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daily archive: 05/20/2005
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The riddle master
Dan Chamizer, a former air force pilot, is Israel's riddle master. He has created riddles for newspapers, for television stations, banks and schools, and has launched national treasure hunts. His show on Israel Radio draws thousands of listeners and the name Chamizer is now part of Israeli slang.

Read the article after the jump and here's a little chamizer for you:

What is more powerful than God, more evil than the devil, owned by the poor and needed by the rich?
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Rogue Regime
Jasper Becker, veteran foreign correspondent and author of "Hungry Ghosts: Mao's Secret Famine," has a new book out, "Rogue Regime: Kim Jong Il and the Looming Threat of North Korea". Very timely since North Korea already has assembled a few nuclear weapons and is preparing to stage its first nuclear test.

What to Do About a Country That Has a Nuclear Threat and No Use for Rules
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sine in The People's Diner:
Easy Recipes
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Obin Report
An official report dealing with religious expression in French schools has become a must read for anyone interested in the Islamization of France. Written under the auspices of the top national education official, Jean-Pierre Obin, the report was not initially released by the Ministry of Education. But it was leaked on the Internet in March and now can be found in its entirety at www.proche-orient.info and other websites.


In primary schools, the report cites instances of first grade boys' refusing to participate in coed activities and Muslim children's refusing to sing, dance, or draw a face. In one school, restrooms were segregated: some for Muslim students and some for "French." Some lunchrooms were segregated, by section or table. Some students required halal meat; at one school, the principal provided only halal meat for everyone.


Inevitably, the report records rampant "Judeophobia," to use the term in vogue in France. Among even the youngest students, the term "Jew" has become the all-purpose insult. Obin deplores the fact that principals and teachers do not strenuously object to this, treating it simply as part of the youth culture. Even more serious is the increase in assaults on Jews or those presumed to be Jewish. Usually the assailants are Muslim students. Sometimes the victims are, too: One Turkish high-school girl was relentlessly harassed and bullied at school because her country is an ally of Israel. The section of the report on anti-Semitism winds up with this sad conclusion: In France today, Jewish kids are not welcome at every school. Many are forced to switch schools or even conceal their identity to escape anti-Semitism.

According to the report, Muslim students perceive a large gap between the French and themselves. Even though most of the Muslim kids are actually French citizens, they see themselves as Muslims first, and more and more of them hail Osama bin Laden as their hero. In their eyes, he represents a victorious Islam triumphing over the West.

Finally, the report discusses a host of difficulties teachers encounter in dealing with specific subjects in the classroom. Most Muslim kids refuse to participate in sports or swimming, the girls out of modesty, the boys because they do not want to swim in "girls' water" or "non-Muslim water." When it comes to literature, French philosophers such as Voltaire and Rousseau are very often boycotted because of their supposed Islamophobia. Molière, the father of French satiric comedy, is among the writers most often boycotted.

As for history, Muslim students object to its Judeo-Christian bias and blatant falsehood. They loudly protest the Crusades, and commonly deny the Holocaust. Under the circumstances, many teachers censor their own material, often skipping entire topics, like the history of Israel or of Christianity. The report cites one teacher who keeps a Koran on his desk for reference whenever a thorny issue arises. It cites Muslim students who refuse to use the plus sign in mathematics because it looks like a cross. Field trips, especially to churches, cathedrals, and monasteries, are boycotted.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, these pathologies are now present across France.
Leaving No French Islamist Behind by Olivier Guitta
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Consequences of being a Dalit
Although caste discrimination is outlawed in India, the 3,000-year-old tradition of oppressing and segregating the untouchables is still going strong. There are approximately 240 million Dalits in India, nearly 16%-25% of the population. In a democratic country, where everybody is supposed to have equal rights and opportunities, 1 out of 4 or 5 people is untouchable. Here are some of the consequences of being born a Dalit:

Dalits are not only forbidden to enter the home of upper caste people but they must also not draw water from the same well, nor eat from the same pot or plate. They must not glance at or allow their shadow to fall on the higher castes. Dalits are not allowed to wear shoes; if they do, they have to take them off in the presence of a higher caste person. Dalits are not allowed to enter a bus until all the upper caste people have entered; they're also not allowed to sit, even though seats are vacant. After a Dalit servant has cleaned the house, a family member will sprinkle 'holy' water to purify everything the servant has touched. In the rural areas, the Dalits live in separate communities, outside the village; they're not allowed to ride bicycles through the village where upper caste people live. Restaurants have two sets of glasses, regular ones for the upper castes and the infamous clay cups that are broken after a Dalit uses them. Most Hindus will avoid having a Dalit prepare their food because they fear they'll become polluted. Villagers in the state of Bihar, where hundreds of people have died in caste wars over recent decades, forced a school to stop serving the federally mandated lunch to its students because Dalit women cooked the desserts.

Dalits are regularly subjected to violence and torture: two weeks ago, a Dalit woman was tortured and paraded naked by upper caste men because she refused to work as a maid for one of them. Another one was tortured to death after being accused of killing a child by witchcraft.

Subhuman lives: Dalits in India
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Don't mess with North Carolina
Bayboro, NC, May. 19 (UPI) -- A Georgia man sentenced to life in prison in North Carolina 35 years ago for stealing a 19-inch black-and-white TV is about to be paroled at age 65.

Junior Allen was convicted of second-degree burglary for entering an unlocked home and stealing a TV worth $140 in 1970 when he was 30 and has been languishing in a Bayboro, N.C., prison ever since, the Raleigh News and Observer reported.

Pamlico Correctional Institution authorities this week decided to grant his parole application after rejecting 26 previous requests. Allen's release is contingent upon Georgia authorities agreeing to monitor his parole, which would expire when he turns 70.

Thief to be freed after 35 years in prison - (United Press International)
Poor bastard. Stealing while black, I bet. Jaysus. 35 years? Can't you just cut off my hand?

From the other side, an update, via TalkLeft last year: Free Junior Allen
Posted by Supernatural at February 19, 2004 07:23 AM

The lady he stole the TV set from happened to be my wife's great-grandmother - an old, confused woman living out in the country by herself who couldn't have possibly hurt a fly. She was beaten by this cretin before he left with her TV set. She could never live by herself again because of her fear that he would return.

Simple case - beat up a sweet old Grandma - rot in jail. The TV has nothing to do with it. Get the facts straight.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
End the Boycott
Two university presidents, one a Palestinian and the other an Israeli, joined on Thursday to urge an end to an academic boycott of Israeli universities by Britain's leading higher education union.

Sari Nusseibeh, the president of Al Quds University in East Jerusalem, and Menachem Magidor, president of Hebrew University, made a joint declaration here at an international gathering of scholars debating human rights.

"Our position is based upon the belief that it is through cooperation based on mutual respect, rather than boycotts or discrimination, that our common goals can be achieved," the declaration said.
End to Boycott of Israeli Universities Is Urged
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guest author: Marine Momma in Discarded Lies:
The most blessed woman on this earth
When people ask me how many children I have, I know I'll get either one of two reactions. The first one is a dropped jaw, wide eyes, and a comment about me being Catholic or not having had figured out how I get pregnant to begin with. The second reaction is a smile and a comment about how blessed I am. My hubby, Dale, and I feel like we are blessed to the max too.

We didn't start out thinking about have 10 kids, but the more that came, the happier we were. It hasn't been easy, Dale was a dispatcher for years before losing his job and starting up a cleaning business, but God has met us at every road block and has helped out through each one. I've become a pro at being cheap:) I used to live at garage sales and swap with other people for clothing, but after we moved out to our present home I found an organization that is like Goodwill, but it's all free! It didn't take long to get to know the owner and the lady who owns it knows what my kids like so she'll hold something back for them at times.

Our kids ages are 24, 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 4, 2, and we sadly lost our 9th child in a miscarriage. The first 3 were trial and error in parenting (I'm surprised our first came out as good as she did and without any emotional baggage too:) but I'm used to stages now and am more apt to roll my eyes and make a smart comment instead of becoming unglued. A lot of times I have 3 people talking to me at the same time and then being upset that I didn't understand it all!

We homeschool the kids and I love the one on one with each of them. It's fun to watch them learn a new concept and really get it. When they're all together I sit back and watch them interact with each other. There are the normal fights and slights, but I see them stick up for each other alot too. My oldest routinely takes one or more of the little ones for the day, one to spend time with them and two to give me a break. I really appreciate that. When my 21 year old son was in Iraq last year it weighed on most of us. When we would send him a box the kids would all make cards for him. The kids are already counting the days to when he'll be home this summer.

Meals are something, especially if I have a child learning to cook. The older ones take turns cooking and there are some dishes you really pray they get a better handle on. My 4 year old is on eating strikes lately but the 2 year old eats anything and everything. Our days are a lot alike, up in the morning, school and then play time or errands. I'm trying to get all of the kids to be more responsible in cleaning their rooms, right now the boys are winning:) My passion is gardening and right now my 4 year old is my shadow and is learning the names of the flowers. He likes to sow seeds with me but can't understand why they don't just up and grow right then. My girls like to pick the flowers after they have bloomed for awhile. Most of our fruit trees flowered this spring and I'm praying hard that we get some fruit before the deer get it.

Most of the time our life is hectic yet boring, but I still believe I am the most blessed woman on this earth!!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Your one stop hate shop
zorkmidden kept her unblinking eye peeled for untold hours finding hate from around the globe for you while you all blissfully snored through the night in non-hateful, silken cocoons. Well HAPPY FUN SNORING TIME IS OVER! Now that the bloody thing is finally up, you better get your ass over there and show her some love for all the hate she dug up for you. Meanwhile, some of you will be pleased to know that she's finally blinking again. I had to teach her how, she'd forgotten. It was like pulling down ancient Egyptian shades until she got the hang of it and stopped fighting me. We'll be doing blinking drills over here while you're gone. HUP down UP down YUP down UP down...

Winds of Change.NET Hatewatch Briefing topics include:
Religious Hate: PA TV airing anti-Semitic sermons; anti-Semitic sermons from Egyptian clerics; PA-TV incitement marks "Al-Nakba"; Kidnap and murder in Bethlehem; Baptist church firebombed in Russia; KSA holds bible toting Indian incommunicado; Kuwaiti Islamists oppose political rights for women; Gay editor bashed in Amsterdam.
Idiotarian Seethings: UK student warned to stop protesting anti-Semitism; Kazakh parliamentarian raves about Jewish conspiracies; Turkish newspaper portrays Schroeder as a Nazi; Berlin tennis club: Nazi era = Golden era; Green fisks Buchanan; Wal-Mart: zoning laws = book burning.
Race and Culture: Neo-Nazi groups in Germany adopting al Qaeda tactics; Turkish Intellectuals against Antisemitism; Fascism and racist attacks flourishing in Russia; Leaflets distibuted in Ukraine call for murder of Jews; anti-Semitism in the Czech Republic; Bulgarian nationalism; neo-nazi spammers.
A Hopeful Note: Kuwait approves political rights for women; Neo-nazi march halted in Germany.
Mmm, hate.
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