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daily archive: 03/23/2005
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Public Should Know the Truth
In case you haven't seen this interview on FOX News, go watch it at Jackson's Junction: Carla Sauer: "I want the public to know the truth".
Carla Sauer Iyer worked as a caregiver for Terri Schiavo and the story she tells is incredible. She claims that she reported Michael Schiavo to her supervisors and police for injecting Terri with Insulin in an effort to deepen her comma or bring death to her quicker. She states she was fired from her job when she reported these and other allegations to proper authorities.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A Peaceful End and Other Myths
From LA Times (registration required but you can read the whole article after the jump): Ceasing Food and Fluid Can Be Painless
Concerns for Schiavo's comfort have galvanized the debate. But experts say dying of starvation and dehydration is a peaceful end for the ill.
I think that dying of an overdose of morphine can be called a peaceful end; dying of starvation and dehydration when your body is not ready to die, doesn't sound peaceful to me. In the article, Dr. Sullivan says that after 24 hours without food our bodies don't feel hunger anymore. Has he ever gone on a diet? Here's Eric who says it better than I could: Starvation is Euphoria
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Eurovision Troubles
Here's a small diversion from all the stress:

Lebanon is dropping out of the Eurovision song contest because Israel is one of the participating countries. And if this isn't stupid enough, supposedly Lebanon "was unaware" that Israel was going to be in the competition. Funny that, since Israel has won first place in three Eurovision contests in the past.

Even worse than anything though, all this trouble about Eurovision?! To quote Neil Gaiman, "Since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest has horrified people across Europe." Really, Eurovision is so bad that...that...

All right, fine, I'll come clean: I do watch the stupid contest and I really liked Ukraine last year and Turkey the year before that. It still sucks though! How bad does it suck? Last year, the French entry featured Grace Jones on stilts. Draw your own conclusions.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Senate Lets Down Terri Again
Florida Senate Turns Back Schiavo Bill
For the second time in less than a day, a federal appeals court Wednesday rejected a bid by Terri Schiavo's parents to have her feeding tube re-inserted. The Florida Senate also turned back another last-ditch effort to prolong her life.

The Senate bill would have prohibited patients like Schiavo from being denied food and water if they did not express their wishes in writing. The 21-18 vote came five days after her feeding tube was removed under court order. Similar efforts in the Legislature have failed in the past.
So if you haven't expressed your will to live in writing, forget it, we'll just kill you. Is it me, or is this world upside down?

Last option (unless the Supreme Court does anything): contact Jeb Bush and ask him to take Terri into protective custody, now.

Contact Info for DCF:

Lucy D. Hadi, Secretary 1317 Winewood Blvd.
Building 1, Room 202
Tallahassee, Florida
32399-0700 Phone: (850) 487-1111

(thimbleful of cognac to FloridaHeat)

Jeb Bush and the state's social services agency filed a petition in state court to take custody of Schiavo and, presumably, reconnect her feeding tube. It cites new allegations of neglect and challenges Schiavo's diagnosis as being in a persistent vegetative state. The request is based on the opinion of a neurologist working for the state who observed Schiavo at her bedside but did not conduct an examination of her.
This should have happened years ago, why are they waiting until the last minute?

UPDATE: Read FloridaHeat's comments on this thread for updates from people outside Terri's hospice.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Blogs for Terri hacked?
Every request to their server returns 403 Forbidden. I think it's more likely to be a misconfiguration on their end, but we'll see.

UPDATE by zorkmidden (thimbleful of cognac to Jefe)
Admin Note About Comments

Many of you noticed that our site was not accessible for a short time. Apparently it was the shear volume of comments that overloaded the server and led to the outage. For the time being our comment sections will be down. Thanks for your understanding.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Back to Greer. Great.
Breaking: DCF and Governor Bush have new information - Going back to Greer :: Medical Issues :: BlogsforTerri

The Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, just completed a press conference with Tampa Bay media. He says that the Department of Children and Families, through Adult Protective Services are conducting an investigation of abuse against Terri Schiavo. As part of that, a neurologist by the name of Dr. Cheshire, observed Terri, lengthy videos of her and her case record. He has concluded that she is not in a persistent vegetative state. Rather, he felt she was minimally conscious if not functioning higher.

Needless to say, this is cause for tremendous alarm with Terri not receiving nutrition and hydration in more than 5 days.

There is a 3.45 pm hearing on this matter. Developing...
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Jeb Bush trying to pass a new law
Press conference on Fox (thimbleful of cognac to lazytart): Jeb Bush to introduce new law giving guardianship to the state and withdrawing it from Michael Schiavo. Comment from imdll at blogsforterri has a little more detail, but no stories out yet on the wire:
the announcement from Jeb Bush. They have had Terri's medical records opened and reviewed by a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic. He says Terri's may have been misdiagnosed and that there is evidence that she is in a minimal state of conciousness. Maybe a break?

Apparently the Adult services people have had significant delays getting the information. Good grief! I can not believe that they are saying that they have been trying to investigate this for 3 weeks.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
FDLE Agent Stifled on Schiavo Probe
Empire Journal has this headline as "developing" with no details:
FDLE Agent Stifled on Schiavo Probe
FDLE=Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, basically the state police, controlled directly by Jeb Bush.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Seeking an Emergency Review
Schiavo Parents Seek Review of Ruling
Racing against time to save their brain-damaged daughter's life, Terri Schiavo's parents asked a federal appeals court Wednesday for an emergency review of an appellate panel's ruling that her feeding tube not be hooked up again.

Gov. Jeb Bush renewed his call for the Legislature to step in and "spare Terri's life," and 10 demonstrators outside Schiavo's hospice were arrested trying to bring her water — including a 10-year-old boy.

The request for an "expedited rehearing" of the full 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was made 10 hours after the three-judge panel had rejected Bob and Mary Schindler's earlier filing.
A majority of the 12-member appellate court in Atlanta would have to agree to hear the case before it would be considered, said Matt Davidson, the court's calendar clerk. There was no immediate word on when the court would decide.

In their appeal, the Schindlers said their daughter's medical condition was "deteriorating rapidly." They asked that the full court order the hospice where Schiavo is staying to immediately transport her to a hospital "for any medical treatment necessary to sustain her life and to re-establish her nutrition and hydration."

In a 2-1 ruling earlier Wednesday, the three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit said the parents "failed to demonstrate a substantial case on the merits of any of their claims" that the feeding tube should be reinserted immediately.

In his dissent to the appeals court ruling, Judge Charles R. Wilson said Schiavo's "imminent" death would end the case before it could be fully considered. "In fact, I fail to see any harm in reinserting the feeding tube," he wrote.
Wilson is also a Clinton appointee. I bring this up because I believe that compassion doesn't have to be limited by political boundaries.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Voting for FGM
How can female genital mutilation be stopped if it's popular with women and seen by the government as a vote winner?
FREETOWN, 17 Mar 2005 (IRIN) - When the president's wife sponsors the circumcision of 1,500 young girls to win votes for her husband, you know you've got a problem persuading ordinary people and the government that female genital mutilation (FGM) is a bad idea.

And when the woman who is now Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Women's Affairs, threatens to "sew up the mouths" of those who preach against FGM, you realise that you are facing a really big uphill struggle.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Forming of a Nation
BEIRUT, Lebanon, March 21 - In a cramped two-room apartment here, a group of men and women toil day and night to produce a most improbable symbol to emerge from the country's popular demonstrations: the Lebanese flag.

Seven days a week, 22 hours a day, employees of the Bourj Hammoud flag factory cut and sew, working feverishly to meet the nearly insatiable demand for flags since the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on Feb. 14.

The workers sleep in shifts, a few hours at a time. On a good day, the factory's seven employees turn out 5,000 Lebanese flags, but it is not enough.

"We're barely sleeping," said Mona Nashar, a flag maker. "But we don't mind, because it is our country's flag."

It was not always like this. In Lebanon's short, turbulent history, the Lebanese flag has often seemed a sad and misbegotten thing, outshone by the more popular banners of militia and sect. Like most of the countries of the Middle East, Lebanon was formed from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire at the close of World War I, with boundaries drawn by the whims of the conquering French and British armies and with little thought about ethnic and sectarian rivalries.

During Lebanon's civil war, which lasted from 1975 to 1990 and left more than 100,000 dead, the country fragmented into an array of armed groups, each with its own leader and its own flag. Until quite recently, popular gatherings usually included the unfurling of battle flags - Christian, Muslim, Druse - or the raising of a portrait.

That changed abruptly with the killing of Mr. Hariri, a multimillionaire who led the rebuilding of the country after the civil war. His death came just as public sentiment was hardening against the decades-old presence of Syrian troops, and the bombing that killed him was widely suspected here of being engineered by Syria.

In a single moment, it seemed, Lebanese nationalism flowered.

At the giant popular rallies that followed Mr. Hariri's death, protesters who began to wave communal flags were told by organizers to put them away. In their place rose tens of thousands of Lebanese flags. If the Lebanese could not always agree on the nature and direction of their own nation, they came together over a common enemy.

"What is going on today is the forming of a nation," said Rami G. Khouri, editor at large for The Daily Star.

Along with Mr. Hariri's photograph, the Lebanese flag has become the symbol of the revolt against Syrian domination and of a desire for more democratic politics. In the streets, protesters wave Lebanese flags by the tens of thousands. The flags hang in office windows, flutter from car antennas, cover front doors. They adorn all manner of clothing, from baseball caps to string bikinis.

That is good for business. Since Feb. 14, the flags have sold by the hundreds of thousands. The Bourj Hammoud factory, which had been making Valentine's Day T-shirts, switched to flags on the 15th and has not stopped since. Now, the shop buys huge rolls of uncut flags, which the workers quickly slice up into individual banners and hem.

On the other side of the city, Ghassan Haddad, a flag distributor, estimates that he has sold 100,000 Lebanese flags since Feb. 15, 50,000 in the past week alone. The night before last Monday's huge demonstration, which brought hundreds of thousands of Lebanese into the streets, a caller placed an order for 40,000 flags. Mr. Ghassan gave him 10,000 - all that he had left in his shop.

"Flags are a very good business now," Mr. Ghassan said.

According to Mr. Ghassan, sales of the Lebanese flag have closely tracked the ups and downs of Lebanese nationalism. Last November, when the country was supposed to celebrate its Independence Day, flag sales drooped to a particularly low level. That, Mr. Ghassan figured, was due to the humiliation many Lebanese felt for the heavy-handed way in which the Syrian government had dictated the extension of the term of Emile Lahoud, Lebanon's pro-Syrian president.

Mr. Ghassan estimates that as many as three- quarters of a million Lebanese flags have been sold since Mr. Hariri's death, in a nation of about four million people. That is quite a change from a quarter-century ago, he said, when sectarian militias fought for Beirut's every neighborhood and Lebanese national feeling seemed to have disappeared forever.

"When the civil war started, everyone had his own flag," Mr. Ghassan said.

No one here is predicting how long the nationalist fervor will last, particularly if the Syrian Army, as it has promised, withdraws and the Lebanese lose the galvanizing presence of a common enemy. For now, though, many Lebanese are convinced that the national feeling will endure.

One of them is Namr Mansour, a mostly toothless fruit seller who hawks apples and green almonds from a small stand in downtown Beirut. Last month, with the street demonstrations unfolding before him, Mr. Mansour decided to expand into flag sales. Since then, he figures, he has sold about 5,000 Lebanese flags, with the large ones going for about $3 each.

Like many Lebanese, Mr. Mansour says he is happy about the welling of patriotic fever. But he says he is especially pleased at the way he grasped a new business opportunity.

"It is the most beautiful flag in the world," Mr. Mansour said. "But I am just selling what people want to buy."

Beirut Journal: Banner Days for the Lebanese (Ask the Flag Makers)
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