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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
It's not just Le Monde
Le Monde was recently found guilty of racist defamation. They're not the only European newspaper guilty of anti-semitism and then of course there's the Turkish media. By the way, as if reading all this crap is not upsetting enough, I just found out something else that made me sick: the commonly used Greek word "τσιφούτης" (pronounced "tsifoutis") which means "stingy", comes from the Turkish "cifit" (pronounced "chee-fut") which means "filthy Jew." The Greek dictionary just gives me "stingy" and its synonyms and says the word had a Turkish derivation. It doesn't say anything about Jews and I would never have known if I wasn't doing this post.

Right now I feel very dirty.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Misunderstood 11-year-old girl terrorises town
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Iraq War Coverage: Talk Show Hosts Head to Baghdad
From Move America Forward
Radio talk show hosts will be broadcasting their shows live from Baghdad, Iraq. In an effort to shed light on the "whole Iraq story," radio talk show hosts from across the United States are traveling to Baghdad from July 7 to 17, 2005.

Move America Forward (website: http://www.MoveAmericaForward.org), a non-partisan not-for-profit organization, is coordinating the trip for the talk show hosts with the U.S. Armed Forces Central Command. Melanie Morgan and Howard Kaloogian, Co-Chairs of the organization, and Board Member Buzz Patterson will be leading the delegation of talk show hosts to Kuwait and then on to Iraq. Morgan, who also has her own radio show on KSFO radio in San Francisco, will also be broadcasting live from Baghdad.

"Move America Forward's charter is to support our troops," Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson (Ret.) and host of The Buzz Cut of the Rightalk Radio Network said. "It's time our guys had their say, and we're going over to Iraq to give our troops a chance to tell the world about all the hard work their doing, and the successes they're having."

Move America Forward is currently supporting a "Cookies and Coffee for the Troops" program. Gourmet coffee and cookies stamped with the military branch insignias are sent to men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan with a supporting message from an American sponsor. The talk show hosts will be bringing a large shipment of cookies to
distribute directly to the troops in the field.

For more information on Cookies and Coffee for the Troops: Cookies and Gourmet Coffee for Our Troops

Talk show hosts who will be making the trek to Baghdad include nationally syndicated talk show host, Dennis Prager (based at NewsTalk 870 KRLA - Los Angeles, CA); nationally syndicated talk show host Lars Larson (based from NewsRadio 750 KXL in Portand, OR); Melanie Morgan of powerhouse KSFO 560 AM (San Francisco); Mark Williams of Sacramento, CA's #1-rated radio station, KFBK 1530; Michael Graham of NewsTalk 630 WMAL (Washington, DC); Martha Zoller of Newstalk 550 WDUN (Atlanta-Gainesville, GA) as well as the RighTalk Radio Network; and Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, host of "The Buzz Cut" on the RighTalk Radio Network.

"We're looking forward to taking our medium to Baghdad and blowing the lid off of the other half of the Iraq story that the mainstream media refuses to cover-success, progress, democracy and freedom," said Morgan.
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sine in The People's Diner:
Reopened for Redirtying
The diner is reopened for redirtying!

French Fries
Note oil splatters on walls and everywhere.

Breaded Pork Cutlets
Note bread crumbs stuck to oil on walls and everywhere.

Note vowels and consonants stuck to oil on walls and everywhere.
(You dessert lovers can thank Marion for this one!)
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guest author: Dave Ray in Discarded Lies:
...almost out of breath...TAG!
Well, music and books have been taken so I'll have to pick another subject close to my heart. My true passion apart from Tottenham Hotspur, music and politics is movies. (Oh and my future wife obviously....Oooops).

This is my tag to all of you. I want to know..

1. First film you saw in cinema?
2. Do you actually enjoy DVD extras? Or would you prefer a cheaper disc with just the film?
3. The five films that remind you of your teens?
4. The greatest film of all time?

....and as a extra bonus.....

5. Which movie star would play you in your life story?

Here are my answers.

1. Crocodile Dundee - I was young Ok!
2. Cheaper DVD!
3. a) The Breakfast Club b) Can't Buy Me Love c) Gremlins d) The Goonies e) Return Of The Jedi
4. Europa, Europa

and finally......I think a more Jewish looking Bruce Willis would be adequate (the hairline would be correct) but he'd have to get in shape!
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
'Leaderless resistance'
How do extremist groups operate? An ex-FBI undercover agent who specialised in domestic counterterrorism says there's a wide underground extremist community and that contrary to popular theory, "lone extremists" do not act independently; they commit violent acts individually so that others in the movement can avoid criminal liability. Their acts are part of a "leaderless resistance," a technique to subvert the criminal justice system.

Behind the Lone Terrorist, a Pack Mentality
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Not everyone is happy with Khaled Mahameed, the lawyer who opened the Arab Institute for Holocaust Education and Research in Nazareth. Progress is going to be very difficult (and that's an understatement) and I want to wish Mr Mahameed good luck and lots of support. I wish he had a website or that we had an address - he should know there are people who appreciate what he's doing.

UPDATE - Found the website: Arab Institute for Holocaust Education and Research
At a recent family wedding, no one talked to Khaled Mahameed.

And these days, that's sort of the typical response he's been getting.

Neighbors curse him. And a relative accused him of playing into Israel's hands.
Holocaust site upsets Arabs
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Hamas's McCartney Moment: Repercussions
The terrorist gang meets a public that is newly demanding accountability
This report from Israel's Intelligence and Information Center on the reactions and events since Yusra Azzami was murdered by a Hamas "morality" death squad on a beach outing with her fiancé is quite interesting. Both the media and Palestinians expressing themselves on websites were uniformly harsh on Hamas, which shrank apologetically, paid reparations to the grieving family, and continues to claim not to have a religious police. The force of civilian indignity at the atrocity by Hamas proved quite potent, as it did in the IRA's case, and has caused Hamas a dramatic loss of face. If these guerrillas think they can swim as fish in the sea of the people, they should beware not to be tossed on the waves and thrown out.

Almost as encouraging as Hamas being held accountable by mere civilians, a lot of the complaints that I read by Palestinians were that the Palestinian Authority's rule is not supreme, and that Hamas is setting itself up as an alternative government. They long for a single government and criticized Abu Mazen for not providing the security that he has promised. If Palestinians themselves demand to be ruled by their democratic government and not by an unelected gang, there is a small basis for hope.

Hamas was also recently forced to admit making a mistake and pay restitution to the family for killing a suspected collaborator. On both the religious front and the political front, they're overreaching, and biting the hand that feeds them by outraging civilians. If they think they can afford this, they're mistaken.

Dr. Elias al-Madani's lament is particularly poignant:
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guest author: logprof in Discarded Lies:
Prologue: Non-Service with a Smile
Before diving into recounting the trip to Africa, best to recall just how hard it was to get there –even before getting there.

The whole odyssey would not be possible without a visa to enter Angola (on the other hand, U.S. citizens do not need visas to enter Namibia or South Africa), and here began the frustration.

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