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daily archive: 05/22/2005
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Turkish Nationalism and Anti-Semitism
MEMRI is running a series about anti-Semitism in the Turkish media. We had featured Part 1 here, and this is Part 2: Antisemitism in the Turkish Media (Part II) Turkish Intellectuals Against Antisemitism
Antisemitism in the Turkish media targets not only Jews in general, but also the Turkish citizens who are members of the small Jewish community of about 20,000 people. Increasingly, newspapers are accusing Turkish Jews of disloyalty, of betrayal, and of having hidden and sinister agendas. The Turkish media has recently blamed the Jews for espousing secularism and for espionage against Turkey.

This antisemitism, in which Turkish nationalism and radical Islam find common ground, is of growing concern to some Turkish intellectuals.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A Ritual of Death
"Sexual cleansing", a tradition of rural African life, is one reason H.I.V. has spread to 25 million sub-Saharan Africans, killing 2.3 million last year alone. AIDS Now Compels Africa to Challenge Widows' 'Cleansing'
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sine in The People's Diner:
Jordanian Independence Day
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Conservative clerics hated her, young women admired her: the killing of Shaima Rezayee
If people could be declared "martyrs of western civilisation", 24-year-old Shaima Rezayee would qualify. She was host of "Hop", a popular television show in Afghanistan featuring music videos from the U.S. and India and Turkey. Shaima adopted western ideas of freedom including the liberty to wear Western-style clothes, to drink alcohol and to have male friends, freedoms that earned her a death sentence. She was shot in the head in her own home in Kabul, a possible honor killing conducted by her brothers. Reporters Without Borders said she was the first journalist to be killed in Afghanistan since the end of the war. Another "Hop" host is holed up in the television station, afraid to go home after having received numerous death threats and a beating.

Incidentally, one of the demands by the kidnappers of CARE worker Clementina Cantoni this last week was that Kabul's Radio Arman stop broadcasting "Young People and Their Problems", another very popular program in Afghanistan.

Brothers suspected in death of Afghan star
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Changing Names
Changing names of boulevards and streets is a fairly common practice in Greece. Street names would usually reflect politics of the time, some streets would be named after dictators and royalists only to change names again when a democratic government took power.

The major thoroughfare near my house in Salonica was called "Kennedy Boulevard" back in the days when Greece was friendly to America, and renamed "Alexander the Great Boulevard" when we decided we didn't like Americans so much any more. For a few years after that people would refer to the place by both names and taxi drivers, our wonderful Greek roadmaps-on-wheels, of course knew both.

In 1997, when Salonica was Cultural Capital of Europe, Plateia Eleftherias (Liberty Square) was renamed Plateia Evraion Martyron (Jewish Martyrs' Square) to commemorate the events of July 11, 1942. On that date, the Germans ordered all Jewish males between the ages of 18 and 45 (about 10,000 people) to assemble in the square and forced them to do calisthenics all day, in the hot summer sun, in order to determine who was fit to be sent to slave labour camps. People who fainted from the heat were shot. It was the begining of the deportation of the Jews of Salonica.

I thought the name change was a wonderful idea, it meant that Salonica was coming to terms with her past. I read about it while I was in the States so when I went home a few months later I excitedly asked my friends and family what they thought of the name change. They didn't know about it. Neither did the taxi drivers when I would ask. And you know, if the taxi drivers don't know the new name...

Anyway, here's what got me thinking about this subject: White protesters want to keep Pretoria's "Boer" name
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
On a Texas Sunday morning
Of course, after reading this:
A staff sergeant in the Royal Dragoons tank regiment has become an unlikely star after recording a spoof version of the No 1 hit song, Is This The Way to Amarillo.

Staff Sergeant Roger Parr shot the video at their base in Al Faw, Iraq, before e-mailing it back to army friends in the UK. But so many soldiers tried to download the video that it brought down the Ministry of Defence computer servers.

The song was released for Comic Relief earlier this year with comedian Peter Kay miming to Tony Christie’s 1971 original. In the squaddies' spoof, Parr marches through the Iraqi camp mimicking the comedian and summoning up fellow squaddies along the way. Two were dressed only in underpants and webbing while others appear with towels while shaving.

At the end of the video three portable loos come into shot with the doors swinging open on two to reveal a couple of naked squaddies sitting on the toilets.

The Sun newspaper reported today that each download used up 52 megabytes of bandwidth, causing not just the MoD server in Whitehall to crash but one at Strike Command headquarters at High Wycombe, Bucks.

The newspaper added that defence chiefs were left with only phones for communication for five hours.

An MoD spokesman said last night: "The video is brilliant. The soldiers maintaining their morale on operations is always important.

"The fact that it proved so popular in the office and caused the system to crash is unfortunate but this did not affect operations and the system is up and running again."

The Dragoon Guards were on a six-month Iraq tour when the video was shot and are now back at their base in Munster, Germany.
I had to see the damn video. So I hunted it down! It's hysterical, these guys are having way too much fun with this. So click and watch it already.
click picture to play video
Lyrics beneath the fold.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Comrade Survey #3,063.5
Fess up comrades!

What kind of toilet paper are you?

What is your precise national match?

What is your redneck name?

Completion of the quizzes is mandatory if you want pudding.

(strawberries and cream to floranista)
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