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daily archive: 04/25/2005
evariste in Discarded Lies:
Los Angeles, Mexico
The Blue State Conservatives: Los Angeles Marketed as Part of Mexico by LA Hispanic Station
A Los Angeles Hispanic television station has a billboard up on the 605 Freeway brazenly marketing Noticias 62 as being broadcast from Los Angeles, Mexico. A stunning and bold statement, WorldNetDaily learned of its existence through an e-mail sent to them that was originally sent to members of Americans for Legal Immigration.

Think about that billboard for a moment. "Noticias 62 from Los Angeles, Mexico. Your City. Your Team." Your Mexican city? Is that the bill of goods being sold here? Who are they speaking to when they say "Your Mexican city"? Who's Mexican city? Obviously not America's Mexican city.

Now...look closer...does something seem a little odd? No, not the crossed out "CA". Look closer still. ...Closer... What is that right beneath that crossed out American State of California? It's a Mexico City monument superimposed right in the heart of the Los Angeles skyline! This is not just any monument, mind you. This is the "Monumento a los Héroes de Independencia," or the Monument to the Heroes of Independence. Of course, that would be the Mexican independence. What independence are they celebrating? It seems to me that more and more Mexicans prefer to be 'independent' of the 'independent' Mexican Government and the poverty it perpetually presides over. This is what crawls right under the skin of a US Marine Corps veteran and makes camp. It's enough to make anyone who has served in any capacity grit his teeth.
Read the rest, and see the pictures, at Blue State Conservatives.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A waste of talent
A 24-year-old doctoral candidate in physics was sentenced to eight years in prison for burning and vandalising SUVs at various dealerships in California. William Cottrell pled for leniency saying "I want nothing more than to be a physicist". I suppose at the time he wanted nothing more than to burn a few cars. I have no sympathy whatsoever for him, he's not some dumb high-school kid. And I'm really tired of people who think they know best what I should be driving. As for the message he spray-painted, "SUV = terrorism", how can a smart physicist even believe something so stupid? What does his car run on, orange juice?
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Reading Don Quixote
I think this is a wonderful tribute to one of my favourite childhood books: Mad About Quixote, Spaniards Read Around the Clock

You can read the whole article after the jump and I think we should take nominations for the classic American novel, one that will have as much appeal four hundred years from now.

I nominate "To Kill a Mockingbird" because, like Don Quixote, it touches the heart of the old and the young. And for Greece, I nominate the Odyssey, of course.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Maybe the disco is not yet possible...
...but Afghanistan has come a long way.
No one wants to see Abdul Jabar Sabit when he walks into a bar. Yet nervous workers still rush up, with forced smiles and handshakes, asking if he'd like a soda or a seat.

Sabit wants neither. In his traditional robe and hat, with a full, white beard, he is the Afghan equivalent of the moral police, the main enforcer in Kabul against alcohol and prostitution.

"You are Muslim, aren't you?" he said to the Turkish manager of one fully stocked bar. "You aren't allowed to serve this liquor."

"We are Muslim," manager Cenk Acar said. "But this is business."
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Slave Labor
Hundreds of thousands of workers from Asia are employed in the Persian Gulf countries, doing the menial labor that the Kuwaitis and the Saudis are too rich or too proud to do. It's good to be affluent and spread the wealth around but in this particular area the wealth is not exactly shared:
A riot by 700 workers from Bangladesh has thrown new focus on what human rights groups call the slave-like conditions many Asian workers endure across the affluent Persian Gulf, including salaries of just dollars a day or no wages at all.

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Monday Winds of War has been up for several hours!
I keep forgetting to tell you guys! Anyway.

Winds of Change.NET: Monday Winds of War April 25/05 featuring such topics as:
Zarqawi has nukes?; A forthcoming Arab-Iranian vs Israel war?; MILF and Philippines close to an agreement; Iran Reports; Zarqawi on trial; Troubles in Yemen; Alien terrorist mechanics; FBI's terror caseload; EMP attacks ignored; Death in Darfur revisited; More Bali-styled attacks; Musharraf the traitor; Swinging in Scotland; Fears in Sweden and Britain; Libya centrifuges gone astray; Moussaoui pleads; The Voice Shairat; and much much more....
Does anyone know that Op Ivy song "Unity"? Jefe?

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kianb in Discarded Lies:
Iraqis Protest Against Iranian Occupation
First demonstration before Tahran embassy and second one in green zone
Baghdad witnessed two demonstrations against the increasing Iranian influence in Iraq.

The first demonstration contains 1000 persons who stood before Iranian embassy raising placards, which demanded to oust Iranian Intelligence men from Iraq. Some demonstrators voted “Iran! Where are the dead hostages?"

Sheik Ayad Mohamed Al Tememi, Imam and sermoner of Al Noor mosque who led the demonstration said “we demonstrate to condemn the sectarian campaign led by neighboring countries and their intelligence against Sena Iraqis in meddle and southern provinces through fabricating the charges and lies against them using Baths’ style in order to torture and to marginate them".

He added “Iraqi people (Sena and Shea) condemn these acts . The evidence of this condemnation is our demonstration which contains sena and shea". Al Tememi called neighboring countries to withdraw their Intelligence in the south and all the organizations which have different addresses". He also called Iraqi government to try in order to control on the southern provinces, which may be out of governments’ control where as Iraqi Intelligence system is not able to open its bureau".

Two demonstrations in Baghdad due to increasing Iranian influence
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ev and zorkie in Discarded Lies:
From bloggie with love
- ev, wake up!
- Huh?
- We're late, wake up!
- It's still dark, I wanna sleep another hour...
- No, you can't! Remember what day it is today?
- Yeah...Monday...I can sleep some- Monday?! Oh shit!
- Yeah! Come on, let's go!
- Yeah, okay...Uh...so what are we gonna do?
- You go to the kitchen and start squeezing stuff for fresh juice. I'll go cut her a rose.
- Why can't I cut the rose?
- 'Cause you're better at squeezing stuff!
- But I like roses!
- Will you hurry up?! I think she wakes up early!
- All right, fine! Take advantage, you have all the fun all the time and I do the dirty work!
- I'll make the oatmeal!
- Ughh! Why can't we just get bagels and cream cheese like normal people...

- zorkie, taste the juice!
- omg ev! This thing is totally sour! What did you do?!
- Oh, it is? We didn't have enough oranges so I added some lemons and limes!
- It's not drinkable like this, ev! Hey, I know! Let's add some sugar!
- Okay, you get the sugar, I'm gonna fry the eggs!
- It's still kinda sour...How about we add some salt? That way it can be kinda like a margarita!
- Good, good! Hey, zorkie, there are eggshells in the eggs!
- Oh! Uh...get them out?
- I can't get them out! I didn't even know they were there but then I saw them and I tried to get them out and I couldn't!
- Ah shit! Um...we'll think of something, don't worry! Hey, how do you make oatmeal?
- I dunno! Read the directions!
- What directions?
- The directions on the box, zorkie!
- There is no box, it's in an old mayonnaise jar!
- Why do you keep the oatmeal in a jar?!
- Cause I like a clean, uniform look in the pantry!
- But - sorry zorkie, gotta tend to the eggs! Improvise!
- Okay, I'll go one and one, that seems safe. One cup water, one cup oatmeal. Oh that reminds me, I gotta feed the dogs too...
- What are we forgetting zorkie?
- Toast!
- Yes! Go make it!
- Why do I have to make it?!
- Cause I'm folding her napkin nicely!
- You're crumpling it!
- Nah-uh!
- Yeah-huh! How many folds are there in a napkin? It's not supposed to be a little tiny square!
- It's origami, zorkie! It's art!
- We don't have time for art! Put the eggs on the plate and put some ketchup on them! This way if there are any eggshells, they won't show!
- I don't like ketchup on eggs! We should put some strawberry jam on them!
- You're not the one who's eating them, ev! Maybe she likes ketchup! Although, strawberry jam is prettier...
- Yeah, see? Okay, strawberry jam in place! Hmm...it needs something else...
- Like what?
- Some decoration on top, just yellow and red? It's boring...
- You wanna use some of the leftover yogurt that I gave to Bobo and Tartuffo for breakfast?
- Yes! Good idea! Okay, that's better, now we have yellow, red and white. It needs just something a little more...Oh I know! A little slice of pickle on top!
- ev! Help! I can't get the oatmeal out of the pot!
- omg zorkie! This is like cement!
- Hurry, we're running late! Do something!
- Ok, let's dig some out from the middle!
- Okay, whew, good! ev, why is it standing up like this?
- Press it down in the bowl, zorkie, it'll stay!
- Man, this is hard! ev, this is terrible, what are we gonna do?
- Put some yogurt on it!
- Brilliant! And something else too, what should I put? Do we have milk?
- No sorry, I used it in the eggs.
- Umm...maybe I should add some of the juice you think? Just to give it some flavour?
- Sure, zorkie! Try it!
- Okay, good! Now let's get the toast!
- Where is the bread, miss z?
- I thought you bought bread!
- You said you were gonna make the toast, yesterday, why would I buy the bread?
- What are we gonna do now? Oh man, we should have made her pancakes!
- Let's see what we have...Hey, rice cakes!
- Excellent! Some butter and strawberry jam and we're set!
- Okay, shall I write the note?
- That'd be great, ev! Okay, let's take the tray up and leave it outside her door so she'll find it when she wakes up.
- Okay, good! Put the rose on top of the note!
- Oh, lemme read the note, I wanna make sure you didn't mispell anything.
- I didn't mispell anything!
- Lemme read the note, ev!
- Fine, read it!

Dear Sine

Since we don't tell you often enough how much
we love you and appreciate you
we decided to give you the morning off from the diner and bring you breakfast in bed.

Much love from all of us

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guest author: militarybrat in Discarded Lies:
In July 2001, hubby and I learned it was not all about us. Even before September 11, the year was hectic. Hubby was one of the few Air Force PSYOP officers at the time, and so as a mere 1st lieutenant he was deploying far and wide to augment different agencies’ missions.

It was on one of his TDYs stateside that he came across an article in USA Today that caught his attention. The article was about an organization called “Kidsave�?, which brought children to the United States from Russian orphanages for six weeks during the summer to introduce them to a life other than the dreary “dietsky dom�? (children’s home) and attempt to find forever families for them.

Children in Russian orphanages have almost no chance at life. We already knew this. In fact, we had been planning to adopt from Russia for two years, but I kept getting pregnant and the adoption kept getting put off. We knew how awful conditions were, how children often slept in filthy areas and got little food and almost no positive adult interaction because of lack of funds. We knew that the dietsky dom would put the children out at age sixteen with no infrastructure to help them integrate into society and that such children nearly always ended up in prostitution, on drugs, or on other roads to death. We knew that many children spent their entire lives in the dietsky dom, from being given up at birth until age sixteen, never knowing the always ready hugs of a parent or someone who loved them, never knowing solitude and quiet, never knowing an existence where they did not have to fight for whatever little extras they could garner.

We knew all this from speaking to many people in Russia who had seen these things. And we wanted to do anything we could. Since we were unable to adopt at the time, we decided to contact Kidsave and see if there was any other way to help.

We found out that the local Austin, TX branch of Kidsave had three children scheduled to come to the United States within two weeks that they had no homes for. If unable to find host homes, these children would not be able to come and would have no chance at finding a family. We decided to host the sibling group, a boy and a girl named Alexei and Tatiana.

When Alex and Tanya arrived, they were very slender, although not starved looking. Tanya was twelve, and the shoes she had worn (chosen out of an orphanage bin) were a size four. When we took her to Wal Mart for a new pair of shoes, we found she actually wore a size 7 ½. Alex and Tanya had only the clothes they were wearing - so we also had to buy them a few outfits. They were agape at the choices surrounding them, things that we take for granted, in a trip to Wal Mart. They needed toothbrushes, vitamins, underwear, socks, shoes, bathing suits, and for good measure - beach towels because the base pool was right behind our house.

Things were not easy while Alex and Tanya stayed with us. Hubby became very stressed because as the only fluent Russian speaker in the house, they would talk to him non-stop when he got home from work. There were melt-downs, because not only were Alex and Tanya influenced by the lax behavioral standards in the orphanage, Russian childrearing is quite a bit different from what we know in the United States. There were some loud battles between my oldest and the two children, fighting over toys (Alex and Tanya had never seen legos and daughter #1 was having a hard time with their inability to share).

But Tanya also did the dishes for me every night. Without being asked, she would head me off in the kitchen. She asked my husband how to say, “May I help you?�? while I was cooking, and made not only her own bed every day, but all the kid’s beds. Alex vacuumed for me every day and washed the windows. He picked up all the toys in the playroom every night before bed.

Tanya cuddled my 3 year old and 1 year old constantly. She was in a separate dorm than the very young children in Russia, but she loved being around them. If she spoke English well, I would have trusted her to watch them without me around.

Alex walked our “sabaka�? (dog) three times a day - careful to always follow base rules about picking up the waste and throwing it away. He loved taking care of the dog.

And they ate, and ate and ate. It was normal for them to have third helpings, and the sight of meat on the table every night was almost incomprehensible to them!

We were not able to adopt Alex and Tanya, but I am happy to say that they did indeed find a home and a “forever family�? and are now living in America. These two children will not fall victim to the orphanage situation in Russia.

It is that time of year when Kidsave is once again looking for host families, adoptive families, and donations so that more children will be able to live the lifestyles we in America see as our birthright. In fact, just a week ago I received an email about the one child from the last Kidsave hosting who left back to Russia without a family. Some kind soul has donated the adoption fees for this child so that the cost for adoption will mainly be the travel to Russia and back.

You, or someone you know, might be able to save him.

Kidsave accepts couples and single parents. In addition to the Russian program, it also runs a Kazakhstan program and one in South America. It’s an absolutely beautiful program run by dedicated and purposeful volunteers who see saving children as their mission in life.

What better mission could there be?

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ev and zorkie in The People's Diner:
Diner Is Closed
Diner Is Closed

Sine is resting her bunions and sharpening her knives.

Attention, delivery men!

Deliveries in back - knock three times, wait ten seconds, then knock twice and a bald man will come out and sign the invoices.

Breakfast crowd: go to IHOP, we're closed!
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