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daily archive: 04/17/2005
throbert in Channel Ж:
The Potato Sack
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Meet the Hatas
Hey comrades, while I'm doing hate and ev is doing war how about you all do something productive, eh? Like, I dunno...post some funny jokes for a change? ;-)

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The DDT Controversy
I didn't know that people still died from malaria and I was surprised to learn the toll:
Imagine that every year the world suffered from six or more tsunamis producing the horrific death toll recently experienced. That's how many people die every year from malaria alone, and the tsunami may contribute to even higher rates this year. That disaster has created new habitat suitable for the proliferation of malaria and other disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Public health officials can take steps to reduce the impact, one of which involves using the controversial pesticide DDT. Since the 1960s green activists pushed bans of the substance around the world based largely on false claims about its health affects. The result was a public health disaster -- contributing to skyrocketing malaria rates.

Yet finally, two environmental leaders reluctantly admitted that nations may need to use DDT to save lives in tsunami-affected regions. Recently, quoted by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, Greenpeace's Rick Hind explained that the organization was "all for" DDT use "if there is nothing else and its going save lives," while the World Wildlife Fund's Richard Liroff noted that it has "saved lots of lives" in South Africa.
Read the rest: Tech Central Station - Six Tsunamis

(Glenlivet on ice to jim russell)
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
American Values
When Bill Cosby, in a speech to the NAACP last May, let fly a merciless condemnation of black illegitimacy, educational apathy, and the idea that white racism causes black social problems, political commentators dropped their jaws. They remained stunned when he vented similar frustration to audiences across the country over the next six months. Sure, “civil rights" advocates have been known, on rare occasions, to criticize self-defeating black behavior, but convention requires that after briefly denouncing, say, black-on-black crime (as if black-on-white crime would be okay), the “leader" should turn his attention to the racial injustice that allegedly causes such crime and harp on that for the next year or so. This Cosby refused to do. “It’s not what [the white man] is doing to you; it’s what you’re not doing," he thundered in Detroit.

The reaction of black audiences was just as unexpected. Rather than take offense, they waited hours in line, in blistering heat and freezing cold, to hear Cosby deliver his impassioned plea for bourgeois behavior.

Cosby’s tough-love campaign foundered in January, when a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her the previous year; he denied the charge, but has not been heard from since. No need to wait for him to find his voice again, however. Dozens of grassroots black conservatives have been delivering the same message of personal responsibility—in as electrifying a fashion—for years without generating a glimmer of interest from the press. Routinely denounced as pariahs and race-traitors, they nevertheless believe that they are speaking for the silent majority of blacks. Now that Cosby has exposed the untapped audience for straight talk, maybe the media will finally pay attention to these unknown iconoclasts. Nothing would help black Americans more than for the mainstream press to give such honesty and hard-won wisdom the respect it deserves.
Read it all, it's a wonderful article: City Journal Spring 2005 | Heralds of a Brighter Black Future by Heather Mac Donald
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sine in The People's Diner:
Hate Food for a Hate Site

Hate Food for a Hate Site

Gerber Picante Sauce

Haggis in Sheep Stomach

Bile Duct Soup
With Truffled Gall Oil

Chicken Tendons in Chicken Fat

Adrenal Glands Braised with Chiles de Arbol


Choice of Pancreas
Or Thymus Gland

Tripe, and other...
Dishes Intestinal

Fish Worms

Potato Skins and Carrot Peels

Plain Boiled Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Celery and Okra

A Whole Bag of Marshmallows

(And no water, milk or coffee)

Sugared Orange Slices

(With slightly sour orange juice)

Coffee with Vinegar and Quinine


(Officially hated by many comrades, most importantly by the hateful comrade of the kitchen.)

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
China's bad debt problem is getting worse
From The Age: Titans awake
Is the day when the Chinese economy outgrows the world's current largest - the US, which has shown only 3 per cent average growth over the same period - getting even closer than the 20 to 40 years predicted by most economists? Well, maybe. But it may face a major setback first.

While China gets its new economic designs ready in the garage, it is already facing big trouble with its current model. The word "unsustainable" is increasingly appearing in the analyses of Chinese and foreign economists and officials.

Guo Shuqing, an economist who until recently was the chief of foreign exchange at the Chinese central bank, points out that higher-value exports, especially those including Chineseowned intellectual property, are a low proportion of total exports.

More than half of China's exports, and the overwhelming majority of the country's high-tech manufacturing and trade, is generated by foreign companies. "This kind of growth is not sustainable," Guo said in an interview carried prominently in the official media.

Where are the internationally known Chinese brands that should have been appearing at this stage of its export boom, based on the earlier Japanese and South Korean models? Haier, often cited as a leading brand, sold only $US314 million of its white goods abroad last year, most at the low end of markets.

Other big Chinese companies have been buying brands from faltering or mature foreign counterparts: Shanghai Automotive circling the warm corpse of Britain's MG Rover, Lenovo buying IBM's personal computer division, TCL taking over France's television-set maker Thomson.

Guo has just been made head of the China Construction Bank to help cope with another emerging problem that could become critical. The big Chinese banks claim to have reduced their ratio of bad loans to total lending from a staggering 28 per cent in 2002 to 13.2 per cent at the end of last year.

But analysts such as Joe Studwell, of the China Economic Quarterly, say this has been achieved by accountancy sleight of hand. A lot of bad debt has been shuffled off the books to "assetmanagement companies" but only a small portion of the bad debt has been auctioned off to liquidators.

Meanwhile, the banks have gone on a $US785 billion lending spree in the past three years, about two-thirds to state enterprises, which are notoriously bad at worrying about cash flows and debtservicing. Much of this can be expected to turn bad.

Conservative analysts figure the banking system has about $US500 billion in bad debt, equivalent to 30 per cent of the $US1.65 trillion Chinese GDP. China is filling with under-used real estate developments, industrial parks, exhibition centres, toll roads, airport terminals and monumental state and Communist Party offices.
Read the whole thing-the comparison of China's chances with India's is also quite intriguing.
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Twisted Anti-Japanese Sentiments in China
Igor Palmer explains the other side of recent anti-Japanese demonstrations in China and how the regime subterfuges the history to distract young Chinese from looking at their own history:
Observing this bizarre development in China, a country ruled by repressive regime where people rally against a democracy with such a fervent hatred. The vast majority of demonstrators are young people who themselves have been fed by a horrid propaganda of the Chinese despots. The young people have been manipulated by a viciously despotic regime. It is interesting to note that one of the reasons for such a revulsion against the Japanese people is the history books text. What about the Chinese revisionist history?! I see nothing written about the despicable atrocities committed by the Mao, where tens of millions died, even more tortured & persecuted. What about those omissions? Whilst one can argue – and rightly so – that Japan should not gloss over their dark history, the fact is that in China the history books not just gloss over the bloody repression of the past – and present – but the authorities outright glorify the despicable acts of the Communist Party and its most horrid leaders. Moreover one needs not go too far in the history to witness what crimes the regime committed not that long time ago – Tiananmen Square massacre. This is all at the time when China’s threatening to attach another democracy – Taiwan.
Read it all: Anti Japan sentiment & hatred
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Heya TV
'She' TV gives voice to Arab women
BEIRUT, LEBANON – Television talk-show host Matilda Farjallah shifts forward in her chair and looks the white-bearded Sunni sheikh sitting across the table directly in the eyes. "Tahzeeb al-mara ["instructing the woman"] is discussed in the Koran. Does it allow instructing a woman by beating her?" she asks.

Men, the sheikh responds, can instruct women - but "only with words."

Yet, the sheikh adds, if the woman doesn't seem to get the message, the husband can strike her.

"But only lightly with a ruler," the sheikh says, "and only on the rear end."

Ms. Farjallah grows animated, her elbows lifting from the table. "Some men," she says, "take advantage of the Koran and say: 'It is written, We can beat women. It is within our rights.' "
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Which personality disorder do you have, and which cheese are you? If both answers are the same, you should be very disturbed.

(a glass of white wine to floranista from zorkie)

ev! you forgot?!
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