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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Category Archives!
While everyone on the planet Earth was watching the NFL playoffs, I was writing code. We now have category archives, as if you give a crap :-)
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Hollywood's Bubble
So I finally went to see "The Chronicles of Narnia". It was a good film and I enjoyed it, but I would have enjoyed it more if the two little kids in front of me were not rocking back and forth in their seats the whole time and if a baby somewhere in the back wasn't screaming loudly every few minutes and if my popcorn and coke hadn't cost as much as a meal at a fancy restaurant. The guy behind me was bragging loudly that he "bagged one the same size" as the wolves that stalked the film's protagonists and I couldn't get out of my mind the baby carriage that was blocking the aisle; I kept thinking that if there was a fire, we were all screwed.

I love movies but I much prefer seeing them at home and I think Steven Soderbergh's idea to simultaneously release his new movie in theaters, on cable television and on DVD, is just brilliant. Of course, "the industry" is having a fit and the divas are out in full force: M. Night Shyamalan said that he'd rather "forsake filmmaking altogether" than see his movies debut on the small screen. 'Bubble' Bursts Film Tradition.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Yeah, so?
What is the significance of this story that it's all over the news? According to Time magazine and the Washingtonian, there are photos of President Bush shaking Abramoff's hand. I imagine that every US president meets thousands of people a year, shakes thousands of hands and takes thousands of photographs. What would Time magazine prefer, that the FBI investigate the background of everyone who wants a photo-op with the President?
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guest author: lady redhawk in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
China developing its first aircraft carrier battle group
Vietnam building new deep-water military port

The Chinese Ministry of Defense is showing off satellite photos of a mock invasion of Taiwan. At the same time, it's showing off its in-the-making aircraft carrier battle group as China prepares for war with the United States over Taiwan. Or does anyone really think China needs an aircraft carrier battle group to bomb a tiny island separated from it by only 100 miles? Combined with China's development of the capability to kill US aircraft carrier battle groups, and you have a very worrisome picture.

At the same time as all this, Communist Vietnam has announced plans to build a major deep-water military harbor in the North-East, in Haiphong. I wonder whose ships will be docking there; ours, or China's? It's a location of major strategic importance in any conflict, as the map I made, below, shows. Vietnam has very good reason to use this port as part of a strategy to develop a maritime capability to match China's in the ongoing Spratly Islands dispute, but that's small potatoes compared to our interest in berthing a fleet there capable of striking China's major wealthy cities, and deterring China from invading Taiwan, and China's interest in denying us that capability. Given recent Bush administration overtures to the Vietnamese, it's quite likely we'll end up with some kind of fleet berthed in Haiphong. It also looks like we're trying to take over the Gwadar deep-water port that China is building in Pakistan for our own use. Wheels within wheels...

Haiphong port.jpg
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guest author: From London in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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packen in The Kennel Club:
Sleepy Time!
No more quizes today. After yesterday's marathon it would be a good idea to take a long relaxing nap. Have a hard time falling asleep? Here's some inspiration.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Soft coup in progress in Kuwait?
The Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Saad Al Sabaah, is asking Parliament to swear him in to a new term of office at the same time as the Kuwaiti cabinet voted to ask Parliament to remove him in favor of the current prime minister, Sheikh Sabaah Al Sabaah. Looks like the Sabaah family is rallying 'round the upstart. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

It may be that this is just another instance of a sad, familiar story: an old man too proud to admit he's too frail to discharge his responsibilities. On the other hand, it may be a malicious coup by a cabal within the Sabaah family to take over the kingdom. With Arab politics, you just never really know.
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guest author: joem in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: Dances With Typos in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: bloggie in Discarded Lies:
The Camp Bloggie Accords
So my owners had the brilliant idea to host peace talks here. No, not between that other blog and me, between Israel and Hamas. They invited Peres and that new guy, Olmert-what's-his-name and they invited two Hamas representatives, Abu Hashisheh and Abu Nargileh, to come to Ferkakta and work out the details of a new peace plan, one that will work this time. evariste was the moderator, zorkie served beverages (and complained about it the whole fooking time) and I watched and took notes (okay, joem helped me a little but only with the hard words).

Abu Hashisheh and Abu Nargileh refused to shake hands with Peres and Olmert which I said wasn't a very good sign but zorkie said I didn't know about diplomacy and I should shut up. packen told zorkie she should shut up and that I was right but zorkie told packen she didn't know about diplomacy either and she should shut up too and then they started yelling at each other and aridog came and bonked them on the head and then they both shut up.

I don't have all the transcripts because joem spilled his tea on some of my notes and I got soaked and had to go change and when I came back the dog had eaten the tea-soaked pages. That's because joem dunks his cookies in his tea and so the dog was trying to get to the crumbs and--oh, sorry... to the point. This is pretty much how the peace talks went:

Peres: Abu Nargileh, we would like to make peace with--

Abu Nargileh: We kill you!

Olmert: Now, now--

Abu Hashisheh: We kill you, you dogs!

Peres: Oh come on, you don't mean that! If you just disarm, I'm sure we can--

Abu Hashisheh: I kill you! With my hands I kill you!

evariste: Okay, break time! zorkie, bring us some drinks, will you?

zorkie: What am I, your maid? Why can't you get your own drinks? This is America! I have rights! I--

packen: Bring them the damn drinks, already!

zorkie: Tea, coffee, orange juice?

Abu Hashisheh: You try to poison me, Jew? I kill you!

zorkie: Listen here, you motherf-

packen: zorkie! Diplomacy!

evariste: Back to the subject, please! Mr Peres, tell us your plan for peace.

Peres: Well, we already withdrew from Gaza and--

Abu Nargileh: We kill you! We kill you and your wife and your cat!

Olmert: Now, now, let's not go overboard here, the cat has done nothing to--

Abu Hashisheh: That is no cat! That is a zionist dog!

joem: Well, actually that's a Ferkakta rat, we have them in New York too.

Abu Nargileh: From Zionist Jew York? I kill it!

joem: Wait! It may be one of Rugby's friends visiting! Don't kill the--awww!

Abu Hashisheh: Listen, Jews! First you give us money and then we kill you!

Peres: Finally! We're getting somewhere!

Olmert: Yes! Tell us more!

packen: Are you friggin' nuts?! What do you mean "tell us more"? The motherfuckers said they wanna kill you!

zorkie: packen! Diplomacy!

packen: Ah, shaddup!

evariste: Can we get back to the subject of peace, please? Abu Hashisheh, quit going OT!

Abu Hashisheh: Why you tell me to quit going OT? Your blog says, "it is love to go OT!" You discriminate against me because I am Palestinian, you zionist Jew?!

joem: Well, the RT actually says "where love means never--"

zorkie: Yeah! We can go OT if we want to! This is a free blog! We have rights! No more oppression! No more discrimination!

packen: Listen to the reincarnation of Rachel Corrie over there...

Peres: RT? OT? Ehud? Al mah heim medabrim?

Olmert: It must be some sort of code. You google it, I'll mossad it.

Abu Nargileh: I kill your zionist Google! And I kill your zionist code too, you dogs!

evariste: People! Stay on fucking topic already! Good Lord! Peace! Remember? Peace!

At this point, Abu Nargileh started firing his AK47 in the air and joem ducked under the table and accidentally fell on Peres who had hidden between packen's legs. It was a little crowded under there and evariste's elbow was poking me so I couldn't tell if Abu Hashisheh was hugging Olmert or strangling him but I clearly saw packen kick Peres in his testicles and I saw zorkie pinch evariste's butt. At least I think it was evariste's butt, unless packen's butt is really hairy too.

Anyway, Israel and Hamas didn't make peace yet but Olmert and Peres said this meeting was very encouraging and they would like to continue the peace talks and they said they liked me very much. Abu Nargileh and Abu Hashisheh spit at me and called me a zionist pig and said they'll kill me but Peres told me not to worry about it and that they didn't really mean it. zorkie said Peres should take his head out of his ass but packen yelled at her about diplomacy and zorkie yelled back that she wasn't very diplomatic when we first moved to Ferkakta and packen yelled that was because Ferkakta sucked when we first moved there and then they started arguing about my layout and then I had dinner and went to sleep.
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