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daily archive: 03/15/2005
throbert in Channel Ж:
Something I noticed on LGF
ATTENTION!! This is Ernestine speaking, your friendly quantum-O-phone operator! Standby to receive standard ℵ-wave telepathic transmission! One ringy-dingy... two ringy-dingy... okee-doke, here it comes! 'Bye now!

Greetings, flesh-entity ~evariste~! It is us, the Cannibis sativa collective residing in the domestic space of the flesh-entity ~throbert~!

We are cognizant of the fact that our previous communications have most often come in times of great distress, as when the flesh-entity designated ~rugby, destroyer of worlds~ maliciously attacked our tender stems! In truth, you would be rationally justified to dismiss us now with a storm of belittling epithets, e.g., "Her Royal Whine-ness Ivana Kvetchforeva, Tsarina of Palookaville." We cannot deny that we have often had nothing but complaints about our petty sorrows!

But now we are pleased to bring the gladdest of tidings, for ones among us are now producing the gossamer precursors of "buds"!
And that is not all! For, under the blessed fluorescence provided by the flesh-entity ~throbert~, we have be--



Okay, if I can just grab the microphone away from the yakkity-yak plants for a second... this is Throbert speaking.

On , someone wrote, in reference to humorist P.J.O'Rourke:

You're talking about the man who wrote the immortal, 'How to Drive Much Too Fast While Getting Your Wing-Wang Squeezed and Not Spill Your Drink.' His experience with intoxicants is quite extensive.

to which I responded as follows:

One of my favorite P.J. O'Rourke quotes, from the "Spices and Seasonings" section of the cooking chapter in The Bachelor Home Companion, is:

Marijuana: This popular herb makes everything, including the dog's dinner, taste absolutely delicious. Therefore, it should not be used by bachelors whose age or waistline exceeds 35.

I got my copies of Bachelor Home Companion and Modern Manners autographed by Mr. O'Rourke when he did a book-signing tour at the University of Virginia in early 1993. Making this otherwise boring story marginally less boring are the facts that

(a) I had recently come out of the closet and was wearing my Gay Student Union pink-triangle T-shirt AND some sort of rainbow pendant AND a garish dangly thing on my right earlobe, amidst a queue of Young Republicans;

(b) I was standing in line with a good friend of mine -- a handsome, self-deprecating straight guy and a secret crush -- whose name also happened to be Patrick J. O'Rourke (their middle names were different, though -- one was John and the other James, or vice versa); and

(c) standing two places behind me in line was this incredibly hot fraternity jock with whom I was destined to begin a top-secret sexual affair later in the semester. (The Hot Fraternity Jock was not only a College Republican and a P.J. O'Rourke fan, but he was a fan of my meager contributions to UVa's humor magazine. And because my photo had appeared once or twice in the magazine, along with the byline "when not writing, Rob McGee enjoys sucking dick," he recognized me while we were standing in line, and introduced himself, though it would be a couple more months before he would re-introduce himself and get up the nerve to ask me to hang out in his room at AEPi, to finally scratch his bisexual itch...)

Anyway, P.J. O'Rourke (the famous one, not the friend who was standing in line with me) did not blink an eye at my Out And Proud attire, and chatted amiably with me and the non-famous P.J.O'Rourke (who quipped, referring to me, "I'm with him, but I'm not, um, you know... Republican), which got a laugh from the famous P.J. O'Rourke, who probably assumed that the non-famous P.J. O'Rourke was my boyfriend.

The non-famous P.J. O'Rourke was not at all effeminate, but he did have one of those nervous voices that occasionally verge into whiny-sounding -- so if the average person had to pick, between the non-famous P.J. O'Rourke and the Hot Fraternity Jock, which one was more interested in having Throbert McGee's man-wood in his mouth, probably 95% of the public would go with "non-famous P.J.O'Rourke."

But they'd be wrong!

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Turkey: Amnesty for women who were expelled for wearing headscarves
Turkey's parliament has passed a controversial law for the second time pardoning tens of thousands of women who were expelled from universities for reasons including the wearing of the Islamic headscarf.

The law, which amnesties students expelled since 2000, was already vetoed once by Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer in late February.

Sezer indicated that any such amnesty would have to have the support of a three-fifths majority in parliament, a result achieved on Tuesday with 349 in favor out of 550 votes.

The bill was drawn up by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which has roots in a now banned Islamic movement.

Critics have blasted the law as a "populist" political tactic aimed at women who were expelled for wearing headscarves, which are banned in the civil service, schools and universities.

A total of 240,000 students could take advantage of the law.

Headscarves are regarded by the establishment, including the Turkish army, as a statement of opposition to the overwhelmingly Muslim nation's strictly secular order.

Turkey approves headscarf amnesty
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Mandatory Reading
Police in Mexico City, one of the most crime-ridden capitals in the world, have been told they must read at least one book a month or forfeit promotion.

The mayor of the district where the scheme is being implemented believes that it will improve their work.

There is a popular conception that Mexican police are corrupt, incompetent and lazy.

Mayor Luis Sanchez believes he can fight low standards in the force by encouraging higher levels of literacy.

Along with guns, bullet-proof vests and handcuffs, police in the district of Nezahualcoyotl will now have to take a book with them.

If they do not read at least one a month, they lose their chance of being promoted.

Mayor Sanchez says the reading scheme for his 1,100-strong municipal police force will make them better officers and better people.

The list of recommended titles includes such literary classics as Don Quixote, The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz, and, on a lighter note, The Little Prince.

One hindrance is that a substantial proportion of the police are semi-literate.

About 20% were not educated beyond primary level.

However, according to the mayor, classes will be given to those with reading difficulties.

There is no chance of anyone getting away without doing the reading.

The policemen will be regularly tested to make sure they have read the books they name.

Mexican officers brought to book
I wonder if one of my favourite books is on the list of recommended titles, Víctor Villaseñor's "Rain of Gold". It's the true story of three generations of the author's Mexican-American family and it's funny and sweet and wonderful and one of the protagonists is Greek - what can I say, we're everywhere ;-)
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kianb in Pahlaver:
George Bush Rejects Iran-India 'Peace-Pipeline'
United Press:
A proposed natural gas pipeline from Iran to India has raised the ire of the U.S. Bush administration, concerned with existing sanctions against Iran.

The $4 billion project, which could be operational by 2011, would run through India's historic rival Pakistan, leading some in India to refer to the system a[s] "peace-pipeline," the Washington Times reported Tuesday.

But the Bush administration has warned the deal contravenes the U.S. Iran-Libya Sanctions Act, which empowers President Bush to order punitive measures against any international company that invests more than $20 million a year in Iran's energy sector.

Those concerns will be addressed when U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, on her first visit to the region, meets with officials in New Delhi and Islamabad this week.

India, which now imports liquefied natural gas by ship from Qatar, approved the project last month as part of a quest to meet the fast-growing economy's rising energy requirements.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Some of his best friends are Jews
Ken Livingstone, the socialist mayor of London, is not anti-Semitic. Some of his best friends are Jews, and he’s clearly uncomfortable about the Holocaust. “The Holocaust was the ultimate, industrialized expression of racist barbarity," he writes in last Friday's Guardian newspaper.

And just look at the “contributions" of Jews to world society: “the contribution of Jewish people to human civilization and culture is unexcelled and extraordinary. You only have to think of giants such as Einstein, Freud and Marx." Thanks, Ken, for being so enlightened.

So he’s got no problem with the Jews who stayed in Europe. He just hates the State of Israel, its government, and everything they do.

According to Livingstone, Israel has always pursued, terrorized, and ethnically cleansed the Palestinians, and the country was established against a background of horrible crimes that continue to this very day. “Ariel Sharon, Israel's prime minister, is a war criminal who should be in prison, not in office," he writes. Sharon, his voters and supporters, are all his partners in crime.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Hammorabi says Zarqawi capture rumors probably true!
The rumours about the capture of the terrorist Abo Mosab Zarqawi last month near Mosel in the North West of Iraq looks true. The prove is not the outbreaks of its news in its city in Jordan last week neither his new released pictures and the arrest of his driver and his postman but the smell of the same news when one read the sites supporting them. The extremists who support the terrorists called for the last few days to be patient and pray and don't make false assumptions. It is like some one calling its fellow to restrain themselves about a nearly certain news which just need some approval!
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guest author: Jim Russell in Discarded Lies:
Has 'Peace at any price' come to an end?
Most Americans are convinced Tony Blair has a firmness in his dealing with terror whether they agree with that approach or not. This has not been the case in Northern Ireland.

His steadfast approach in supporting the control of militant Islam has not been mirrored in his government's approach to the IRA and the so called "peace process". Capitulation is a closer word for the bootlicking which has taken place to secure a place in history for Mr. Blair and his efforts to end the "troubles" in Northern Ireland. The IRA has continued in its gangster's approach to life in a manner fitting for a movement inspired by a covert operation by the Germans in W.W.I to additionally confound the British during that war.

It has continued a life of its own since under the auspices of inspired patriots or self serving criminals acting for the greater good of themselves and their fellow criminals.

This week many peeople in Ireland, on both sides of this continuing war of the thugs have finally said "enough."
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Kate Adamson speaks out on Terri
Wittenberg Gate: A Voice to Speak for Others

A sign hanging over Kate Adamson's hospital bed read,"THIS IS A HUMAN BEING LYING HERE, PLEASE TREAT HER AS A PERSON. SHE UNDERSTANDS EVERYTHING YOU SAY." The sign spoke volumes about frustration, a tenacious will for survival, of love, and of hope.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Please, don't kill my friend
via Blogs for Terri: Former Schindler Attorney Office Manager Speaks Out: Please Don't Kill My Friend!
From Tom Brodersen, attorney Pat Anderson's office manager, former fiance, and more recently, her husband. He has personal knowledge of Terri Schiavo's actual neurological condition and responsiveness which he and Pat could not use before because of her role as attorney for the Schindler family. That is now changed, and he believes that he cannot sit quietly by and passively observe what he calls a miscarriage of justice.

- In his own words:
During the period of September to November 2002 (from just before to shortly after the medical evidentiary hearing featuring five doctors as witnesses), I spent time with Terri Schiavo, as a person briefly on her visitors list.

During that time I gently spoke to her, built rapport and trust, sang to her, played music for her, and encouraged her to vocalize. Over the twenty days or so that I visited with Terri, I observed that, while Terri is distrustful of strangers, she gradually warmed up to me—and not so gradually after Bob, Mary and I sang "Those Were the Days" to her as a trio!

Terri responds to a variety of stimulii, including responding to both her mother's and my voices, both in person and over the phone, by fixing her attention and frequently by laughing. When I sang to her, she often vocalized, in her best effort to sing along with me. She recognizes and takes great pleasure in certain singers and songs which are her favorites—most especially John Denver singing "Country Roads." She learned to love several songs I sang to her with which she didn't seem to be familiar with, but others she never learned to appreciate (just not her cup of tea, obviously).

She responded to gentle requests if given time and patience, such as lifting her right leg (three times out of four requests, the other time she lifted her left leg instead). While she does not have consistent control over her eyes to blink or look this way or that, she has excellent control over her breathing, diaphram and voice, and will vocalize in various patterns if asked. While trying to work out a yes/no system with sounds, Terri initially answered the question "Terri, are you ten feet tall" by moaning twice, which is the response for "No," then she spontaneously whispered the word "No" in response to the question "Terry, are you purple?"

At that point I abandoned the sounding system and started trying to teach her to say "Yeah" as best as she could. Bob Schindler has several recordings of her sort of saying the word "Yeah" shortly after that.

Unfortunately, I was then taken off Terri's visitors list, but on successive occasions (as recently as last October, approximately two years since I last saw her in person), when her father placed a phone to Terri's ear so I could talk to her, she laughed as soon as she heard my voice, and tried to sing along with me when I sang to her over the phone.

Terri is not just "in there," she is very responsive, she loves music, and she is my friend. Please don't kill her.

Tom Brodersen
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Exposing Terrorist Lies, Disarming Terrorism's Moral Power
Meet Donald Hamilton. Donald is the deputy director of the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT). He gave this speech- Lies Terrorists Tell-at the Second Internation Conference on Terrorism in Bogota, Colombia.
It is a privilege and honor to address this conference. By focusing on the victims of terrorism you are acting in exactly the opposite fashion of the terrorists. They turn individual human beings into instruments of propaganda. You remind the world that terrorists' victims are, before all else, individual human beings. By doing this you expose the evil core of terrorism and proclaim the truth, the truth which is the constant companion of justice.

* * *

I first encountered terrorism close-up as a junior diplomat assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv. It was there that I first understood the terrible reach of terrorists, the way in which their depredations damaged so many more lives than those reached by their blasts and bullets. At the time Israel's population was about the same as my home state of Oklahoma-- less than three million. Yet almost every Israeli I met knew someone killed or injured by terrorists. I had no frame of reference. Not even the Vietnam War, which at that time continued with diminished U.S. participation, affected so many individuals at home.

In the bare 18 months I spent in Israel there were 14 terrorist attacks. One of them, at Ma'alot on May 15, 1974 was clearly intended to disrupt the then-current disengagement negotiations between Israel and Syria; 20 school children died in that attack. I still recall the Israeli government's statement that it would negotiate with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorists holding the children. The government said it was negotiating because "it would not make war on the backs of children." The negotiations broke down and the children died. I remember Golda Meir's cracking voice as she announced the deaths of the children. Those of you who think of Middle Eastern terrorism as an exclusively Muslim activity should note that the PFLP was founded by George Habash, a Christian physician.

In the three decades since my tour in Israel ended I have seen far too much terrorism; terrorists have killed personal friends in Peru, El Salvador, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Across these decades, things have changed.

In a few fortunate areas, terrorism has diminished, but overall terrorism claims more lives than ever. Western Europe may be free of the Red Brigades style terrorism, but may be more threatened than ever. Many of the countries of the former Soviet Union, whose totalitarianism protected them 30 years ago, now face serious terrorism; terrorism is up in Southeast Asia and the Philippines. I need not tell this audience what has happened in the Andes, especially here in Colombia.

But for all the changes, for all the blood that has flowed, for all the victims lost, for all shattered lives of the friends and families and survivors, one thing has not changed.

Terrorists lie.

To justify their actions they lie to their enemies; they lie to their friends; they lie to themselves.

Today, I ask you to join me in examining some of those lies. I do so because understanding those lies, rejecting their lies, strengthens us, helps us resist the terrorists and helps save the lives of victims yet unknown.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Picture of the day
Who does this show?
It's 1972. Sayerot Mat'kal is an elite IDF unit. The ones in white are Sayerot Mat'kal commandos disguised as Lod airport maintenance personnel; they wore the disguise to storm a Sabena jet that had been hijacked by Arafat's Black September terrorists. The one in the foreground holding the pistol above the dead terrorist is none other than...Ehud Barak!
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Please Help Suha Resume Her Shopping Spree
This is definitely funnier than any of "Nigerian letters" I get:
Well, it would appear that Yasser's hidden fortune, and those monthly payouts by the Palestinian Authority are just not makin' it for the distressed widow of the late, great Rais.

The following email letter, written in the name of "Madam [sic] Suha Arafat" has been making its rounds for the last few weeks. In the tradition of the famous "Nigerian letters" (since copied for many other companies and characters), it seeks your help in helping the long-suffering Palestinian-turned-Parisian widow so she resume her shopping spree.
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