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daily archive: 05/09/2005
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
From the Beach to the Brasada

Read RIP Ford's travelogue, the photos are beautiful and you'll feel you took this trip with him. And I love this quote, a lesson for life:
The rougher and less traveled a road the better. Smooth roads offer little charm and don’t do anything but put you to sleep anyway.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Reality of Hate
White Revolution, an Arkansas-based racist/supremacist group, traveled to Boston to protest the events marking the Holocaust. Nazis are so tactful, aren't they? But these pathetic losers, who needed a police escort larger than their whole group, were met with some protest themselves.
In sharply contrasting scenes, several hundred mourners filed into a tightly-guarded Holocaust Remembrance Day memorial service while others rallied outside, chanting anti-Nazi slogans in anticipation of the arrival of members of the Arkansas-based White Revolution and other fascist groups.

The protest forced the closure of streets around Faneuil Hall and Government Center.

Ten to 15 white supremacist demonstrators arrived about halfway through the memorial service, escorted by eight mounted police and more than 50 riot police.

After marching down Congress Street, the neo-Nazi demonstrators were directed behind police barricades as about ten times as many anti-Nazi protestors hurled insults and chanted slogans like “we say no, we say no, Nazi scum have got to go."
Tufts senior Katie G. Todd attended the protest with a small group of Harvard students after learning of the event through a political activism e-mail list.

I couldn’t believe it was actually real," she said, adding that the hatred she saw on neo-Nazi websites motivated her to come to the protest and take a stand.

Students Join Protest of Neo-Nazi Rally
And in Berlin, 6,000 demonstrators confronted 3,300 right-wing extremists who were protesting about the German "cult of guilt": German neo-Nazi march halted on WW2 anniversary
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Happy Orgasm Day
In Esperantina, Brazil, the city council has declared May 9 Orgasm Day. So um...have fun everyone!
Espertantina Mayor Felipe Santolia endorsed the May 9 holiday, which he said was intended to improve relationships between married couples.

"We're celebrating orgasm in all its senses. There's even a panel discussion on premature ejaculation. But from what I've seen, women have more trouble achieving orgasm than men, especially in marriage," Santolia said by telephone from Esperantina, 1,300 miles north of Rio de Janeiro.

Santolia said the remote town of 38,000 people has been unofficially celebrating orgasm day for years, but that the town's former mayor had vetoed a bill making it an official municipal holiday.

The city council passed a law Saturday creating the holiday. Santolia, who took office earlier this year, said he would sign the bill later Monday.

"I'm 32, single and I have an open mind. Beside the theme is very much of the moment," he said.

Orgasm Day celebrations include a series of panel discussions by sexologists from across Brazil and a presentation of Eve Ensler's play "The Vagina Monologues."

Santolia said the idea of celebrating Orgasm Day at first created a scandal in this poor region, known for its religious fervor. But he said residents gradually residents warmed to the idea.
Brazilian Town Declares Orgasm Day
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Margaret Thatcher, Jeanne Kirkpatrick support Bolton

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Jeane Kirkpatrick, who served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during the Reagan Administration, both this week expressed their strong support for the confirmation of John R. Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the U.N.

Bolton's confirmation was held up two weeks ago when Sen. George Voinovich (R.-Ohio), who had failed to attend two hearings on the nomination, showed up at the meeting at which the Senate Foreign Relations Committee planned to vote on the question, and changed his mind about immediately voting for Bolton after listening to demagogic tirades by committee Democrats.

The committee now plans to vote May 12 on whether to recommend Bolton's confirmation to the full Senate. Voinovich's vote, according to Republican sources, remains a question mark.

Thatcher endorsed Bolton in a letter addressed directly to the nominee. Kirkpatrick sent a letter backing Bolton to HUMAN EVENTS Editor in Chief Tom Winter.

"I am writing this letter in order to let you know how strongly I support your nomination as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations," Thatcher wrote to Bolton on May 4. "On the basis of our years of friendship, I know from experience the great qualities you will bring to that demanding post."

"A capacity for straight talking rather than peddling half-truths is a strength and not a disadvantage in diplomacy," wrote Thatcher. "Particularly in the case of a great power like America, it is essential that people know where you stand and assume that you mean what you say. With you at the UN, they will do both."

In her note to HUMAN EVENTS Editor in Chief Tom Winter, Kirkpatrick said she believes Bolton "will be an extraordinarily good representative of the United States to the United Nations.

"It is job I know well, having held it nearly five years," said Kirkpatrick. "Moreover, John Bolton's office was only two doors down the hall from mine for several years at the American Enterprise Institute. So, I have had an unusually good opportunity to come to know Bolton's views and values and to observe his effectiveness and see him interact with colleagues. He has been outstanding in all these respects."

"I have also heard him analyze problems (and solutions)," said Kirkpatrick. "He has outstanding intellectual skills and does outstanding work. I have no doubt that he will also do an outstanding job representing the U.S. at the UN."

"Tom, the former UN ambassador concluded, "I do not believe President Bush and his Administration should be denied the strength John Bolton can contribute to our country in this dangerous time."

Sen. Voinovich, are you listening?
You can read Jeanne Kirkpatrick's entire letter by clicking.
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sine in The People's Diner:
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The West's Enormous Crimes
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei slams "Western democracy"
According to IRNA, he said that imitation of western political schools has proved to be a failure for the international community. "The West has the record of Fascism, Communism and liberalism which have caused enormous crimes to humanity in the past two centuries," he was quoted as saying.

"The capitalists have forged dominance over the mass media and the press and there is no real democracy in the Western states proving that the Western models of democracy could not work," the Supreme Leader said.
What do you expect someone called "Supreme Leader" to say, really...
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Swedish universities also facing Chinese economic espionage
China is suspected of hiring scientists to spy and steal unpatented research from Swedish universities, Swedish public radio reported on Monday.

Quoting an unnamed detective within Sweden's security service, Säpo, radio news program Ekot reported that guest scientists from China were suspected of stealing unpublished and unpatented research from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

The Chinese state is suspected of orchestrating the espionage, according to Ekot.

"Guest researchers (can) have assignments besides their guest research assignment: to come across information coveted in their home country," another Säpo inspector, Nils Kaerrlander, told Ekot, speaking of research espionage in general.

"There are also countries that would not hesitate to put pressure on guest researchers, who may have come here with no other ambition but to complete their research assignment," he added.

While Säpo often warns companies and research labs about the possibility of espionage from other firms or countries, spokesman Jakob Larsson insisted that the service had not gone public with any specific suspicions against China or any other nation.

"There is always a risk of espionage, since research is so expensive to do... but we don't know who this mysterious detective (Ekot) is quoting is," he told AFP, referring to the unnamed source.

One of the reporters who produced the story, Bo Goeran Bodin, however claimed that the detective had informed her superiors that she told Ekot about the suspicions against China.

"We have a woman detective at Säpo on tape, but she did not want her name to be revealed... We spoke with her several times and she has said it was China" that was suspected of the espionage, Bodin told AFP.

The Local - China "suspected of spying at Swedish universities"
Where aren't they spying? If it's there, they want to steal it. Nasty habit.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Monday Winds of War is up!
Bill Roggio and I bring you another comprehensive look at people killing people for various reasons. Yes, it's a morbid fascination. So? Winds of Change.NET: Monday Winds of War: May 9/05 topics include:
Huge Abu Farraj al Libbi overview; the jihad comes to Nigeria; Russia returns to the middle east; Euros want US to offer Iran more carrot; Pakistan's Alberta restiveness Iranian fueled?; US kills 100 in a major operation on Syrian border; Iraqis learned IED tech from forgotten US Army manual; EMS departments shortchanged; Texas border county sheriffs warn on terror migrants; FBI too slow to hire analysts; local enforcement of federal immigration law; West African instability; regime change Libya; Zarqawi terror camps in Kenya and Somalia; MILF to help Flips hunt down Abu Sayyaf; Russians foil plot; Sino-Japanese relations still fragile; Russia-Georgia conflict over bases; did US sink Kursk?; setbacks for China's economic espionage effort; colorful Spanish trial for 9/11 defendants; US kills 20 Taliban; 6 ETA attacks thwarted, ETA suspected of stealing bomb stuff; hawwala and charities targeted for regulation and reform by Arabs; Negroponte moves fast; EURCOM cmdr sees resumption of mil. ties with Libya; Marines may be in battle with bad body armor; Israel shut out of JSF; technical underpinnings of EMP weapons and much more.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Wafa' Al Idreesi
Three years ago, Wafa Idris blew herself up killing an 81-year-old man and injuring 100. For this, she's been celebrated, eulogized and made into a role model. And now they're making a movie about her because she symbolizes "true faith and courage."
Young Egyptian actress Hanan Turk is in the process of preparing for her upcoming film about the life of Palestinian martyr Wafa’ Al Idreesi. The film will be directed by Mohammad Abu Yousef and is written by Mohammad Salmawi.

According to the Qatar based daily, Al Raya, Hanan was so fascinated by the script because it reflects the humanistic aspect of the martyr’s life and the way she thinks and makes such a decision as to sacrifice her life for the Palestinian cause. Hanan is reading everything that deals with Wafa’s life, in order to get to know every detail of her character.
I wonder if the details will include that Wafa, divorced after nine years of marriage, had no children and had returned to her parents' house becoming a burden to her family and an outsider in Palestinian society.
The actress predicts that the film will signify a an important factor in her cinematic career, especially if she portrays a believable image of Wafa, who symbolizes true faith and courage.
And check out the headline: Hanan Turk dedicates her life to the Palestinian cause. Making one trendy movie is dedicating your life? Whatever sells tickets, Hanan.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Bales of cocaine? Try tides of cocaine...
For centuries the sea sustained the Marshall Islands, yielding fish to eat and contact with explorers and traders in one of the loneliest parts of the Pacific.

But the residents of the tiny tropical nation are now struggling to deal with an entirely unexpected ocean bounty: a huge consignment of cocaine.

Last March dozens of packets of the drug washed up on the palm-fringed beaches of Ebeye, one of more than 1,000 coral islands which make up the Marshall Islands.

The neatly-wrapped bricks, which police believe were dumped overboard by drug runners fleeing the US Coast Guard, weighed 60lb and were seized by the authorities.

More accustomed to coconuts than cocaine, the islands have no history of drug abuse but the unusual jetsam was to change that.

It has now emerged that some of the cocaine was stolen from a police station. With more packages probably found by beachcombing islanders, Ebeye is now awash with the stuff. The cocaine, selling in small bags for only five dollars, has found a ready market.

Although the Marshall Islands were described by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1889 as "the pearl of the Pacific", Ebeye is now little more than a slum.

Its 12,000 inhabitants live in crowded one-room shacks made of plywood, crammed together on the 80-acre island. Around 1,500 of them work at a large US military base nearby, on Kwajelein Island, used to test intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Since the cocaine washed ashore, 14 locals have been charged with possession of the drug and several have been jailed.

Packages of cocaine have been washing up on remote, uninhabited parts of the Marshall Islands since the early 1990s.

Named in 1788 by a British sailor, John Marshall, the islands were the scene of fierce fighting between US and Japanese forces during the war.

Telegraph | News | Tropical islanders getting hooked on washed-up cocaine
Lucky bastards.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Palestinian honor killings
In Jerusalem, two Palestinian sisters were murdered by their brother in an honor killing and a third sister was hospitalized after being forced to drink acid. And in Ramallah, a Palestinian Christian murdered his 20-year-old daughter after she married a Muslim without his consent. Under the Jordanian law enforced in the Palestinian territories, these men will be judged with leniency because of "extenuating circumstances". How much leniency?
The accused may face a six-month prison term although in the event of a confession, the sentence might be reduced.
Several hundred Palestinian women marched to the parliament building in Ramallah demanding changes in legislation to protect women from honor killings and a law allowing women over 18 the right to marry without having to get their father's approval.

Palestinians protest 'honour' killings
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Arrest of Abu Farraj al-Libbi
After al Qaeda's chief operational planner, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, was arrested in Pakistan a little over a year ago, he was replaced by Abu Farraj al-Libbi, another bin Laden "associate." The CIA got the scoop and notified Pakistani officials of his whereabouts. The Pakistani police followed his movements as he passed through some of the remote tribal areas of Pakistan but were hesitant to arrest him because they were afraid there would be resistance from local tribes. Lucky for them, he sought refuge in a town where the police were loyal to the national government.

I'm trying not to think about the fact that Pakistan, a partly lawless nation where arresting a terrorist depends on the loyalty of each town's police force, has the bomb.

Taking Down a Top Al Qaeda Plotter
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