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daily archive: 04/04/2005
evariste in Discarded Lies:
Kuwaiti editor: Nasrallah has lost his mind
This strong condemnation of Hezbollah chief Nasrallah's recent comically belligerent statement comes via MEMRI:
"…If the [Syrian] regime is subjected to a military attack, as in the case of Saddam Hussein, what will happen to its allies in Lebanon, such as Hizbullah and its leader Hassan Nasrallah? This question has come to the fore after the speech of U.S. President George Bush, who promised to dismantle all dictatorial regimes in the Middle East.

"Hassan Nasrallah, who has a sharp brain, is aware of the oncoming dangers and has built a network of connections through southern Beirut, Damascus, and Tehran. In his wisdom, Nasrallah has vowed to inflict a disgracing defeat on the U.S. troops if they approach Lebanon. This man has chosen to adopt an arrogant attitude, similar to that of Saddam Hussein, knowing fully well how Saddam's power and authority came to an end.

"Nasrallah is speaking the language of the Fifties and Sixties. He is acting in line with the slogans of Syrian students, who in those days used to chant 'half of the Americans died in Vietnam and we will kill the other half.' It is unfortunate some wise people are delivering such speeches to the Syrians and Lebanese.

"Such speeches may jeopardize the lives of the people in Syria and Lebanon because neither Syria, nor Hizbullah, can fill the huge gap in the balance of power with their adversaries. It appears Hassan Nasrallah has lost his mind because he has abandoned his political wisdom and angered the only superpower in the world instead of calming his people. The Lebanese are aware of the capabilities of the United States. They, and all Arabs, know the real size of this man and his threats."
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
'Left Behind: The Kids'
Evangelical Children's Novels Push Conversion of 'Spiritually Empty' Jews
They are among the most popular children's books on the market today, inspired by the evangelical Christian "Left Behind" book series, which features gory depictions of the annihilation of Jews and other nonbelievers at Armageddon.

"Left Behind: The Kids," an ongoing series aimed at evangelical Christian children ages 10 to 14, revolves around the adventures of evangelical teenagers who band together to form the "Young Tribulation Force," a group dedicated to overcoming physical and spiritual dangers brought on by the End of Days.

With 40 titles and counting, the series has sold 11 million copies. It is published by Illinois-based Tyndale House Publishers and based on the original best-selling "Left Behind" books, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, which the company says have sold more than 60 million copies.

A new report has found that the junior Left Behind series and the latest wave of evangelical children's books are marked by an increased emphasis on converting Jews.

"The past 12 years have seen a proliferation of evangelical Christian novels written for children and young adults that feature Jewish characters," Mark Stover declares in his report, "A Kinder, Gentler Teaching of Contempt? Jews and Judaism in Contemporary Protestant Evangelical Children's Fiction."

"Many of these books are, at their essence, conversion narratives," Stover wrote. The children's books stress the importance of "Jews converting to Christianity" and "the implicit emptiness of Jewish spirituality," according to Stover, a reference librarian at San Diego State University.
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sine in The People's Diner:
Delicate Seafoods
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Introducing Jihad Jane
Via Mike Adams, I came across Mrs. Jane T. Christensen, associate professor of political science in North Carolina Wesleyan College. On her faculty home page, Jane is posing with a M-16 in hand and a black hood over her head and has an extensive archive of Alex Jones and Aljazeera stories.
For weeks, I have toyed with the idea of writing a column about Ward Churchill. I just can't seem to muster the energy. Maybe it's because there are so many professors here in North Carolina who are every bit as crazy and incompetent as the now infamous Colorado professor.

For example, there is Jane Christensen who teaches at North Carolina Wesleyan College. One look at her webpage makes me proud to be a Methodist.
Jihad Jane and the Jews
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Revolutionary Pope
This article in Time magazine points out that contrary to the received wisdom that the Pope was a hidebound conservative, he was actually a true revolutionary churchman.
This may be what you think: John Paul II was the conservative Pope. His pontificate was marked by a resurgent Roman Catholic traditionalism, setting the church against liberalizing forces of all kinds. John Paul II is remembered above all for shoring up structures of the past.

This is wrong. John Paul II boldly presided over the maturing of political and theological revolutions in Catholicism. Perhaps despite himself, he was a Pope of change, accomplishing two radical shifts—one in the church's attitude toward war and the other in its relationship to the Jewish people. Taken together, those represent the most significant change in church history, and they lay the groundwork for future changes that could well go beyond what this Pope foresaw or even wanted. In each case, John Paul II brought to completion a movement that was begun by his predecessors John XXIII and Paul VI, the Popes of the Second Vatican Council.
The Pope's True Revolution
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A poll with fairer questions
Zogby Poll: Americans Not in Favor of Starving Terri Schiavo
Polls leading up to the death of Terri Schiavo made it appear Americans had formed a consensus in favor of ending her life. However, a new Zogby poll with fairer questions shows the nation clearly supporting Terri and her parents and wanting to protect the lives of other disabled patients.

The Zogby poll found that, if a person becomes incapacitated and has not expressed their preference for medical treatment, as in Terri's case, 43 percent say "the law presume that the person wants to live, even if the person is receiving food and water through a tube" while just 30 percent disagree.

Another Zogby question his directly on Terri's circumstances.

"If a disabled person is not terminally ill, not in a coma, and not being kept alive on life support, and they have no written directive, should or should they not be denied food and water," the poll asked.

A whopping 79 percent said the patient should not have food and water taken away while just 9 percent said yes.

"From the very start of this debate, Americans have sat on one of two sides," Concerned Women for America's Lanier Swann said in response to the poll. One side "believes Terri's life has worth and purpose, and the side who saw Michael Schiavo's actions as merciful, and appropriate."

More than three-fourths of Americans agreed, Swann said, "because a person is disabled, that patient should never be denied food and water."

The poll also lent support to members of Congress to who passed legislation seeking to prevent Terri's starvation death and help her parents take their lawsuit to federal courts.

"When there is conflicting evidence on whether or not a patient would want to be on a feeding tube, should elected officials order that a feeding tube be removed or should they order that it remain in place," respondents were asked.

Some 18 percent said the feeding tube should be removed and 42 percent said it should remain in place.

Swann said her group would encourage Congress to adopt legislation that would federal courts to review cases when the medical treatment desire of individuals is not known and the patient's family has a dispute over the care.

"According to these poll results, many Americans do in fact agree with what we're trying to accomplish," she said.

The poll found that 49 percent of Americans believe there should be exceptions to the right of a spouse to act as a guardian for an incapacitated spouse. Only 39 percent disagreed.

When asked directly about Terri's case and told the her estranged husband Michael "has had a girlfriend for 10 years and has two children with her" 56 percent of Americans believed guardianship should have been turned over to Terri's parents while 37 percent disagreed.
(a plate of spaghetti bolognese and a bottle of Merlot to Frank IBC)
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Anti-Semitic Campaign in Russia
Mass call to outlaw Jewish groups
Over 5,000 known public activists and members of the clergy in Russia have sent a petition to the state prosecutor's office in which they demand to outlaw Jewish groups.

In the petition, the signatories use quotes from Kitzur Shulhan Aruch, which they argue prove their claim that Judaism is a fanatic and racist religion that hates gentiles.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Super-volcano threatens earth with mass starvation if it erupts
There's been several major earthquakes in the area lately (one of which caused the famous tsunami), so vulcanologists are warning that a super-volcano is ready to blow and cover a whole continent with ash.
Shaky faultline raises the threat of a super-volcano
AS if earthquake-ravaged Indonesia doesn't have enough to worry about, now scientists warn that a Sumatran super-volcano might blow its top at any time.

If it does, the blast will toss hundreds of thousands of cubic kilometres of rock and ash into the atmosphere, dwarfing the eruptions of Krakatoa, Mount St Helens, Pinatubo and any conventional volcanic explosion of the past tens of thousands of years.

"These super-volcanoes are potentially the greatest hazard on Earth, the only greater threat being an asteroid impact from space," said Ray Cas, a vulcanologist with Monash University in Melbourne.

Professor Cas said a "major tectonic event" could be enough to trigger a deadly super-volcanic eruption.

The likelihood that the Toba – the largest super-volcano on Earth – will erupt has increased significantly due to geological stresses generated by the recent quakes.

Worse, Toba sits directly atop the faultline running down the spine of Sumatra. That is where seismologists say a third quake might strike.

Because of the increased risk, Professor Cas called for increased monitoring of Toba.

"With enough precursor information and signals like gas releases, we (could) warn of a significant eruption in days, weeks or months," he said.

Professor Cas's call follows a report early this month to the British Government's Natural Hazard Working Group by the Geological Society of London. The report called for increased awareness of the risks posed by super-volcanoes and development of mitigation strategies.

Vulcanologist Stephen Self of Britain's Open University said a super-volcanic eruption might cover an entire continent with ash that could take decades to erode.

"(Such an eruption) could result in the devastation of world agriculture, severe disruption of food supplies and mass starvation," he told the online journal LiveScience.

Professor Cas said super-volcanoes tended to erupt in 2000-year cycles. The Toba super-volcano last erupted 73,000 years ago.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Islamists angry at Arab media coverage of Pope's death
The Arab world's leading satellite television channels have been giving unprecedented coverage of the death throes of Pope John Paul II, provoking anger from Islamic extremists.

Qatar-based Al-Jazeera, famed for screening "exclusive" videotapes from Islamic militants including Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, was among the first to announce the pope's death. On Sunday it continued providing widespread coverage of his life and death, as did Dubai-based Al-Arabiya.

Both Al-Jazeera and Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya transmitted live from the Vatican over the past few days, with blow-by-blow accounts from their correspondents at the Vatican, in Rome and at holy sites in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

The two stations, along with many others throughout the Arab world, aired several documentaries about John Paul II and his various appeals for peace and dialogue between all faiths and civilizations.

They also highlighted images of the pope during his historic visit to the Palestinian territories and Israel in March 2000 when he was warmly welcomed at the Palestinian refugee camp of Dheishe, near Jesus's traditional birthplace of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

Arabs throughout the region assiduously followed the pope's numerous initiatives, including his unrealized desire to go to Iraq before the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003 to see how Iraqis suffered under international sanctions.

But radical Islamists, who advocate the expulsion of non-Muslims from Islamic countries, have been using Islamist Web sites to vent their anger at Arab television stations for according the pope such importance.

One such user lashed out at Al-Jazeera, saying viewers were "annoyed" with extensive reports eulogizing the pope, who the user described as an "old tyrant."

"What is mortifying is that this hooligan channel pretends [to defend] Islam," added the user, who wrote under the name Muhib al-Salihine on the Islamic News Network, a site often used by Islamist militants operating in Iraq.

"What is more humiliating - I think that it was Al-Arabiya channel - is that the imam of a mosque ... praised the memory [of the pope]," said Seri Eddine le Libyen on the same site.

"I have started to hate Al-Jazeera for the multiplicity of information on the grieving" for the pope, said another user.

In Lebanon, the Al-Manar satellite television of the Shiite group Hizbullah, interrupted its programs after the announcement of the pope's death to broadcast live from the Vatican.

Four other private Lebanese stations and the public Tele-Liban did the same.

In Iraq, the public television station Iraqiya also interrupted programming on Saturday night to announce the pope's death.
Arab media coverage of Catholic leader's death infuriates Islamists
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Monday Winds of War: I'm huffing and puffing as hard as I can
My Monday Winds of War briefing with Bill Roggio is now up. Go, indulge your bloodthirstier side. Here's (a small sample of) what's going on:
Chinese paranoia and belligerence; don't yell terror in a crowded theater say boffins; PLO chaos; Al Qaeda's long-term strategery; The Islamic revolution is over; Khomeini set aside a cool 2.5 bil for nukes in 2004; Saudi terror duplicity; Hamas terrorist admits of Syrian training; Day 1 of the Minutemen; FBI to blame in intel turf wars; Al Qaeda can carry out attacks at will in N. Africa, Europe; Mugabe ready to forgive wicked Blair; Pakistan finna blow; AQ Khan met Al Qaeda; Musharraf imitates Comical Ali; Zarqawi wants to imitate Chemical Ali; Mullah Krekar faces deportation at sweet long last; Al Qaeda are bourgeois pigs; surprising Al Qaeda progress on weaponizing bioagent; Osprey undergoing final tests and much, much more...
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