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daily archive: 02/04/2006
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Appreciating a sacrifice
A 22-year-old British soldier who was killed by a sniper in Iraq was declared a martyr.
"Iraqis believe Allan died trying to give the people of Al Amarah a better life. He was trying to provide security in the town and was helping to train the local police force.

"He was fighting for their cause to give them democracy and peace. As far as the Iraqis are concerned his sacrifice makes him a martyr."
This is the first time that a member of the coalition forces has been hailed as a martyr. Is it an indication that we're winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis?
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Europeans shut the barn door after the horse escapes
Too little, too late, Belgium and Germany.

Belgium's federal security chief was sent packing a couple of days ago because nuclear bomb equipment was sold to Tehran under his watch. The lengths to which Tehran has gone to obtain this equipment, which can only be used for making nuclear weapons, indicates the regime's intentions very clearly. They intend to have the bomb, and the entire nuclear program is devoted to producing the bomb, not energy or anything else except incidentally and as a subterfuge.

Tehran has successfully procured two types of equipment, the Hot Isostatic Press and the Hot Press, to shape enriched uranium as part of nuclear weapons production at the “Materials and Energy Research Centre" (Pazhuheshgah-e Mavad va Enerzhi), she said.

“These machines are able to simultaneously use pressure and heat to produce uranium spheres for production of nuclear bomb. The combination of pressure and heat allows the metal to melt at a lower temperature", she said.
Are you sleeping well at night?

Two German men have been charged with not only violating export laws to get "vibration test systems" to Iran-to be used in Iran's Shahab medium-range missiles, but with espionage as well. I'd be curious to know what accounts for the espionage charges; has anyone seen anything in the European press with better details than this AP story?
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
ACLU Not Aware of Difference Between First Amendment and Felony
A Rhode Island teenager wrote an essay, as part of a school assignment, in which he described a perfect day. A perfect day for this student would involve "unspecified violence" against President Bush, Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart executives and Oprah Winfrey. Teen investigated for homework threat to Bush. His teacher alerted school officials, school officials alerted the police and the police handed the case over to the Secret Service. So of course the ACLU jumps in:
The American Civil Liberties Union in Rhode Island criticized law enforcement's involvement in the case.

"The student was engaged in a rhetorical, if angry, exercise of speech," the organization said in a statement. "Although it may have been appropriate for the teacher to share the essay with the school social work staff, the decisions to also involve the police and the Secret Service marked a significant and inappropriate intrusion on the young student's First Amendment rights."
Aside from the ACLU acting like the kid is going to be tortured and thrown in a dungeon, perhaps they also need to be informed that threatening to kill the U.S. President is a felony.
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guest author: annie in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: annie in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
According to the U.S. State Department - and I suspect the U.S. administration as well - appeasing Islamic sensitivities is more important than freedom of speech.

Well, I'm an insensitive bitch so here are the the offending cartoons in all their glory.
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guest author: airforcewife in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Iran Referred to U.N. Security Council
The International Atomic Energy Agency voted today to report Iran to the U.N. Security Council. Iran threw a hissy fit and declared that it would curb UN inspections immediately and proceed with full-scale uranium enrichment. The EU and US stated that reporting Iran to the council would not finish off diplomacy or trigger early sanctions while Russia and China agreed to the referral only on the condition that the council take no action before March. It's going to be an interesting spring.
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guest author: unsigned in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: Franco CBI in Discarded Lies:
El Cementerio (The Cemetery)
It was Sunday morning. (I had arrived in Cochabamba the previous afternoon.) I woke up refreshed, not hung over. (I had overestimated the amount of beer I had drunk at the party the night before, because I didn't realize that the beer glasses were only 250ml instead of the standard 350 or 500ml of the USA.) My body had fully adapted to the altitude of 8400 feet. All was well.

We had continental breakfast - fresh rolls and tasty jams, with coffee made by putting instant coffee in warm milk. On all other days of the week, the maid would put out the breakfast, but since Sunday is her day off, the family does this chore. Families eat breakfast together. They eat dinner together. They even come home to eat lunch, the big meal of the day - the lunch break is two hours. All three meals together. Every day. The minimum present at the meals would be my friend, his unmarried older sister, and me. But more typically it would include Mama, one of the other siblings, and a nephew or two that happened to wander in.

In the late morning, we headed to the cemetery, which is on the south end of the city. We drove down a long cobblestoned avenue with a meter-gauge railroad track along side it. The street was almost empty of traffic, and the sun, just a few degrees shy of the zenith, shone brilliantly.

As we pulled into the parking lot, some street urchins directed us to an empty space. You are expected to pay them for this, and in return they will watch your car. If you pay them a few pennies more, they will wash your car while you are in the cemetery, using a bucket of water that they filled G-d-only-knows-where. Americans might regard this as a shocking nuisance. Bolivians think of it as we would when we pay a parking meter.

The cemetery is quite different from an American one. The ideal American cemetery is modeled after the plains of Nebraska - an open meadow with grass and little else aside from the occasional set of flowers. In most newer American cemeteries, headstones are flat on the ground, apparently to make it easier to mow the lawns. Ease of maintenance is the priority. The flowers that are there stand out, but if you look closely, you will notice that a very small proportion of the graves actually have flowers on them, except possibly on Memorial Day or All Souls' Day. On a busy day, you might see half a dozen visitors in a cemetery with several thousand graves. Sadly, the dominant attitude seems to be "stick 'em in the ground and forget about 'em".

The Bolivian cemetery couldn't be more different. The graves are mostly above ground, in crypt buildings organized by alleys, streets (but with no cars) and mini-parks with fountains and benches. The place is absolutely jam-packed - it feels like the "Main Street" of a theme park. Every Sunday, almost all families visit their departed. Not every individual in the family goes every week, but at least one person, usually more, will make the trip. Fresh flowers are put by the graves every week.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Tomb of Ulyses Hermosa of Los Kjarkas, a popular Bolivian folk group

The family was visiting the crypt of my friend's brother, who died suddenly of a heart attack two years ago - he was only 46.

The brother was a priest, and the crypt contained the tombs of the priests of the archdiocese. It was very nice with marble and brass. The brother had been quite an artist - the crypt was filled with many works from his own hand. The figurines in the tomb's "cabinet" as well as the large crucifix were by his hand.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

The family replaced the flowers and prayed for a few minutes. Two years later, the family was still very strongly affected by his death. Seeing their loss, and at the same time thinking of my own departed family members, and thinking about how shabbily we Americans treat our departed, made me very sad.

But the cemetery isn't a totally sad place. It's a place to be with your family, living and dead. And since almost everyone in town goes there, you're bound to bump into friends, relatives, people you haven't seen in years.

And the visit to the cemetery is typically the start of the Sunday picnic. Since the maid is off on Sundays, the family goes out for lunch, and spends the whole afternoon outside, enjoying each other's company for several hours.
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