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daily archive: 03/10/2005
kianb in Pahlaver:
2005 International Women's day in Tehran
Iran Press News:
On Tuesday, March 8th [2005], Tehran's Laleh (Tulip) Park's entrances were blocked and the park was entirely surrounded by security forces and storm troopers put in place in order to squelch the celebration and demonstrations planned for International Women's day; hundreds of brave women from Tehran, representing various opposition groups had gathered to commemorate this occasion

A large number of courageous women inside and outside the park displayed placards supporting the Democratic movement against the theocratic regime.

From Tuesday morning, security forces, storm troopers and Islamist plainclothes hooligans surrounded streets leading to the park. These forces confronted anyone seeking entrance to the park and attacked them with batons and night sticks.

Many women were severely beaten, arrested and taken away in paddy wagons. Despite the arrests and incursions of the security forces, the throngs of demonstrators who were dispersed around the park perimeters continued to ignore their assailants; they persisted in fighting their way into the park, in order to join the demonstrating groups who were there vehemently expressing their hatred for the misogynistic Islamic regime.

According to the same reports more than 50 of the detainees were taken to the 148 precinct located at Revolution Avenue and Valiasr Circle in central Tehran. The detainees were cuffed and mistreated by revolutionary forces. The demonstrators however, stood their ground and persistently sang various Iranian nationalist anthems.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
US-Turkey Ties
Who hates us more, Pakistan or Turkey?
Relations between Washington and Ankara have not looked this bad in years: A global survey shows Turks are the most distrusting of the US, a best-selling novel in Turkey tells of war between the two and US newspapers have slammed Turkey for its anti-Americanism.

A BBC poll between November 2004 and January 2005 registered 82% of Turks against US President George Bush's policies - the highest figure in the world.

At the same time, a Turkish paper accused Americans of being genetically predisposed towards killing people, while a leading businessman and former mayor of Izmir likened the US to Nazi Germany.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal's Robert Pollock described the atmosphere in Ankara as "poisonous" and likened public debate over US policy to the propaganda produced by Nazi chief Joseph Goebbels.
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kianb in Pahlaver:
AQ Khan DID give centrifuges to Iran
It's official now:
Pakistan acknowledged on Thursday for the first time that a disgraced Pakistani scientist at the centre of a nuclear black market gave Iran centrifuges which can be used to make atomic weapons.

Centrifuges purify uranium for use as fuel in atomic power plants or bombs. Washington believes Iran's centrifuge programme, which it concealed from U.N. inspectors for nearly two decades, is at the heart of clandestine atom bomb plans.

"(Abdul Qadeer Khan) has given centrifuges to Iran, but the government was in no way involved in this," Pakistani Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told Reuters.

Pakistan has admitted in the past that Khan, dubbed the father of Pakistan's atomic bomb, smuggled nuclear secrets to North Korea, Iran and Libya. But this is the first time Islamabad admitted that Khan supplied Iran with centrifuges.

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Chemical Ali wets his pants in court, refuses to wear a diaper
How the mighty have fallen!
According to Irakna (Arabic) That Chemical Ali had to take a break 4 times to change his clothes after he urinated in his pants, last time he appeared before the investigation court.

Chemical Ali suffer from uncontrolled urinating, doctors advised him to wear diapers but he refused saying that it is a shame and against the tribal rules he grow up with.
(A thimbleful of arak to Baghdad Dweller, via Lone Star Times).

That translation left a few things out of the original Arabic story. One is that his involuntary urination condition began after he was captured by coalition troops at the end of 2003. So he's been pissing his pants and refusing to wear a diaper for a while now, a year and three months. Even more humiliating, American doctors examined him at the proceedings after he wet his pants. It's a very serious medical condition and we should try to spare his feelings...*snigger* Anyway, this specific proceeding is to try Chemical Ali and four of his best friends for a mass slaughter in the town of Dajeel in 1982. It's the first case being prosecuted by Iraq's new court system.

WASHINGTON, March 1, 2005 – Iraq's new court system is moving forward on prosecuting five men charged with mass executions following an attempt on former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's life in 1982.

Chief Investigative Judge Raid Juhi referred five defendants to a trial chamber to face the charges Feb. 28. The case is the first involving charges against officials connected with the former regime.

According to U.S. Embassy officials in Baghdad, who discussed the Iraqi Special Tribunal's announcement with reporters Feb. 28, rules of the court system require a 45-day waiting period before the trial can begin.

The trial will be an open, public proceeding that a U.S. Embassy official said will be "the true test of transparency" for Iraq's court system as the country's citizens get an opportunity to see the evidence presented to a five- member Iraqi special tribunal and the decisions made.

Throughout the trial, "innocence is presumed," the official said.

A U.S. Embassy official in Baghdad described the course of events that led to the mass executions more than two decades ago. On July 8, 1982, Saddam was passing through the agricultural town of Dajil, Iraq, near Balad, when an unsuccessful assassination attempt was launched against him.

Although the evidence demonstrates that the attempt was "a crime of opportunity where a few people attempted to fire at Saddam Hussein," the official said the backlash was "devastating" and targeted the entire village. Saddam's men executed some 143 men on charges of being members of the outlawed Dawa party. In addition, they incarcerated an estimated 1,500 residents for up to four years without charges, destroyed many of their homes, and stripped the surrounding land so it could no longer be used for farming.

The defendants include three officials from the former regime: Barazan Ibrahim Hassan, 53, half-brother to the former dictator and chief of his security forces; Taha Yasin Ramadan, 66, former deputy prime minister and long-time Saddam confidant; and Awad al-Bandar, 60, former chief judge for the Revolutionary Court.

Also charged were Abdullah Ruwid, 79, a long-term Baathist who headed the Alm Shaykh tribe, and his son, Muzir Ruwid, 50. Both were residents of Dajil who allegedly participated in the roundup of their fellow citizens following the assassination attempt.

All five have legal representation, officials said, with both Ruwids being represented by the same attorney.

After hearing the case, the five-judge panel will decide on the defendants' guilt or innocence and, if appropriate, sentencing. If convicted, the U.S. Embassy official said the defendants could face incarceration or death.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Greer denies DCF motion to intervene in Schiavo case
Yahoo! News - Judge Nixes Schiavo Intervention by Agency
TAMPA, Fla. - A judge ruled Thursday that Florida's social services agency cannot intervene to delay the removal of the feeding tube keeping brain-damaged Terri Schiavo alive.

The Department of Children & Families had asked for a 60-day delay in the removal of the tube, now set for March 18. The agency said it wanted time to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect against the woman's husband, Michael Schiavo.

But Circuit Judge George W. Greer said those allegations and many others had been investigated in the past and found to be groundless. He said the agency was apparently trying to pull an end run around the court by getting involved at this late stage.
Impeach him now. What are Florida's lawmakers waiting for? Does someone have to die for this callous bastard of a scofflaw judge to be impeached?
0310052 Judge Greer Breaks Law To Ensure Death
The DCF may take Terri into protective custody anyway, on March 18th, to prevent evidence in its ongoing investigation from being destroyed: DCF Wont Rule Out Protective Custody. The article also has details on efforts to pass laws that will stand up to judicial scrutiny and save Terri's life.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Rare Ground Zero photos at zombietime
World Trade Center, September 13, 2001
These photos were taken at Ground Zero, the World Trade Center site in New York, on September 13, 2001.

They were taken by someone named "Ed" who was allowed into the area by a member of the emergency response crew, at a time when all civilians -- including most journalists -- were forbidden to enter the area. As a result, these photos are just about the only close-ups ever taken of the World Trade Center site so soon after the 9/11 attacks.
The formidable zombie continues to set milestones in citizen journalism...
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throbert in Channel Ж:
Some non-original content to entertain you
Okay, you know that normally I try to keep Root Cellar readers entertained with stuff that I wrote myself, but at the moment I'm preoccupied by a large silkscreening project for my mom's church. But let me see what I've got on my bookshelf to keep you from throwing handfuls of your own feces all over the walls out of sheer boredom...

Ah, here we go! I've linked before on LGF to these transcribed excerpts from one of Max Shulman's Dobie Gillis books, so maybe a few of you have seen these already. For those of you who haven't, you're in for a treat. Shulman was a genius with light prose, and the precocious, girl-crazy teen he created in Dobie Gillis has a voice as droll and instantly recognizible as Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster. Here's Dobie at 15-and-a-half, talking about some of the girls he's gone with in his career as an adolescent Lothario:

But to get back to girls, there were plenty of other weirdies after the bald-headed one. There was one in the lunchroom that always brought sandwiches with the crusts cut off. She was as ugly as a pan of worms, but when I saw those sandwiches with the crusts cut off, boy, I flipped! Then there was another one in penmanship class that couldn't make a capital Q. She just couldn't do it. The teacher spent months trying to teach her how, but she just couldn't get it through her head. Boy, I thought she was the living end! So you can see how Red Knees Baker with her bleeding scabs had to be for me. She was in the grand tradition.

I hope you enjoy the Dobie stories, and while you're reading, let me see if I can find some soothing background music on the radio...

~~^^~^~ bzzzt... crackle ... other staticky noises ~~^~^^~

Our Father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name!
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On Earth, as it is in he-e-eaven!

Oh, cool -- the cheeseball 1972 proto-disco version of "The Lord's Prayer" by Sister Janet Mead. Back before Christian Rock became its own self-segregated industry, this was a Billboard Top Ten hit! I have distinct memories of shaking my toddler booty to Sister Janet's warbling whenever this would come on the radio. Anyway, here's the MP3 version (2.7MB) for your listening pleasure.

What, is that still not enough free entertainment? Geez... why don't you go rummage through the potato sack below -- courtesy of evariste, it's where you'll find a quick alphabetical index of cool links from past installments of the Root Cellar. (And a few links from elsewhere on DL that caught my attention, like that "Treasure Box" game linked by Zorkie a while back.) If you've already seen all these links, why not take a few minutes to forward your favorites to everyone on your mailing list, like you'd been meaning to?

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Canada neglects the environment, wastes billions on “climate change”
Check out this great article at Tech Central Station: Oh Canada, Oh Kyoto
Despite expenditures thus far, Canadian emissions of carbon dioxide -- the most abundant of greenhouse gases -- have risen some 30 percent since 1997, when the Kyoto protocol was first agreed upon. Their voluntary plan has proven so ineffective that green pressure groups now demand mandatory energy rationing. The government now plans to spend another $1.4 billion buying carbon credits.

Eventually, the bill according to some estimates could reach into the tens and even hundreds of billions of dollars. And for what purpose?

The Chretien and Martin governments' pervasive and consuming commitment to dealing with warming comes despite the fact that it is clearly more logical to prepare for cooling. It's a matter of simple geography. Canada is at the northern fringes of agriculture on the continent. If it warms we simply adopt techniques practiced in the northern United States. If Canada cools, though, we are in trouble since nobody is farming north of us. Cold summers in 1992 and 2004, when harvests were almost completely lost in the West, illustrate the real threat of cooling.

Geographic common sense isn't the only casualty in Canada from the Kyoto fiasco. Environment Canada has failed to achieve targets for reductions in pollutants that have real health effects, in large measure because two thirds of all new spending on the environment in the last budget went to climate change.
As usual, leftist logic ends up harming the very causes they claim to care about (the environment, health-damaging pollutants) but it's okay with them as long as they get to control people and spend billions of dollars of their money. More on the sheer unscientificness of the climate change cult below the fold...
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Tottering Syria
This article by Steven Plaut from 1999 paints a disturbing picture of overwhelming Syrian poverty. I had no idea things were that bad; they're probably much worse today. According to Plaut, Syria is at Soviet levels of weakness and deterioration and the best policy for Israel is to ignore Syria and await its collapse, not rush to make deals with it. So that's one thing Sharon's doing right: ignoring Syrian overtures.
The Syrian economy is an impoverished, underdeveloped, dilapidated mess, where Syrians enjoy lifestyles in many ways similar to or below those in the least developed parts of the planet. "Deterioration is evident everywhere," says a congressman who recently visited the country. "When I went from Syria to Jordan, I felt like I was going from Nigeria to Switzerland."68 If Syrian currency were traded on any world market, George Soros would be shorting it. Syria is a technological backwater, a country largely enjoying pre-industrial standards of health, education, and consumption. It has begun to implode to the point that even a state-controlled paper called the prospects for the economy gloomy.69 The only way to avoid the continuation of this implosion is through wholesale liberalization of markets and society, but Asad and his junta know that steps in this direction are likely to consign him, his family, and his entire ‘Alawi community to the dustbin of history.


The impoverishment and lack of development not only hold the potential for increasing Syrian political instability, but they also seriously constrain the ability of the regime to acquire armaments and make serious trouble abroad. Various sources report a decline of morale in the Syrian military, resulting at least in part from the fact that it operates aging Soviet-era equipment that often are missing spare parts. A Syria suffering diminished agricultural capacity and greater dependence on water flowing from Turkey may be a Syria less willing to risk provoking its neighbor to the north. An economically weak Syria may be one that is less prone to a variety of forms of misbehavior in Lebanon, vis-�-vis Iraq, and beyond. And economically-induced behavior modification may be possible, perhaps along the lines of 1990-91, when the prospect of aid helped induce Syria to cooperate with the allies against Iraq. More generally, economic vulnerability makes Syria potentially more susceptible to economic pressures and sanctions, including those coming from the United States, Europe, and Turkey.

A Syria whose economy is contracting may be one that can be deterred by an Israel willing to engage it in an economic race, or—more specifically—an arms race. This has the clear implication that Israel need not hurriedly accommodate Syria. If anything, it should sit back and await Syria's collapse to proceed, for the economic situation is getting worse with time. As with the Soviet Union, there is every reason to believe that Syria can be defeated economically, without military confrontation. It can simply be allowed to collapse under its own economic dead weight. Its collapse can be accelerated by imposing additional economic burdens upon it, much as the Cold War's arms competition under Reagan and Bush did to the Soviet Union.
Read the whole thing for a full measure of just how crappy Syria was in 1999, and how much crappier it's likely to have gotten by now.
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kianb in Pahlaver:
How About a 'Freedom TV', Mr. President?
I feel sorry for missing this:
The Bush administration is considering a more aggressive effort to foster opposition inside Iran and seeking ways to use a new $3-million fund to support activists without exposing them to the risk of arrest.

The approach would represent a change since President Bush's first term, when the administration was more wary of such potentially dangerous moves, officials said.

"We can now be much more aggressive [about Iran] than we had been," a senior official said, hailing the arrival of Condoleezza Rice at the State Department as invigorating the president's push for democracy.

"The guys at the State Department were too afraid to try anything during the first term," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. "They were extremely cautious about angering the regime in Tehran."

U.S. May Aid Iran Activists

Not that I think $3M is a lot of money comparing with billion of $$ that mullahs spend for their terror organizations all around the world, but because it's better than nothing, I suggest the following:

Start building a Radio/TV station in Afghanistan called 'Freedom Radio/TV' and broadcast into Iran so Iranian people can get a support for their struggle against mullahs.

What actually lacks in the struggle of Iranians is a central point for coordinating all the efforts. If today there is a demonstration in a given city, how the people of other cities will know about it to act accordingly in their own city? With too much radio and TV stations around, Iranians don't know to whom they should listen.

Now imagine a central place when everybody can tune in and get the latest news on what is going on at this moment around the country. If there is a demonstration by students in Tehran, then it's in Freedom Radio/TV so everybody will know. This will help other layers of Iranian society (like teachers or workers or women) to connect themselves to students' protests. Mullahs try to kill the news about any demonstration in order to prevent a national escalation. That is exactly where a 'Freedom TV' comes in: to connect different layers of Iranian society by giving them the latest news and helping they organize their protests.

At present time, with too many Radio and TV stations based on California, which some of them are built by mullahs' money to actually disrupt the true one's effort to organize the protests in Iran, the need for a central news point seems very important.

This of course has been tried once before. The so called 'Radio Farda[Radio of Tomorrow] was a 2002 EU/US attempt to bring freedom and democracy into the region
The Radio Farda ' 'Tomorrow' in Farsi -- will go on the air in mid-December [2002]. It will be an around-the-clock radio station for Iran, targeted primarily at Iranians under the age of 30, which is about 70 percent of the country's population.

Radio Farda is a joint venture between RFE/RL and the Voice of America, under the auspices of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Each day Radio Farda will provide more than five hours of original news, features and other information. In the event of breaking news or other important events, more news time will be added. The remainder of the program will be music, a combination of popular Persian and Western songs aimed at attracting young Iranians to Farda's news products.

Iranian people expected a radio station with a host like:

"This is the United States' Radio of Tomorrow.

We like to give a total assurance to Iranian people that we are behind their struggle against the tyranny of mullahs and we will support them and help them organize their protest until they bring down the theocracy and they can have a free elected political and judicial system.

So Iranian people come outside and show your courage and we will help you till the final day of victory. That's our promise. Now, it's you turn to show your part of responsibility."

But what they got in the reality?

- Michael Jackson
- Bryan Adams and Sting
- Commercials every 20 minutes
- Interviews with all kind of officials in Mullahs' government as if they are legally elected bodies
- Britney Spears
- Khatami and the members of his cabinet - together with hardliners like Khamanei and Rafsanjani along the way - became news celebrities as Radio Farda was (and still is) covering them just outside their bed rooms. [President Khatami visits the Islamic republic of Mauritania, as if that matters for Iranian people]

There was no intention for 'any' demonstration. It was made to support reformists like Khatami and along the way it was hijacked by both reformists and hardliners. Iranian people felt once again betrayed and got frustrated. They expected a radio to coordinate their protests and demonstrations, giving them the news they really need and what they got was just yet another Iranian station in US, bloated with pop music and commericals.

There is really no need for expensive CIA covert operations in order to topple this regime, when you have 60 million people fed up with tyranny. The Mullahs spend billions of dollars in order to produce different kind of useless media stations. Only a Freedom TV can crush down their propaganda by giving the Iranian people the real support and seriousness they need in their struggle. Unfortunately listening to Britney Spears will not always save the world.

Moving the Freedom TV out of US to Afghanistan will give Iranians the real sign to know this station is just other side of the border and not in LA, and then make it clear from the first day that this station has a clear objective which is helping Iranian people in their struggle against the tyranny of Mullahs. Having money is one thing, how you spend it is another.
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zorkmidden in Bloggies Of Our Lives:
Episode 301,434,765
Dear Viewers, it's time to celebrate Sine, who is just as big a star as zorkie and evariste and just as popular as Jefe! One of our most popular stars on "Bloggies of Our Lives," Sine definitely did not sleep with the producer. Sine is nothing if not an activist and she has tons of hobbies and she's gonna write two Guest Author posts. And she knows how to kill and pluck a chicken. Sine will attend the Daytime Blog Awards with her girlfriend Cosine and plans to wear a tuxedo.

To celebrate Sine's return on "Bloggies of Our Lives," this episode is dedicated to her, one of our most popular daytime stars. So enjoy some of your favourite Sine scenes and remember: they may be reruns but they're very very very very funny!

Sine: ..--.--.-...--.-?

Sine: ..-.-..!

Sine: ...--..-..-..-.-.?

Sine: ...-.--.-..-.--?

[Invis-O-Text™: ON]
[att. screenwriters - Let me guess: GLAAD called - director]
[Invis-O-Text™: OFF]

[Invis-O-Text™: ON]
[att. director - Yep - screenwriters]
[Invis-O-Text™: OFF]
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