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daily archive: 03/25/2005
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
If Terri Schiavo Could Talk
Tom Purcell: If Terri Schiavo could talk
If Terri Schiavo could talk, maybe this is what she would say:

I've been humbled and amazed that my life could generate so much attention and discussion, but please don't worry about me.

No matter what happens to me — and I may be gone before you even read this — I'll be well. If my feeding tube is reinserted and I live, I'll be surrounded by people who love me. If I die, I'll go to a better place, where I'll wait patiently to be rejoined by the people I love so much.

No, it is America I am worried about.

A Fox News poll showed that 59% of Americans believe my feeding tube should be removed. I'm not on a respirator, mind you, but merely need nourishment to live, and yet many Americans are eager to withhold my food and water until my body slowly shuts down.

The reasoning behind this thinking is what is troublesome. If you were in my situation, some of you say, you wouldn't want to go on living, and that is your justification for letting me die.

Others among you won't say it aloud, but you view me as an inconvenience. In your minds you compare me to your elderly parents or grandparents who may require extraordinary love and care one day — sacrifices you're too selfish to make.

So you determine that if I am not 100% of what I was — if part of my brain is damaged and I cannot take care of myself — then I should be left to die. You feel this way, even though I clearly display a level of awareness, and even though my voice and facial expressions show that part of me is still there.

I think you are willing to believe I should be left to die because you have become a cynic. Your cynical worldliness blinds you to the fact that I am a human of extraordinary blessings.

Look at the love that surrounds me every single day. My parents, sister and brother adore me, nurture me and shower me with compassion. It is a gift that I wish everyone could experience.

I have given to them, too. Yes, they wish I was healthy and vibrant and had a family of my own. But the tragedy that befell me brought us all together — it brought out a depth of love they did not know they were capable of.

Millions go to bed praying for me every night, and you have no idea how this calms my soul. I feel the pull of their spirits connecting me more closely with our G-d, who I know is watching over me.

Of course, the cynics among you say that if G-d existed, He never would have let such a tragedy befall me, but there you go again.

Whether or not you understand it, every human life has meaning and purpose — even a life like mine. G-d works in mysterious ways — ways that no human can fully grasp. And maybe this has been my purpose in this life.

Maybe G-d is letting my husband with the full sanction of the courts, rush me to my end to see how you respond. Maybe it's time that a country that celebrates individual freedoms and rights rethinks how the most vulnerable among us are treated.

Maybe G-d is using my pain and suffering to remind us all that there is nothing more precious than life, and that all life should be treated with dignity and compassion, as my family has done so beautifully.

Maybe G-d is trying to remind us all that it is His role, not ours, to determine when life shall be taken. And make no mistake, withholding food and water is tantamount to taking life.

I don't know why this fate has befallen me, but please don't worry about me. It is hard for some to see, but I've been very blessed. It is you I worry about.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
An Epidemic of Democracy
Radio Netherlands reports that, in one of the largest demonstrations ever held in Bahrain, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets demanding democratic reforms: Pro-democracy rallies rock Bahrain. And guess what's inspiring them?
The Wefaq member said the opposition was encouraged by the recent peaceful pro-democracy rallies in Lebanon and Egypt.

There is a peaceful democratic movement in the Arab world. In Bahrain, the openness provided by the king’s reform project allows us to express our demands as long as they are within the legal boundaries of the system.

Bahrainis plan rallies to demand charter change
I blame Bush.
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guest author: FloridaHeat in Discarded Lies:
Whittemore twists the ADA to justify killing Terri
Wittemore made a ruling this morning that sounded REALLY wrong to me. I've worked with a lot of disability groups, and know the Americans with Disabilities Act a bit... certainly the Spirit of the ADA. It was written to insure people with disabilities are not denied things available to everyone else, strictly because of their disability. Accomodations MUST be made to make things that are available to the public, available to the disabled. (wheelchair dips in curbs, etc)

The Shindlers argued that Terri was being denied her rights under ther ADA. Wittemore said, nonsense - since non-disabled people do not need a feeding tube, then Terri's rights are not violated if it is removed.

That just sounded soooo very very wrong to me.

Then I read this in a link provided by SarahD over on Sherri's blog:

(from Overlooked in the Shadows)

"In addition to the rights all people enjoy, Ms. Schiavo has a statutory right under the Americans With Disabilities Act not to be treated differently because of her disability. Obviously, Florida law would not allow a husband to kill a non-disabled wife by denying her nourishment. It is Ms. Schiavo's disability that makes her killing different in the eyes of the Florida courts. Because the state is overtly drawing lines based on disability, it has the burden under the ADA of justifying those lines."

THAT is right! THAT is the spirit of the ADA. Wittemore twisted it around to justify KILLING HER!

Freaking hell, that would be overturned in a heartbeat if the higher courts heard it.
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kianb in Pahlaver:
You have to fight for your right to a party
This is not Iran:
Students are beaten to death for playing music as Shia militiamen run amok

THE students had begun to lay out their picnic in the spring sunshine when the men attacked. “There were dozens of them, armed with guns, and they poured into the park," Ali al-Azawi, 21, the engineering student who had organised the gathering in Basra, said.

“They started shouting at us that we were immoral, that we were meeting boys and girls together and playing music and that this was against Islam.

“They began shooting in the air and people screamed. Then, with one order, they began beating us with their sticks and rifle butts." Two students were said to have been killed.

Standing over them as the blows rained down was the man who gave the order, dressed in dark clerical garb and wearing a black turban. Ali recognised him immediately as a follower of Hojatoleslam Moqtada al-Sadr, the radical Shia cleric. Ali realised then that the armed men were members of Hojatoleslam al-Sadr’s Mehdi Army, a private militia that fought American forces last year and is now enforcing its own firebrand version of Islam.

The picnic had run foul of the Islamist powers that increasingly hold sway in the fly-blown southern city, where religious militias rule the streets, forcing women to don the veil and closing down shops that sell alcohol or music.
One brought a video camera to record the sinful spectacle of the picnic, footage of which was later released to the public as a warning to others.

It showed images of one girl struggling as a gunman ripped her blouse off, leaving her half-naked. “We will send these pictures to your parents so they can see how you were dancing naked with men," a gunman told her. Two students who went to her aid were shot — one in the leg, the other twice in the stomach. The latter was said to have died of his injuries. Fellow students say that the girl later committed suicide. Another girl who was severely beaten around the head lost her sight.
Death at 'immoral' picnic in the park
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The Cruelest Hoax: signing your own death warrant
A thimbleful of cognac to FloridaHeat.
The idea was launched in the U.S.A. in 1969 by a law journal article entitled "Due Process of Euthanasia: the Living Will, a Proposal." (In Britain the Voluntary Euthanasia Society is the main distributor of Wills/Directives). The proposal soon found favour with U.S. government officials as an economy measure. The leaked "Derzon memorandum" advised President Carter to "Change social values regarding cost-inducing activities" and stated "The cost-saving from a nation-wide push toward 'Living Wills' is likely to be enormous. Over one-fifth of Medicare expenditures are for persons in their last year of life." But it was not until 1991 that it was made compulsory for all patients admitted to hospital in the U.S., for whatever reason, to be presented with "Living Will" forms.

We keep hearing people in the news saying "this is why it's so important to have a living will", and of course, everyone believes it. In reality, signing a living will is the same thing as paying for your executioner's bullet. It removes your autonomy rather than enhancing it. And it gives the doctor a get-out-of-jail-free card for killing you. The idea was first broached by euthanasia advocates, and it was pushed by the Carter administration (once again proving to be history's greatest monster) because keeping you alive when you're disabled or ill is a "cost-inducing activity" and "the cost saving...is likely to be enormous". That's why it's mandatory to offer every new patient in a hospital a living will, now. Can you believe it? And this is what we're being offered to avoid being starved and thirsted to death like Terri-to sign the permission slip for them to do it the moment you can't speak for yourself any more! What a cruel hoax!

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Felos donated to reelect Greer
A thimbleful of cognac to Portia:
Center for Reclaiming America -- NEWS You Won't hear on the News!
Michael Schiavo’s Attorney Helped to Fund
Judge Greer Re-Election Campaign
Thursday, March 24, 2005

By Sam Kastensmidt

As if the circumstances surrounding Terri Schiavo could not get any more suspicious, the Center for Reclaiming America has uncovered evidence that Pinellas-Pasco County Circuit Judge George W. Greer accepted a campaign contribution from the law firm of Michael Schiavo’s attorney only one day after “Terri’s Law" was declared unconstitutional by a Pinellas county court.

Judge Greer’s Role in the Starvation of Terri Schiavo

This appears to establish a clear conflict of interest between Judge Greer and the best interests of Terri Schiavo. Judge Greer has been responsible for establishing “the facts" in the case of Terri Schiavo. Sadly, he has dismissed or ignored testimony from 33 physicians (15 neurologists) who are willing to testify that Terri is not in a persistent vegetative state and can improve, he has refused to allow the Florida Department of Children and Families to conduct a criminal investigation of Michael Schiavo, he has refused to honor a subpoena from the U.S. Congress, and he has blocked virtually all efforts from the Schindler family to save the life of their daughter.

Law Firm Donates to Greer Re-Election Campaign

According to public records available from the Florida Department of State: Division of Elections, Judge George W. Greer received a campaign contribution from the law firm of Felos & Felos during his re-election efforts in the spring of 2004.

Of course, no direct evidence suggests collusion between the two parties, but the timing of the campaign contribution is highly suspect. On May 6, 2004, a Pinellas county court struck down legislation (“Terri’s Law") passed by the Florida legislature and signed by Governor Jeb Bush, which was designed to halt a previous attempt to starve Terri Schiavo to death. On May 7, 2004 — only one day after the ruling — Judge Greer received a campaign gift from the law firm of Michael Schiavo’s attorney.

This was not due to a fundraising effort, as this was the only contribution made to the Greer campaign fund on that particular day.

Take Action!

Contact Governor Bush and encourage him to protect the life of Terri Schiavo and expose the highly suspicious details behind Pinellas-Pasco County Circuit Judge George Greer’s campaign fundraising records.

Governor Bush
(850) 488-7146
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Background - The Deportations
Immediately after they occupied Greece, Germans shut down the Ladino newspapers in Salonica, confiscated the Jewish community's financial assets and records and persecution of Jews began. Jews were evicted from their homes, forced to wear the yellow star, humiliated, beaten, arrested and taken as hostages. In July of 1942, Jews were made liable for forced labour and about 10,000 were rounded up for forced-labour battalions. The terrible conditions in malaria-infested swamps, which caused the death of 12% of the internees, prompted the Jewish community to offer to exempt the Jews for ransom. After lenghty negotiations Merten agreed to accept a large amount of money yet at the same time Jewish property and Jewish businesses were being confiscated.

In December of 1942 the Germans appointed Rabbi Zvi Koretz as head of the Jewish Community. In February 1943, Dieter Wisliceny, Eichmann's deputy, arrived in Salonica to set the machinery for deportation. Jews were ordered to wear Star of David badges and to move into ghettos and were subjected to a wide variety of other restrictions.

Deportations began in March 1943 from Macedonia and Thrace while at the same time Bulgarians were assisting the Germans in deporting the Greek Jews from the territory they had annexed. "The German Reich is ready to accept these Jews in its eastern regions," said the agreement signed by Bulgaria on February 22. A month after this agreement was signed, "these Jews" were dead.

Ten thousand Jews had been deported by the end of March 1943, a further 25,000 in April and another 25,000 in May. They had no idea of their destination having been told that it was a "resettlement" area in Poland.

A notable exception to the deportation of the Macedonian Jews was the town of Katerini. The local director of police gave Jews three hours to flee after he received the deportation orders. Thirty-three Jews fled and were hidden by Greek villagers. Three who were unable to leave, were shot by the Germans when they discovered that almost all the community had escaped.

Each deportee was allowed to take a food parcel for the journey and up to 15 kilos of clothing for the "resettlement" area. It was in fact Treblinka or Birkenau. The Germans allocated 20 special trains for these deportations starting from six collection points. At the railway stations of Demi-Hisar and Simitli, where there was a change of trains, the Germans gave priority to "invalids on strectchers" and women who were "ready for childbirth." Conditions inside the trains were horrific: no room to sit or lie down, virtually no food and no water.

Each morning on their journey north the trains would stop in the open countryside and the bodies of those who died in the night were thrown out. There was no form of burial allowed. Several hundred sick and old people died during the six day journey.

Shortly after the deportations, all Jewish property and belongings in Thrace and Macedonia were confiscated and sold. The money raised was first to go towards the cost of the rail fare to the death camps. The rest was then deposited in bank accounts and to give those still in Greece a sense of normalcy, the deposit statements were sent to their Jewish owners. These statements reached their owners long after they were dead in Treblinka and Auschwitz.

On April 5, 1943, the last train bringing Jews from Macedonia for "resettlement" reached Treblinka. All were gassed.

In September 1943, when all of Greece came under German control, general anti-Jewish regulations were issued, defining who is a Jew and ordering Jews to register. Jews who did not report to the Germans within five days would be shot, and any Greek providing shelter to Jews would be shot as well. Within six months the deportations of Jews from Athens began and the Germans began to round up Jews on the islands.

Note to long-timers: if this sounds familiar, it's because it's a rerun! Since we're using zorkie's Terra Nostra posts as our weekly feature over at Winds of Change.NET we decided to start the series over from the beginning because it makes more sense that way. We don't really have to rerun it here in order to post it there, but we decided to anyway, because our traffic then was about 200 unique visitors a day and is now about 2000, so, um, that's a lot of people, and this deserves their attention.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
HateWatch Briefing 3/25/05
Here's the bi-weekly HateWatch Briefing from Winds of Change.NET, brought to you in the most hateful manner by Lewy14 and my little hateful self.
PA teaches mothers to celebrate their children's deaths; Saudi education and terrorism; Saudi prince criticizes extremism in education; New Saudi education minister to undo reforms?; Academic sentenced to 200 lashes in Saudi Arabia; First woman Imam gets death threats; Government bias against religious minorities in Pakistan; The plight of Iraqi Christians;
CIA spymaster blames Israel for U.S. Foreign Policy; Neo-Nazi site a Google News source; MIT cartoon "supports the troops"; C-SPAN: Holocaust denier adds “balance"; Lebanon withdraws from Eurovision because Israel is participating; Turkey renames animals it finds 'divisive'; 'Mein Kampf' a bestseller in Turkey; Neo-Nazi’s say Jihadis “our kind of people"; Anti-Semitism in Canada is at its worst point in more than twenty years; Hate speech “defined down" in Canada; Anti-Semitic violence in Switzerland; French anti-Semitism at a 10 year high; Turkish columnist slanders American Ambassador; Neo-Nazi politics in Germany. Lebanese woman denounces indoctrination of hate; Holocaust museum opens in Nazareth; Iran's Festival of Fire: 'Bush, Bush, Kush, Kush?'
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throbert in Channel Ж:

I just posted this over on , circus colors and all. If you agree with my reasoning, click on the Little Green Football to go directly to the thread and GIVE ME SOME PUBLIC SUPPORT -- because so far, Charles has not responded to my post, and for some reason, only one person thus far (props to aridog) has addressed the content of my posting. Everyone else who responded gave me grief about the color scheme.

[BERATE MODE: ON] Charles, if you're reading this, I'm really disappointed in you right now. Here's why: Yesterday, in your update to the Terri Schiavo thread, you approvingly quoted the remarks of one Dr. Elizabeth Whalen, who purports to correct some of the "junk science" surrounding the Schiavo case.
Yet while Dr. Whalen expresses concern about "the outrageous misrepresentation of scientific facts" in this controversy, she ENTIRELY FAILS to acknowledge a falsifiable scientific claim that has been made again and again by advocates for Terri: namely, that the current state-of-the-art requires a PET scan and/or MRI to confirm a diagnosis of brain death -- that CT (CAT) scans and EEG readings are no longer considered adequate.
Now, I'm not a medical expert and I'm not sure whether the claim about the relative unreliability of CT and EEG results is true. But what's striking is that Dr. Whalen, who presents herself as a medical expert familiar with the ongoing controversy, cannot even spare a few words to address the PET/MRI issue. Instead, she refers only to CT scans and EEGs. Of course, it's possible that in her well-founded expert opinion, CT and EEG results are adequate, and that Terri's advocates have misrepresented and exaggerated the significance of MRI/PET results. If Whalen believes that, fine -- let her say that.
But, again, she does not say that. Whalen has, apparently, enough familiarity with the Schiavo case to fret about "misrepresentations of scientific fact," yet she shows ZERO COGNIZANCE OF THE MRI/PET ISSUE, which has been brought up REPEATEDLY by Terri's advocates. (I cannot help but point out that in one of her video clips, the severely brain-damaged Terri appeared to show at least some LOW-LEVEL COGNIZANCE OF A SHINY MYLAR BALLOON.)
Dr. Elizabeth Whalen: 0
Terri Schiavo: 1

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Second Woman to Lead Friday Prayer
Muslim Woman to Lead More Islamic Prayers in U.S.
A female author leading a campaign for more rights for Muslim women said she would conduct a Muslim prayer service in Boston on Friday, amid growing opposition from Islamic leaders.

Asra Nomani, author of an upcoming book on women in Islam, said she would preside over a small Muslim congregation of men and women, becoming the second woman in a week to lead a Friday service, a role historically held by men.

Nomani, 39, led a small service near Boston on Wednesday, but leading a Friday service is far more controversial as the midday prayer is the most important one of the week. A service where men and women sit together also goes against Islamic tradition, as most mosques make them pray separately.

Last Friday, Amina Wadud, an associate professor of Islamic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, led about 100 men and women in prayers in New York City, in a controversial event Nomani helped organize.

Nomani said she would organize other services throughout the United States, including San Francisco and Washington.

She and her supporters said they had received threats and what she called "violent e-mails." Friday's service in New York attracted a dozen angry protesters and its location changed multiple times due to threats of violence.

Ali Gomaa, the top authority on Islamic law in Egypt, and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, are among several Muslim leaders who have criticized the woman-led services, saying they go against Islamic law and are unacceptable.

"The violent reaction we're getting from people in power is the result of efforts to maintain their power and their control over the masses," Nomani said. "We won't accept their corrupt thinking anymore. We're confident in the validity and righteousness of what we're doing."
And that's how change begins.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Good one.
Once upon a time, a Sultan was blessed with the birth of a son after years of hoping.

The boy immediately became the apple of his father's eye.

Just before his son's sixth birthday, the Sultan said to him, "Son, I love you very much. Your birthday is coming soon. What would you like?"

His son replied, "Daddy, I would like to have my own airplane."

His father bought him American Airlines.

Just before his son's seventh birthday, the Sultan said, "Son, you are my pride and joy. Ask what you want for your birthday. Whatever it is, it's yours."

His son replied, "Daddy, I would like a boat." His father bought him the Princess Cruise Line.

Just before his son's eighth birthday, the Sultan said, "Son, you bring so much happiness into my life. Anything you want, I shall get for you."

His son replied, "Daddy, I would like to be able to watch cartoons."

His father bought him Disney Studios.

Just before his son's ninth birthday, the Sultan said, "Son, you are my life. Your birthday is coming soon. Ask what you wish. I will get it for you."

His son, who had grown to love Disney, replied, "Daddy, I would like a Mickey Mouse outfit and a Goofy outfit."

And that’s why the Sultan bought the Democrat Party and CBS News.
To The Point
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