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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Syria, Jordan border dispute resolved
The long-simmering border dispute last blogged by me here has now been resolved:
The Daily Star - - Jordan and Syria resolve long-standing border dispute
AMMAN: Jordan and Syria signed an agreement Monday settling a long-standing border dispute which officials said would bolster relations between the two neighbors. Jordan has said the Syrian border encroaches 125 square kilometers inside Jordanian territory, while Jordan runs 2.5 square kilometers into Syria.

Jordanian Interior Minister Samir Habashneh, who signed the agreement along with his Syrian counterpart Ghazi Kanaan, told reporters the two agreed to solve the dispute by trading land along their border.

Syria will be able to keep the 125 square kilometers in Jordan to safeguard the interests of those who live there, giving Jordan an equivalent territory in the border area, he said.

The dispute "was a recurrent thorn in our side. The agreement will bolster trust between our countries," Habashneh said.

Kanaan said the agreement reflected "the mutual interests and good neighborly relations between the two brotherly countries."

The two countries announced in late 2004 that they had reached an agreement to settle the dispute based on a 1931 demarcation accord.

Also on Monday, Syria and Jordan signed an agreement to fight smuggling, drug trafficking and organized crime as well as 19 other accords in the fields of culture, agriculture, trade, and transport.

Jordanian Prime Minister Faisal al-Fayez and his Syrian counterpart Naji Otri witnessed the signing ceremony.

On Sunday Otri had talks with King Abdullah II during which the monarch insisted on the "unity, sovereignty and security of Lebanon" and underscored "the need to implement all international resolutions concerning the Middle East," officials said.

King Abdullah said Jordan was keen on developing ties with Syria in various sectors and that agreements to be signed between the two neighbors reflected "the positive development" of relations. - AFP
Sounds like ol' King A laid down the law pretty good. He's been talking to a certain Geo. W. Bush, I'd wager.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
King Abdullah: you can thank Bush for democracy in the middle east
King Abdullah on democracy in the Middle East: he confirmed that John Kerry, realists, Arabists, peaceniks, all these wastes of flesh would never have gotten us to this beautiful place, but George W Bush did. A wink and a White Russian under the table to zorkie for this link ;-)
President Bush 's call for spreading democracy in the Middle East sparked momentum in the region for an idea that had been only talked about before, Jordan's King Abdullah said on Tuesday.

"I think if the president had not started the process of getting reform in people's minds, we would have been much more complacent. But because there was outside pressure, people had to look in the mirror and think of how to move forward," Abdullah said in an interview on ABC News.

He said societies throughout the Middle East had been talking about reform and some Arab countries initially took Bush's call last year "as something being forced upon them."

But it was Bush's prodding that inspired people in the region to step up the move toward democratic reform, he said.

"It created debate inside of Arab society and I think we're seeing the fruits of that. I think people are expecting leaders to reform, and are demanding from their government to move forward."

In recent months, Palestinians elected a new president, Iraqis voted in a new government, Saudi Arabia held limited balloting for seats on municipal councils and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has proposed multi-candidate presidential elections for the first time.

On demands that Syria withdraw its troops from Lebanon, Abdullah said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad understands what needs to be done and his hope is that the pullout will be completed peacefully.

Syria agreed to move its troops after the killing of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri sparked fierce anti-Syrian protests in Beirut and global calls for the Syrians to leave.

Abdullah was interviewed in Washington where he met Bush, who pushing for democratic reforms across the Middle East.

The president has been gentle on the subject with Abdullah, a close U.S. ally. Jordan is a constitutional monarchy in which citizens have limited political rights.
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sine in The People's Diner:
Saint Patrick's Day
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guest author: Sherri in Discarded Lies:
My Chat with Bobby Schindler
It was just after the Roses Rally in Tallahassee when I got to talk with Bobby Schindler. He was dressed in a suit and looked incredibly handsome. His personality is refreshing. I immediately felt welcome, appreciated, and comfortable talking with him. Meeting the entire family this weekend was one of the most incredible events in my life.

This is a family that is not out for attention for themselves. They are not “media savvy,�? nor do they have interest in being so. They simply are utilizing every avenue possible to stop the injustice against their beloved Terri. Bobby was eager to talk about the issues surrounding these injustices. He also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all the Bloggers for Terri! He is impressed with our knowledge of the case. (As we chatted, I rattled of page numbers of court manuscripts where pertinent information proved Michael’s inability to be a proper and deserving guardian for Terri.)

Bobby specifically noted that we need to concentrate on the fact that Terri was admitted into a Hospice. He shared that they, the family, have NO IDEA how this is being paid for or how it was allowed for her to be there. I had read reports that, contrary to Michael’s own testimony, that Bob Schindler was actually the first call Michael made when Terri first collapsed. Bobby was wonderful to verify these reports. He also verified that Michael had to be told by Mr Bob Schindler to call 911 and then Mr Schindler called Bobby and told him to get over there. Michael never called him! “I remember exactly. My story hasn’t changed in 15 years.

Michael was also perplexed by the fact that Felos was Chairman of the Board for the Hospice and the role this played in getting Terri admitted into a facility without following the proper procedures.

Bobby shared what Michael said following the malpractice settlement. “Well, we didn’t get as much as we thought, so basically that kinda thwarted my whole idea of bringing her home because we didn’t get the money.�?

“I don’t understand. So that means, what, we’re going to try and kill her now that we didn’t get the money that I intended to get. I only got a million�?

In closing, Bobby made a plea. “Keep up the calls and the emails for these bills.�? His final words: “Thanks. Thanks a lot.�?
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Iran: Traditional Fire Festival Turned into Street Riots
Several protesters/celebrators have been killed and hundreds have been injured or arrested following the violent clashes that rocked most Iranian cities, yesterday night, at the occasion of popular riots during the "Pagan" Tchahar-Shanbe Souri (Fire Fiest). These clashes happened as brutal militiamen attacked Iranians who transformed the already hardly tolerated celebration into protest action and show of "un-Islamic" joy. Most areas of the Capital and cities, such as, Esfahan, Mahabad, Shiraz, Rasht, Kermanshah, Babol, Sannandaj, Dezful, Mashad, Ahwaz, Marivan, Khoram-Abad, Zabol, Baneh, Tabriz, Hamedan and Oroomiah (former Rezai-e) were scenes of sometimes unprecedented street fights between the regime forces and groups of Iranians.
Many celebrators were seen shouting slogans against the regime and its leaders, such as, "Marg bar Jomhoori e Eslami" (Down with Islamic Republic), "Marg bar Taleban e Iran" (Down with [Iran's] Taleban), "Toop, Tank, Feshfeshe, Bassiji bayad Koshte She" (Gun, Tank, Fire Cracker, Militia must be killed) and "Referendum, Referendum, in ast Shoar e Mardom" (Referendum, Referendum, this is the people's slogan) by making reference to a genuine election, expressed so many time since three years ago, and after the total fall of the Islamic regime and without giving any chance to some so-called redempted 'former' factions of the regime to surf again over the popular aspiration.

Other slogans stating about a dangerous level of the popular exasperation, such as, "Bush, Bush, kush? Kush?" (Bush, Bush, Were's He? Were's He?) were also shouted along with some unprecedented public attacks against EU members, such as, France and Germany.

Pictures of regime's leaders and Islamist books, even at some occasion, Mandatory veils and copies of the Koran along with some EU symbols, such as, French and German flags were thrown into fire by some protesters. France and Germany are the closet collaborators of the illegitimate regime in Iran.
The impact of the riots are to the point that the regime's propaganda tools are already blaming the exasperated Iranians for "acts of vandalism and hooliganism having lead to the perturbance of civil order and endangering the public safety". The unprecedented event forced even the governmental TV to praise Tchahr Shanbe Souri and then to condemn those who can't make a "normal celebration" of "this old tradition".

It's to note that the religiously banned celebration in which millions of Iranians are participating, each year, has been considered as "Paganistic" by the dogmatic clerics. It became this evening, once again as not only another act of joy and renewing with the Persian Cultural Heritage, but also as an act of political civil disobedience, and a show of attachment to Iranians' national values.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Coup in Syria?!
A minifridge full of her choice of beer to Lyana for this link...via JeffR at LGF.
A Coup d' Etat took place in Damascus late last night. Intelligence reports coming from within the Syrian Military Command indicate the following:

A rebellion split The Syrian Army in two factions .

Since yesterday , Damascus is under the de facto control of the Syrian Army, under the command of Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan, and supported by Syrian Intelligence General Rustom Ghazaleh, Syrian military General Ali Safi, and Firas Tlass son of former Minister of Defence, Mustafa Tlass. The group rebelled against the decision of President Bashar el Assad to withdraw from Lebanon and seized the Damascus military yesterday.

Around 3 am, Damascus time, the Syrian Air Force bombarded two military airfields around Damascus, the Air force base of Dumair, and the Air force base of Katana. Also, late night around 3 am, the Syrian Air force bombarded military positions of the Syrian Army west of the city of Homs.

President Bachar el Assad retreated secretly to the city of Aleppo where he is temporarily holding ground. He is massing special forces troops loyal to him and preparing himself to take back Damascus by force .

The Syrian President left in Damascus his brother in Law, Syrian Military Intelligence Chief General Assef Shawkat to negotiate a settlement with the dissidents. The situation within the Syrian military was very tense for a week and exploded yesterday. The dissident group took control of Damascus as they were very upset at the Lebanon withdrawal for they left behind a billion dollar industry.

The Hariri Assassination:

The same Syrian Intelligence sources indicate that Rafic Hariri was assassinated by the SSNP (the Syrian Social National Party) under the direct orders of Asaad Hardane. Hardane's men were deeply involved in this operation and were supported technically in the assassination by the Security Department of Hezbollah who provided the "special explosives from Iran" for this operation.

President Bachar Assad himself ordered the assassination. Syrian Generals Assef Shawkat and Rustom Ghazaleh were aware of Hariri's killing. They, along with a few other Syrian Intelligence officers, were secretly coordinating the cover up of this crime with Hezbollah and the SSNP for the success of the operation and the Lebanese authorities.

Sunni MP Ahmed Fatfat, from the city of Tripoli, northern Lebanon, was beaten by pro-Syrian militiamen belonging to the Baath Party and the SSNP. They burned his two cars in Tripoli and Fatfat. He took his family and moved secretly to the Christian areas in an undisclosed location for his safety.

Former Minister of Interior, Elie El Murr moved secretly to Europe. He left days ago to Switzerland as he intends to stay. It was reported that he moved discreetly with important financial assets from Lebanon to that country.

It was reported that most of the Prime Minster Rafic Hariri's Family have left Lebanon overseas for security reasons. Nazek, the widow of the assassinated former Prime Minister Hariri is the only person left in Beirut. Three of his children are reported to be in Saudi Arabia and two in France.
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guest author: Sherri in Discarded Lies:
True Grit(z) Rides Again: Citizen to arrest Judge Greer, Michael Schiavo
I got this just a minute ago - from one of my protected sources.
Since Florida has apparently failed in its duty to protect life and liberty of the most vulnerable against, to all intents and purposes, criminal judges, attorneys who are in business of fleecing and killing their wards and aiding and abetting in certain instances criminally conflicted guardians in attempted murder and in some cases successful murder we have to rely on true american patriots to come to our aid. I thank Mr. Gritz for his assistance and will be spreading this all across the globe and hopefully even Floridians will go and do the same thing in regards to their duty to protect life, liberty and happiness and putting under arrest those who are subverting our state and federal constitutions. ___
*Col. Gritz will arrive in Pinellas Park later today

*_*Press Release
*_ _*
16 March 2005

Former Green Beret Commander Bo Gritz is charging-in once again. The 66 year-old retired Army Lt. Colonel with his wife, Judy, drove straight through from their Southern Nevada home to Pinellas Park, Florida in their own effort to rescue Terri Schindler-Shiavo. In his typically unconventional fashion, Gritz is arresting Pinellas Circuit Judge George Greer and Terri Schiavo's estranged husband, Michael Schiavo, plus anyone else who would aid or abet in removing Terri's feeding tube.
*Bo and Judy arrived this evening, after furnishing a notarized "Citizen's Arrest Warrant" to Governor Jeb Bush and Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist. Gritz intends on "papering" State and Federal enforcement offices with his warrant on Thursday, one day before Judge Greer has ordered the denial of food and water to Terri Schiavo. Gritz says the "arrest" is meant to allow officials additional options as the Florida State Executive and Legislative Branches maneuver to secure Terri Schiavo from starvation. "It's just another arrow in the quiver which may help pro-Terri forces to counter Judge Greer's death-order," says Gritz.

The "Gritz-effect" remains to be seen, but he successfully used the arrest-tool against federal law enforcement in August 1992 when he intervened in the siege at Ruby Ridge, Idaho and brought what was left of the Randy Weaver family down the hill without further bloodshed. Sammy, the 14 year-old Weaver boy, was killed along with his mother, Vicki, and U.S. Marshal William Degan. Randy Weaver and another man, Kevin Harris, were wounded by police gun-fire. Gritz secured the services of renowned defense lawyer Gerry Spence, and the U.S. Department of Justice paid the Weavers $3.2-million in an out-of-court settlement. Harris was awarded more than $300,000.

Gritz was also present during the longest FBI-siege at the Montana Freemen compound, and helped in the failed-search for Olympic bombing suspect Eric Rudolph -- due for prosecution in Birmingham this month.

Gritz says while he doesn't want to "cause trouble,"he gets involved when it appears Americans are in needless life-and- death situations with the law. Citing his officer's oath of allegiance to "defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic," Gritz says while he doesn't know Terri Schiavo personally, she nevertheless represents an American in danger of citizen-rights abuse, and he feels an obligation to act while she remains alive. Says Gritz: "Amer-I- cans will always fight for freedom. Millions of our military place their life on the line to keep tyranny away from our shores." He acknowledges and supports the broad-front of Americans who have for years stood-up in saving the life of Terri Schiavo. Besides a "Terri-Bill" under consideration in the U.S. Congress, the Florida Legislature votes Friday on a modified-measure to keep Terri's life-support in place. A previous Florida Bill was ruled un-Constitutional barring further intervention by Governor Bush. "We all do what we can. Most people wisely don't arrest important officials, it can be non-habit forming. It's my contribution, as I see it," says Gritz.

While threatened with arrest at Ruby Ridge and Jordon, Montana, when the smoke-cleared, the much decorated war hero instead walked away with FBI letters of appreciation. Time and events will soon tell if his presence is thus appreciated in Florida.

A copy of the Gritz Warrant language is attached.

*_ _I, James G. "Bo" Gritz, a private citizen, being an American by birth in Enid, Oklahoma, on 18 January 1939, and possessing personal knowledge
(reasonable cause) that certain individuals and agencies in and around Pinellas Park, Florida have committed, or will soon commit, specific felony violation of U.S. and Florida State laws, do hereby issue and publish this _Citizen's Arrest Notice_ requesting government agencies responsible for enforcement, including the Pinellas County Sheriff, Florida Attorney General, State Police, FBI, district attorneys and local police departments arrest the identified person(s) for crimes already committed and restrain them from committing further violations identified in this document.

The focus of this action is to secure the personal safety of Theresa "Terri" Marie Schindler-Schiavo, a natural-born U.S. Citizen currently being held in the Woodside Hospice (727-541-4199) at 6774 102nd Avenue N in Pinellas Park, FL 33782-2909 (Scott Kistler, Vice President of Operations, 727-586-4432). Terri is paralyzed and in need of care by the Woodside staff - specifically the provision of nourishment and hydration at meal times through a feeding tube. The specific threat is the wrongful withholding of nourishment from Terri Schiavo beginning at 1:00 p.m. local-time on 18 March 2005 with the specific purpose of her death through starvation and dehydration, as ordered by Circuit Judge George W. Greer (727-464-3933) in the Probate Division of the Circuit Court for Pinellas County, Florida at 2:50 p.m. on 25 February 2005; to be executed by Michael Schiavo (Marrie Ct, Clearwater, FL). This is a felony conspiracy to cause the wrongful death of an innocent person. The conspiracy will become a homicide if carried through to completion.

With the exception of the feeding tube at meal time, Terri Schiavo is on no other form of life support-system. She is not in a comma - she opens and moves her eyes; she is aware, recognizes and reacts to people and other stimuli. She is paralyzed, but more than 17 physicians and medical specialists have signed affidavits believing her condition will improve with proper therapy*. *Nobel Prize nominee Dr. William Hammesfahr has examined Terri and states her injury is a type of stroke that he treats everyday with success. Terri's parents, Robert and Mary Schindler are prepared to assume responsibility for continued care of their daughter. The American people, the U.S. Congress, Florida Legislature, Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Department of Children and Families, the Vatican, numerous public interest groups, and luminary Americans are making public their adamant interest sustaining Terri's life.

As an American, Terri Schindler-Schiavo is protected under both U.S. Constitutional Laws and Florida Statutes which have been over-ridden by Judge George Greer. The 8^th Amendment forbids cruel and unusual punishment. Not even the most heinous criminals are starved to death! The 14^th Amendment protects her human rights as an American.

Florida Statute 744.3215 (Rights of Persons Determined Incapacitated) forbids depriving Terri of food and water, a felony.

Florida Statute 765.404 requires the diagnosis of "persistent vegetative state" be determined as "permanent" prior to withdrawal of life prolonging means. Judge Greer has refused any further definitive tests (MRI) to ascertain Terri's current status.

Florida Statute 765.309 prevents mercy killing and assisted suicide.

Florida Statute 765.404 calls for clear and convincing evidence of a ward's intent concerning life and death medical decisions. Terri is a Catholic (suicide and assisted termination not an option); Judge Grer ruled-out pro-life testimony and accepted instead Michael Schivo's self-serving hearsay that he had heard Terri refer to ceasing life-support on one occasion (violation of FL Statute 90.602).

This Citizen's Arrest Warrant becomes null and void upon transfer of guardianship for Terri Schindler-Schiavo to her mother and father, or the Florida Department of Children & Families, prior to 1:00 p.m. on 18 March 2005.

As the plaintiff, I will physically be present in Pinellas Park at the Woodside Hospice. I am causing this complaint to be widely distributed so appropriate officials are made aware and may act to prevent this cruel death. As previously stated: The sole purpose of this document and resulting action(s) is to safeguard a helpless Terri Schindler-Schiavo. Any action that accomplishes this objective satisfies this Citizen's Arrest Notice.

Sworn to and Certified before a Notary Public on this date

I am James G. "Bo " Gritz, a Private Person and U.S. Citizen, resident address: HC-37, Box 472, Sandy Valley, NV 89019.*
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Lord Rees-Moog on the EU constitution
Why doesn't the UK's government want to tell the truth to the British electorate about the new EU constitution? Because it doesn't trust the decision they'll make armed with the truth, and wants to ram an abandonment of sovereignty down their throats.
WHO’S GOT it right? The German Minister for Europe, Hans Martin Bury, or the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, Jack Straw? Last week Herr Bury told the Bundestag that the constitution of the European Union is more than a “milestone", it is “the birth certificate of the United States of Europe". Last month Mr Straw said that the constitution treaty signalled “thus far and no further on European integration". Is the treaty a boundary marker for European integration or is it a birth certificate for “a single European state bound by one European constitution", to use the language of the German Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer?

The EU is already proceeding step by step to the establishment of this common foreign and security policy. Nato is being downgraded; a European diplomatic service is being developed; the constitution provides for a Foreign Minister. The whole European structure has been built by general aspirations backed by creeping bureaucracy. The common foreign and defence policy is likely to become a fait accompli.

I sometimes think that Britain has a Government which takes us all for fools. There may be a case for a United States of Europe. Many continental Europeans believe in that; most Germans, for instance, see a single European state as a natural development, similar to the creation of a united Germany in the 1870s. Britain, as Franz-Josef Strauss used to say, should have the status in a United Europe which Bavaria has in the Federal Republic. Bavaria, he would add, does not feel any need for a separate air force. Some Germans differ. One recently commented to me: “What is the problem for which the European Union is the solution?"

We could have a useful debate on these issues. Is it Europe’s destiny to become a superstate? Is the age of British independence at an end? Can we protect democracy and the rule of law in a fully united Europe? That would be an honest and historic debate. But it cannot be an honest debate so long as the Government pretends that the European constitution is anything other than a constitution for the United States of Europe. The Germans are telling the truth. So long as our Government takes us for fools, we have every reason to take them for liars.

Are we fools led by liars?
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Chinese Chutzpah: Abe Lincoln as anti-secession-law role model
The Standard - Lincoln as anti-secession hero - China Section
With the National People's Congress set to pass today the anti-secession bill aimed at Taiwan, many mainlanders speak of a historical precedent rooted not in Mao or Marx, but in an unlikely hero - Abraham Lincoln.

The US president, who went to war in 1861 to prevent the south splitting from the union, has more admirers than might be expected in China.

Several postings in mainland Internet chatrooms likened cross-strait relations with the American civil war.

And many surfers use Lincoln to justify the bill, which mandates the use of military force against Taiwan.

If Lincoln could go to war to prevent secession, why should the mainland not have a law allowing force if Taiwan formally declares independence, student Zheng Deqing said in a posting. ``Lincoln prevented the country's secession, which led to rapid economic development,'' Zheng, 22, of Shantou, Guangdong.

Another posting on the chatroom of the Communist Party mouthpiece, the People's Daily, read: ``China opposes secessionism, just like the United States opposed it during the north-south war.''

Lincoln's ideals of freedom, equality and democracy are somewhat conveniently dropped, or lost in translation.

``It seems to me that the parallels are badly misplaced,'' University of Miami political science professor June Dreyer said. Taiwan was never part of the communist mainland and has never expressed an interest in joining.

``So, [it is] a very different situation ... You can't secede from something you aren't part of,'' she said.

But that has not kept Lincoln from being popular in China.

Former Communist Party chief and president Jiang Zemin would recite the Gettysburg Address to American guests. During a visit to Washington in 1999, then-premier Zhu Rongji said Lincoln could be used as a model for China. US columnists took him to task.

Even Zheng finds the parallel has limits. ``We must admit Beijing has committed certain strategic and tactical mistakes on the Taiwan issue,'' he said.

``Refusing to admit the objective fact that the two sides are separately ruled and independent political entities ... and neglecting Taiwan's democratic achievements'' are among errors he cites. China also wrongly viewed relations as one between the central government and a local government.
Can you believe these guys? The best comparison to Lincoln would be for Taiwan to invade and destroy the Communist slave-state regime on mainland China!

Next they'll be citing Reagan's example to justify their arms buildup, and Bush's to justify assassinating foreign leaders. Morality and logic out the window; the only thing they're imitating is the form of our policy, not the contents of it. Same thing as their pursuit of vast wealth due to capitalism without having a moral system of politics underlying it, and just as doomed to failure.

UPDATE: Check this comment by RIP Ford out. China formally ceded sovereignty over Taiwan-by treaty-110 years ago.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
State Appeals Court Won't Intervene To Save Terri
Breaking news: Court Won't Intervene to Save Schiavo (a thimbleful of cognac to zorkmidden)...
Mar. 16, 2005 - A state appeals court Wednesday refused to block the removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube later this week in the long-running right-to-die battle between the woman's husband and her parents.

The 2nd District Court of Appeal in Lakeland turned down a request from Bob and Mary Schindler for a delay while they pursue further appeals, and for a new trial on their daughter's fate.

The tube is scheduled to be removed on Friday at 1 p.m.

Schiavo, 41, suffered severe brain damage in 1990 when her heart stopped beating, and court-appointed doctors say she is in a persistent vegetative state.

Her husband, Michael Schiavo, has said she told him she would not want to be kept alive artificially. Her parents dispute that, and say she could get better.

Late last month, Circuit Judge George Greer granted Michael Schiavo permission to remove his wife's feeding tube.

Meanwhile, state House and Senate committees have endorsed bills aimed at preventing removal of the tube.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Sherri For Terri

Sherri (eeevil conservative to you LGFers) got sent to Florida by a few of her kind-hearted readers to try and bring some benefit to Terri. That's her up there with Terri's dad! You can see her photos here: Just Photos from Florida. She's been passionately blogging this and has a lot of good info that you haven't seen here, so check out Straight Up With Sherri for more! She's raising funds to go again and help at the vigil, and you can use Paypal, hint hint....$955 raised at the time of this writing.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Terri's true capabilities
Hyscience: Former Nurse Reveals Terri Schiavo's Capabilities

Blogs  - Please repost this and help to see that it gets all around the blogosphere ASAP.

This is one of those "must reads" you hear about, and it just might be one of the most important reads about Terri Schiavo. From the personal testimony of Carla Sauer Iyer, a nurse who cared for Terri Schiavo, we have further proof of Terri's actual condition and the "cover-up" by George Greer, Michael Schiavo, George Felos, the Woodside Hospice, former Pinellas County Sheriff and now State Representative Edgar Rice, and the Pinellas County court.

- From BlogsForTerri and ProLifeBlogs
Carla Sauer Iyer, a nurse who cared for Terri Schiavo from April 1995
to July 1996 at Palm Garden of Largo Convalescent Center was recently interviewed by  David Allen.  Although we’ve posted several articles in the past based on her affidavits [e.g., here], she revealed a few additional details in the interview that have not been widely reported.

“Just Michael [Terri's husband] trying to accelerate her death," she said. Iyer explained that she would often sneak Terri’s parents, the Schindlers, into see her and that Michael refused to allow therapy of any kind. In fact, he was physically intimidating and would very loudly command the nurses “this is my order and you're going to follow it."

“We were very intimidated … the whole place," Iyer revealed, adding that some nurses had a restraining order against Michael Schiavo because his “behavior was so bad."

When Terri had a urinary or upper respiratory tract infection
Michael was visibly excited and would visit more often, asking “is she dead yet?" According to Iyer, at one point Michael exclaimed, “When is that b**** going to die?"

After Michael’s visits, Iyer stated that Terri, at times, became
symptomatic for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Iyer said she found an unexplainable bottle of fast acting insulin concealed in Terri’s
wastebasket that she speculates could have been used to induce the
condition. She filed a police report but heard nothing further
regarding the incident. Subsequently she received death threats she
believes were related to notifying the authorities and was later
released from her position as a caregiver because of her actions in
support of Terri.

The nurses, including Iyer, interacted with Terri and daily
witnessed her respond, laugh, and make requests. “We had her at the
front of the nurse’s station… everyone loved Terri," Iyer said.

When asked about the accuracy of the videos available on the internet
Iyer said they were realistic but failed to capture Terri’s personality and, if anything, did not represent the extent of Terri’s ability to respond and communicate.

Iyer witnessed Terri consuming pudding and milkshakes every night
and has previously testified that she fed Terri Jello. She witnessed
Terri responding to her name, following others with her eyes and head
and even moving her body with purpose.

In her prior affadavit, Iyer documented Terri's vocabulary:

Terri’s medical condition was systematically distorted and misrepresented. When I worked with her, she was alert and oriented. Terri spoke on a regular basis while in my presence, saying such things as "mommy," and "elp me." "Help me" was, in fact, one of her most frequent utterances. I heard her say it hundreds of times. Terri would
try to say the word "pain" when she was in discomfort, but it came out more like "pay." She didn’t say the "n" sound very well. During her menses she would indicate her discomfort by saying "pay" and moving her arms toward her lower abdominal area. Other ways that she would indicate that she was in pain included pursing her lips, grimacing, thrashing in bed, curling her toes or moving her legs around. She would let you know when she had a bowel movement by flipping up the covers and pulling on her diaper.

Certainly this is a story that
is not being carried by the mainstream press and has been supressed
from judicial decisions. Iyer's testimony brings to light several facts including:

1. Terri Schiavo is not a "vegetable" and is not "brain dead". She recognizes and responds to others and makes attempts to verbally communicate. [more here]

2. Terri is not on life support but does receive food and water
through a removable tube, which experts testify would not even be
necessary if she were given therapy. This assisted feeding is a natural means of preserving life and not a medical act of life support or heroic measures.

3. Twelve medical experts and nurses who cared for her confirmed these factsVideo available through BlogsforTerri.com shows Terri responding and interacting with others. Health care workers have testified under oath [here and here] that she expresses herself using words, such as "mommy" and "help me".

4. Terri is a person with disabilities who thinks and expresses her moods and desires. She is loved by her family and responds to their visits with smiles and laughter.

5. Terri Schiavo may be the victim of ongoing negligence and injustice [more here]. She has been denied therapy and rehabilitation by her guardian since 1991. Florida’s guardianship laws REQUIRE that these necessary services be given to her.

6. Terri Schiavo deserves to have medical tests and therapy. She does not deserve to be starved and dehydrated to death.

Hat tip - ProLifeBlogs and BlogsForTerri

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Explaining Michael Schiavo
Crystal Clear Look at the Loving & Murderous Michael Schiavo
I have written before about my belief Michael Schiavo’s history and pattern of behaviors and actions fit those of the type of an abusive man. Commentators on this blog and other blog(s) who read and view the press renditions and legal decisions by Greer regard Terri’s family and friends as disgruntled and motivated to basically say and do anything to stop her murder via starvation and dehydration. I believe some project their own need and belief their own loving spouse knows their wishes best, would act according to their wishes, and would therefore greatly resent any family intervention in a situation like this.
I truly can appreciate the need to avoid unnecessarily villifying Michael Schiavo. I didn’t easily come to my decision and choice to indeed villify his actions, behaviors, and especially now… his choice in murdering her. In fact, I found as I went through the early court documents and history of the case, I could see where people would consider it a stretch to even see him possibly guilty of hurting or harming Terri in anyway. His behaviors most certainly were those of a loving and caring husband for quite a while even after she was incapacitated. So how did I bring these loving and kind behaviors into an alignment with those of an abusive and controlling husband?
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
What can you do to help save Terri Schiavo's life?
Terri Schiavo has been ordered to starve to death by George Greer and Michael Schiavo on Friday. How can you help? Here's two ways: Enter your zip code here to get contact information for your Senators and Representative in Congress and impress on them the necessity to support the Incapacitated Persons' Legal Protection Act. (A thimbleful of cognac to papijoe for this one). And get in touch with every Florida state representative (or even just three) to urge them to pass House Bill 701 and save Terri's life. The state Senate will take up the bill if it passes today or tomorrow; Terri is scheduled to be starved the day after.
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