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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
In Memory of Giovanni Palatucci
The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum reports that Giovanni Palatucci served as commissioner in the office for foreigners in the police headquarters of the north Italian town of Fiume (today located in Croatia). Beginning at the end of 1938, he tried to prevent the implementation of the race laws enacted against the Jews by the Italian fascist regime.

In March 1939, Palatucci learned of more than 800 Jewish refugees who were set to sail to Palestine via Fiume. While collaborators with the Nazi regime hoped to waylay the ship and send the refugees back to Germany, Palatucci alerted the passengers and they safely reached southern Italy.

With the outbreak of World War II, Palatucci’s activities on behalf of the Jews accelerated. He provided residency permits, and tried to provide hiding places, food and money for them as well. When the Germans invaded Italy in September 1943 and occupied Fiume, Palatucci’s efforts to save Jews became especially dangerous. Nevertheless, he took added steps to save the local Jews of Fiume and the refugees who had joined them, providing false papers to any Jew who required them.

In September 1944, someone informed on him, leading to his arrest by the Gestapo and his sentencing to death. Instead of being shot, however, his sentence was commuted to exile and he was sent to the Dachau camp, where he died four months later in February 1945 at the age of 36.

After the war, the Group of Italian Jewish Communities presented Palatucci’s family with a Gold Medal in appreciation for his actions. In September 1990, Palatucci was posthumously recognized by Yad Vashem as a Righteous Among the Nations. Because he had no living relatives at the time of his recognition, the medal and certificate were kept by Yad Vashem. At the request of the Italian police, it was presented today to Italian Police Commissioner Giovanni De Gennaro.

Public Security Minister Gideon Ezra was on hand today to greet the visitors – Italy's Ambassador to Israel HE Sandro De Bernardin, the Police Commissioner, Italian immigrants in Israel, and a delegation of some 160 people from Italy. Elizabeth Quitt-Ferber, one of the survivors saved by Palatucci, also attended the ceremony.

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Assyrian Christians
They’ve been left "out in the cold." They’ve resided in that locale for 5,000 years but are still treated as strangers. They are not liked by the Sunnis, Shiites, nor Kurds. They have appealed for US-led Coalition help but have not received any. So the Assyrian Christians are tortured, left to fend for their own safety, indeed their survival.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency, Sait Yildiz found a package at his front door. He is chairman of the Assyrian Democratic Association. Inside the package was a CD without a label. When he played the CD, he realized it was a video depicting Islamics chanting slogans: "Traitors! Betrayers! The unfaithful degenerates who have allied themselves with the evil representatives of the USA! They shall be slaughtered!"

Then there is a face — Raymond Shamoun. The 23-year-old is asked by a voice off-screen to defend himself against the accusations. He’s been accused of betraying Iraq, his country, where he, "the Christian swine," has cooperated with the US-led Coalition.

Raymond counters that what is said is false. He has not betrayed anyone. He’s only employed at the US military base. However, the voice off-screen continues, saying Raymond has committed treason. Chants continue. Raymond’s face turns to terror. He hears that Allah is the only true God. A knife flashes forth, cutting Raymond’s throat. His head is cut off, but slowly for the knife is dull. His body is hung upside down, blood running to the floor, similar to Muslims slaughtering animals.

Raymond, Assyrian, is in the video presented to Yildiz, Assyrian. The video has been sent to Assyrians worldwide. Muslims who made the video want to scare Assyrians to flee Iraq. The Assyrians there are Christians, accused of being friends with the Americans, especially American Christians.

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
A Canadian Badass's Brand Of Moderate Islam
Check this sister out!
Muslim WakeUp! 'I am a Nigger, and you will just have to put up with my blackness,' Professor Amina Wadud Confronts Her Hecklers in Toronto
Her voice quivered. Barely concealing her anger, Professor Amina Wadud's words bellowed across the hall, "I am a nigger and I can't do much about it." Wadud, who was speaking to a Toronto audience on Sunday, was responding to a questioner who asked her to address internalized racism within the Muslim community and if that had anything to do with the hostility she had faced from a section of the crowd.

The 300 people, who had packed Toronto's Noor Cultural Centre to hear the internationally-known scholar of the Qur'an and the role of women in Islam, froze in stunned silence as they digested the impact of her words. Eyes piercing towards her hecklers, Wadud leaned forward and stared down a group of men at the back of the hall.

"Usually I wear the hijab, and when I am wearing it, most Muslims do not consider me African–American; I pass off as a South Asian," she said. "But when they see me without a scarf, they can see my African locks and they know I am Black and suddenly their attitude changes. The fact is I am a nigger and you will just have to put up with my blackness."

This time, part of the audience erupted in applause, cheering her every word. Others started walking out hurling insults, and two men were heard jeering her, "You are just another CIA agent."

Amina Wadud, Professor of Islamic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and author of Qur'an and Woman: Rereading the Sacred Text from a Woman's Perspective, was speaking as part of a series sponsored by York University and the Noor Cultural Centre that has brought a number of academics to speak on the current state of Islam and the Muslim world.

Wadud's reputation preceded her, resulting in standing room only in Toronto's most progressive mosque, the only place in Canada where men and women pray side-by-side in separate enclosures

Midway through her speech titled "The Qur’an, Women and Interpretive Possibilities," Wadud waded into the minefield by addressing some difficult passages of the Qur’an. Breaking the ultimate taboo in the Muslim narrative, she stated that despite the fact the Qur’an explicitly asks for cutting off the hands of thieves, she did not agree with the Qur’an. She said she understood that this was a very difficult subject to talk about, but she would be dishonest to herself if she did not express her views.

She maintained that as a Muslim with Allah close to her heart, in all honesty she could not continue with the hypocrisy of lying about how she felt about some verses of the Qur’an.

The basis of her talk was "How to be God's agent (khalifa) on Earth; to be a moral agent of the Creator." In this context, she presented four ways of looking at Qu'ranic verses which Muslims find difficulty dealing with. She identified the four methods as: (1) The literal readings of the text, (2) The legalistic arguments that constrain how verses are applied, (3) Reinterpretation from alternative perspectives, and (4) Saying "No to the Qur'an" when one disagrees with it.

Pursuing the last point, she declared that she could not intellectually or spiritually accept some things in the Qur'an, for example some of the hudud punishments like the cutting of hands or the permission to beat one's wife. She made it clear that she was denying neither the religion nor the revelation. "It is the Qur'an," she said, "that gives me the means to say no to the Qur'an."

However, many in the audience were completely unprepared for her honesty.

She had barely finished her talk when a long line of people lined up at the microphone to ask questions. One woman, who identified herself as a professor of Arabic Language at a Toronto University, took the mike and started lambasting Wadud, suggesting that she had come to her conclusion because she did not understand Arabic and that she had misread the Qur'an, saying, "You know only one verse of the Qur’an." Instead of a question, Wadud was subjected to a rant that was largely incomprehensible. The professor continued, accusing Wadud of supporting illicit sex, when Wadud had made no such reference.

"That is the most idiotic nonsense I have ever heard," Wadud replied.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Ward Churchill is the tip of the iceberg
At Frontpage magazine, Brian Hecht writes about another, even more egregious case of the left-wing academy in bed with terrorism. Ward Churchill is a pathetic wannabe who got caught in his web of deceit and hate. Bernardine Dohrn is a real, live terrorist who not only isn't suffering for her sins, but is prospering in a warm, safe sinecure featherbedded by one of America's top 20 law schools. Obscenely, she's the director of the Children and Family Justice clinic at Northwestern. Hecht focuses on Dohrn's and her comrades' violent anti-Americanism. Ward Churchill talked the talk; Bernardine Dohrn walked the walk. And she's not alone, either-all the sixties retreads found new respectability in the American university, where the sixties never ended. Few of them have or ever will pay for their crimes.
Northwestern’s Resident Terrorist
Although the controversy over University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill’s pro-terrorist ravings has captured national headlines recently, the flirtation between America’s institutions of higher learning and radical, left-wing activism is hardly a new phenomenon. U.S. colleges and universities are rife with Marxist holdouts like Churchill and other relics from the Sixties. And while many, like Churchill, have openly supported America’s terrorist enemies, a dubious few have actually held prominent positions in terrorist groups. One of the most notable examples of this disturbing phenomenon is Bernardine Dohrn, an Associate Professor and the Director of the Children and Family Justice Clinic at the Northwestern University Law School.

Although it is conveniently absent from her biography on Northwestern’s website, Dohrn was one of the leaders of the Weathermen (a.k.a: the Weather Underground), a band of radical students and student-aged activists who emerged from the antiwar group, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The Weatherman won the SDS elections in 1968 and then dissolved SDS, saying, “We've smashed the pig." The Weathermen are responsible for multiple terrorist acts, including the bombings of the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, Ft. Dix and office buildings in various U.S. cities. In fact, the group claimed credit for 12 terrorist bombings between 1970 and 1974 alone; and while no innocent civilians were killed:

1. They planned to blow up a social dance at Fort Dix. The bomb went off and blew three of the bomb builders up.

2. The police are investigating the bombing murders of two policemen attributed to Weatherman.

In other words, if no innocents were killed, it certainly wasn’t for lack of effort on the Weathermen’s part. The group’s lawlessness was hardly limited to setting explosives, as they also helped plan and execute the escape of Harvard professor and LSD advocate Timothy Leary from federal prison in 1970, furnishing him with a fake passport and smuggling him to a Black Panthers training camp in Algeria.

Bernardine Dohrn, tellingly enough, helped set the tone for the Weathermen’s militant agenda. She was arrested for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest during an attempt to incite a riot during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago and even spent time on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List. In 1969, shortly after members of the Manson Family committed the brutal Tate/LaBianca murders, Dohrn, speaking before an audience of SDS members, exclaimed, “Dig it! Manson killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they shoved a fork into a victim's stomach." Dohrn now claims to have made the remark in jest, “mocking violence in America."[1] Her recent characterization, however, injects some irony to her tale, as the Weathermen did their level best to increase the amount of violence in America during their heyday.

Yet, despite her militant track record, Dohrn has managed to secure gainful employment at one of America’s most prestigious law schools. For Dohrn, her current prominent position at Northwestern is the culmination of nearly four decades of violent anti-Americanism.
Read more of the sordid details after the jump...
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Meanwhile in the Balkans
Here we go again...
Serbia's President Boris Tadic, touring Kosovo in the first visit by a Serbian leader since the 1999 war, sought Sunday to reassert his country's claim over the U.N.-run province, vowing never to accept its independence.

"This is Serbia!" Tadic declared in the village of Silovo, a Serbian enclave in eastern Kosovo, as he began a two-day tour of the province that sparked angry protests by ethnic Albanians who hurled eggs at the U.N. headquarters in the provincial capital, Pristina.

One protester, Fatban Bunjaku, said he opposed Tadic's visit because "he is the president of a country that committed murders."

An estimated 10,000 people, mostly Albanians, were killed in the 1998-99 war between ethnic Albanian separatists and Serbian security forces. The brutality of the Serbs' response to the rebellion triggered NATO airstrikes which ended Belgrade's rule in Kosovo and paved the way for the U.N. administration.

Kosovo officially remains a part of Serbia pending a final settlement in negotiations expected later this year. The province's majority ethnic Albanians insist on independence, while Belgrade hopes to retain at least some authority in the region it cherishes as the cradle of Serbian statehood.

Serbian leader rejects Kosovo independence
Is this going to go away some time soon? No. Only dictators have managed to keep the Balkans calm for any amount of time. After Yugoslavia and Albania became free, everyone reverted to their natural chauvinistic state.

Not only are the majority Albanians and minority Serbs living in segregated, mutually hostile communities, but they have been unable to integrate even ostensibly neutral public services such as health care. The "parallel structures" mock the stated aims of U.N. overseers in Kosovo to create a multiethnic society in advance of talks designed to resolve the political status of the province, which remains officially part of Serbia.


In Bosnia, efforts to bring Serbs, Croats and Muslims into a workable government partnership have stalled. Few refugees who were driven from their homes during Serb campaigns of ethnic cleansing have returned permanently. Nor have Serbs returned after fleeing such places as the Bosnian capital Sarajevo at war's end. Croats remain segregated from Muslims in the western city of Mostar, touted as a symbol of peace when its graceful Ottoman-era bridge was recently restored. The town is almost totally devoid of Serbs.

Further afield, ethnic rivalry within Serbia and Montenegro, the last remaining chunks of Yugoslavia still glued together, threatens the country's unity. In 2006, the two republics are scheduled to vote on whether to remain united. Some Montenegrins are campaigning for secession.

Officials of the European Union, which has pressed to keep Serbia and Montenegro in one piece, say they fear that a Montenegrin exit would create an epidemic of breakups in neighboring countries: Serbs and Croats would want to go their own way in Bosnia, as would Albanians in Kosovo, other parts of Serbia and Macedonia .

Ethnic Rivalries Still Bitter in Balkans
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Sarah Scantlin and Terri Schiavo
This is Sarah Scantlin.

She was oblivious to the world for 20 years after being hit by a drunk driver. She's someone's daughter and they love her. And she miraculously spoke again a few days ago. Terri Schindler/Schiavo has an even better claim to be kept alive than Sarah did. And Sarah's recovery makes its own case. We don't know everything about how the mind works; we do know that Sarah is happy to be alive. If you could condemn Sarah to die a gruesome, slow, painful death by starvation and dehydration, you're one kind of monster. If you can condemn Terri Schiavo to the same fate knowing she is how she is, you're a whole different breed of monster.
My Way News
For 20 years, Sarah Scantlin has been mostly oblivious to the world around her - the victim of a drunken driver who struck her down as she walked to her car. Today, after a remarkable recovery, she can talk again.

Scantlin's father knows she will never fully recover, but her newfound ability to speak and her returning memories have given him his daughter back. For years, she could only blink her eyes - one blink for "no," two blinks for "yes" - to respond to questions that no one knew for sure she understood.

"I am astonished how primal communication is. It is a key element of humanity," Jim Scantlin said, blinking back tears.

Sarah Scantlin was an 18-year-old college freshman on Sept. 22, 1984, when she was hit by a drunk driver as she walked to her car after celebrating with friends at a teen club. That week, she had been hired at an upscale clothing store and won a spot on the drill team at Hutchinson Community College.

After two decades of silence, she began talking last month. Doctors are not sure why. On Saturday, Scantlin's parents hosted an open house at her nursing home to introduce her to friends, family members and reporters.

A week ago, her parents got a call from Jennifer Trammell, a licensed nurse at the Golden Plains Health Care Center. She asked Betsy Scantlin if she was sitting down, told her someone wanted to talk to her and switched the phone to speaker mode:

"Hi, Mom."
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A Cruel Display
Stephen and Virginia Pearcy have decorated the roof of their home with the effigy of an American soldier hanging by a noose. The original effigy had a sign reading "Your tax dollars at work" and was torn down earlier this week by a young man who is facing misdemeanor vandalism charges. The homeowners hurried to replace it with a new display that reads "Bush Lied, I Died!"

The anti-war display includes a "stuffed" soldier hanging from the eaves of the house along with a sign that reads, "Bush Lied, I Died." A Palestinian flag is draped in one window of the home; and an Iraqi flag hangs in another window.

This is second time the Pearcys have hanged a U.S. soldier in effigy, Move America Forward said. The first soldier held a sign reading, "Your Tax Dollars at Work," but that "soldier" was ripped down last week.

"There are those who will stoop to any level to bring attention to a hateful agenda that undermines our heroic men and women in the armed forces," said Move America Forward Co-Chair Melanie Morgan.

"While the families of men and women serving in our armed forces are praying for their safety, they have to tolerate this cruel display. But those who support our troops and their brave fight against the threats of terrorism also enjoy the right to free speech, and we will exercise that right," Morgan added.

The Sacramento Bee quoted the Pearcys as saying they consider the display patriotic. They call it "political protest art," and they note that the First Amendment is intended to protect unpopular speech -- because that's what needs protecting.

The newspaper said the Pearcys, both lawyers, are known for displaying political signs at their Sacramento home, where they live part time.

"Steve and Virginia Pearcy have shown the true colors of the 'Blame America First' movement," said Howard Kaloogian, Move America Forward's other co-chairman.

"They are not sympathetic to the struggles our soldiers face, but instead sympathize with those who threaten America's interests."

All Americans want the troops to come home safely, Kaloogian said. "The difference is that those of us who support our troops and their mission want to see them come home victorious, which is obviously not the desire of Mr.and Mrs. Pearcy."

Anti-War Protest Includes 'Hanging' of US Soldier
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zorkmidden in Bloggies Of Our Lives:
Episode 301,434,749
Downtown Los Angeles, Very-Very Secret Government Agency

Jefe: Get WriterMom in here right now, dammit!

floranista: Yes sir, right away.

floranista: One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy...

WriterMom: Yeah, what now?

floranista: A gracious good morning to you...Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?

WriterMom: Of fercryingoutloud, you only call me 15 times a day!

floranista: The Boss wants you.

WriterMom: Ah, sh-I just ordered Indian food!

floranista: Hey, don't take it out on me, lady! He's your boss!

WriterMom: He's yours too, you little twerp!

floranista: Nope. Sorry sistah, you lose. I work directly for the President. I am not subject to city, state, or federal legislation. I am omnipotent.

WriterMom: Figures. Everyone here's got it better than me. Awright, tell him to shaddup, I'll be there after lunch.

floranista: You tell him to shaddup! And he wants you there now!

WriterMom: All right, already!

Cut to MI34 Ultra-Secret Agency in Britain. Ultra-Secret Senior Agent jr is explaining to Ultra-Secret Junior Agent Sine the very dangerous mission she's just been assigned.

jr: -.--.

Sine: ...---.--.-...----.-?

jr: -.-.-.

Sine: ..---.-.--.-.--.-....-.-.-.-.?

jr: ..-!

Sine: ..-.-..!

Cut to Santa Monica boulevard. A silver Jaguar is purring like a cat in the street.

zulubaby: ploomie, you got the guns?

ploome: *spit* Yeah, I got them.

zulubaby: We have to be very careful ploomie, this is the most dangerous job ever.

ploome: *spit* Yeah, I know.

zulubaby: Jefe is in big trouble. I hope Charles can fix this.

ploome: *spit* I need a massage.

zulubaby: Oh me too! Let's go get one before we get to the Lizard Hub.

ploome: *spit* We got a job to do first.

zulubaby: Ja, I suppose you're right.

zulubaby looks out the window dejectedly. The ink is barely dry on her citizenship certificate and she already has to go save someone's ass...

To be continued...
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