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daily archive: 05/30/2005
guest author: murf in Discarded Lies:
Appearances & Reality
Critically examining the sensationalist behavior of the media and authorities in the Kelley Patricia Kaminski story

We previously reported the case of Kelley Kaminski here: Now a girl wants to shoot up her school. A reader named murf left an intriguing couple of comments that shed new light on the story. Kelley Kaminski may have behaved threateningly, and if she really did have a map of the school and the determination to carry out a massacre, that's reprehensible. But the authorities and media behaved very badly indeed in focusing on sensationalizing the story for publication rather than on determining the true danger and alerting the parents. Read on:

Once again appearances may not be reality. Ask yourself what your face would look like if you were a barely 4 foot tall child who had been intensely interrogated for 6 straight hours by police and administrators who were desperate to piece together a "conspiracy" they had already announced to the media. A conspiracy of (and here is the rub) rolling wisecracks at a lunchroom table of 9 children.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Venezuela Coup Attempt?
Is Hugo Chavez dead? Babalu Blog has updates. You're the boss. Need the info.

A Cuban cigar and a Cuba Libre to Frank IBC for the link.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
In case of emergency, break rules
Disobeying authority figures and relying on informal information led to a lot of lives being saved on 9/11 that would have been lost in a more obedient society. That's the conclusion of the National Institute on Standards and Technology (NIST) in a report called Occupant Behavior, Egress, and Emergency Communications. For instance, 2500 lives were saved by people using elevators against orders. The idea is that people with better information on the ground than their remote instructors like 9/11 operators and other emergency management personnel survive better when they base their actions on their own information networks than on central command and control mechanisms. Makes sense.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Interesting show on PAX
If you get PAX, this new show they have called Lie Detector will have Jeff Gannon and a Swift Vet on this Tuesday. I'll be watching, though it sounds pretty cheesy to be honest.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
An Act of Revenge
Imagine this:

You're a young woman and your brother has a girlfriend. The girlfriend's family finds out about their relationship and takes your brother to court. The court orders you to marry the other girl's brother because this is the local custom, to give a female as an exchange to settle a criminal case. This custom is illegal but it doesn't matter to the court and you marry this stranger because you've been ordered to.

On your wedding night, your new in-laws enter the bedroom and tell you that the wedding was just an excuse; what they really want is to exact revenge on your brother for "outraging" their daughter's "modesty". Your new husband then brings his friends in the bedroom to gang-rape you.

You can quit imagining now.

Jury-decreed marriage: Groom lets friends rape his bride

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Liberating Macedonia
It was difficult for me to read this article because the history we are taught in Greece about the Balkan Wars doesn't exactly match the events described here: Greek Atrocities in Macedonia by Risto Stefov - Part 1. But then I read these old polls that the author published and reminded myself that this is the Balkans, anything can happen.
According to Serbian statistics compiled in 1889 by Gopcevic, 57,600 Bulgarians, 201,140 Greeks, 2,048,320 Serbians and 0 Macedonians lived in Macedonia.

According to Bulgarian statistics compiled in 1900 by Kantched, 1,181,336 Bulgarians, 228,702 Greeks, 700 Serbians and 0 Macedonians lived in Macedonia.

According to Greek statistics compiled in 1904 by Deliani, 336,017 Bulgarians, 652,795 Greeks, no figure was given for Serbians and 0 Macedonians lived in Macedonia.
Here's a more comprehensive look at this issue: Macedonians in Greece. Of course, according to Greece, there are no Macedonians there.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Israeli President Moshe Katsav, while on a visit to Germany, said he's worried by growing signs of anti-Semitism. He's right to be worried, right-wing extremist ideology is becoming fashionable in Germany once again. Neo-Nazi groups are growing at a high rate, there's an increase in the number of crimes and violent acts committed by right-wing extremists, skinhead concerts are happening with greater frequency, and the German Minister of the Interior says this aggressive, neo-Nazi movement is cause "for great concern."
Quietly and persistently, a new youth culture has developed in both the eastern and western parts of Germany. It's Germanic and xenophobic and potentially explosive.

While the German government does its best to ban neo-Nazi demonstrations at memorials for victims of the Nazis, right-wing extremism is gaining new adherents in schools, concert venues and at youth gatherings. The "nationalist mood" has become "chronic and wide-spread" in former East Germany, says Bernd Wagner, an expert on extremism. But young people in these areas are unlikely to encounter many foreigners there. According to a current study by the Bavarian State Office for Political Education, their right-wing extremism is a protest -- even a revolt -- against the West's more liberal, middle-class values.
Read it all: Right Wing Extremism in Germany: Shock Mom and Dad: Become a Neo-Nazi
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Memorial Day Winds of War Briefing
At Winds of Change.NET, the Monday Winds of War by Bill Roggio and I is now up. Topics include:
Iran roundup, Iran set to resume nuclear bomb; A look at the political process in Lebanon; Fleet surge; Hamas still building bombs; CIA cyberwar simulation; Los Zetas; Algerian Jihad; new Crisis in store for southern Sudan; Pakistani bomb blast kills 20; Indonesia bomb kills 22; Schapelle Corby; Protests in China; Terrorist bases in Europe; ETA Arnaldo Otegi; Russian power; Japanese hostage Akihiki Saito murdered.
Thin briefing this week, but that's all you get, so go climb a tree.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
'Fake' Suicide Bombers
In the last five months, fifty two Palestinian teenagers have been arrested while attempting to carry out bomb attacks. According to the PA however, these incidents were "fabricated".
Though the Palestinian Authority has promised to stop terrorism against Israel, a PA official had a response of a different nature to the bombs. PA information ministry director Ahmed Subh told the Iranian News Agency that the PA believes the child bombers were faked by Israel. "I am 100% sure that these incidents are fabricated from A to Z by the Shin Bet," he said. "We must note that these concocted stories… are meant to serve and justify the overall Israeli posture, especially the unmitigated theft of Palestinian land and Israel's refusal to take its troops and tanks from Palestinian towns."
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Memorial Day
President Bush says it best: We honor every soldier, sailor, airman, Marine and Coast Guardsman who gave some of the best years of their lives to the service of the United States and stood ready to give life, itself, on our behalf. Watch this tribute from GOP.org.
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