

On her way out, a French journalist chastised those who remained behind, “He refuses to respond to a Jewish Israeli journalist and you stay! It’s scandalous, it’s shameful!"

A non-Israeli journalist repeated the question and received a vague response from Daamouch.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
'Iran is here for You'
Do we have interesting commenters on bloggie or what? We're all one of a kind, that's for sure, and some of us are more one of a kind than others. KianB (a one of a kind friend whom I love) introduced me to roya parsay, a woman whose family is part of Iran's history.

roya leaves many interesting and amusing comments on bloggie. She's sincere and earnest and I like her and she's the only person I know who uses more commas than I do. So I can't resist some affectionate teasing :-)

Michael,Innocent, fans shouting,Judge dismiss,woody allen?

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kianb in Pahlaver:
Double Standards
It seems that walking on the Koran is not such a good idea these days.
But at the same time, Walking on the Bible is promoted otherwise!
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guest author: Rugby the Rat in Discarded Lies:
TAFG!! you are it PRIMATE LADY!!!

hello nice primate ZORKIE or as you wuld say _sta ellenika_:

i am rugby & in case you have frogotten, I am a *RAT*.

and i have a fabulous idea for your DL blog?! which is baltantly ripped off from the MUsic and movie threads but you dont have to tell people that!!!

ok here is the idea. get a pncil and paper to write it down!! ready??

(1) WHAT?! are your top 3 favorite foodstuffs *IF* somoeone else is cookign?

(2) what are yout top 3 favorite EZ-to-make "comfrot foods"?

(3) what is is one food that you will NEVER try bescause it sounds too disgustnig?

(4) what is one very digustign food that you DO plan to try someday to porve to your [friends, sPouse, homosexual companoin, childern] that you have testixcles/obvaries?

my answers:

(1) (a) rost CHICKEN BONE!! w/ meat & fatty skin and marrow inside!!
(b) banana w/ nutella & dry cat food... mmm all teh food groups
(c) pasta, pasta, pasta! w/ garlicky tommato SAuce to make it moer PRETTY in my mouth?!

(2) (a) CORN fished fresh from swimmign pool!!!

(b) fersh salad greens! (dark ones are tsastier and better for you)

(c) lucky chrams cereal... faith i' begorrah, tis good eatin!

(3) Fried rat! no just kidding...i would porbably try IF it was made from a certin rat that i know of... HMM this is a tough one actually. but i guess i'll say that I dont like very sour stuff like lemons and pickles.

(4) easy question: sea penises!!! as seen on bolggie!!



P.S. oh one more question tht doesnt apply to me but maybe you primates would fnid intresting?!: what is a food you like now but hated as a child, i.e. an acqwired taste that you DIDNT EXPCT to acquire???

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Will Iranians vote in the presidential elections?
Reza Pahlawi Jr doesn't think so. I wonder how much support the Shah's son has in Iran. And what's this business about a referendum? If a referendum changes Iran from an Islamic theocracy to a Muslim democracy, I'm all for it.
Paris, 6 June (AKI) - The son of the last Shah of Iran and heir to the throne, Reza Pahlawi has appealed to all Iranians to abstain from voting in the 17 June presidential elections. "If [outgoing president Mohammad] Khatami with more than 20 million votes did not have the capacity to take even a small step towards democracy, how can one expect Rafsanjani, a man hated by the majority of Iranians, to be the spokesperson for reform," Pahlawi told Iranian journalists in the French capital, Paris.

Pahlawi, who lives with his wife and two daughters near Washington D.C. in the United States, is convinced that "65 percent of Iranians will not vote on 17 June."

"Iranians have little interest in which candidate will be elected," said Pahlawi. "What most Iranians want is a referendum to choose the type of regime," he added.

The referendum Pahlawi is referring to is a request made some months ago by a group of dissidents, including Mohsen Sazegara, one of the founders of the Pasdaran, the revolutionary guards of the Ayatollah.

The referendum is touted by its supporters as a tool to help define the future of the country with the support of international organisations such as the United Nations or the European Union.

Various opposition forces, ranging from reformists who 8-years ago pinned their hopes on current president Khatami, to the monarchists who support Pahlawi, and including many of the intellecturals that supported the Islamic revolution 25 years ago are all pushing for the referendum as the only way to bring about meaningful change in Iran.
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guest author: logprof in Discarded Lies:
Part 1: Raw Africa
Angola was to offer me a glimpse at just about everything that is going wrong in most (if not all) developing countries, in one place. Both from direct experience and from those of my uncle’s circle, I took that Angola is bedeviled by corruption, a wide gulf between rich and poor, and problems with the mindset of its populace.

For these reasons and more, Angola is Not Ready for Prime Time.
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