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You're the schlager in my gold flakes
daily archive: 02/06/2006
floranista in The Secret Garden:
Garden Poem

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guest author: lwc in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Omar Khayam, who dressed as a suicide bomber in a London demonstration to protest the infamous Mohammed cartoons, is a convicted drug dealer recently released from prison. He apologised to the families of the victims of the July 7 bombings in London for his suicide bomber outfit but he insists that he was right to don a fake suicide vest because "of the hurt caused to Muslims around the world by the publication of the cartoons".

Since Islam strictly forbids the taking or selling of drugs, had he gotten caught dealing drugs in a Muslim country instead of the decadent West, he probably would have been executed. Just a minor detail, I suppose.
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guest author: joem in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The secret to a dog's longevity
And here I thought my friend's dog was the only one that likes to chew tobacco: Dog, 22, on 10 cigs a day. Actually, the dreaded little dog that I know, not only likes cigarettes, he also loves chocolate. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs but I think this particular canine must be related to the cat-that-will-never-die because on a steady diet of dried figs, potato chips, chocolate and cigarettes, he's managed to reach the ripe old age of 18. And he's still as snooty as ever.
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guest author: levi from queens in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: Franco CBI in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: levi from queens in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: Steven Plaut in Discarded Lies:
Cartoon Capers
[The following Steven Plaut email was forwarded to DL by zulubaby and a thimbleful of cognac to her. - z]

Well, the Muslim world is all indignant that some European newspapers ran cartoons that represented the Prophet Mohammed in a mocking manner. The Euros are also climbing over one another in their mad rush to apologize.

In all the hullabaloo over THOSE cartoons, no one seems to have thought to remind the Euros and the Muslims of the wave of anti-Semitic cartoons that fill not only the gutter media of the Muslim countries, but are increasing carried by the respectable Mainstream Media in the West. The Mainstream Media are borderline Der-Sturmer-ized in the vicious anti-Jewish cartoons they run, with no apologies. Of course, when the PLO runs nazi-like cartoons, everyone thinks THAT is amusing, letting the Palestinians let off harmless steam and all.

Consider this news item from the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem:
June 05, 2003
By: ICEJ News
Despite the Palestinian Authority's agreement yesterday to end to violence and incitement against Israelis, the Palestinian National Authority's press Web site is rife with anti-Israeli and American sentiment. The page opens with a large caricature of "Uncle Sam" wearing a death-like mask and the slogan, "I want you for the Iraqi freedom, join our forces and massacre Iraqis." The site also depicts Prime Minister Ariel Sharon covered in blood, wielding a bloody butcher knife and standing over a bleeding baby lying on a butcher's block. Underneath are five caricatures of Sharon. One of them shows him in IDF fatigues standing next to a soldier. The soldier says to Sharon, "We've killed 80 Palestinians is that enough?" Sharon replies, "Just 19 more."

Another cartoon shows Sharon wearing a bloodied undershirt, wielding a dripping knife, and Shimon Peres standing next to him mopping up "Palestinian" blood. As soldiers in a tank shoot at a boy holding the Palestinian flag, one of them says, "I told you before, all of them are terrorists." Another cartoon shows Sharon with a whip in his hand, and a frightened "Palestinian civilian" chained to a post.

"Anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment has been exceedingly high for a long period," said Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch. "The Palestinian newspapers continue to downplay (PA Prime Minister Mahmoud) Abbas and depict Arafat as the people's leader. Positive statements made by Palestinian officials in English are not reflected in the Palestinian media."

Now here is but a tiny sample of this enormous selection of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel cartoons from the Mainstream Media:


Cartoon link on PMW and more: link, link

From the leftist moonbatmosphere: link, link

Moslem defends the cartoons: link

See also this link

The nazification of Gary Busey

Sucking up to the jihadniks

Jewish anti-Semitism: link, link

Leftists Smear a Zionist Professor: David Bukay tells HIS side
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guest author: Meg in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Rehabilitating the Catholic Church
Practically synonyms in modern secular circles: the Catholic Church and the Dark Ages. But what if the Dark Ages weren't as dark as they're cracked up to be, and what if Catholicism is underrated, and Protestantism overrated, as contributors to the modern West, the Western work ethic, science, technology and progress? I found this book review in the New Criterion interesting, and intend to read the book.
If you hold the following three propositions, the massive evidence marshaled in this book asks you to reconsider them: (1) For eleven centuries after the legitimation of Catholicism under Constantine in 323 A.D., the Church kept liberty in chains and progress in check, imposing backwardness on the “Dark" Ages; (2) Only after the overthrow of Catholic unity by the Reformation, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment did systemic invention, science, and freedom appear, and speedily make the West great; (3) Capitalism originated under the impulse of the Protestant ethic.
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guest author: solus rex in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Holocaust Contest
Iran's largest newspaper is launching a competition to find the 12 "best" cartoons about the Holocaust. Genocide and extermination are very funny subjects apparently, and I hope that the newspaper finds some good ones. The reason they're doing this is to test "the West's ideals of freedom of expression" and the newspaper editor challenged Western papers to reprint the cartoons. Like Western newspapers really need to be challenged to do that...

In any case, we better get ready for the street riots that are sure to happen in the West when the Holocaust cartoons get published, like all the other times that antisemitic cartoons get published in the West and Jewish people riot.

Iranian paper runs Holocaust contest.
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guest author: Jefe in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Con-man West
Jonah Goldberg is incisive and on-target in skewering Kayne West's "house nigga" shtick. Can there be a bigger scam than this relentlessly-merchandised media darling proclaiming his own put-upon-ness and trumpeting his daring? Who's braver, millionaire celebrity poseur Kanye West proclaiming that Bush is a terrorist and posing on the cover of Rolling Stone as a crucified Jesus, or the middle-class European newspaper editors and cartoonists who have so bravely risked their lives to confront a raging, homicidal, menacing and prickly Islamist temper?
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guest author: M-Max in Discarded Lies:
Max's New Jersey - The Jersey Diner
I was not born and raised in New Jersey, but I have lived here my entire adult life. Now and again in this periodic series of posts, I am going to highlight what makes New Jersey, well, New Jersey. And it does not mean having a Superfund site in your backyard, Tony Soprano as your next door neighbor, or reading in the newspaper that your town’s mayor is under indictment (although the last has happened to me – with two different mayors in the same town).

I though I’d start with the most unique piece of New Jersey – the diner.

Wait a second you say…aren’t there diners all over America? Yes, but nowhere are they as ubiquitous as in New Jersey. In all, there are about 3,000 diners in the USA. About 600 of them are in the Garden State. So our little state, with less than 3% of the population and 0.2% of the land, has 20% of the nation’s diners. We have one for every 13,500 people. For America as a whole, it’s 1 for every 100,000. Travel the major roads in New Jersey, and they seem to pop up every couple of miles. And they all seem busy. People go after church, young people go when they get late night munchies, geeky Jews go to them when they visit their parents in the Over 55-community (I’m not referring to anyone at DL, of course) and every type of worker from truckers to sales reps hit them for a large lunch or dinner at a not-so-large price. People frequent diners here in a way that they do not frequent the chains, and over time, develop great relationships with the owners and waitresses. They are a part of the fabric of life in NJ as they are nowhere else in America.

Now, what makes a diner different from Denny’s, IHOP, TGI Friday’s, Applebee’s and the like? Well, perhaps it’s wonderfully described in this link.

In addition to being independently owned, having the biggest freakin’ menus you’ll ever see (and amazingly similar from one diner to another), being open 24 hours, and serving larger portions at lower prices than the chains, there is one more important ingredient to a diner. It has to be owned and operated by an extended family descended from a certain Mediterranean country (care to take any guesses which one, Zorkie)?

Perhaps the most famous of all the NJ diners was Rosie’s Diner, which was used in the famous “Bounty�? towel commercials of the 1970s (“The Quicker Picker-Upper�?). When it was in Little Falls, New Jersey, it was actually called the Silver Dollar Diner.

Rosie's has since literally been picked up (oh yes, diners are usually prefabbed buildings) and moved to Michigan some years ago.

Another famous one is the REO Diner in Woodbridge:

From the REO, the (in)famous conservative talk show host Bob Grant used to broadcast (I saw him do the show once from there).

And if you watch the Food Network, you may have seen a couple of shows where Al Roker featured the largest of the state’s diners, the Mastoris in Bordentown. The original ‘50s style prefab diner building is in the center of the restaurant, and the Mastoris family expanded around it:

Finally, here is the Roadside Diner in Wall Township:

Note the ‘50s retro look of the Roadside. A lot of NJ diners have remodeled to this style in the last 15 years.

Near where my parents live, there are three diners within a 10-minute drive, and we almost always go to one of them to eat. And in case you’re all wondering -- no, I never complain that the food is cold and they should go back and “nuke�? it……

So next time you’re in New Jersey, instead of going out for a meal at International House of Denny’s or TGI Houlibees, check out a bit of real New Jersey and eat at the local diner. Here’s the comprehensive list for you.

Not only is it cheaper, you never know who might be in the booth next to you. Perhaps it will be some goodfellas “doing business�? with my mayor.
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