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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Interpol Warns of Bio-Terrorism Threat
The threat of a biological terrorist strike by al Qaeda is very real but the world is still not prepared, the head of Interpol said.

Ronald Noble said governments, police and security services were more organized than ever before but he warned it would be wrong to assume the threat from Osama bin Laden's group, blamed for the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States, had eased.

"The terrorist threat is as real today as in 2001 when September 11 occurred," Noble said in an interview with the BBC late on Tuesday.

"The number of terrorist attacks that have occurred around the world and the evidence that has been seized revealing the kind of planning that al Qaeda has done in the area of biological weapons or chemical weapons ... is enough evidence for me to be concerned about it."

Interpol is due to hold its biggest ever conference next month in Lyons, France, which 400 senior police officers and health officials from around the globe will attend.

Sharing information to combat the threat of a potential biological attack will be a central theme.

"Anyone who is honest about this has to admit that if al Qaeda launches a spectacular biological attack which could cause contagious disease to be spread, no entity in the world is prepared for it," Noble said.

"Not the US, not Europe, not Asia, not Africa."

His warning comes a week after U.S. intelligence chiefs cautioned that al Qaeda or other militants were seeking chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, with new CIA head Porter Goss saying "it may only be a matter of time" before they used such arms.

Interpol Chief Warns of Bio-Terrorism Attack Threat
It's not news that al Qaeda has been seeking WMD. But when Interpol is worried...
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kianb in Discarded Lies:
Free Mojtaba and Arash Day
bbc: The global web blog community is being called into action to lend support to two imprisoned Iranian bloggers. The Committee to Protect Bloggers is asking those with blogs to dedicate their sites on 22 February to the “Free Mojtaba and Arash Day". Arash Sigarchi and Mojtaba Saminejad are both in prison in Iran. Check out also Bloggers without Borders.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
They Were Wrong Then and They're Wrong Now
Germany's conservative daily WELT interviews Richard Perle:
DIE WELT: (...) [I]s there a new thaw in transatlantic relations?

Richard Perle: I’m very skeptical about the Europeans’ – and when I say that I mean the Germans and the French – being prepared for a new beginning. Certain circles in these countries don’t want US policies in Iraq to be successful. And, whether or not they supported the war, that is not the case with the rest of Europe.

Q: Did the election in Iraq legitimize Bush’s foreign policy of "transformation" even though no weapons of mass destruction were found?

A: Absolutely. We’ll look back and see the liberation of Iraq and the establishment of a freely elected government that respects human rights as a turning point in history. Today’s German and French position reminds me of their attitude toward Ronald Reagan’s policies to end the Cold War. They were terribly short sighted and lost sight of the big picture. The French and Germans were above all, as we said, appalled. History has proven them wrong then and will do it again. Their underestimating Bush and hostility toward is as wrong today as their attitude toward Reagan was wrong then. …

Q: So the Europeans’ negotiations with Iran are a complete waste of time?

A: Well, I suppose we must go through those phases so people will recognize that it won’t be easy. I have my doubts about the negotiations leading to anything because you cannot trust the Iranians. In point of fact it seems to me pretty obvious that the regime wants the bomb and nobody will talk them out of it. It’s only a matter of time before the Germans and French accuse the Americans of being at fault for the Iranian’s refusal to yield. They’ll say, "You ruined the pretty little treaty we almost had completely negotiated."

Q: Sounds familiar...

A: We’re seeing the same issue that split on the Iraq war. Europe doesn’t perceive Iran as a threat, and the US does. The Europeans are not as threatened by Iranian nuclear weapons as are the Americans and they aren’t as threatened by the terrorism that Iran sponsors. If the only way to keep the Iranians from getting a nuclear weapon is military action against Iranian production facilities, then the US must undertake that action.
Davids Medienkritik: Richard Perle: History Will Prove Berlin And Paris Wrong
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Recent events in Russia, including an anti-Semitic letter signed by 20 lawmakers, reminded Mirra Gitlina of a troubling time more than a half-century ago.

“Of course, you can’t compare this to 1953, but I have to say that was my first thought when I heard of this letter a few weeks ago. Here it comes again," said Gitlina, referring to a vicious anti-Semitic campaign unleashed in 1953 by Stalin that ended only with his death.

Gitlina is not alone.

The letter and the subsequent debate about Jews and anti-Semitism in Russia that spread into the mainstream media have triggered a sense of nervousness among many Russian Jews.

“Many Jews, especially the better educated ones, the intellectuals, the elites, are very much concerned by the situation,�? said Boris Maftsir, head of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Russia. “It reminds them of the ‘doctors plot,’ of something that seemed to be gone forever."

He was referring to an incident in 1953 in which several Jewish doctors were killed after having been falsely accused of murdering Soviet leaders.

Nor was the letter the only incident.

A television show last month in which callers supported a notorious anti-Semitic politician over his opponent caused some Jews to reflect on their own encounters with anti-Semitism in Soviet days.

Some shared their stories with the younger members of their families — something they had avoided doing before.

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
China turns the screw on North Korea
FOXNews.com - North Korea Makes Offer on Nuke Talks (after China made them an offer they couldn't refuse, I'm sure).
North Korean leader Kim Jong Il told a visiting Chinese envoy that his government will return to six-party nuclear disarmament talks if the United States shows "sincerity," the communist state's official news agency said Tuesday.

The announcement — the latest in more than two years of conflicting statements over North Korea's nuclear program — came less than two weeks after Kim flouted Washington and its allies by claiming that it had nuclear weapons and would boycott the talks.

"We will go to the negotiating table anytime if there are mature conditions for the six-party talks thanks to the concerted efforts of the parties concerned in the future," Kim said Tuesday, expressing the hope that the United States would show "trustworthy sincerity," according to the Korean Central News Agency.

Kim spoke of his government's new position on the nuclear issue in a meeting with Wang Jiarui, head of the Chinese Communist Party's International Department, KCNA said.

Kim also said that North Korea "would as ever stand for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and its position to seek a peaceful solution to the issue through dialogue remains unchanged," the news agency said.

KCNA did not elaborate on what conditions Kim cited during his talks with the envoy from China , which is his impoverished country's only remaining major ally.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Lou Fintor said that U.S. officials were "aware of the report" about Kim's remarks, and the U.S. position on resuming the six-party talks is well known.

"The United States remains ready to resume the six party talks at an early date without preconditions," said Fintor. He said, "The six-party talks are the best way to resolve through peaceful diplomacy the international community's concerns about North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons and to end the North's international isolation."

In its rejection of further meetings over the nuclear issue on Feb. 10, North Korea said it would only return to the talks that include South Korea, China, Russia and Japan if the United States drops what it called a "hostile" policy toward the North.

At that time, it condemned a statement by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who called North Korea an "outpost of tyranny," saying it was evidence that Washington seeks a regime change in Pyongyang.

During three rounds of talks in Beijing since late 2002, North Korea has demanded more aid and a peace treaty with Washington in exchange for giving up its nuclear program — measures that it apparently hopes will guarantee the survival of Kim's Stalinist regime.

The talks have made little progress amid deep distrust between Washington and Pyongyang. The United States wants a verifiable nuclear freeze and weapons dismantlement as part of any deal. North Korea says it remains convinced Washington wants to topple its communist regime, and that it needs a nuclear deterrent for protection.

Though China helped defend North Korea in the 1950-53 Korean War, Beijing worries that a nuclear-armed North would raise tensions in the region and prompt Japan and South Korea to develop atomic weapons.

In his meeting with Kim Monday, Wang relayed a verbal message from Chinese President Hu Jintao, KCNA said.

"Hu Jintao in his verbal message clarified that it is in the fundamental interests of the Chinese and DPRK sides to maintain the stand of realizing the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and protecting its peace and stability, settle the nuclear issue and clear the Korean side of its reasonable concerns through the six-party talks," KCNA said.

DPRK stands for the North's official name — Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Wang expressed "the hope that thanks to the concerted efforts of each side the six-party talks would resume soon," the report said.
Here's some trustworthy sincerity from an American: "I sincerely hate Kim Jong Il".

So basically Hu Jintao sent his guy to pound his shoe on Kim Jong Il's breakfast table, and now North Korea's ready to deal again.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
High-level coverups in Europe
Norwegian kafir from LGF finally has his own blog, posting as Fjordman. He's off to a swinging start with one heck of a well-researched post.
In January 2005, Norwegian media reported that 2004 saw the highest number or rape charges ever recorded in the capital city of Oslo. Strangely enough, there was now no mentioning of how immigrants were grossly overrepresented in rape cases. Why not? Unless there has been a sudden and unexplained drop in the number of immigrants raping Norwegian women between 2001 and 2004, which is unlikely, the statistics should be at least as staggering in 2005 as they were before. If they are not revealed, it can only mean that “somebody" didn’t like the numbers presented in 2001, and decided to bury them. That “somebody" must be a person at the very top level in the police, maybe even in the government. If so, that is disquieting. What is even more disquieting is that the media are equally silent about this. How come no journalists are digging into the material? And where are all the professional Feminists, in a Scandinavian nation brimming with them?

The conclusion one may draw from this is that the authorities in Sweden and Norway know about, or should know about, a disturbing amount of Muslim immigrant rapes of native Scandinavian women, yet choose not to make this information known to the public. Perhaps it would be just too politically incorrect to reveal the negative effects of decades of naive immigration policies. Perhaps it would also destroy too many multicultural pipe dreams among the intellectual elites, who have built their current careers and reputations on advocating how culturally and economically enriching this new population mix would be. So in the end, the safety of young Scandinavian women is sacrificed in order to keep the glossy image of a multicultural society intact. It is a chilling demonstration of an Eurabian continent that now appears to care more about not upsetting relations with its immigrant population than about protecting its own citizens.
The truth is being hidden from Scandinavians, because it disagrees with the left's tolerant preconceptions and they think the people can't handle it (thus telling you exactly how much respect the left has for the average citizen's intelligence). If, as Fjordman says, Europe is more worried about upsetting relations with its immigrant population than protecting its own citizens then that's a truly intolerable situation that will be remedied explosively if the people have any fire left in them. Governments exist to protect the governed, first and foremost, and if the leftists really want to protect minorities, they'll have to get over their instincts of hiding, stonewalling and censorship of opinions. Or they'll just keep wondering why neonazi and far-right reaction movements keep appearing out of nowhere and gaining wild popularity. In the US, it's not taboo to talk about these things (unless you're an academic); the steam is let off and rational conversations can ensue about ways to eliminate the incidence of crime and punish the perpetrators, and involve the immigrant community itself both in better-integrating it and in self-policing efforts. In Europe it seems the suffocating paternalism of the Left has reached the degree that the public is having uncomfortable truths concealed from them; meanwhile resentments build and suspicion and hatred festers, until the next firebrand fascist appears "from nowhere" and shocks yet another complacent left-wing nation with the level of support he receives. It's not really "from nowhere"; it comes from leftist oppression both direct and indirect. Indirectly via sins of omission such as the official concealment of the truth that Fjordman worked so hard to reveal. And directly, via the thoughtcrime laws-from the comments at Fjordman's:
As a middle aged Swede I've seen the wave coming, growing high during the 80s and 90s, sweeping through or cities like a frightening Tsunami. The situation in Sweden is actually horrible. But worst is our own political agenda (doesn't need any presentation here).

Blatant anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism (sanctioned by the state and media) together with generous aid to both the Palestinian "cause" and to home-grown Jihadis (the so called Cuba Swede, former prisoner of Guantanamo) are as we all know typical signs of decline, of plain dhimmitude.

It's so depressing.

Of course we need to start discuss this subject in day light. But where to start? I really hate this self-censorship!
redneck liberal said...

Dear Fjordman,
Better be careful like the Iranian bloggers, you might be arrested for hate-speech. Better not say bad things about the EU because if it goes through they may come and get you. Isn't that European history repeating itself? Don't you think that is possible since it has happened so many times?
The reason why America backed away from the left is that we are watching what is happening to Europe and Canada.

February 22, 2005 12:43 AM

Thank you all for many kind words. You will notice I do not, and will not, put up any kind of personal information about myself on this blog. That is unfortunately how Europe is like these days. Perhaps blogs such as this one can make a tiny contribution to changing things.
I didn't know that Iranian bloggers were being arrested for hate speech in Europe! That's truly a sickening indication of how low Europe has sunken.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Inciting Ethnic Hatred in Turkey
After suicide bombings here in November 2003, the son of one attacker told a journalist he was sorry that so many Muslims, and not more Jews, had been killed.

"We were more sorry than we were pleased about the attacks because Muslims died," Nurullah Kuncak was quoted as saying. "If only Jews, not Muslims, had been killed, I would have been happy."

The suicide attacks, blamed on a local group linked to Al Qaeda, targeted two synagogues Nov. 15 and, five days later, the British Consulate and the Istanbul office of a London-based bank. Most of the 63 people who died were Muslim.

For his statement, Kuncak, then 17, was charged with inciting ethnic hatred. It was the first time anti-Semitism was the basis for such a case in Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country where Jews generally have been welcome for five centuries.

But the reporter who interviewed Kuncak and wrote the article, Elif Korap of mainstream newspaper Milliyet, also was charged under the same law for quoting him. Both face trial in two months.
What makes this an even more interesting story is that even though the reporter faces up to two years in prison if convicted, she feels that the court is doing the right thing - as she says, she may have just reported the case but other journalists who might really write something anti-Semitic are now liable to prosecution. Read the rest of the story after the jump.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Hated French
Did you know there are people who hate the French more than they hate Americans? And it gets worse than that, they actually like Americans! What is this world coming to...
America's export of democratic ideals, along with the hard-core rap music and imagery that has suffused African youth cultures, has made it seem like a beacon to Africa's downtrodden - or at least better than France, former colonial ruler and lasting influence in much of West Africa.
In Ivory Coast, where pro-government mobs attacked French families last year and clashed with French peacekeepers, any foreigner could win immunity and cheers simply by producing an American flag - or even a red-white-and-blue car air-freshener. Demonstrators waved posters appealing to Bush for help.

The French, whose soldiers, traders and technocrats are still deeply engaged in West Africa, get the blame for much that goes wrong here. The United States keeps a much lower profile. French criticism of the Iraq invasion only adds to Washington's luster. So while the educated classes of Africa debate the rights and wrongs of U.S. policy, at street level Americans are often seen as knights in armor who would surely ride to the rescue if only they knew how bad things were.
Many Africans see U.S. as distant savior
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zorkmidden in Bloggies Of Our Lives:
Episode 301,434,753
Romantic bar/restaurant by the lake. evariste and Throbert are having a romantic dinner by candlelight.

evariste: Throbert, I love you.

Throbert: Oh honey! Я люблю Ва?!

evariste: Throbert, we have to talk.

Throbert: So start talking already!

evariste: Throbert, I...

Throbert: Да?

evariste: Throbert, I...

Throbert: I love you honey, you can tell me anything...

evariste: Throbert, I'm pregnant!

Throbert gasps. Camera closes in on his face. His eyes are tearing up.

Thobert: Waiter! Champagne!

evariste: Oh honey!

Frank walks in the restaurant. His eyes meet with evariste's. He glances away. He sits at the bar and orders a Perrier. The jukebox is playing Patsy Cline, "Your Cheating Heart" to be exact. Frank loosens his silk tie and dejectedly looks into his mineral water. The bartender, once again, had forgotten the cherry.

In the restaurant part of the romantic bar/restaurant, the orchestra is playing "Besa me mucho". Throbert looks lovingly in evariste's eyes. "If it's a boy, we'll name him Rugby," Throbert says softly. evariste leans his head on Throbert's shoulder. "And if it's a girl, we'll name her Badminton..."

Meanwhile at Kosher Eucharist:

Michael: Ah, sh-! How many pairs of shorts do you go through a week, Chris?!

Michael: If she brings the dogs too, that's it. I'm gonna make her go to shul.

Michael: GAAAA!!! Why couldn't she be Chris's mother?

Meanwhile, in Mali...

lazytart: Yes, thank you. Oh, I don't care, money's not a problem. No, I definitely don't want it to look like an accident! I want blood, lady! I want blood and guts all over the place!

lazytart: ...evariste, right. He also has a brother and I want him dead too - ayahuasca, he's a dope fiend. Oh, and there's some girl living with them but she's not involved in this so don't hurt her unless she gets in the way. Yes, I have their address, it's thrown-away-bloggie something or other, lemme get my purse...

To be continued...
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