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daily archive: 01/29/2005
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Tsunami Aftereffects in Sri Lanka
Tamil Tiger rebels have recruited at least 40 child soldiers since the tsunami devastated Sri Lanka's coastline and killed nearly 31,000 people, the UN children's fund said yester- day.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) had taken three children from a relief centre for survivors, while others had been recruited from areas of the northeast held by the guerillas, Unicef said.

"We have 40 cases of confirmed child recruitment since the tsunami," Unicef spokesman Geoffrey Keele said.

"We had hoped that with such a disaster, the LTTE would have ended this practice. But unfortunately no." Human Rights Watch in November accused the rebels of enlisting more than 3,500 boys and girls under 18 since the Oslo-brokered truce went into place in April 2003.

A child as young as 13 was among 22 boys and 18 girls recruited by the Tigers. Most of them were aged between 15 and 17.

Tigers prey on young survivors to boost ranks of child soldiers
Not that it's news, of course. They've recruited thousands of children through abduction and intimidation from way before the tsunami, why would they stop now.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Sixty Years of Holocaust Denial in Romania
The truth, a little too late:
Outgoing President Ion Iliescu two months ago admitted for the first time that as many as 380,000 Jews died at the hands of Romanian authorities as he accepted a historic report by the Commission on the Holocaust in Romania.

Leaders of the American Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith and the U.S. Holocaust Museum – who worked with Iliescu to reverse 60 years of Holocaust denial in Romania – hope his bold initiative will go forward.

“Part of the negotiations with President Iliescu were that he publicly accept the Commission’s recommendations,? said Rabbi Andrew Baker, director of International Jewish Affairs for the American Jewish Committee.

“But we know of other cases where Romania has said very positive things but has been lacking in follow-through.?

Key recommendations were to build a national Holocaust memorial and to record the name of every victim. The Commission was chaired by Nobel Laureate and Romanian native Elie Wiesel.

Dr. Radu Ioanid of the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington said the group knew it was “vital to finish the report before Iliescu’s term was up? to ensure it’s initial acceptance. Now, he said, Holocaust education has to spread to the populace.

Daniel Mariaschin, B’nai B’rith’s International vice president, agreed, saying: “We’ve had generations of Romanians who never learned the truth of what happened. There were nearly 850,000 Jews there in 1940; now, it’s about 11,000. In another 20 years, there will be very few people around to tell the story.?

Another hot issue involves restitution for Jews who lost property. Baker said Romania actually has a strong law requiring restitution, but implementation has proved difficult.

Ironically, at the same time President Iliescu was accepting the Holocaust report, he was pushing property compensation for ex-King Michael, who was put on his throne by pro-Nazi General Ion Antonescu. The ex-king, still alive and living in Switzerland, actively collaborated with Hitler and wrote him congratulatory notes on his military victories. After the Nazi’s put him on the throne, the king issued decrees confiscating all Jewish properties; outlawing the rental or leasing of Romanian drugstore properties to Jews; segregating all Jewish school children from “regular? Romanian children and banning Jewish lawyers from signing legal documents or pleading in court except for state-approved Jewish clients. On September 14, 1941, the king signed an order making Romania an official “Legionnaire Country? – read Nazi-owned. That same day the dictator Antonescu made King Michael a general in the Romanian Army.

The ex-King’s defenders like to say that Michael was then a young man in his 20’s and ought not to be held accountable for his actions. Yet, the King of Denmark was two years younger than Michael at the time and stood by his Jewish subjects by defiantly wearing a Star of David.

Romania's Holocaust Progress
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Bad Guys
I played with toy soldiers when I was little; I'd line up the "good guys" behind me, for backup, and the "Germans" in front of me and would proceed to gleefully decimate their ranks with my marble/cannonball, thus extracting revenge for all the misery they had inflicted on my mom when she was little-and on my country too, but mostly on my mom. However, my "Germans" didn't have Nazi insignia on them...
Who's tougher: G.I. Joe or a Nazi S.S. man? That's what some kids might be asking each other when they play with new action figures on the market that are replicas of German World War II troops.

Action figures depicting Nazi soldiers, some of which bear a swastika on their uniforms, are being sold to the public. Based on the popular video game "Call of Duty," the figures come with historically accurate weapons and descriptions of the unit the soldier is meant to represent. They're part of a World War II series made by Plan-B Toys.

One of the figures in the set is a member of the "Totenkopf" division, which the toy packaging says fought in Normandy as a tank unit. But while part of that unit did fight in Normandy against Allied forces after the D-Day invasion, the S.S. combat division was created to guard concentration camps.

Other figures in the series include Wehrmacht troops and Waffen S.S. figures. The S.S. was the elite private army initially formed as bodyguards for Adolf Hitler, and eventually expanded to take part in military campaigns.

"This is an embarrassment -- to anyone who is a survivor and anyone else," says Abram Shnaper, the president of the Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors in Philadelphia. "You have to remember that the Nazis killed 50 million people. This company is only interested in making money and keeping themselves in business."

Shnaper, now 84, grew up in Poland, and survived eight Nazi death camps.
Read the rest: Toy soldiers
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Hamas 1 - 0 Fatah
A political rally by the militant Palestinian group Hamas turned violent Saturday, as supporters of the rival Fatah faction opened fire, sparking a melee that left more than 25 people wounded, a Palestinian official said.

The shooting occurred at an outdoor rally staged by Hamas to celebrate its victory in municipal elections in Gaza earlier in the week. Hamas' strong showing dealt a setback to Abbas' dominant Fatah faction.

The Palestinian official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Hamas supporters chanted victory slogans, angering Fatah supporters in the area.

One of the Fatah supporters opened fire, seriously wounding one Hamas supporters and causing shrapnel wounds to four others, the official said. Some 25 other people were hurt by knives, clubs and beatings in the ensuing melee, the official said.

Hamas Victory Rally Erupts Into Shootout
But no worries, Abbas has banned civilians from carrying weapons, so it's all going to be fine. And now that Hamas won the municipal elections by a landslide, I'm sure they'll peacefully surrender their weapons to their Fatah brothers.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Who makes the nicest forged US currency...and why
From SecurityFocus: Unintended Consequences
Back in the 1970s, long before the revolution that would eventually topple him from power, the Shah of Iran was one of America's best friends (he was a dictator who brutally repressed his people, but he was anti-communist, and that made him OK in our book). Wanting to help out a good friend, the United States government agreed to sell Iran the very same intaglio presses used to print American currency so that the Shah could print his own high quality money for his country. Soon enough, the Shah was the proud owner of some of the best money printing machines in the world, and beautiful Iranian Rials proceeded to flow off the presses.

All things must come to an end, and the Shah was forced to flee Iran in 1979 when the Ayatollah Khomeini's rebellion brought theocratic rule to Iran. Everyone reading this undoubtedly knows the terrible events that followed: students took American embassy workers hostage for over a year as Iran declared America to be the "Great Satan," while evidence of US complicity in the Shah's oppression of his people became obvious, leading to a break in relations between the two countries that continues to worsen to this day.

"Social scientists have noticed an interesting pattern in human behavior over the years: it seems that the more safe and secure people feel, the more likely they are to engage in risky behavior."

During the early 90s, counterfeit $100 bills began to flood the Mideast, eventually spreading around the world. Known as "superbills" or "superdollars" by the US Treasury due to the astounding quality of the forgeries, these $100 bills became a tremendous headache not only for the US and its economy, but also for people all over the world that depend on the surety of American money. Several culprits have been suggested as responsible for the superbills, including North Korea and Syria, but many observers think the real culprit is the most obvious suspect: an Iranian government deeply hostile to the United States ... and even worse, an Iranian government possessing the very same printing presses used to create American money.

If you've ever wondered just why American currency was redesigned in the 1990s, now you know. In the 1970s, the US rewarded an ally with a special machine; in the 1990s, the US had to change its money because that ally was no longer an ally, and that special machine was now a weapon used to attack the US's money supply, where it really hurts. As an example of the law of unintended consequences, it's powerful, and it illustrates one of the main results of that law: that those unintended consequences can really bite back when you least expect them.
I hope we bomb those printing presses too, when we bomb their nuke facilities. Wouldn't that be nice? I hate that my dollars, in my pocket, are cheaper every day because these stinkbeards are printing up wheelbarrowsfull every day.

Parenthetically: what do you want to bet it was Carter, History's Greatest Monster?
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Sudan Bombs Darfur
I think it's high time we bombed them...don't you? The very least we could do is put those Antonovs permanently out of service.
Aerial attacks on Darfur
28 Jan 2005

Sudan’s airforce has bombed villages in Darfur in contravention of an agreement not to use aircraft in the region, observers from the African Union (AU) have reported.

“It is a major ceasefire violation,? said senior AU political officer Jean Baptiste Natama. A spokesperson from a non-governmental organisation (NGO), speaking on condition of anonymity, said that casualties had been inflicted in the attacks.

The AU has about 1,400 ceasefire monitors and military observers in the region, although it is rare for aerial bombardments to be confirmed by the organisation.

According to the NGO spokesperson, bombs were dropped by an air force Antonov near the town of Shangil Tobaya, about 40 miles south of El-Fasher. About 25 people were said to have taken refuge in the town, some of them wounded. The number of casualties was not specified.

Ceasefire commitments were signed between the warring parties in April and November, but have been broken on numerous occasions.
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guest author: Rev Joe Johnson in Discarded Lies:
The Reverend of Khidr
[Ed. note: we had posted an article about the church of Khidr. Illinois Central College student Joe Johnson, an ordained minister and reverend of this church, says he’s being religiously persecuted for his use of marijuana. Imagine our surprise when he found bloggie. What follows is Reverend Johnson's explanation about his church.]

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Tafeeli Jokes
Tafeelis are people from tafeeleh, in Jordan. They're the butt of all the jokes, like Polish or blonde jokes here. Enjoy these :-)

  • a tafeeli was in a speed-drawing contest, he drew a dot and said it was a far-off elephant

  • a tafeeli bought a cellphone told his brother "write a text message for me your handwriting is better"

  • bin laden tells a tafeeli "no one has really ruined my plans except the northern alliance" the tafeeli said to him "my man, you've angered the irbid tribes?" (irbid is in the north of jordan )

  • A really ugly guy went to propose to a young woman's parents. When he sat down the young woman's father was disgusted at the sight of him. The guy told the young woman's father "ammi, I'm a self-made man" and he let out a sigh of relief and said "wallah I've been sitting here saying to myself 'surely our lord wouldn't have done this!'"

  • One said to a tafeeli shaykh "I have some jinn in my house, what should I do?" he said "pick up some 7Up to mix with it and send for me"

  • A tafeeli opened a mosque. When he saw that lots of people were coming to pray he turned it into a restaurant.

  • once a tafeeli girl said to her fiance i'm going to hide. if you can find me you can kiss me and if you can't find me i'll be hiding behind the door

  • a cheap tafeeli told his boys, "anyone who doesn't want dinner can have a shilin", the boys all took the shilin. the boys went to sleep happy and hid their shilins under their pillows, and the cheap tafeeli stole the shilins back in the night. in the morning he told his boys "anyone who lost his shilin doesn't get breakfast"
    1 shilin=50 fils=about 7 cents but a lot of money in jordan to a kid.

  • there was a dumb tafeeli guy, the teacher asked him "do foxes give birth or lay eggs" he told him "by allah ya ustaz, foxes are tricksters you never know what to expect from them"

  • a tafeeli came back from america and his father asked him, "if you want someone to come near you what do you say?" he said "i say, 'qom hyr!'" his father said to him "and if you want him to leave what do you tell him?" he said "i go in a different direction and i say to him 'qom hyr!'"
    (qom hyr='come here' in arabic letters)

  • two karakis and a tafeeli got on a plane for the first time and the stewardess asked them what they would like to eat. the first karaki said "'asal ya 'asal" ("i want honey, honey") and the second karaki said "sukkar ya sukkar" ("i want sugar, sugar") and the tafeeli heard them and when she asked him he said "haleeb ya baqara" ("i want milk, you cow")

  • a tafeeli and a hindu are talking. the hindu asks the tafeeli "why don't you burn your dead before you bury them". the tafeeli says "we bury, allah burns"

  • a matchstick scratched his head with explosive results

  • a cheap tafeeli is standing on his balcony. his son is running towards the house yelling "baba...baba...baba!" the cheap tafeeli says "you son of a dog, one 'baba' is enough!"

  • a tafeeleh was walking with her boyfriend and saw her dad. she panicked and said "i'll tell him you're my brother!"

  • three tafeelis robbed a bank. they started counting the loot and lost track too many times, until one of them said "aaay, we'll find out tomorrow from the newspapers!"

  • so one time they put a speedbump in tafeeleh. so the tafeelis started watering it every day hoping it would grow into a bridge

  • two neighbors, one has a qirsh u nuss car (piastre and a half, about 2 cents, when you read "qirshu u nuss" think "POS") and one has a fox (compliment to his nice car). the second wakes up every morning at the crack of dawn to drive his foxy car and finds the first wiping his car lovingly with his hands. he asks "why do you wipe this qirsh u nuss car every day?" and he says "sit down and i'll show you" and he rubs the dashboard and a genie comes out. he says "thnain qahwe" (two coffees) and the genie makes two coffees appear the second guy's jaw drops and he says "want to trade cars?" the qirsh u nuss owner says sure and they trade cars. the guy gets his friends together and tells them about the genie and he rubs the dashboard. the first guy says "I want gold!" and the second guy says "I want lands!" and the third guy says "I want a car!" and the genie says "easy, easy, I only specialize in coffee and tea".

  • a snake from tafeeli fell ill and they asked her why. she said she fell in love with a snake and was with him four years and he turned out to be a hose

  • a tafeeli told his servant to bring him two coffee cups, one with coffee in it and one empty. the servant asked why? he said "maybe i'll want to drink coffee, maybe i'll change my mind, stupid!"

  • why do the tafayleh sit in a hole? to think deep thoughts

  • a spoiled tafeeleh daughter of a butcher was asked what father did for a living. she said "daddy peels lambs"

  • a tafeeli fell in love with a woman...he started thinking "how can i see more of her? what excuse can i get?" ...so he got engaged to her sister

  • a tafeeli was playing with a hand grenade. they told him "it'll blow up". he said "i have another one"

  • they asked an american, a german and a tafeeli what is the fastest thing. the american said "light is the fastest thing". the german said "thought is faster than light, it can be everywhere at once". the tafeeli said "diarrhea is the fastest" they said "come on man, how is it the fastest" and he said "when i have diarrhea i'm in the bathroom faster than i can think or turn on the light"

  • a tafeeli came home deliriously happy and his wife was leery and said "why are you so happy, it's not your usual, what's happened in the world?" and he said "shhh...the people have stopped telling jokes about us!" and she said "alhamdulillah, knock on wood before you jinx us!" and he did and she said "who is it" and he said "stay seated i'll get the door"

  • four cheap tafeelis played monopoly...no one bought anything!

  • there was one girl, her mom sent her to the supermarket and when she got back her mom said "why were you so delayed" and she said "there was a guy flirting with me" and she said "so you hurried yes?" and she said "what could i do, he was walking slow!"

  • a man went to a tafeeli pharmacist and asked him for a cockroach remedy. he asked "and what are your cockroaches suffering from?"

  • "walak" means "dude". two hashashin (hash smokers) are driving around. one said to the other "walak, mind the phone pole. walak, the pole, the pole." they hit the phone pole. the next day they're coming to in the clinic and the first said to the second "walak didn't i tell you mind the pole!" and the second replied "walak you were the one driving"

  • a tafeeli's wife died and they're walking in the funeral procession to bury her and all the people are crying and he's the only one laughing. the shaykh stopped the procession and said "we won't go any further till you explain why you're laughing" and the tafeeli said "i was married to her for twenty years and this is the first time i know where she's going!"

  • a bedouin woman bought a bottle of men's cologne. her father asked "why?" she said "you've prohibited me to see them and now you don't want me to smell them either?"

  • they told a tafeeli "in china every minute someone is born" and he said "allahu akbar, it takes our women nine months"

  • a tafeeli prayed to our lord for fifteen years for a son. one night an angel came to him in the night and slapped his head and said "walak itjawwaz" (dude, get married!)

  • one time there were four tafayleh...they got together and called themselves "the three musketeers"

  • a gas station opened next to a cheap tafeeli's house. he said "thank allah, now we can walk to buy gas!"

  • a cheap tafeeli bought three oranges. he cut into the first one and it was rotten and he threw it out. he cut into the second one and it was moldy and he threw it out. he turned out the lights and ate the third one

  • a cheap tafeeli and his son are walking in a funeral. they heard the widow wailing "they're taking you to your new house, it has no mattress, no water, no food" (the grave) so the boy asked his father "are they taking him to our house?"

  • teacher: "tell me three milk-giving animals"
    tafeeli: "three cows"

  • a tafeeli passed a cow farm and asked them how they farmed cows. they humored him and said "we sow sugar in the land and it sprouts cows". so he sprinkled sugar on his floor. the next day he saw ants covering the floor and said "they're so cute when they're babies!"

  • a bedouin bought a pair of size 45 shoes. the next day he traded them for size 32s, why? he cut his toenails

  • one time an old man was on his death bed. he gathered his sons to tell them his last words and will. he asked them to gather him some sticks. he gave each of them one and told them to break it, and they all did. then he gave each 2 more sticks and told them to break them. the youngest and the middle could not break the 2 sticks, but the eldest could. so he gave the eldest 3 sticks and the eldest broke them. so he gave the eldest four sticks and he broke them. so he gave the eldest five sticks and he broke them. he gave him a bundle of the rest and he broke them, too. finally in exasperation he said "keep this brute around at all times, he'll keep you safe" and expired

  • two good-for-nothings (nidthal) are arguing over who is a worse scoundrel. they decide to settle it with a demonstration. the first walks up to an old man, grabs him under his arm, runs out into a busy street and throws him on the ground and rolls him into traffic, meanwhile the other is bent over laughing. the first says "aywa?" and the 2nd holding his stomach from laughing says "that was my dad"

  • teacher: "what did the Romans do after crossing the Mediterranean?"
    tafeeli: "hang their clothes up to dry, ya ustaz"

  • one time a tafeeli boy fell from the third floor. his father took him to the hospital and the doctor was incompetent, he came to the father and said "your son has died". the son woke up and said "no father, i haven't died!" and his dad said to him "be quiet, boy! do you think you know more than the doctor!"

  • one time umm ali took a lover and every time abu ali went out she would call him to her house. one day abu ali became suspicious and caught on to her and said "wallah i will catch her red handed" the next day he hid in the closet and overheard as his wife's lover asked "whose kiss is sweeter, mine or abu ali's?" and umm ali said "wallah abu ali's kiss is sweeter" and abu ali came out and said "you're faithful, umm ali, you're faithful"

  • a tafeeli man has a child. the child grows to five years of age and never speaks a word. one day he finally speaks, he says one word and falls silent: "khalo" (maternal uncle). his mom's brother dies the next day. a month later he says one word: "akhi" (my brother). his brother dies the next day. a month later he says "baba" (daddy). his dad writes his will and the next day the neighbor died

  • a tafeeli was sitting and his friend came and sat by him and said "your wife is cheating on you in the woods over there" and the tafeeli got up and ran to where his friend pointed, then walked back slowly laughing. his friend said "why are you laughing" and he said "you see two trees and you call them 'woods'?"

  • a car struck two men and killed one and maimed the other. the maimed one sat up and started filling the sky cursing the driver to allah and begging retribution and finally the driver was unnerved and pleaded "i just maimed you a little and you're sitting there cursing me, look at your friend, he died and isn't saying a thing!"

  • why does the tafeeli eat knafeh (a sweet) with a two foot long spoon? because his doctor told him to stay away from sweets

  • a tafeeli holds an ice cube dripping in his hand, turning it over and over and saying "i am just dying to know where the leak is!"

  • a tafeeli scoundrel is staying up late with his fiancee and the power goes out. she says "this is your chance", so he snatches her purse and runs out

  • why did the tafeeli cop chase after the garbage truck? because two youths were hanging off the back of it.

  • the first day at Yarmouk U, the dean is giving the instructions to the students. He says "if a young man enters the women's dorm, he'll pay 300 dinars the first time. The second time, it's 1000 dinars, and the third time, 2000 dinars." A tafeeli student raises his hand and goes "how much is a year subscription?"

  • a stuck up guy married a stuck up girl and she got pregnant. it was time to give birth and the guy reached in to help pull his son's head through and the baby snapped "hands off, i'll come out by myself"

  • a tafeeli got a job driving a bus. he got in a terrible accident and killed all 22 of his riders. "you're a criminal" said the inspector, "and you must be condemned, for your rash recklessness killed 22 people". the tafeeli begged off saying "i'm innocent and the accident was beyond my control, let me tell you what happened. i was driving about 120 kilos an hour and came to two donkeys standing in the middle of the street. to my right was a mountain and to my left a wadi. so what is your opinion, do I hit the two donkeys or tumble into the wadi?" "Hit the donkeys, of course!" said the inspector. "and that's exactly what I did," he said, "I hit the first donkey and turned around at high speed to hit the second one and that's when I flipped over into the wadi..."

  • a tafeeli and his wife are playing, he throws her out the window. He looks out and sees her on the ground, back broken, moaning, and yells "what's the matter, you can't take a joke?"

  • a tunt (arabic for dandy) is walking with his sister, and a wise-guy rascal grabs her ass. the tunt says "i hate you...i hate you" and his sister says "enough, you're killing him!"

  • Hindus made a Bollywood movie about the Iraq war, and at the end of it it turns out Bush and Saddam are brothers.

  • a tafeeli said to his fiancee "wallah when I honk for you come down the stairs and meet me" and she said excitedly "did you buy a car?" and he said "wallah no but I bought a horn"

  • a tafeeli sent his son to sell the donkey in the souk. the donkey came back with four dinars in its mouth.

  • a tafeeli was running and sweating hard and a man pulled up to offer him a ride. "where are you going?" "i can't stop, i'm in too much of a hurry!"

  • a tafeeli mechanic bought a bed to sleep under

  • a tafeeli asked his mother, "if you hadn't given birth to me and you saw me at some other people's house, would you recognize me?"

  • a tafeeli asked his friend "how's the boy?" and belatedly remembered that the boy was dead, so he quickly added "is he still buried in the same graveyard?"

  • the tafeeli virus...
    Dear Receiver ..

    How Are You??!!

    You Have Just Received A Jordanian Tafeeli Virus..

    Since We Are Not So Technologically Advanced In Jordan .

    I Am A Manual Virus. You Have To Help Me ..

    Because I Can't Do Every Thing By My Self ..

    Please Delete All The Files On Your Hard Disk .

    By Yourself And Send This ..

    To Everyone You Know ..

    Thank You Very Much For Helping Me ..

    Sender ..
    Tafeeli Virus ..
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