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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Zimbabwe, from bad to worse
Zimbabwe recently announced a 45 percent devaluation of the Zimbabwean currency against the dollar. Agriculture in 'Africa's bread basket' has come to a halt, thanks to Mugabe's land redistribution, 80 percent of the work force is unemployed and a quarter of Zimbabwe's population has emigrated. Now, in the latest outrage masked as 'Harare's urban beautification campaign,' the government plans to demolish the housing of approximately 50 percent of Harare's residents throwing 2-3 million people in the street in the middle of winter.

Millions of Zimbabwe's Poor Face Eviction
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Laws, laws, laws
If you live in Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, Michigan, Mississippi and North Dakota, you shouldn't just be living together with your significant other, you should be married. And no unmarried sex if you live in Illinois (you hear that, evariste?) or Minnesota or South Carolina or Utah. In Virginia, don't hunt on Sundays unless you're hunting raccoons. Do not import, repeat, do not import any skunks in Tennessee, and if you live in Connecticut, don't store the town records in a liquor store. Just don't.

Odd U.S. state laws ban owning skunks, swearing
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Post-War Croatia
Croatia's possible future membership of the European Union is still much overshadowed by the war in former Yugoslavia. The start of the negotiation process was even postponed earlier this year because of the failure to hand over Croatian general Ante Gotovina to the Yugoslavia Tribunal (ICTY) in The Hague.

However, another issue casting a less publicised shadow is the situation surrounding the return of refugees to the country. Some ten years on from the end of the war and only one third of the approximate 300,000 refugees have actually returned. The international community, and the EU in particular, want to see this chapter closed by the end of 2006.
On the way to the EU: dealing with Croatia's wartime legacy
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Just another popular cartoon
Despite repeated calls by the Bush administration to end anti-Israel incitement in the Palestinian Authority media, the official newspaper of the PA continues to regularly publish hate cartoons against Israel and Jews.

The most recent anti-Semitic cartoon, published in Al Hayat Al Jadeeda, on May 13, depicts a Jew impaling the northern region of a map of the Arab (and Islamic) world with the flag of Israel, drawing blood, while at the other end there appears to be an Arab is hanging upside down, holding a white flag.

The cartoon was drawn by Omayya Joha, a well-known Arab cartoonist, particularly popular among Palestinians for her radical opinions and vehemently anti-Semitic cartoon portrayals of Jews and Israel. Joha’s husband was a Hamas terrorist who was killed in a shootout with Israeli forces in 2003. Joha herself, identifies with Hamas beliefs.
Official PA Newspaper Prints Racist, Anti-Semitic Cartoons
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A camera as a weapon
Videos are emerging from inside North Korea showing executions, children begging, anti-government banners and photographs of Kim Jong Il defaced with graffiti. The debate is whether the people that are filming these events are dissidents motivated by their opposition to the regime or just regular guys out to make a buck: Secret N. Korean Footage Suggests Nascent Dissent. I don't know what constitutes an official dissent but the fact is these people are risking their lives in order to hang an anti-government banner and take pictures of it. I don't think they're in it just for the money.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Kerry signs the 180
via lawhawk, apparently Kerry has finally signed that form 180 releasing all his records... I want to know what finally got him to do it!
I'm not referring to the Human Torch in the upcoming Fantastic Four, but rather Michelle Malkin's report that Senator John F. Kerry (and former Presidential candidate) apparently signed SF-180, which would authorize the DoD to release his military records.

Kerry signed the form a few days ago, and the records may be made public within a few weeks. The question now before us is the following:

If the records do not show anything unusual or damaging, why did Kerry wait until now to sign and release the form?*

If the records do show unusual or damaging entries, just how damaging are they and what does that say about Kerry's character and fitness, not only for his current position, but for his prior and future Presidential aspirations?

* There is some disagreement over whether Kerry will be the one who gets the information from the 180 release and that he can then edit out the damaging portions or that the 180 release provides all the information to any interested party. Someone with more knowledge of this information request will have to address this issue.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Unholy Shenanigans in Louisiana
Did you know that Louisiana is the only state with a death penalty for child molesters? You'll be happy to hear this happened there, then...
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Zarqawi's Rich Fantasy Life
Zarqawi's death squads claimed to have captured a US pilot responsible for bombing mosques, the Sheraton and civilian homes. The US military said no servicemembers were missing, causing Al Qaeda to release pictures of his driver's license. Here it is:

The poor bastard was just an Assyrian Iraqi. His family escaped Saddam to America. When America took down Saddam, he came home. One day, slimy Al Qaeda bastards posing as representatives of the oil ministry doling out business opportunities to dual-national businessmen tricked him and kidnapped him. Then they killed him and claimed he was a pilot. Who do they think they're fooling? They're playing a dangerous game, and I hope Iraq rises and stomps them. The outrages never cease from this gang that can't shoot straight. A couple of things are interesting to note, and may be signs of hope: they felt they had to claim he was in the US military to justify having killed him. They were probably afraid to say "we killed him for being an Assyrian Christian" or "we killed him because we hoped to hold him for ransom from his family in America but he was fought back" or whatever the truth really is. His Christianity and dual citizenship were not deemed sufficient cause to trumpet his killing, so they had to make stuff up to try to deflect any bad publicity. Another interesting bit: no beheading video. That either means that if they tried to make one, he spoiled it, or that Zarqawi and company think the negatives now outweigh the positives in issuing their snuff films. If they do, it is a very positive development, and was accomplished by Iraqi outrage at the free publicity for terrorists given by the Arab media (which has noticeably turned down the rhetoric, especially Al Jazeera—not in response to US pressure, but in response to the market).
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
A tremendous sign of hope
Here's mud in yer eye, Abbas you old Holocaust denier!

Unlike a lot of hopeful news from the Middle East and particularly Palestine, it's hard to view this development with anything but unadultered optimism. This can only be good. First Holocaust museum geared to Arabs opens
NAZARETH, Israel (Reuters) - An Israeli Arab has opened what he calls the first Holocaust museum geared to an Arab audience, saying the prospect of peace would improve if Arabs knew more about the Nazi genocide against Jews.

Khaled Mahameed said he created his gallery to educate fellow Arabs about the World War II Holocaust, which seemed far removed from their lives but had a major impact on them.
Lend zorkie some sugar for this one. Actually, zorkie, have some of this year's delicious strawberry crop, washed and sliced in a bowl with a tablespoon of sugar and two of cognac. You know you love it, ellinida.
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