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daily archive: 05/13/2005
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Sex Slavery in Britain
Last year, 11 trafficking cases reached Lithuanian courts and since January 2005 they have begun another four, three connected with Britain. Reda Sirgediene, Interpol's chief officer in Lithuania, was given the task of liaising with British and European forces to deal with the problem in 2002.

"Many of the women are less educated, they don't have work and they meet 'friends' who say you can earn good money abroad," she said.

"These men who look for women in Lithuania, they can just approach them in the street and say do you want to work in the UK? But the girls are cheated right at the airport.

"The model is often the same. The ones who try to recruit women on the streets tend to be young men, in their early twenties. Often they are good-looking.

"They might use a telephone number passed on down a chain of people. and will say they are just calling because someone, a friend, gave me your number. "Sometimes they lie and say they are studying in London and that is why they know they can get them good work.

"Sometimes they say they are sportsmen and they are travelling to Britain for competition or for training, and they say they would like to take this woman with them.

"They lie. And once they arrive at the airport in the UK they have people waiting."
Scroll down the page and read Elena's story: The People Traffickers
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
'Go back to your ghetto'
In Bulgaria, a recent survey revealed hostility towards the Roma with 86 per cent of the respondents describing them as "lazy and irresponsible" and 92 per cent saying the Roma have criminal tendencies. Not that Bulgarians are the only Europeans who hate Gypsies.
Such convictions are even more evident on Internet sites and in chat-rooms, where forums overflow with hatred towards minorities, especially Roma.

Under the cover of anonymity, the youngsters mainly use these sites to express their loathing in radical, even neo-Nazi, style.

Slogans urging gypsies to be turned into soap bars or locked in mine shafts can often be found on the web.

One recent example was an Internet forum on Roma. While the discussion drew a few sympathetic opinions, it was swamped by viciously negative comments.

"You had better disappear and take your tribe with you!" one participant told a Roma woman on the site.

"Go back to your ghetto," another correspondent wrote in.

"Everyone knows you have no state or culture and that you gypsies are dirty, lazy liars," a third participant opined.
Nationalism Retains Grip on Bulgaria's Youth
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Bad guys will learn to DREAD this weapon

The DREAD Weapon System is so totally awesome, I had to change pants three times while reading this article.
Imagine a gun with no recoil, no sound, no heat, no gunpowder, no visible firing signature (muzzle flash), and no stoppages or jams of any kind. Now imagine that this gun could fire .308 caliber and .50 caliber metal projectiles accurately at up to 8,000 fps (feet-per-second), featured an infinitely variable/programmable cyclic rate-of-fire (as high as 120,000 rounds-per-minute), and were capable of laying down a 360-degree field of fire. What if you could mount this weapon on any military Humvee (HMMWV), any helicopter/gunship, any armored personnel carrier (APC), and any other vehicle for which the technology were applicable?

That would really be something, wouldn't it? Some of you might be wondering, "how big would it be," or "how much would it weigh"? Others might want to know what it's ammunition capacity would be. These are all good questions, assuming of course that a weapon like this were actually possible.

According to its inventor, not only is it possible, it's already happened. An updated version of the weapon will be available soon. It will arrive in the form of a tactically-configured pre-production anti-personnel weapon firing .308 caliber projectiles (accurately) at 2,500-3000 fps, at a variable/programmable cyclic rate of 5,000-120,000 rpm (rounds-per-minute). The weapon's designer/inventor has informed DefRev that future versions of the weapon will be capable of achieving projectile velocities in the 5,000-8,000 fps range with no difficulty. The technology already exists.

The weapon itself is called the DREAD, or Multiple Projectile Delivery System (MPDS), and it may just be the most revolutionary infantry weapon system concept that DefenseReview has EVER come across.
Read the rest.
UPDATE: it's more dud than dream gun, really. Watch the cheesy promotional video at the bottom of this article if you want to see how they envision it working, then read KingTiger's comment there, towards the bottom. A thimbleful of Remy to aridog.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
KGB dinosaurs terrified of more colored revolutions
Speaking at the Q&A session at the lower house of the Russian Parliament, chief of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) Nikolay Patrushev blamed foreign spies for plotting new velvet revolutions in CIS countries.

"Foreign special services more and more actively use non-traditional methods for their work and through educational programs of various non-governmental organizations are involved in [issuing] propaganda of their own interests, carrying out their activities and collecting information," RIA Novosti quotes Patrushev. He said FSB has information about USD 5 million spent by an unnamed western NGO to fund a velvet revolution in Belarus.

Among the organizations involved with foreign spies, Patrushev mentioned the U.S. Peace Corps and Saudi Red Crescent.

Patrushev added that the chiefs of special services in CIS countries recognize this danger. According to the FSB chief, in April the directors of the CIS special services discussed the threat of a continuous wave of velvet revolutions in post-Soviet space.

Online Magazine - Civil Georgia
Threat? It sounds more like a promise. Wouldn't it be amazing if every former soviet socialist republic became a free-market democracy?

I hope the CIA is funding subversion through the Peace Corps. But the Saudi Red Crescent? Ho-kay...
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Zarqawi Saga
Maybe the 540th time is the charm... Zarqawi Killed?

(a thimbleful of cognac to Frank IBC)
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Protests and recruitments
While protests spread across the Muslim world over unconfirmed reports that the Koran was desecrated by "the dirtiest of hands, American hands", in Iran the Headquarters for Commemorating Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement held another meeting for volunteer suicide bombers. The meeting was held in a cemetery and the future "martyrs" were dressed in shrouds.
Most of those attending Thursday's meeting, half of them women, were members of the Basij militia, a hard-line paramilitary group, and have already had military training. But the movement says it provides more training for suicide attacks.

The movement's spokesman, Mohammad Ali Samadi, told the audience that the volunteers were preparing for "martyrdom attacks against occupiers of Palestine, the assassination of (British author) apostate Salman Rushdie and attacks against occupiers of holy places (in Iraq)."
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Declassified: Cuban terrorist was on US payroll
Cuba 'plane bomber' was CIA agent
Declassified US government documents show that a man suspected of involvement in the bombing of a Cuban passenger plane worked for the CIA.

Luis Posada Carriles, a Cuban-born Venezuelan and anti-Castro dissident, was an agent and informer.

The papers also reveal that an FBI informer "all but admitted" that Mr Posada was one of those behind the 1976 bombing that killed 73 people.

Mr Posada, who denies any involvement, is said to be seeking asylum in the US.

His lawyer says his client, thought to be in hiding in the Miami area, deserves US protection because of his long years of service to the country.

US officials say they have no evidence that Mr Posada is in the country, and add that they would deal with an asylum application from him as they would any other.

No conviction

The documents, released by George Washington University's National Security Archive, show that Mr Posada, now in his 70s, was on the CIA payroll from the 1960s until mid-1976.

One FBI report quoted a confidential source as saying that Mr Posada was one of several people who met at least twice at a hotel in Caracas, allegedly to discuss bombing a Cubana airlines plane.

The report recommended that no action be taken on the information, as it would compromise its source.

Mr Posada was arrested in Venezuela after the bombing, but was not convicted before he escaped from prison.

The US documents show that he later went to central America, where he joined the covert US operation, led by Lt Col Oliver North, to rearm the anti-communist Contra guerrillas.

Diplomatic row

Mr Posada once boasted of being responsible for a series of bomb attacks on Havana tourist spots in the 1990s.

Five years ago, he was arrested in Panama and accused of plotting to kill President Fidel Castro during a summit there.

He was convicted of a lesser charge, but was later pardoned and freed by the outgoing Panamanian president - causing Cuba to break off diplomatic relations.

His alleged reappearance in Miami has provoked the wrath of the Cuban government, which accuses Washington of harbouring an alleged terrorist.

Venezuela - a close ally of Cuba - says it is planning to seek his extradition. If Mr Posada has applied for asylum, his case will present the Bush administration a dilemma, says the BBC's Paul Keller in Miami.

The US would have to reconcile its traditional sympathy for the politically influential Cuban exiles in Miami and its firm stand against suspected terrorists in the wake of the 11 September 2001 attacks, our correspondent says.
We sure associate with some unsavory people. But having the guy on the payroll as an informant is different from supporting his specific terrorist plots, like the downing of the civilian airliner.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Two boys' survival of the Shoah
I missed this when OpinionJournal first ran it on Yom HaShoah, it's amazing.
From its earliest observance, Yom HaShoah focused in part on the hopeful and heroic--the glimmers of light in the otherwise unremitting darkness of those years. "Who was a hero?" asks Dr. Jacob J. Schacter, dean of the (Orthodox) Rabbi Soloveitchik Institute in Boston. "Ghetto fighters, partisans, resisters of any kind, even those who continued to live a moral life in the face of such evil."

In preparation for this year's Yom HaShoah, a Jewish school in New York discovered one such act of defiance and survival. At a recent parents' meeting at the progressive Abraham Joshua Heschel School on Manhattan's Upper West Side, two fathers of young daughters introduced themselves and learned, remarkably, that both of their fathers had been born in the same small Ukrainian town.

The Heschel parents, an American and an Israeli, realized that, since there was only a single Nazi transport from the town, both of their fathers were undoubtedly on the same train bound for an extermination camp in October 1942. The American told of his then 19-year-old father, who escaped by jumping through a plank he had dislodged from above a window in the car. His father, telling the story, always added that, before he jumped, he pushed a boy up and out through that loosened plank.

The Israeli instantly knew who the boy was, for his own father had always told of how there was an opening too high for him to reach--he was then age 11--and of how an older boy lifted him up and pushed him out. The two boys never saw each other again, but each, miraculously, survived the war by hiding in Ukrainian farms and forests. Now their children, so far in time and space from these events, came to learn that their daughters are in the same class.

In earlier years, the school's Yom HaShoah memorials have featured Heschel grandparents, including leaders of anti-Nazi partisan groups and survivors who described life in the ghettos. Those presentations were extraordinary, but perhaps none was equal to this story of entwined generations--and the hope it offers.
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