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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Trap
On the eve of Yom Kippur, October 8, 1943, the Germans issued a new order to the leaders of the Athenian Jewish community. This order was designed to isolate the community and place it under direct German supervision and control.

Jews were ordered to return immediately to their place of residence as given before June, 1943. They were to appear immediately at the community offices to declare this residence and register their names. They were required to present themselves every Friday to the synagogue. And a new community council was formed.

Despite the order, only 200 people had registered at the community offices by the end of October. But the Germans thought there were at least 6,000 Jews in Athens and they waited patiently.

There were few ways of escape. Some Jews paid enormous sums of money for a three-week journey crossing the Aegean by night, from island to island, until they reached the shores of Turkey. Young men with no family responsibilities escaped to partisan camps in the mountains and joined the resistance.

But not everyone could leave. More and more Jews gradually registered at the community offices throughout the winter. Famine had been raging in Athens the last two years, food was in short supply, people couldn't work without being registered and they had families to support. Others were afraid of reprisals that might be exacted on Christian neighbors who were hiding them. Also, there were no other racial measures and people began to feel safe and decided to return to their homes. By mid March, 1944, approximately 1,800 Jews had come out of hiding and enrolled on the new community register.

Passsover that year was to be on the 8th of April, and in early March the trap was set.

The Germans told the council that special flour had been brought to Athens for preparing matzo. The council was to make the announcement and the flour would be distributed at the synagogue on the 24th of March. In a city where even ordinary flour was a luxury, the good news spread quickly.

On the 24th of March, 800 people went to the synagogue to get flour. German guards were waiting inside the synagogue and arrested people as they entered. Everything was done quietly and methodically and the detainees were held there overnight. Over the course of the next day, another 1,000 people, not knowing what happened, came to the synagogue to look for their family members. They were arrested as well.

By Passover they had all been deported to Auschwitz.

Note to long-timers: if this sounds familiar, it's because it's a rerun! Since we're using zorkie's Terra Nostra posts as our weekly feature over at Winds of Change.NET we decided to start the series over from the beginning because it makes more sense that way. We don't really have to rerun it here in order to post it there, but we decided to anyway, because our traffic then was about 200 unique visitors a day and is now about 2000, so, um, that's a lot of people, and this deserves their attention.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Christians in Pakistan
LAHORE: About eight people severely tortured a Christian in Chak 2 (South) near Mandi Bahauddin district for not reciting the kalma. According to a fax sent by the Holy Rosary Church to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Shahbaz Masih, who worked as a tractor driver for a local landlord, was picked up by several people from his house on the night of April 2 and taken to an undisclosed location. Later, the people told Shahbaz’s family that they had killed him and his body was lying in a field near his village. Shahbaz’s family members went to the location and found the boy alive. They took him to hospital, where he recorded a statement with his family and church authorities. According to the preliminary inquiry by the church, both of Shahbaz’s legs were broken because he refused to recite the kalma. Daily Times - Site Edition
The recitation of the kalma is what makes a person officially Muslim. This is not the first time a Pakistani Christian has been subjected to torture in order to convert to Islam: Catholic student tortured to death in Pakistan for refusing to deny faith in Christ
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kianb in Pahlaver:
U.S. Supreme Court Looks Into The Case of Iran's Terror
The U.S. Supreme Court asked the Justice Department Monday to weigh in on a case involving the assassination of an Iranian dissident in Paris.

Dr. Cyrus Elahi was a naturalized U.S. citizen and a high official in an Iranian opposition group. His body was found shot seven times in the lobby of his Paris residence in October 1990 -- only the latest in a series of assassinations of Iranian opposition figures abroad. [known as 'chained murders']

French police arrested a number of Iranian nationals "and determined that the assassination had been orchestrated by the Iranian government through the (Ministry of Information and Security, MOIS in its Iranian acronym)."

Elahi's brother, Dariush Elahi, filed suit in the United States against Iran and MOIS. Representatives of Iran did not show for trial and a judge awarded $12 million in damages.

A federal appeals court in San Francisco upheld the judge.

Before it decides whether to review the case, the Supreme Court asked the Justice Department for a brief "expressing the views of the United States."
Court eyes Iranian assassination case
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Spain brings justice to a killer
Why did this guy get 640 years in the stir, in Spain? In Argentina, he was a torturer, and he also took part in death flights. That means if someone was suspected of supporting leftist guerillas, he and his crew drugged them unconscious, flew them up, stripped them naked, and threw them off the plane to die in the sea.
A Spanish court has convicted a former Argentine naval officer of crimes against humanity, terrorism and torture under the former Argentine military government and sentenced him to 640 years in prison -- effectively jailing him for the rest of his life.

Human rights organizations hailed the case against Adolfo Scilingo, 58, the former officer, as a triumph for "universal justice," in which Spain, for the first time, tried and convicted a defendant for crimes against humanity committed in another country.

Scilingo showed no reaction as the 209-page verdict was read by the presiding judge of the three-judge panel at Spain's National Court in Madrid.

Scilingo can file an appeal to the Supreme Court of Spain. Under Spanish law, he would only serve 30 years in prison despite the length of the sentence.

Observers, including the relatives of many of the Argentine victims, packed courtroom in central Madrid.

"I'm happy," said Malou Cerutti, whose husband and father were taken from her home in the Mendoza province of Argentina and were never seen again. "I'm content it was Spain. This start a new era of universal justice."

In 1997, Scilingo came voluntarily to Spain -- where Judge Baltasar Garzon was investigating abuses of the Argentine regime -- and testified under oath that he participated in two so-called death flights, during which about 30 leftist political opponents of the junta were thrown alive from airplanes to their deaths below in the sea.

After the testimony, Garzon ordered his arrest on suspicion of human rights abuses.

Scilingo was sentenced to 21 years for each of the 30 victims of the death flights in addition to five years for kidnapping and five years for torture.

The court found that he was aware of the overall plan by Argentine military officials to abduct and kill political opponents. They further found he had participated in the campaign.

In 1995, Scilingo had also told Time magazine that he helped "disappear" suspected leftists by throwing them from planes into the ocean.

"They were unconscious. We stripped them, and when the flight commander gave the order, we opened the door and threw them out, naked, one by one," the magazine reported.

"That is the story, and nobody can deny it."

But Scilingo recanted that story long before the trial began last January. During the two-month proceedings, he again professed innocence.

However, the judge said the court was able to verify his initial claims by other evidence and that his convictions were based principally on his own statements.

At the outset of the trial Scilingo was uncooperative, slumping in his chair on the first day and refusing to answer the presiding judge's questions. But as the trial wore on, he began speaking vigorously to defend his innocence. He said he not taken part in the death flights, even as the taped 1997 testimony was played out in open court.

He also denied working at a notorious torture center in Buenos Aires, the Naval Mechanical School, during dates when atrocities were committed there against political opponents of the regime.

But witnesses during the trial identified Scilingo and incriminated him in the crimes.

The Argentine truth commission's 1984 report named 8,961 people who "disappeared" under the military rule.
I think I speak for all decent humanity when I say "I hope you rot".
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Ever again?
The Simon Wiesenthal Center has sent rabbi Abraham Cooper to Asia to investigate reports that North Korea is gassing its citizens as part of ghastly chemical testing on humans.

Cooper said the Simon Wiesenthal Centre intends to pursue action against the North Korean regime, which it says might be guilty of crimes against humanity.

"We're not talking about mass murder, utilizing these gas chambers to mass-murder huge numbers of people," he said. "But on the other hand, you have in the North Korean regime folks who have learned from Hitler, from Stalin."

During the Second World War, Hitler's regime killed an estimated six million Jews, many of them in gas chambers. More than 10 million are estimated to have died as a result of Stalin's collectivization policies and political purges in the 1930s.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center was founded in 1977 by a Holocaust survivor to preserve the memory of those killed by taking action against racism and genocide around the world, as well as helping bring Nazi war criminals to justice.

"We are here today to put the 'N' back into 'Never again,'" said Cooper.

On Thursday, human rights activists in Asia, Europe and North America plan to stage demonstrations in a number of cities to draw attention to alleged rights violations in North Korea.

They are calling the effort "North Korea Freedom Day."
I'm not sure quite what "action" they can "pursue" against a nuclear dictatorship, but human rights demonstrations in the freer parts of the world are a good start.

Think they'll get millions in the streets like the Nionists did? I wish.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The N Word
I know I've gone on and on before about Nazi comparisons. Well, they bother me to no end. There's such hatred in that word, sometimes implied, other times clear and loud. After all, why compare a Jew to Hitler? Why don't we hear comparisons to Stalin? Or Ceausescu? They didn't particularly love Jews either. I think the reason is because people know that it strikes such a deep chord; Nazi is the most evil word of the last sixty years. So why do we throw it around so easily then? Why do we minimise the evil it brings with it by comparing someone who disagrees with us to a Nazi?

Something terrible happened not too long ago, during my parent's time. It was a horror of such magnitude that I'm still shocked about it. Admittedly, I didn't know about the Holocaust until fairly recently so maybe I'm looking at this with naive eyes but I see it with my heart. And it really bothers me to hear anyone whether they're Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Atheist or just plain Angry throw the N word around at any provocation.

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guest author: igor in Discarded Lies:
Russian Culture
Russians HATE multiculturalism because it dilutes any culture. That's why Russians hate most Western cultures because they give into multiculturalism. To many Russians, a mulitcultural society is unpatriotic. If a Russian says a certain country has no culture (i.e. Canada), then he has NO RESPECT for that land or the people of that land. People are judged by their achievements through their culture.

There is a reason why the Catholic church is more persecuted than most religions in Russia. Part of it has to do with the fears of the Orthodox establishment that the Catholics (and the Pope) will eventually take over, but the bigger concern is that accomodating it is a form of mulitculturalism and it compromises the holy character of Mother Russia. Remember, Russia is just fine the way it is!

Russians do have a reason to feel proud of themselves. As Vickie mentioned, they are geniuses. In the realm of art, literature, science, mathematics, and philosophy they have accomplished A LOT. Their culture is very rich and it ranks up there with the achievements of the French, British, Germans, and Italians. Unlike some cultures, they don't brag about their achievements from the ancient past - see the Egyptians and Greeks (sorry zorkie!). Neither do they overexaggerate their accomplishments to extent of the Arabs (sorry Ev!) and the Serbs.

It's also worth noting that other Slavic nations look up to the Russians as a model of what the Slavs can accomplish. Serbia thinks of Russia as sort of big brother. It's almost akin to how the medieval Japanese saw itself in relation to China. And if a Pan-Slavic movement was ever successful, Russia would unquestionably be the moral leader, if not the "soul" of the Pan-Slavic empire. There are many non-Russian Slavs that learn Russian just so they can acquaint themselves better with the rich Russian culture. This Slavic love goes both ways. Russia also loves these smaller Slavic nations and does have their best interests in mind. When they fought the Ottomans, they demanded the Turks treat the Orthodox Christians better (Russia sees itself is the sole defender of the Orthodox faith). And they have helped the Serbs many times when Yugoslavia was falling apart.

If you ever want to make an old Russian smile, just say "Hey, do you remember the Byzantine Empire?" Then he'll go on for hours about how great it was. Just like how Europe sees itself as the children of the Greco-Roman tradition, the Russians see themselves as the children of the Byzantine tradition. In fact, Russian government was drawn along Byzantine lines. That explains their need for a strongman that's not only the physical leader of the nation, but also the spiritual leader. The Byzantine kings were both fearless warriors and pious men. There are some czars and their family members that have become saints in the Orthodox Church. Russians like to keep up with the tradition. Also, you might remember that the Byzantine empire was one of the most anti-Semitic empires. That explains why the Russian government could be openly anti-Semitic and still be able to save face. Believe it or not, it was harder to do this in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries. Although their governments were anti-Semitic, they could not go to the same extent as the Russians and still hold on to their legitimacy. To Russians it seemed normal. All the czar had to do in order to mobilize a mob to commit a pogrom was just say that the Jews were attacking either (a) the Orthodox Church or (b) the Russian government. Russians are very defensive of both and when they participated in these pogroms they thought they were doing their patriotic duty. "Kill the Yids! Save Russia!"

Next, I'll get into the significance of the Orthodox Church and what it meant for the Jews.

The Orthodox Church is considered to be the soul of Russia. It is inseparable from the land and if one is to love his country, he is to love his church. Furthermore, the Church is considered to be a Slavic church despite its Greek origins. Indeed, to be a true Russian, one must be Orthodox Christian.

However, Russia is a country that is full of many religions. Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism all have historical ties to Russia. They are permitted to exist but under the domination of the Orthodox Church. All new religions are suspect and are not given permanent status. The reason is that it disrupts the delicate balance of the Russian nation and any new religion is always a perceived threat to the Orthodox Church. Any challenge to the Orthodox Church is a challenge to the nation and must be squelched. When no such challenge exists, one is invented.

In many ways, the Russian Orthodox Church mirrors the Russian people. Both are proud of their history and they both are satisfied with the status quo. More importantly, both are fearful. They are fearful of revolution, a change in the status quo, and a desecration of their sanctity. So they both set their aims on these agents of the revolution, the Jews.

The Byzantine Empire is dead. The only remnant of it, the only gift it had to offer the Russian people, is the Russian Orthodox Church. The Byzantine theologians were clear that the greatest threat to Christianity were the Jews. Theologically, the knew not why they still existed after God had supposedly condemned them for the rejection of the Nazarene. Hadn't God obliterated his enemies? The Sodomites, the Canaanites, the Babylonians? So the only rationale left for the continued existence of the Jews was to PROLONG their sufferring. God would surely punish them in the next life, but in the present life, that was the task of the Christians. This is what the Byzantines and Church fathers thought and this is whom the Russians looked to for their "spirituality".

So how could the Russian clergy explain to their patrons why the Motherland was sick from violence, corruption, and immorality? They explained it as a plot of the devil, carried out through his agents, the Jews. That is why the sermons were laced with as much anti-Semitic vitriol as St. John Chrysostom, who said it was proper for Christians to hate Jews just like God hated them, and to kill them as well. That is why some priests held St Cyril as a role model. The priest would explain how St Cyril taught the Jews a lesson for rejecting the messiah when his mob stormed a synagogue in Egypt and killed the Jews who would not convert. He later distributed their property among the "pious" Christians. The Russian clergy reminded their followers, that not only were the Jews waging a spiritual battle by not coverting to Christianity, but they were also engaged in terrorism against the state.

Such terrorism included murder of fellow Christians. Like the murder of their beloved saint, Baby Gavril, who was stolen by the Jews, pricked on his sides and bled to death. The Jews had killed their holy martyr. Blood libel always centered around Jews killing young children. It fed the depraved fantasies of the clergy and Russian people that the Jews were so merciless that they would kill Russian children. But that was not all. Jews had been planning to overthrow the government and kill the czar, so the Church decided to get the word out by distributing the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in their bookshops, next to their prayerbooks.

If pressed about whether the Russian Orthodox Church was anti-Semitic prior to the Soviet Union, they would have been honest and said yes: "Why of course we are! The Jews killed Jesus and now they are trying to kill our children and our country. How could they not be our enemies?" If the question was asked now this would be their response: "The Russian Orthodox Church has never been anti-Semitic, officially. A minority of people have been, but that's not representative." If asked about the attitudes of the Church fathers: "No. That cannot be taken as being anti-Semitic. They merely disagreed with Judaism and they were distressed that the Jews rejected Jesus. Also, keep in mind, Jews were not always victims. They oppressed the early Christians as well."

Racial anti-Semitism never did take off in Russia like it did in Germany (its birthplace). They knew that Jews were a different people but they were satisfied in the religious form of anti-Semitism. Religious anti-Semitism was fused with the conspiratorial form because the Jews were thought to be in league with the devil. That is why many Russians thought that they worshipped the devil, that the Talmud was a manual to enslave humanity, and why the blood libel was so believable. Most Russians were religious, not secular like some Germans during the 19th century, so a "scientific" reasoning was not necessary to justify their Judenhass. When the Russians made the shift into the Soviet era, the religious trappings were dropped but the conspiratorial form was retained. Although they were told that God was dead (the Jews had killed him, again), the Jews still lived and were still trying to make the life of the Russian peasant difficult. The Russian Orthodox Church was responsible for the anti-Semitism in Russia. The religious form was the only form that existed for most of Russian history and it was created and promoted by the Church.

The Orthodox Church tried to save the Jews, in their own way. Forced conversions. Those Jews who resisted conversion were drowned in rivers during the 18th century. And even those who did convert, were still suspect. They were suspect because some Russians were not convinced that they had stopped listening to the devil. But even though some Russians could admit that these new Christians were sincere in their faith, they were still suspect. The Russian Orthodox Church is for Russians. The Jews were aliens. Some even suggested creating a different church for the Jews. Despite all of this persecution, there were still Jews who did chose to convert out of faith but the Russians could not respect them because they were accustomed to viewing Jews as being traitors.

Today, the Russian Orthodox church will not say flatly that they think the Jews are the enemy. But they are still unwilling to look back at their history, their inspiration, and admit that they have been anti-Semitic in the past. They will use a form of Christian taqqiya because they want to save face and also because if the Russian Orthodox Church is the True church, then what it did in the past must be justified. The Russian Orthodox Church was responsible for anti-Semitism in Russia and it is the soul of Mother Russia. The soul of Russia is black with hatred and fear, and the very soul of Russia is anti-Semitic to the core.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The United Soviets of America
People know that a soviet system of government is a dismal failure. A failure so bad, in fact, that it's inconceivable to consider that soviet-style "change agents" might actually be Americans living and working in our own neighborhoods. Even worse, would be to discover that your smiling political leaders might also be "agents of change."

In these increasingly divisive and stressful times, a need for the basic understanding of political systems has become crucial. At a young age I learned that a "soviet" was a system of interconnected councils that work to destroy individual personality, suppress individual potential, and centralize power into the hands of those who seek to control human action and human production.

As a political science major and later as a law student, the definition of, or nature of a soviet social system was never addressed. But years later when "stakeholder consensus councils" began to swarm Santa Cruz County, I began to evaluate the subject in earnest.
Read the rest: Michael Shaw -- What is A Soviet?
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Never Again
Never again would we be so unprepared, so ill-equipped, so entirely dependent on the skills, resourcefulness of our people, who, despite shortcomings in force cohesion, equipment and external support, lifted off into the darkness with only one mission imperative: bring Americans home.
America Remembers Desert One Heroes
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throbert in Channel Ж:
Breaking news

Увидели в а?трономиче?ком ?екторе Delta-27 ?путник жизни возможно подход?щий к Троберту...

A potential sputnik zhizni for Throbert has been sighted in sector Delta-27... ALL FREAKAZOID ROBOTS REPORT TO DANCE FLOOR, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

Continue for full debriefing

(Shut up, I don't mean THAT kind of "de-briefing"...)

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